Ghanaian President John Atta Mills Is Dead

John Atta Mills
By SaharaReporters, New York

Ghana’s President John Atta Mills, who was most recently treated in the U.S. for an unspecified condition, has reportedly passed away. His replacement will be sworn in Tonight, sources have told Sahara Reporters.

Questions about the President’s health had been swirling for almost a year. Regarding his frequent visits to U.S. hospitals – 3 this year alone - President Mills replied: ‘’I am going for a medical checkup. I go there to ensure everything is okay. I am going to see my doctors for some examination then I will come back and continue my work of building a Better Ghana.’’

His death reportedly occurred at the 37 Military hospital in Accra. 

Prof John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills was born on July 21, 1944 and was 68 years old at the time of his passing.


He was the third and current President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana and was inaugurated on Jan. 7, 2009, having defeated the ruling party candidate Nana Akufo-Addo in the 2008 election.


He was last seen in Ghana on June 3 when he toured the plane crash site at Accra. The President was reported to be crestfallen for seeing the crash site. Critics however said he was looking poorly because he was dragged to that site when he was not feeling well.


He was expected to visit Nigeria in August for a one-day working visit with President Goodluck Jonathan to discuss the recent foreign retail trade brouhaha. Vice President John Dramani Mahama is expected to fill the executive’s functions in the interim.


In apparent anticipation of a long period of incapacitation, the President had written to the members of Parliament with his last wishes. His letter, read today, to the MPs said: “In accordance with Article 59 of the Constitution of Ghana, I write to inform you that I shall be away in the US from Saturday, 16 June to Monday 25 June, 2012 for a routine medical check-up.


“During my absence the Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E John Dramani Mahama, shall in accordance with Article 60 (8) of the Constitution act in my stead. Kindly accept, Right Honourable the assurances of my highest consideration. No plans have been announced as yet for his burial.

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A man of HONOUR AND INTEGRETY, rest in the arms of the LORD in PEACE.


I am so sorry, i offer my condelence to Ghanians citizens. It is a great lost 2 loose a warrior president. It has 2 b a sample 2 Nigerians leaders to perform good leadership inorder 2b supported.


What a pity, well he is a nice man, but he look like a poor humma being, he has money, but the money did not show in his face. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.


This is a very painful thing ad i am sad to hear this though i am a nigerian but we are all human being .may God reward him for his good deeds and may his gentle soul rest in eternal and perfect peace . RIP PRESIDENT JOHN ATTA MILLS

An epitaph for a Gentleman

Professor John Atta Mills was an unrival Icon in life. His journey in life was full of challenges and he coped with all to become the President of Ghana. He lived a fulfilled live and deserve a rest at last. May his gentle soul rest in the bossom of the Almighty until we meet someday to part nomore.

Rip prezo

May your soul rest in peace prez atta Mills

Its people with ur mentality

Its people with ur mentality that will not make Nigeria grow. All the Northern leaders that died as sitting President or Head of State surpased the achievements of GEJ, even if he's given a second term. He's clueless and lack the qualities of a leaders. His emergence at the polls was due to sentiments and I hope Nigerians would have learnt their lessons to vote for competence.

Watch out the Nigerian Delegation

Just watch out, Nigeria will spend more to send a delegation to Ghana than Ghana willspend to bury their president. The burial ceremony is in Ghana but the actual planning of how to siphone fund is already taking place in Nigeria. You'll see what will happen. It's a shame that the government that promised us electricity and employment can no longer deliver. The excuse is that Boko Haram changed their agenda. This means, no electricity and employment before 2015 and if a new President emerges by 2015, he'll need another four years to plan and then we can begin to receive constant ''half current'' at the end of his second term in 2019. Guys, please get more candles!!!! We need to send our politicians to Ghana for training.


Or are you guys hiding the truth from your children and generation after the Sultan even campaigned for PDP on National Tele. This serves the Northern/ Muslim elites right.

It's very unfortunate we Nigerians wish our President ill. The problem here is he won't die not until he kills the many that put their heads on the chopping board for him- Tunde Bakare inclusive- or what do we expect?

For the family of Mills and Ghana as a disciplined country, we wish you well and may God continue to be with you all. Amen


A man who has no control over his family will never have control over his society talkless of a multi-diverse/ cultural country like Nigeria. We wish Jonathan long life so he buries all the evil men and women who supported him due to ethnic or religious bias including the Northerners who were the first to champion his presidency. I believe the likes of Deri who keep abusing the northerners don't even know that GEJ's supporters from inception were muslims as in the likes of Bala Mohammed the FCT Minister and other politicians and elders including Emirs and the Sultan of Sokoto(the leader of all Muslims in Nigeria).


Tunde Bakare fought for what he never truly understood until the very last minute and is now being hunted by his actions. I so respect him because he is a True man of God who calls a spade a spade. His doggedness and pertinacity to fight for the weak should be an issue of commendation and not condemnation by the teaming youth who support regional bigotry. For those who keep insinuating that GEJ was denied the mantle, I believe it was for a good reason. Now we all know better.


Whereas the whole world is busy sending effusive condolences to Ghana over the death of Attah Mills, GEJ and madam Dame (HRM Permanent Secretary) are dagger drawn with Turai Yara'dua busy fighting over Abuja land(s). Shame!!! Welcome to Naija, land of impunity and lack of shame.


