Frustrated PDP Spokesman, Olisa Metuh, ‘Ready To Resign’

Olisah Metuh
By SaharaReporters, New York

Admitting failure as National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), spokesman Olisa Metuh said on Thursday that he was ready to resign from the position and move on to other things.

Speaking with reporters covering the party, Metuh noted that he has never failed in any assignment, but regretted he was on that very road in his present job.

He blamed his predicament on reporters covering the PDP, whom he accused of refusing to cooperate with him in his role as the spokesperson of the ruling party.  He said however that rather than fall on his face, he would resign and return to law or estate management.

It is doubtful if Metuh would seriously consider abandoning his powerful position, which he assumed only in March 2012, although he complains that since the beginning of the crisis in his party, he has been enduring sleepless nights and having people accuse him of incompetence.

“I am ready to leave this job and go and practice law or estate management, or even ask the party to make me deputy national secretary or even deputy woman leader,” he said, jokingly.  “Please help me stop this problem,” he begged.

If he was hoping for sympathy, Metuh received no commitment from his audience apart from one television reporter.

Even that reporter reminded Metuh of his habit of rudeness to reporters, including himself, stressing that such arrogant behaviour was unexpected of someone managing the image of a party as big as the PDP.

Another reporter, who works for a government radio station, advised Metuh to “forgive” the independent media and focus on those of the government as he tries to revamp the image of the party. That suggestion appeared to have impressed Metuh, who nodded as the reporter spoke.

On Wednesday, Metuh met with Bureau Chiefs in Abuja and begged them to help kill anti-PDP stories received from their reporters.  On Friday, in continuation of his campaign, he is billed to meet with editors in Lagos.

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@Anonymous - If it's true...!

If your post about Metuh beating up or harassing a Headteacher is true, then I WITHDRAW all the lofty things I said about him being a gentleman. I assessed him on what he says/how he says it. But then, I blame you and others for not pushing the matter through to its logical conclusion, which is, a criminal conviction in court. It is a crime to assault anyone. The question for you is, WHAT DID YOU DO ABOUT IT? AND WHY DID YOU KEEP QUIET ABOUT IT UNTIL NOW.

EVEN NOW, YOU ARE HIDING BEHIND ANONYMITY TO POST THIS. You must be a coward. Or you are just being plain mischievous. HOW CAN YOU HIDE BEHIND A MASK TO MAKE THIS COMMENT? I would boldly say it, if I were you!

If it is true that METUH, indeed, committed the act, the IGP and his boys should bring him to book. Thankfully, criminal offences have no shelf life or expiry date!

@AbdAllah - Are you talking to me?

If you are referring to me, by your comment, my advice to you, is to review your comment, "Sorry, that will never happen.". If "that will never happen", it means, you bask in the turmoil in the North, and do not care if it abates. Because if you care, you will not care about the petty talks that will be said about Buhari. You will care more about the killings and the carnage stopping. I will prefer Buhari joins the rest of the country in finding solutions to end the killings. Than for him to care about what a FEW PEOPLE will say about him, and because of that, he won't support a NOBLE CAUSE TO END TERRORISM.

I think we are now past playing politics over this matter. If you call it a PDP affair, then it makes me think of you, as shallow. Boko haram has stated agenda (both open and covert). And none of them include winning an election, which is what Political parties and politicians do. INNOCENT LIVES ARE BEING WASTED!

Useless Comment

At times I just wonder why is it when a topic or subject matter is being posted to be analysed and commented, someone will impose its hatred in here, at least re-read the title before unleashing your sorry state of mind into what has nothing to do with the exact.
Ok, if assuming Buhari decided to meet the evil conspirator(PDP) by sitting and discussing way out of the PDP's subordinate cultist group "BH", it is you the same lame eye service kind of, will come here to tell us how Buhari talked to his boys, how Buhari has finaly settle his boys to be calm, and they should hold on to the bombs so and so for.
Sorry, that will never happen. They are one of PDP aliases syndrom.
Let Dumbo and his counterparts settle they scores or rather cleans the evil that they drop on the nation and leave Buhari out of it.

