Governor Amaechi Buys $50 Million Bombardier Jet, Amid State’s Flood Disaster

Governor Rotimi Amaechi's Global 5000 Bombardier Jet-Photo Credit: James Chevrier
By SaharaReporters, New York

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State has acquired a brand new Bombardier Global 5000 (N565RS) for his exclusive use, SaharaReporters has learnt.

Mr. Amaechi’s lavish new “toy” comes at a time hundreds of thousands of residents in his state are displaced by the worst flooding crisis in the state’s history.

The newly purchased jet left Montreal-Trudeau Airport in Montreal, Quebec to Dakar Yoff International Airport. And then it was delivered to the state government on October 7th 2012.

The jet was primarily purchased from Bombardier in Canada for $45.7 million through the Bank of Utah Trustee account. “This is an ungodly act,” said a Port Harcourt-based human rights campaigner. “Why should Governor Amaechi’s priority be to acquire a jet at a time the state is experiencing the worst flooding in its history, leaving many Rivers indigenes homeless?” he added.

Last year Mr. Amaechi traded off the state’s current Embraer Legacy 600 claiming it was too expensive to maintain. There were also unconfirmed claims that the jet was struck by lightning.

The oil-rich Rivers State already owns an AW139 helicopter which it leased to Aero Contractors. The state then turned around to patronize Aero’s VIP Sikorsky S76C helicopter at a cost one critic described as “exorbitant and unjustified.”

Last year, the state government sold its Dash 8-Q200 aircraft to Cross River State for $6 million. Cross River State then leased the plane to Aero Contractors to undertake commercial flights to and from Obudu airstrip in the state.

Rivers State owned Embraer Legacy 3000 jet solfd to Cross River's state at a giveaway price.Rivers State owned Agusta Westland(AW) 139 leased to Aero Contractors  On October 13, 2012 Guava-bellied Governor Rotimi Amaechi watching President Goodluck Jonathan speaking to citizens in Ahoada LGA of the state, the area was devastated by flooding rendering thosands of Rivers state citizens homeless, unknown to many Mr. Amaechi had just taken delivery of a brand new $50 million Bombardier Global 5000 jet a week earlier.

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So him brought a plane for

So him brought a plane for rivers state....what is all the fuss about?...the new plane has a longer range that the previous Gov Amaechi could fly non stop around the world instead of joining a commercial jet with all you peasants

Amaechi's new jet plane

My question is, does the plane belong to Amaechi or Rivers State Government, which one are we talking about, if it belongs to Rivers State government then there is no problems but if it belongs to Amaechi, i reserve my comment.

the Emperor is still the best thing in rivers state

This news given is totally not correct. They don't have aeroplane car stand and you walk down there and buy one. This plane was paid for 2 yrs ago and only arrived this year. The plane sold to cross river was because if the cost of putting it back in order. The plane was dead. The state government need one for the excutive officer. Its not owned by the amaechi, its for the governor of rivers state office. If amaechi leaves, the next takes over. Sahara reporters should probably change their name to swamp reporters if that can help you get your facts right and stop misinforming the public



Amaechi's new jet

I think Nigerians should concentrate on what needs to be done, what is done and what has been left undone to improve on the lives of the masses of our nation. Rotimi Amaechi's government has done more to improve the lives of the citizens of River State in less than four years than the previous government did in 8 years. And it is doing more. You cannot judge him on the pirchase of an aircraft alone. What is the real issue? Governments that are far poorer in Nigeria and those that cannot afford a jet even on hire purchase have their governors travelling around in chartered jets! Please let Amaechi concentrate on his job and stop all these bad belle talks.

Hand over Nigeria to Buhari

Hand over Nigeria to Buhari so that the nation's constitution becomes the Quran & the sharia court replace the customary or magistrate court. My friend we a leader without religious affiliation and Nigeria cannot be an islamic nation. You see why Buhari can't be a good presidential figure!


A state governor aquiring aircraft of 50 million dollars, about 8 billion naira when about 80% 0f his people are living in slumps. That is very good governance, is nt it?. The thing is nothing can be done about it. No law to nail him. Shame shame.

Agbero Government

I feel sorry for myself sometimes. As a western educated person, I erred for not moving to Nigeria a long time ago. Whenever I look at these brainless leaders of Nigeria who are swimming in ill gotten wealth, I ask myself, where did I go wrong in life?

Nigeria is a land of opportunity with a bunch of foolish people in the midst and it only take a one eyed man reasoning to thrive despite the dubious acts perpetrated by looters.

Governor Ameachi buys a $5o million bombardier jet.

it is just unfortunate because of the rubber stamped state legislature, We have experienced the worst government ever since Amaechi took over, there is no road in the whole of Rumuolumeni, Elioparawo, Egbelu- Ogbogoro and yet the thief have the temerity to buy a private jet he will never enjoy.
at least when odili was in power , he was [patching roads.


