Good Riddance To Catholics, They’re Arrogant, CAN Says-PREMIUM TIMES

Official Catholic church letter withdrawing from CAN
By Monday Ateboh

The Christian Association of Nigeria has reacted to the withdrawal of the Catholic Church in Nigeria to pull out of the association, saying they are free to leave.

Speaking on the Catholics’ withdrawal Wednesday, spokesperson for the 19 Northern chapters of CAN, Sunny Oibe, told journalists in Abuja the Catholics were free to go away, the  Punch newspaper is reporting this morning.

He also accused the Christian denomination of arrogance, saying they were merely angry because the presidency of the association had moved to another bloc of the group.

Their exit will not affect the association in any way, the CAN spokesperson said.

Mr. Oibe alleged that Catholics had been sulking since its candidate, John Onaiyekan, lost the presidency of the association to Ayo Oritsejafor.
He said, “There are some certain elements in the leadership of CAN led by Cardinal John Onaiyekan because he lost CAN Presidency to Oritsejafor who has a lot of achievements.

“There is no need for anybody to lose sleep over the threat by Catholics to pull out of CAN because without them CAN will still continue. The constitution of CAN makes provision that membership can be terminated by any group that is misbehaving or any group can also terminate their membership.

“Why is it that when Catholics were in the leadership of CAN, every bloc supported them, but now because power has changed hands, they are threatening to pull out and causing confusion?

“They have been agitating that the Presidency of CAN must come from the South. They are appendage of PDP and PDP themselves. They are known for double standards. A man of God should not be double speaking.”

The President, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBNC), Ignatius Kaigama had written to CAN President, Ayo Oritsejafor, saying his group was suspending “participation in CAN meetings at the national level until such a time the leadership of CAN reverse back to the original vision, mission and objectives  of CAN”.

Expatiating further on its grouse with the Oritsejafor-led leadership of the association, the bishops lamented that CAN had been politicized and was no longer being used to promote peace and unity in the country.

“CAN is being dragged into partisan politics thereby compromising the ability to play its true role as conscience of the nation and the voice of the voiceless,”  the bishops said.

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my broda in d lord,frm wu did u gt dis divine ministration?...Hatred shld nt b used 2 condemn things wen it cums 2 religion...cum 2 thnk f u mean Jesus Christ founded a prostitute on Earth?...He made Peter d head wu directly became d first Pope...doz dt make him a direct successor f d prostitute?...Broda...d eyes of God is wtching,His ears are active and He's writing a script 4 each nd evry 1 of us...thnk twice b4 u post...may God 4gv ur ignorance!


The Holy Shroud of Turin is not a fake u muppet


sorry that's actually 2000 yrs


yes pentecostalism is growing bt de question is nt growing bt growing into what. It is like china products very attractive, shiny bt does nt last, artificial nd is affordable by all, bt catholic is expensive and costly at de same time original dat is why people rush out bt rushing into distruction. It is longlasting if nt it would hav collapse 4 more dan 2000 yrs ago despite criticism, vilence nd heresies. No denominatn can witstand this. Churches witout foundatn nd tradition wit rule made by illitrate pastors overtaken by materialism. God hav mercy on u.


my dear am a cathoilic but am not responding to you because am a catholic but as one who has conscience, wise and intelligent. It is good to make comments but let us be wise and attentive. You have just made a categorical statement that catholic church is occultic. There is no problem. Think before u talk. Just 4 such statement u ar not worthy to be a christian. U should make peace and nt to condemn. Even Jesus u claim to follow which in true sense u do nt did nt openely condem judaism. He pointd out bad practices bt remaind a jew till death. Ask God to forgive u. Bc de bible u qouted often says u should nt judge dat u may nt be judged. Judment is g God a christian today because ur statement does nt show dat. May God forgive u.

Religion of immitation

Islam sought to remove all idolitry from Middle East religious practice. Some 'left over' from pagan idolitry can be said to be found in Christianity, such as the depiction of Biblical characters, saints etc. Such pictures include frescos, saint glass windows and carving. More over relics and particular Churches are often 'venerated' by Christians even those that may be fakes such as Shroud of Turin or alleged 'bone' of Jesus or apostles. This shows missing whole tgings Exodus 20:4 (kjv).

Religion of immitation

Islam sought to remove all idolitry from Middle East religious practice. Some 'left over' from pagan idolitry can be said to be found in Christianity, such as the depiction of Biblical characters, saints etc. Such pictures include frescos, saint glass windows and coving. More over relics and particular Churches are often 'venerated' by Christians even those that may be fakes such as Shroud of Turin or alleged 'bone' of Jesus or apostles. This shows missing whole tgings Exodus 20:4 (kjv).

pls dont be myopic and make

pls dont be myopic and make Jesus look materialistic. there were better means of travel in his time and he settled for a lowly ass. the most shiplike vessel he used was a fishing boat.

