Frustrated Nigerian Man Commits “Facebook” Suicide

Diano Ovie Richie
By SaharaReporters, New York

A 30-year old Nigerian man from Delta State has killed himself after announcing the act on his Facebook page. Diano Ovie-Richy committed suicide on Christmas day after posting a macabre note he said was an “Xmas gift” to his facebook friends.

In a final note he left on Facebook on December 25, he told his friends that his death would be his Christmas gift to them. Before taking his own life, the suicide ranted over the refusal of the authorities at Delta State University to issue his B.Sc. degree.
“I’ve had failure in all aspects of my life,” he wrote. “I invested 10 years of my life for a B.Sc yet Umukoro, Oboreh and Odirin ate it up.”
He went on to blame supernatural powers for his failures in life. “Any business I run always fail, usually due to DEUS EX MACHINA. Some say I need deliverance because I’m cursed.”
Mr. Ovie-Richy was engaged to marry a young woman named Ariete, but cancelled the wedding even after announcing on December 7, 2011 that he was engaged to her. He also was expecting a baby. “Last month, getting married was aborted though I’m an expecting father.”
According to his suicide note, he decided to kill himself because he didn’t want his unborn child to see him suffer which would tempt him to take other people’s lives.
In his note, he mentioned three persons he said were appreciative of him: Mudiaga, his elder brother, and Pawon and Nehi, “my only two friends.”
Saharareporters contacted Charles Muka, the Police PRO of Delta State, for confirmation but he said that the police command had no information of the incident, but would investigate.
Two of the suicide’s Facebook friends, Akpomughe Vivian Jite and Ukane Christian, confirmed his death on their respective facebook pages.

Also in his suicide note, the deceased appealed to people to show love to his unborn child. “Please show my unborn child Omoovie when born in 2012 some love, kindness and favour in anyway you can.”
 “What’re you doing to help the person that is still alive?” he asked Nigerians who might look at him as a coward.
He however took a parting shot at God, “. I hate God 4 allowing d demons 2 continuously destroy my hardwork.”
SaharaReporters spoke to several family sources in Kokori Township in Ethiope East Local Government Area in Delta state where Ovie hailed from. The sources confirmed that Ovie committed suicide by hanging on December 25th 2011 after leaving his last message on Facebook at 1:29pm via mobile phone. In his last notes, he posted a quote from a popular song by Afro-beat maestro Fela Anikulapo-Kuti: "Double wahala 4 dead body n d owner of dead body."

Family members also said the suicide was a 2009 graduate of business administration from Delta State University, Abraka.
One source told us that, even though Ovie hanged himself on December 25 2011, his body was found on December 26. A friend described him as a self-motivated young man who wanted to become a successful and famous entrepreneur.

The source said that his problem at the university was related to his final year "Thesis" widely known in Nigerian universities as "final year project." SaharaReporters learnt that his Head of Department, Dr. F.G. Umukoro, who doubled as his project supervisor, had rejected his final year project because Ovie was late in submitting his final chapters. The friend said that Ovie claimed that it was Dr. Mukoro who had been absent from his duties. He reportedly got angry and refused to complete his project, thereby missing out on his final year graduation and youth service in 2010. The friend claimed all those issues had been resolved and that Ovie was listed to go for his NYSC in February 2012.

Several sources said the tipping point for Ovie was a proposed wedding to his heartthrob, Ochuko also known as Ariete. The wedding had to be postponed because Ovie couldn't afford the elaborate ceremony. “They had to postpone the wedding date so that Ovie could find enough money to throw a big wedding,” said one source.

A friend of the deceased confirmed that Ariete was four months pregnant at the time Ovie committed suicide.

Ovie was buried on December 26th in a public cemetery in Warri, Delta State after traditional rites were administered. The family did not carry out an autopsy, and neither were the police contacted.

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its sound rare but it's

its sound rare but it's happen eid facebook status in Nigeria that man attempt suicide on Facebook

Up till now all the

Up till now all the concentration may guide to more suicides and that is actually concerning many anxious people and even the exacting organization of facebook.we have direct a good assortment sad facebook status of that tins you similar to and sense improved.


