Government Officials Downplaying Brutal Beating Of Gombe Lawmaker At Police Checkpoint

By SaharaReporters, New York

Both the Gombe State police command and the leadership of Gombe State House of Assembly are downplaying an incident that led to a serious beating of a state lawmaker, Sagir Ahmad Haruna. Mr. Haruna, who represents Gombe South constituency, was last week physically assaulted by a senior police officer at checkpoint in the state.

A police source in Gombe town confirmed to SaharaReporters that a deputy superintendent of police popularly known as “Baba Yola” dealt the legislator several slaps at a police checkpoint.

Our source disclosed that the police officer was infuriated by the lawmaker’s behavior and suddenly slapped him. According to the source, the conflict that resulted in the slaps started with demands by the police to search the lawmaker and his car.

Another bystander who witnessed the confrontation and assault told SaharaReporters that he was surprised that the incident was being swept underneath the rug.“I saw it with my eyes,” said the source. “And then I heard both the police and their spokesman on radio denying the whole thing and saying that the lawmaker was not slapped. It is not true. Honorable Haruna was slapped by the police officer. We were all there and saw how it happened.”

A source close to the lawmaker said Mr. Haruna was also ashamed of the incident and was not enthusiastic to publicize the fact that he was beaten. “That is why he keeps referring journalists to go to the speaker of Gombe State House of Assembly, because he knowsthat the speaker will not speak,” said the source. A Gombe-based reporter told SaharaReporters that he had tried to interview the legislator on the incident, but that the lawmaker was uncooperative. “He kept saying that only the speaker will speak because he has briefed him,” said the reporter.

A fellow legislator in Gombe, who asked for anonymity, said he was disappointed that the issue was being hushed. “No person is above the law,” he said. “So if Honorable Sagir Ahmad Haruna committed any crime, we should know. But the police should also not be slapping people. They should be charging people who break the law to court.” The lawmaker added, “We have heard that he was beaten. Let him be bold enough to say it and save other innocent Nigerians from police brutality.”

He continued: “We need to know why did the police man slap him? The police man too should explain the reality of what transpired. But this one that the police and the speaker are playing games is not good.”

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I Dare you

I dare you to go and meet him 1 on 1 and tell him that! He will continue on you where he stopped on the senator.

Its a wrong act anyway, people need to be more proactive than just coming online and roaring.


Its now unfortunate that we now seen everything through the lens of ethnicity or religion. This is Police brutality. What is bad is bad.

It happens all over the country. You don't have to wait until it happens to you. Last time, it was 6 Ibos killed in Abuja (the officers are still on trial). Everyday inside the metro section or weekend newspapers, you hear of one poor person asking for justice against police killing their family members.

Why didn't bystanders just record the police brutality on their phone? nowadays every one goes about with a camera phone. That was what saved the lady in the Naval officer - Arogundade. By the way, is the yeye guy still in service?

Lawmakers don't have 7 heads...

Why is this article making it to the headlines? Cos the victim is a lawmaker? This mentality goes to show how Nigerians deem themselves inferior. The question should be : Should policemen/ armed force personnel be allowed to assault anybody at all, irrespective of status, job type or origin?... They do this with ordinary Nigerians everyday and the law makers do nothing to stop them or to make them adopt a system whereby punishment will be meted out if complaints get to the Police force....But they just sit in the Senate and steal all that they can...This is good news. Let the Police people assault them too. When they are tired like the rest of us, they should use their powers and make the president make our court system work 100%... Lawmakers don't have 7 heads.

Lawmaker is a Rogue

The lawmaker has something to hide. His car was to be investigated and he resisted for reason of carrying criminal items like gun or stolen money. That is why does not want to open up and he also he'd bribed the police to spare him from the public on account of the criminal items found in his car.

busy body.

Mr reporter, wetin be your own? Police slap lawmaker or law breaker, is that suppose to be news? If lawmaker do wetin e no suppose do, make dem punch im bloody mouth and possibly harvest im teeth join, who care? Na today yansh dey for back? D man know wetin im do na im make e no fit talk noow.

Aboki grahgrah!

Those mallams really cannot behave, they simply don't know how a civil society functions..that was how,the last time i visited "niegeriah", at the check-in desk at MMA, one aboki because he could speak two or three words of english thought the world belonged to him and thus didn't have to wait his turn but his badluck was that he tried it with the wrong person.. my humble self..Mensch, did he get a nice dressing down, i simply handed him his backside. Rubbish bonobos not fit to live amongst humans




at least he felt what the ordinary man feels.if they had done their work properly this would not have surfaced....

The days for abuse of power is gone for power drunk idiots

There was a time not too long ago on our highway that you see any average fulani/hausa/kanuri person pass through a police check point in seconds by just speaking hausa or fulani or kanuri depending on the northern officer on duty. It was always a surprise then that people from the south were always harrassed and easily slapped by police while the northern got an easy treatment.

But it seem boko haram and their sponsors did not think for a moment that the table will turn and they would be on the recieving end of the hot slaps and long delays at check point. Trying to abuse a police on duty now would be a stupid mission because of the tension of boko haram and other sects killing the security agents like flys. This idiot that was slapped knows what he did that is why he is shutting his mouth.

@ Fe.muwe


Not that I support the police

Not that I support the police for slapping the guy but I am glad it happened.if it were an ordinary citizen, nobody wud hv heard of the incidence. Let them, the law makers feel wat it is an ordinary man feels.

Police Brutality

Enough of this police brutality. Why should a police officer slap a citizen? That's assault, talk more of a lawmaker, this is absurd, derrogatory, humiliating and offensive. The GSHA, should sue the police for assaulting an elected Office holder.


may be this polisman think say Haruna na WINCH.

(daddy oledepo. style!)

Just a common slap na him una

Just a common slap na him una dey vibrate like this? Where una dey when police dey collect 20naira 'egunje' for road, and person wey no want comply bullet go pass through him skull. Where una dey when police dey rape women detained at their station? Just common slap na him una dey vex like this. Haba! Better go thank your stars na only slap them whoze you for face, next time na your skull go hear am. Slap ko slap ni. Mtchewww!

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