May Allah be with us all.


If u r among of them anti-nig, anti-peace, anti-progress, anti-buhari God will george u by ur acts. Dis is not time 4 religion or tribalizm. Hw stupid ar u to suport corruptn? Do u tnk u re beter dan millions of nig dat re suffering? God will punish u if u suport evil in our great country. And d better Nigeria shall not be in there present if dey fail to repent.

@OBINWANE - If you can read and write, please check...!

Check out how Buhari was described on Wikipedia, and report back please! You say, "he is a real leader without a corrupt mind", okay! And how would you explain his working for ABACHA UNTIL HIS DEATH? Unless, your conclusion too, is that ABACHA WAS NOT CORRUPT.

Please take your own advice and "TRY TO KNOW WHY U DO SO AND FIND OUT WHO IS THIS MAN: MOHAMMED BUHARI". Those are your words, but returned to sender! Btw, I love your common English!

@Joe Igbokwe - You are a Politician!

I don't think your party is any better. Your spokesman is a LAIng, abusive and crass individual, while your sole proprietor is despicable, a certificate forger and a corrupt man, who was also called corrupt, by your Party's Presidential candidate. Yet you talk about selling bad products. Are these two people good products? Sorry, I haven't added a 3rd, the Lagos State Speaker. Don't be a hypocrite!

My response is by no means an endorsement of any party, but simply stating that you should also look in the mirror to see your own LOGS.

image makers dont cry-they always attack first-say sorry later

It seems Metu is yet to understand his job- as the PR man of PDP-Though every member of the ruling party is supposed to assist Metu raise the image of the party-to the highest level possible! But unlike the CPC and ACN, where u hardly ever see their governors struggle to send the party to the cleaners as d governors in PDP often do-PDP party leaders often disagree with GEJ on the pages of the newspapers-that use to be a taboo-not any more!Lack of discipline is d bane of the party-Its as if the North has one PDP flag to contend with-while the South has anoda-Governor Aliu of Niger state often behaves like he is not a member of PDP-Tambuwal is even worst-is it Amaechi and his new bell boy-Uduaghan in d SS? The problem of PDP has nothing to do with d media, APC or ACN-Aware most of the negative stories are sponsored-by buhari and tinubu-the TROUBLE in PDP is internal-most PDP ppl are traitors-Metu shld just attack and attack-until its over-so stop being a cry baby


Olisa MEtuh is very well regarded by his peers as a thief.THrough secondary school at CKC he established himself as a thief and sent away at least twice.His father begged his way out.HAs he stopped? No..the truestory ofANambra and the arson by AndyUBa ,yes Andy is main beneficiary and commander, is anchored in the money Olisa collects.
He is the ear and eye of GOvernors..arranging their Abuja comforts children wedding...Abia, Ebonyi...
Why wud he be in the national executive? Knowledge? Sharing board appointments with Chris and Andy to their brothers in law? Plin thief and thug hold go awayNOW

Metuh the lowlife thug

Is this not the same lowlife that beat up a school teacher at a school in Abuja because the teacher confiscated his son's phone? He deserves all the sleepless nights and more. Thug! See story here



not at this time

Its highly unfortunate Barr. Metuh and I can assure you that its too late to redeemed the image of PDP. Especially at this time that the party itself is in crisis and the number one principal is dining with the corrupt elements of this entity called Nigeria. How do you please the people?


Rotten product is not easy to sale ,PDP is rotten noting u can do to sale ur product,but please dont resign,hand in there

How can he be

How can he be frustrated,USELESS BEAST.

How not to be a PARTY'S SPOKESMAN!