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comments on ovies death

Ovie's decision to kill himself is unfortunate,cowardly and unacceptable. No condition is geniune for any one to take his/her life. While we accept the fact that the condition in which most Nigerian youths contend with is unfavourale, the taking of one's life by himself is not the solution. Ovie had no cause to take his life if his claim that his elder bros and two others appreciated him for what he was. Whats more he was expecting a baby from his fiancee. How else could God have done for him?. NO matter his condition, Ovie should have taken solace in the fact that even if most of the people did not value him, some certainly did as he did confess.May the good lord forgive his sins and grant him eternal rest even as most Nigerian youth who suffer the ineptitude of the goverment wait for the day they will reunite with him where frustration will not rear its ugly head again. Adieu Ovie.


The simple fact about this matter is that,this man is an antichrist,and is now with his master in hell, he blasphemes against God,may his type never walk on this surface of the earth again. AMEN.

Sucide si sin

Sucide is a great sin and has no forgiveness of sin. This man is already in hell fire right away b/c there is no repentance after death. I can also say he is not born again. If he is he would have known that God is the greatest provider of all good things. Whatever is lacking He is able to do all thnigs
Let those who aare alive learn from this that whatever challenges individual may be facing, one should hope on God the aughor and finisher of our faith.


no matter wot the situation is, God would not expect SUICIDE 4rm, wot he has done is really terrible&,unfortunately no FORGIVENESS IN DEATH.

don't judge the others if you don't want be judged.

We don't have the right to say anything about this person, because we are not him and in his position. Only the Creator can judge us of what we do and say to other people. That's life!

for what nah?

death is the begining if you know the purnishment that awaits those who took their lives before time. you would have reconsider. but all the same rest in peace bro thats a hard one.

lets not get this wrong!

Life isn't the way we always want it to be
Everybody has one or two things to say,sometimes pple felt so deppresed that the only thing they could think of is doing unthinkable things and atimes when they take a step forward only to realise they ve taken two backwards.I believe it his not his fault cos there so many times I wish I could sleep n never would wake due to one or two difficulties but when I found that there re somany other pple who has gone through such but never gave up,I became determined that while am alive,I will get there by his grace.its also his fault that he allowed himself to be used bcos of his trials,God is never late cos God has already given him everything he would need,to make him happy n fufilled buh he was blindfolded by his troubled spirit.though the fight keep getting worse God never tired of given pple the best of what they want.May God forgives him,take care of his wife n unborn child.May God guides everyone of us in the journey of life

wrong daeth

May his inpatiece soul rest in peace. But he should not have comited suicide


Many of those who affect the lives of others, I think this kind of act is a lesson to learn.
The man or the authority who allow this young man to take his own life, do they think God will not require the young man's blood from them?
Our Lecturers, political and economic managers should know that they share in the blame of the death of sufferers of this sort, they are not free before God.
Treat students, retirees, works and all those who are under you accordingly

Actually it is not his'right'

Actually it is not his'right' to commit suicide by virtue of Section 327 of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act it is an offence for a citizen to attempt suicide... To suggest suicide infront of Aso Rock in this era of boko haram would have been disastrous.A man killed himself because he was frustrated & helpless enough in a country as populated as ours to feel that that was his only alternative...A little compassion would be helpful. Haba!

too bad

misery here on earth and still he couldnot wait to get a better deal in the world after. no matter what we go through in life we are worse off dead. for once there is life there sure is hope. suicide only gets u more misery than any raw deal u think you got in life.

Total Ignorance

Death does not mean the end of life. It is worst for one to take his life, because a shocking experience awaits such a soul, an experience that only God can save and deliver such a soul. No one finds life easy, but it is not because life is not easy, I now take my life or another person's life? NO,NO. We all face the same challenges, but how we deal with those challenges makes us different. Over the years, I have accepted the fact that life is very challenging and the ultimate price is for those who can endure to end. No one will write your success story for you,it is only you that can do that. people can only help us, but the bulk of the responsibility lies with us. Our own salvation lies with us, as individual, and we must work it out with everything we have. Running away from our responsibilities is never the right thing to do neither is it the solution. We must live up and not give up.

to believe is truly to understand

To all good willed TRUE Catholics and those that truly seek the TRUTH, the website below should be the only website you should be interested in concerning what is happening in the world today.

