Fuel Storage Tank Explodes At Tin Can Island Port In Lagos

By SaharaReporters, New York

Nigerian emergency officials said a fuel storage tanker caught fire after exploding at the Tin Can Island port in Apapa area of Lagos. Saharareporters could not confirm if anyone near the tanker was killed or injured, photos sent to our team by a citizen reporter shows a burning tank  near the port with fire fighters working to stop the fire from the Lagos lagoon.

Details later....

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we can avoid such events

This explosion of the fuel storage tank was really unfortunate. Even though financial loss was high, nobody was hurt during the explosion. I think the authorities should take well care of such fuel storage tanks in the future so that we can avoid such events. how to stop snoring


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You are idiot

It is not Malams that should be monitored as you said, pls. Monitor your people that is the Ashawos, 419-ners, kidnappers, Arm Robbers, Riturwalist and their likes.


For crying out loud these explosions and fires are becoming one too many..The mallams should be rigorously monitored, i will not be surprised if they have their sticky IED hands in play here.

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I must commend Sahara for

I must commend Sahara for being the first to break this story. It's like none of the other news agencies under the concept of "Breaking News. It's been way more than an hour since the explosion and no one is carrying it as yet.

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