Fasakin, who is the better of the rest, and the SPOKESMAN OF BUHARI (and not CPC), surprised me recently, by defending Buhari, a supposed 'elder' and a 'statesman', and supporting why he should not intercede, mediate or assist the NORTH (his backyard) to resolve the Boko Haram crisis. An elder does not wait to be invited to counsel or to help douse a fire that is burning in his backyard. He does it naturally. And to think this is a man that wants to lead the country! Big shame!

Was RIBADU a member of the warring factions, when he was on a UN peace assignment in Afghanistan. Any concerned Nigerian should feel concerned about the massacres of innocent people in the North, and want to take steps or lead in the resolution of the crisis WITHOUT INVITATION!


A case of my oga at the top

A case of my oga at the top not knowing what to do. He is begging the oga at the bottom to help

For my two-pence worth! 2

But if he must move on to better things, good luck to him! That is another hallmark of a gentleman, if he resigns. Nigerians don't usually resign!

Metuh reminds me of how politics is played abroad, while the duo remind me of how, I heard it was, in the 60s, and in the era of the Wild-wild West! While he is a gentleman, the duo are 'agberos'! Like some ILLITERATES that we all know!

Politics should be a contest to win the hearts and souls of Nigerians and win Political power. But in Nigeria, it is about HATE, PULL HIM DOWN (PHD), BITTERNESS, ABUSE, INSULTS, KILLING, MUGGING, FINISH HIM, ETC.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

No sane person would shed tears were the uncouth PDP errand boy to resign. But we know that characters like Metuh and his fellow PDP wreckers don't voluntarily give up the easy money they have been looting from the Nigerian treasury.At any rate, who gives a damn if the Jonathan thug resigns or not? It will be good riddance to bad rubbish if he does actually resign. But what the long-suffering people of Nigeria expect most is not the idle talk of resignation by shameless characters who have completely ruined Nigeria. Nigerians want the unmitigated destruction of the evil and anti-people PDP mafia as symbolized by Metuh and his masters. Period!

Looks Like SR Are Sympathetic To His Pleas abi?

That's why there are no comments after nearly 72hrs the initial story broke. Hopefully, he will leave while he still has a bit of reputation to protect, unlike the Deris, Akpos, Olekus, blackpanthers et al, whose livelihood depend on the number of comments they post in return for crucial daily crumbs. If he follows thru and resigns, Metu would demonstrate acute maturity, foresight and intelligent "hedging" knowing the PDP is about to be flushed into the sucker way! Hopefully, he won't end up another Ima Niboro aka @ Deri of SaharaReporters ...public nuisance!

One down, Tukur is next. Animals!

For my two-pence worth! 1

I think Metuh is doing a good job, but maybe not by Nigerian standard. By Nigerian standards, one is expected to be aggressive, abusive and a loud mouth. While he is civil and the most intelligent of the 3 major Party spokesmen, in the manner of his communications (including verbal and written).

He seems a different breed from the rest. Perhaps, he is not cut out as your TYPICAL Nigerian Politician, unlike the duo of CPC and ACN, who are simply noise makers and basket mouths or basket cases. If they are not busy LAIng, or abusing (outright insult) the office of the President, they are RANTING and spinning some hideous yarns.


Sorry Metuh the Party you serve is a hard-sell stuff. All over the party is bad or evil news per time. That is the emblem or insignia. If you have honor, it is time to jump ship. Awaiting your resignation as an uncommon thing that will ever happen with an on-going chop and chop politics by the brood of vampires you are camping with.


Who no no say Olisah Metuh is one of the many thieves from the South East!

Anybody trying to sell a bad

Anybody trying to sell a bad product called PDP may be wasting his precious gift of time for nothing. A good product sells itself! Barr Olisa Metuh l know cannot sell PDP at this critical time in the nation's history because there is nothing to sell except a rotten product. You cannot make Omelette without breaking eggs. You cannot climb Mount Everest with just bare hands. You cannot plant cocoyam and hope to harvest yam. The worst form of blindness to deal with is deliberate blindness. PDP is totally irredeemable. Olisa please go home

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