Ask our Blessed Mother to open your eyes to the TRUTH of Her Son, our SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. The website is easy to understand. Believe so you will understand. God knows His own and He WILL open your eyes and move your heart when you truly seek.


Put the internet to good use! Right now time is precious don't waste it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sucide is for fools

So what are you waiting for if sucide is a good option. All i know is that sucide is a act of cowardice and done by only proud people who can't pray and believe in God. Government cannot be blamed for sucide it is an individual thing, any one supporting this guy should ask God for forgiveness.

Double wahala for Him

Double wahala for him

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on December 31, 2011 - 00:00.

For this world you tire. And for the hereafter you no go get am easy. Suicide is a SIN.

Please let no body be fooled . SUICIDE is a SIN. There is no mouth wey GOD create that he will not feed.

Please let no body be motivated that the way out of your MISERY is to end your LIFE.


The solution is prayer. And thanking GOD for what you already have. GOOD HEALHT, your TWO eyes or the one eye, your TWo hands or just the one you have. I thank GOD. A reminder to my self before others.

It's his right commit

It's his right commit suicide. But, and this is a big "but" he wasted his life by just hanging himself in his room. Since he chose to kill himself for poverty, he should gone to Abuja and set himself on fire in front of Aso Rock. Or put a bullet to his head while carrying a message on his chest.
That way he will be forever remembered. He simply wasted his life this way. Suicide is and will always be an easy and cheap way out.There's more to life than not being able to host a decent wedding.He just succumbed to societal pressures.

never ever give

Am surprise a man can do this you must learn
From other people mistake a think twice of
What do it hurt me that he fall for
His friend always believe u can do better
He show his really a loser and the family
Lost,the community the state and the
Nation in general please less give
Advise and a good one that change life
For good

you died a coward

you died a coward. worst still you denounced God. your death can't be excused for depression neither can it be excused for mental break down. you had the opportunity to use the loved ones you had around you, and remain resolute in God, but you chose the death path. though u denounced HIM, i know as a merciful God, He still would forgive you, at least i pray so!

you died a coward. worst

you died a coward. worst still you denounced God. your death can't be excused for depression neither can it be excused for mental break down. you had the opportunity to use the loved ones you had around you, and remain resolute in God, but you chose the death path. though u denounced HIM, i know as a merciful God, He still would forgive you, at least i pray so!

very sad

Well its a pity I strongly believe he was close to his destiny if at all he waited a little, cos I have the believe when all hope is gone that's when God will now show him that destiny is in his hand not babalawo


sorry, but unfortunatelz death is

Though times never last,though men do...

If what ovie explains here is correct,then he has in no doubt been through a lot...but i feel it has not gotten to a point where he had to take d life which was never his.according to the explanation given by his folk,his case was about been resolved,when he took his life...i feel ur pains too...but ovie,u died a coward!

from what this guy wrote,it

from what this guy wrote,it shows that he has humanity at heart(for deciding not to take other peoples life n rather taking his own)those writer calling him a coward should take heed becos he might have been the one to take ur lives on the high-way..the robbers we have today most of them did not even struggle to get a just dont blame him(dont hate the player but hate the game) so painful that his help did not come on time..i have seen ppl who had heart-attack becos they border themselves on how to better their lives,is it not the same end result as somebody who commits sucide...GOD THE PEOPLE OF NAIJA NEED UR DIVINE INTERVENTION!!!!!!!!

Good talk

You ve profer d solution.4 only 1 wt true &real faith can wtstand anyform of challenge dat crosses his way.suicide is not d solution 4 frustrations in life.4 dia more challenges 2b faced after death.

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