Ghana Election 2012 - Early Voting Begins As The Nation Votes On Friday

Mr. Nana Akufo-Ado of the National Patriotic Party, (NPP) & John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress
By Oludare Ogunlana

Early voting began today as members of the Ghanaian security services get to cast ballots ahead of the nation to elect the next president of the Republic of Ghana. Seven political parties, including one independent candidate, will vie for the topmost job of the republic on Friday.

The incumbent President, John Dramani Mahama, of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is seeking reelection while the leading opposition candidate, Mr. Nana Akufo-Ado of the National Patriotic Party, (NPP) is hoping to take his seat.
Mr. Mahama was former Vice President who became President after the demise of President John Evans Atta-Mills who passed away on July 24 2012. Mahama was the former Minister of Communication under former President Jerry Rawlings.
Opposition candidate, Mr. Akufor Addo, a diplomat and a pan-Africanist, was a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ghana. He was the NPP candidate in the year 2008 and lost in a tight race won by Mr. Atta-Mills of NDC.
While the main election is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 7, 2012, members of the security services, comprised of Military, Intelligence and law enforcement agencies, are allowed to cast their ballots ahead of others because most of them will be engaged in providing security and maintaining peace and order during the election proper.
It is noteworthy that for the first time, the Ghana Electoral Commission will be deploying a biometric verification system to mitigate electoral malpractices like multiple voting. All eligible voters will go through finger printing authentication before manual thumb printing on ballot papers.
Some analysts say the election is too close to call as both candidates have done enough campaigning to sway votes to either side.
However, tomorrow’s early votes may likely favor the incumbent ruling party, NDC because of the new salary structure popularly known as “single spine.”  The NDC government introduced the single spine policy as a consolidated salary structure for the security personnel, which factors accommodation, and other expenses and creates parity between the private and public sector
The Security personnel in Ghana earn as much as their colleagues in private sectors like banking industries.  This policy encourages more Ghanaian to work in the security sector, while the government  is able to attract the best brains in the Ghanaian society to join the public service.

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ACTRESS   Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Ghana is yet to turn a Corner!

Ghana is yet to turn a corner...., its still a very corrupt country and their police is worst and more corrupt than Nigerias. I have my facts to back it up..., there is nothing to emulate from the fraudlent country called Ghana... election or no election!

Who U dey compare?

Comparing Nigeria to Ghana is like comparing Lagos to Adamawa. We no be mate.

Ghana election

I implore all Nigeria leaders to critically examine the Ghanian model on how they are getting right.Let us emulate and even do it better through improve pattern.We can do it,stop the pessimism and do it.

There is nothing new.

There is nothing new. Nigeria the elephant country has always been a laggard behind Ghana since the 50's.
When Revolutionary Nkrumah was leading Ghana to early development, imperilled Nigeria was leading the Monrovia group into the embrace of Imperialists!

Come 20th Century, Rawlings got rid of its OGRES and established a modern and FUNCTIONAL state. Now we are in 21st Century, Ghana has once again become the leading 'Black star' of West Africa if not Africa.

Nigerians with OILY brains and BRAINLESS oil are busy producing Occultist, Cryptozoologist, Parasites, Carnivores and FISHY GEJ as Presidents and leaders through their warped 'do or die' electoral system.

Nigeria is a forgone conclusion, wimps forever ruled by even more wimpy leaders, are destined to the dustbin of history.

Haba Nigerian Leaders!!!

Are we really ready to developed or developing, because what I heard that is actually about to happen in Ghana, early voting by the security agencies? Where are we really going Baba Prof Jega? Take precedence from Ghana to enhance the level of your trust, credability & respect in the eyes of Nigerians plsssssssss!!!.... As for Nigerian leaders watch out to see how election is going to take place or conducted in Ghana without spending huge neither killing nor assasination from the ruling party.. Kudos goes to Ghanians & hope, pray 4 them to have a hitch free election period. And my Almighty Allah see & guide the minds of our leaders to be able to have mercy on us & conduct free, fair & credible election that is violent free....


I hope Prof Jega, the PDP led federal government and our rogueish National Assembly will learn one or more things from Ghana's democratic experience!
Early voting for officials who may likely be involved in the conduct of election. common sense!
The introduction of Biometric Verification System is another milestone!
Such salary structure can only function in a society where political leaders think more of leaving behind a better society. Such salary structure would be inconceivable In Nigeria were political office holders are competing with one another in primitive accumulation of wealth.


I hope Jega and his fellow Profs are following the Ghanian Election closely. Voting before election in an African country.

Try that in Nigeria, hmmmmmmm.

Ghanians, I wish you all the best.

Nice Wishes

I wish the Ghanaians best wishes in their pending elections.
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An African Country that thinks

Finally we have a subsaharan african country where political and electoral plans are made with the people in mind. Kudos to Ghana with this targeted early voting rule

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