The same OBJ that labelled Gov. Amaechi 'K-LEG' gov. is the same man that is recommending him for VICE PRESIDENT.
At that time, EFCC investigated him and found him wanting.
In 2007, he had to use thugs to protest against EFCC and hid his corrupt commissioners in his office. Clearly, he is the most corrupt governor in Nigeria.

Good Idea

I thinh this is a good idea. To save lives is an investment worth doing. Human life cannot be quantified in naira and kobo.


9pm live today .

Oil Money

This is another indicator that our leaders (dealers) have too much money to play about. The Prime Minister of Britian would prefer to commute within in a train But our crook dealers will prefer to own private jets because they ve neglected the maintenance of the roads that have now become death trap and armed robbers controlled boarders. Until we learn to face our so called leaders and make them account for their deeds Poverty will continue to flourish in our land in midst of plenty God helps those who help themselves

Please verify your facts

This story is stale and shouldn't have been in the front burner again. I am a citizen of Rivers State and follow carefully all the happenings in the state, sometime ago my state sold their jet to cross river state with the approval of the state assembly to sell and buy another one . What is wrong with that when everything went through due process. If a poor state like Taraba could afford to buy a jet, how much more Rivers? Please i am begging you not to publish misleading information that is capable of inciting the uninformed. please cross check your facts. I am not the governor's spokes man but in this matter, he did no wrong. this has been concluded if i am right almost close to or over two years ago.

Thank you

Please forget very well.

Please forget very well.


THIS IS SENSATIONAL JOURNALISM. I guess the journalist who wrote this piece was not smart enough to know that arrangements for the purchase of the JET would have been concluded long before the floods came. If owning a jet by a state would enhance official activities of government, then let it be.

For me this story is simple

For me this story is simple bellyaching. This is Rivers money spent by Rivers man and governor for that matter. What is your own? Na we say make god no put oil for una poor states? When my action gov started the monorail project, our opponents screamed blue murder. His excellency abandoned it. Now our gov is the chairman of governors' forum. He needs jets not one to attend to the needs of his colleagues. Even the gov of poor Taraba state has private jet but being prudent, he chose to pilot the plane by himself. Do you see where it landed the gov? Intensive care unit. Make una leave we gov for us. Wafi people say where man de work na him he de SHOP. Ka Chineke mezie okwu.


No b small tin

What do you mean? We already

What do you mean? We already filled with regrets not for now but till 2019. For those who made the first mistake, they have 2019 to correct it. 2015 is already won with a landslide. Mark my word.

Mr Governor let me address u

Mr Governor let me address u in a polite way. You mean to say that the same Rivers state that does not have money to ppay contractor to work on the 80% bad road dotting the whole Rivers state yet you buy a jet. Hmmm. Let ask this governor. With all due disrespect Sir, how do you feel when u visit a sister state like Akwa Ibom?

Terrible act

Hmmmm wonders shall never end in nigeria. Nigerians are suffering and still one aircraft to a governor. Very soon you will hear this man is flying the aircraft by himself. God is indeed watching all of you spending our money lavishly. None of you guys will go unpurnished when the time comes.


Forget Amaechi, have you guys heard about a British man convicted yesterday in London southwark crown court of importing 40,000 AK47 assault rifles, 30,000 Rifles, 10,000 Pistols from China (That dark Evil country) to Nigeria in 2007. No doubt this went to Niger delta militants and Alhaji Dokubo and his gang may have passed some of it to their Boko haram brothers. Someone should question this ND militants seriously about the whereabout of this weapons particularly that toerag called Tompolo- the Egbesu worshipper.
Sahara Reporters how can you miss this news on friday 26th Oct 2012. please swing into action and bring some more information. Some African nations military do not even have this level of armoury. God save Nigeria from gluttons and bloodsuckers.


Pls let every chuch owners,politicans and nigerians business men understand that de goal of is not to buy jets and inpesul public oh....!
Rada to finish ur purpose oh.

whatshall. we do

I Wept when I read this.we need a mass revolution

50 million dollars?

I know judgement is coming fast and that from God. I pity such reckless/insensitive spending of public funds so long as this report holds true.
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Didn't get you!

Didn't get you!

re: jet

you think so? fear this governors in Nigeria oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fear them..............................

wake up naija!

it is time for nigerians to wake up.... we are sleeping. niger delta receive 13% derivation every month from the FG, what are they doing with it. Delta state have spend iver 40billion on Asaba airport yet is still uncomplete, now Ameachi is spending 50million dollars on Aircraft. we the masses live in abject poverty. Niger deltans wake up....

Up Oil states governor, Odili will be vindicated in the long run

People who attacked Odili, and Alams, over to you now. You a'int seen anything yet. Amechi is the real guy that will empty Rivers state. All those so call projects he is doign is just a cover up.5

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