German Engineer Kidnapped By "Al Qeada" Is Killed In Botched Rescue Operation In Kano

By Saharareporters, New York

A  German engineer with  Dantata and Sawoe construction company has been killed by suspected islamist militants in the city of Kano during an attempted rescue by Nigeria security officials.

Edgar Fritz Raupach was kidnapped in January by a group claiming affiliation with Al Qeada had remained in captivity until a botched raid earlier today led to his killing in a suburb near the Bayero University in Kano.

A similar attempt to rescue two Europeans last March in Sokoto led to their untimely death in the hands of their captors.

Nigeria's extremist militant  group Boko Haram has repeatedly denied engaging in kidnapping.

However a group claiming affiliation to Al Qeada in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) released a video in March claiming Mr. Raupach was kidnapped in exchange for the release of Filiz Gelowicz a Turkish -born woman who was jailed last year in Germany for aiding terrorism.

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Muhammad needs his blood

The killers were inspired by the infamous satanic verses-koran and their desire to provide blood to their blood thirsty pussy lover muhammad. Just imagine the world without Islam.


The JTF had conducted a raid at Danbare area opposite the new campus of Bayero University Kano this morning after tracing the kidnapped German to the hideout where he was being held but the captors killed him before the JTF could apprehend them.

The raid is still ongoing and sporadic shootings are still being heard by residents who are all trapped within their homes and unable to go to work. A military helicopter is also still hovering overhead, providing aerial support to the forces on ...

Details at


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I see d Drones flying in, as

I see d Drones flying in, as long as they keep it in the North, I fear the west will want to use d avenue to dip their hands in d oil,(south), guess we'r all in this as long as the name Nigeria remains.

Coming Soon - UN Food Aid

Soon Buhari and his cohorts at ACF will be lining up to collect food from UN helicopter.

Keep kano people out of this Madness

Keep kano people out of this Madness even 00000.1 percent of kano people have the slightest Idea about any woman arrested in Germany. 99% of kano people cant differenciate germany from turkey.This is a Cheap attempt to tarnish kano's Image i wonder how terrorist Chose kano as their safe heaven.

Naija security officials should be held for murder...

Without mincing words, those security officials are responsible for mr Fritz death and should be dealt with like seriously. Since when has naija security officials started rescuing kidnapped victims. Who ever that ordered this rescue operation should be fired without delay. What was the intelligence report gathering prior to the operation. We all know there was none. How can they have gambled with someone's life, or do they think this is 20 naira egunje matter. This is unacceptable. Bunch of pot-bellies Numb skulls parading themselves as officers in a finished country.

Wanna hear wat d German govt

Wanna hear wat d German govt has 2 say.Wack ass
rescue operation...smh.

no problem about that

not a big deal...more than 3000 nigerians have died in the same evil campaign by boko haram...


Ol' boyy,dis iz one of de many killings hapnin in de norf, it's juss cuz dis' a̶̲̥̅̊ white man, GEJ iz busy launching Paki Bread and LED bulbs, it's not nice. I personally feel de scourge, I'm very sad @ all these killings.


Allah ya kyauta.

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