Those who didn't want GEJ to assume the mantle of leadership know he is a Shark and preys on anything living just to acquire wealth/money. Alameighsia is alive to testify because his juju is stronger than Yar'aduas. These among others have been silenced for a period until the right leader comes aboard. Why was the probe killed immaturely? Why did GEJ declare openly that it won't be fair on the Nigerian masses for them to declare their assets publicly.


Yar'Adua was flown out of the country due to food poisoning that came immediately after the Under 21 World Cup which was hosted in Nigeria with all sorts of inflated figures by the then Minister of Sports from Niger State and the Chairman of the event GEJ. Yar'adua(s) threat to the duo including the then SGF on corruption and mismanagement of public funds was what sent him to an early grave. His return to the country was kept from many so-called-friends of the deceased and those who wished the country ill including GEJ but his death was never kept away from the public as he was buried according to Islamic rights.


U r really a big thrash in d ass,pple r giving condolences here,but u r busy trying to mek judgement.if u want to say sumtin, say it from a literate and rational perspective not vice versa.They r heroes and we muslims bliv in death and we aren't scared of it.Let GEJ is an exeption so he will not demise,let him rule till d last trumpet is blown.U irrational fool.

A great hero has fallen, what

A great hero has fallen, what a painful lost.we love you but God loves you more.adieu baba rest with the lord.till we meet again

Pres. Atta Mills and TB Joshua.

Simple question :
Did TB Joshua every claim that God will reveal the death of every prominent person that ever visited his church.
People who have opinions and issues with TB Joshua, cannot wait for any opportunity to insult him.

Soldier on - man of God. If you sin , it is unto your God and it is for him to judge you.
Just like when you do good it is unto God's glory and nobody else.
These self-proclaimed "good" people, who have weighed your deeds? Is it because nobody knows what you do in the dark?
Even if your deeds are good,they are like filthy rags, so says the TRUE WORD of God. We are saved by Grace otherwise all of us would be dead by now.


I was very shocked to hear this sadden news yesterday. Today is a sad day for mother Ghana,RIP Prof. I wish my dear nation my sincere condolence, May the good Lord help us in these difficult time.

a short prayer for Darandu

@ let me pray for u. Father in heaven, may you forgive Darandu and his entire family beacuse he doesnt know what he is saying. Bless him and let him live long to know you,in Jesus Christ name I pray with thanx giving amen. Darandu, you have been forgiven go and sin no more and talk no more against the servent of God for this end time.u


death is the greatest enemy of mankind and we grife with the entire citizens of GHANA for the sudden passing away of their president(JOHN ATTA MILLS) may his soul rest in day we will surely overcome death and shall sing this song of victory......o death,where is your sting?


@ let me pray for u. Father in heaven, may you forgive Darandu and his entire family beacuse he doesnt know what he is saying. Bless him and let him live long to know you,in Jesus Christ name I pray with thanx giving amen. Darandu, you have been forgiven go and sin no more and talk no more against the servent of God for this end time.


I was shocked to hear about your sudden death,but I know God allowed it to happen once again to let us know that ,he is the giver of all blessings,You are an example of humility.GOODNIGHT


We Nigerians join our Ghanaian Brothers and Sisters to mourn this great loss. Ghana has shown Nigeria the way so many times; the orderly, prudent and respectable manner the transfer of power was carried out from the late President to his Vice, is a lesson to all the citizens of the Giant of Africa. Ghana has shown us once again that they have a more developed democracy than Nigeria.
May the soul of the late Ghanaian President rest in perfect peace.

even in death, ghana remains a pacessetter in the continent

Like a president like a nation. Good bye africa most revered leader, PROF.ATTA MILLS.

How about You and I?

He lived for the Lord, he served the people honestly in his generation,he died peacefully, and hopefully resting in the bosom of Abraham in Paradise awaitng his final "ayekoo" from his Master Jesus Christ.
Prof E. Atta Mills has done his due; how about you and me? How did he do it?The difference is Jesus Christ.
My condolences to the immediate family and the entire Ghanaian comuunity. SHALOM

Atta Mills signifies

Atta Mills signifies hope...Ghana as a country should strive to keep the legacy of good governance.For we all should learn from this and change from the culture of looting and look more into "Intergrity" which is a rare word now in our society.Adieu great leader..Your name is honoured because you honoured the people you serve.Thanks for your integrity.May your gentle soul rest in peace till we meet again.


Adue Mill rest in perfect peace.

RIP Atta Mills, adieu

How I wish it was that useless ota gorilla OBJ that kicked the bucket. NONSENSE

RIP Atta Mills, adieu

How I wish it was that useless ota gorilla OBJ that kicked the bucket. NONSENSE

Ghana has integrity

You see, their president did not die in air ambulance. He didn't die in US, Britain, Dubai or Saudi Arabia. He died peacefully in his country and billions were neither stolen nor lost. There was no consitutional confusion, no north and south regional politics. The Vice President was quickly sworn in. Nigeria has a long way to go. Look at what happened when Yar' Adua died and compare it to what happened when Atta Mills died and see a stark difference in political maturity. Nigeria is a big thrash can!!