Ghana General Elections 2012: Voting Resumes Today As NDC VP Candidate Loses Electoral Ward To Opposition NPP

Voters queue up for voting
By Oludare Ogunlana

The voting continues in some part of Ghana today because of the inability of some people to complete their verification exercise yesterday.

The Ghana Electoral Commission act makes provision for those who could not vote on  the day of the election due to the biometric machine failure to cast their ballot the following day

This is the first time the Electoral Commission of Ghana, ECG will be using the biometric system for  individual identification in the election process as a means of reducing electoral malpractices.

Therefore, the EC has made the verification compulsory of all the eligible voters through biometric system and it is a prerequisite to receiving ballot papers. The ECG has maintained the position of “no verification, no vote.”

Observers say it is not out of place for the commission to face some challenges with the new technology. However, the election has been peaceful in all parts of Ghana despite the fact that there was no restriction of movements and business activities. There have not been any report of violence, ballot stuffing and ballot snatching that usually characterized the African elections.

All candidates and parties are waiting anxiously to hear the final result after today’s exercise.

However, there have been some fascinating developments with the incumbent Vice- President Paa Kwesi loses his electoral ward to the opposition NPP.

The  opposition NPP has taken the early lead in the Ashanti region while the NDC is firmly in control of the Volta Region.

There are unconfirmed reports of the NDC winning 11 parliamentary seats in the Upper West Regions; 25 seats in the Volta Region and one seat in Ashanti Regions.

However, Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria and the head of the ECOWAS monitoring team expresses his satisfaction and praise Ghanaians for the peaceful conduct of the election so far. He spoke in his hotel  at M-Plaza, Accra, Ghana.

For the Ghanaians home and abroad; It is “Ghana First.”


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VP Candidate Loses Electoral Ward To Opposition

What is it with these VPs? Nigeria's VP lost all his ward in all elections to the opposition such that even the state's local government elections he lost out to the opposition. Do they really have a base or that they are just ineffective hence the low achievement in the elections or that they are deadweights anyway?

Nigeria Should Copy Ghana Electoral Process.

Nigeria must copy the thorough electoral process Ghana adopts that enable Ghana to conduct peaceful elections transfering power from ruling political party to opposition political party.
Because,Nigeria has not been able to conduct election peacefully and never ever been able to transfer power from ruling political party like PDP to opposition.
For fourteen years,PDP has turned democracy on its head and been unable to transfer power peacefully to any opposition political party without rancour or killing innocent Nigerians.
PDP has turned Nigeria to one party state with its continuing hold on Nigeria central power at all cost through do-or-die mentality.

Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan,

Isn't it interesting to hear

Isn't it interesting to hear Mr Olusegun Obasanjo commending the Ghanaians for conducting a 'peaceful election' while he and his party (PDP) conduct 'do-or-die elections in Nigeria ? And how come he has conferred on himself the duty or power to monitor elections in other countries on our behalf ?


The selfsame Olusegun Obasanjo, 'apostle' of do-or-die politics, now transmogrified into a free & peaceful election pontif of sorts. Now I'm convinced no man is beyond redemption

Ghana votes

I expect the voting and counting pattern to reflect indisputable transparency. I wish Ghana and her people the best.
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Obasanjo as Ecowas election Team.......Tufiakwa!!

Olusegun Obasanjo as head of election monitoring team, Wow!! Wonders shall never end in Africa. He couldnt not even conduct peaceful election in his ward, and now he heads ecowas monitoring team. Tufiakwa!

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