Be brothers keepers!

It seems there is no spirituality in all what is happening. We should not be divided over canal and worldly things. Let us sit down and think and not to be commenting any how. Cotholics and CAN should sit down and reason together. United we stand divided we shall collapse. We are now in a trying time and we need unity the most. Catholic faithfuls should just exercise patience and not to move steps ahead. We need to be our brothers keepers.


How come catholics waited to contest and election and lost b4 they decided to pull out?? Who is fooling who?? By the way, what is wronge with a man of GOD owning a jet?? What is wronge with some christians in this country? If orisejafor has pastored for 40yrs, I don't see anything wrong in him owning a jet if he can afford it. Pls catholics should not come with their politics of always claiming to be d oldest church in d is not how far but how well.they should address d child molestation and gay ordainship going on in their church 1st.

let peace reign

No! I pray no more will pull out. Instead, the Catholic church alongside the whole CAN will with one heart stay together and cast out the devil and his traits of disunity from the midst of them. We should all uphold the prayer our Lord prayed in John 17 and the words of Paul in Ephesians 4:13.


The Catholic Church has been confirmed from the books of Revelation to be the woman in chapter 17 and others similar verses from the book of Revelation. There is no other place on earth where a building stands on seven hills except, the eternal city of seven hills in Rome. People who are inquisitive to know the truth should try to do there private search. The Bible says "my people perish for lack of knowledge" This is a known truth in our society today as we can see people craving for entertainments and give little attention for the things of God. The book of Revelation 18:4 solemnly tells us to come out from her(Catholics and her harlot daughters). This harlot daughters are the rest of the denominational Churches that still hold onto the man-made teachings of the Catholic Church ;such as,the baptism using "Father", Son", and Holy Spirit instead of in the name of Jesus as Peter commanded in the book of acts of the Apostles.See act 19:1...Read the book of Acts properly.God bless.

I am Anglican, and I think we

I am Anglican, and I think we should join hands with Catholics to bring back undiluted christian values to CAN

Don't cast asperity,don't judge.

Surely,it's only the good tree that bears the good fruit that people throw stones at.Catholic,CAN or pastor Ayo am not qualified to judge,but those who cast asperity or pass judgements on them have beating their hands already on their chest or cocksure that they're iniquity free and heaven bound.Brothers,becareful not to derail from the substance and judge not for angel too will be judged.Halleluia Jesus is coming soon.

In as much as Jesus christ

In as much as Jesus christ was nt materialistic, let it be known dt he rode on d best donkey which is equivalent to a very classy car. He preached and traveLled with a ship on ocean,it is equivalent to a yatch or a luxrurious ship in this time. The aguement shld not be whether the pastor owning a jet is good or nt. We shld ask question on what are they doing to spread d word of God and d gospel of peace. Is it right for pastors that pray, fast and encourage u to b poor? Is it okay for thieves, politicians, who failed in their responsiblity to provide d neccessary ammenities to fly jets and drive luxurious cars? Pls let's focus on d seed and leave d shaft.

CAN has been politicized

the reaction to Catholic exit from CAN is too hash and very embarrassing. CAN should have taken the path of honour by applying the parable of the lost sheep that is by leaving the 99 to go and look for the lost 1. I think the quest for power and money has taken over CAN consequently, it has been hijacked by Christian political thugs, politicized by the Cabals for selfish and material wealth and leading for total destruction so thereby giving room for the enemy to have his way. CAN is now a toothless bulldog. will a jet put food on a poor man's table? instead of using the money to advance God's Kingdom they are busy galivanting, quarreling and sleeping when the thief is coming at night. God! SAVE THE RIGHTEOUS


Roman Catholic Church is the foundation of idolatory & occult. It is the weapon of anti christ & a house of darkness which can never be comfortable with light. So darkness disappears at the approach of light .so be it

SAW THIS COMING ... Wahala wa o!

This is simply the beginning of the end as ecclesiastical considerations are taking front burner political and ungodly utterances and dalliances.

Christ's name will be glorified at the end of it all. I align with the Catholics as the rascally situation can go on indefinitely.

At the end of the day, all will be well and HIS name alone will be glorified.

Catholicism: The real Christianity

All the religious problems in Nigeria has been generated by these Pentacostal idiots who thrive on manipulating the followers to extort their money and purchase private jets and build mansions. They also thrive at taking over people's wives. The moment the mistake was made in picking this cocaine addict Oritsejiofor as CAN president I knew that we Christians would have serious problems in Nigeria. The government should band Pentecostals immediately

Jesus didn't own a bicycle?

Great insight indeed! If the Lord Jesus didn't own a bicycle and every Christian including you and me want to be like the Lord Jesus, why do you own bicycle, car etc today? Did Our Lord Jesus ever entered an Aircraft? Why do you enter Aircraft today? Throughout his life he trekked on foot to preach, and here you are enter car, Planes and other forms of faster Mobil gadgets. Don't you think you are sinning?
Why do you watch tv? Y Use mobile phone? Did our Lord ever gone to hospital? Y do you go nowadays? Our Lord did work for anybody and Infact all his disciples like Peter and co had to leave their professions before been enlisted as his disciples, why are you working today?
My Man, we are too smart for you folks to think you can use 'religion' to cage us. Does catholism allow Catholics to read Bible? Meanwhile these Pastor you are castigating spend all their usefull time to read the Bible. You come around with you little mental thinking to say robust about them!

Who do I abuse?

Can you list who I abuse or you want substantiation of my allegations?

Let them go

Do you have statistics of the rate at which deeper life, RCCG and Living Faith are growing in Nigeria and world at large? Not to mention other younger ministries! Let Catholic go.

Who is pulling the structure? CAN or Catholic Bishops?

Mr Man, who is pulling down the structure? Is it CAN who refused to be intimated by the Catholics or Catholics who enjoyed support of other Christian bodies when they were heading CAN and now when they have lost out decided to PULLOUT? Haba, be sincere for once.! Even their action (pullout) rightly explains their intend to pull down CAN. The same way Marthin Luther alone was too much for them; the entire Holy Ghost filled Nigerian Christian are completely and impossibly too much task for them. They either humble themselves and submit to the Leadership of present CAN executives else they are free to go and form their CCAN represent Catholic CAN.

@ Stanley Igwe : The Church Is The Moral Umpire ...

...between the government and the governed. Your sycophancy for crumbs permeates every conversation. Even your Kitchen Chef (Deri) is lying low on this one. But you've opted to make an "Asch" of yourself with Dumbo is a Christian therefore Oritsejafor should support him. How daft. Ever heard of "seperation of church and state" in popular constitutions? The Catholic Church is an institution bigger and more influential than Nigeria globally, we have to be careful. We, the Catholica are the Voice of Christianity and the Moral Majority! Opinions of minions touts like you, @ Japheth and other crumb-catchers are irrelevant. This is a moral call ...beyond sycophancy!

Glad you know that John Cardinal Onaiyekan attracted a powerful government delegation to witness his ordination in Rome. Do you know what it means to belong to the Vatican's College of Cardinals? It means he's Qualified to be made Bishop of Rome, The Pope!


What have is said that is wrong?

Mr Anonymous, cut my writing which you think is wrong and clarify! I WILL NOT WATCH MY WORDS! That's why I wrote my name. I have fact to every single word I said. I repeat very single word I wrote. Do you remember towards the last quater of 2012, Pope Benedict 16 cock was arrested for divulging some "secret" documents? Can you brief me about that saga or I should detail you? If you don't know them, I do. Keeping quit didn't" mean we don't know their attrocities. But for the sake of their claim to be serving Christ and the fact Christ said "let all grow together until harvest time when his Angels will separate the wheat from the shave", that's why we allow the sleeping god lie. But certainly i know who Catholics are. It may surprise you to note that I have never met one on one with Pastor Ayo. But as head of all Christians in Nigerian I respect him.

CAN an unnecessary organization

Anyone that understands true Christianity knows that CAN is a great irony. Why would Catholics, Pentecostals, and Evangelicals want to belong to one single Christian organization? If they think is it ok, why not end the divisions and just have one Christian church in Nigeria. If they cannot end the split, then why try to have one organization? Every Christian should simply read the Bible cover-to-cover to understand what it says is important regarding salvation of soul, and not keep being busy with all this organization stuff that has no spiritual benefit.

JaPheth, pls watch your

JaPheth, pls watch your mouth. All your abuses are not appropriate from a Christian. It's so obvious you worship Ayo! Jesus in all His works and wonders never owned a bicycle talkless of a jet! Our God is not a material God! Open your eyes and read between the lines. A word is enough for the wise!

CAN's Reaction Could Trigger "Ohakim Syndrome" Among Catholics

CAN's reaction is arrogant and confrontational. The Catholic church is the oldest Institution known to mankind today. Older than every country, religion or organizatioin the world over. As such, we're laden with tradition and guided by intricate rules and regulations. It's not easy being Catholic. I'm sure the decision to dissociate with known thugs was an "order from above" Naija parlance. Carefully thought-out and after stringent consultations with Cardinals, Bishops, Mother Superiors and such emminent Prefects of the church, we're gone! The Pope is aware. And, it's wise not to bad-mouth us for making a judicious choice as there could be serious consequences at elected times. The outbreak of "Ohakim Syndrome" is why Ikedi lost Douglas House in Owerri.

Again, traditional churches like Baptists, Anglicans, Methodists and Presbyterians should join the Catholics and form an apolitical CAN with the minimum age requirement of 100yrs for membership. Nonsense!

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