Governor Chime Of Enugu Evades Media Searchlight

Sullivan Chime
By SaharaReporters, New York

Ailing Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State engaged journalists in a hide-and-seek game as he went into seclusion upon arrival in Abuja yesterday. Mr. Chime, who had been out of circulation for 140 days, reportedly arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja around 5.00 a.m. yesterday. SaharaReporters broke the news that the governor was receiving medical treatment in the UK.

On hearing news of his arrival, a group of reporters and photojournalist besieged the Enugu State Government Lodge in Abuja hoping to catch a glimpse of the governor. However, staff of the lodge turned back all reporters. No official of the state appeared ready to talk to the press on the governor’s whereabouts. After making a flurry of phone calls to sources, some journalists received information that the governor was holed up in Protea Hotel. However, reporters who tracked Mr. Chime to the hotel to check on the veracity of their tip found no sign of the governor there. The hotel staff maintained sealed lips, in no mood to divulge whether the reclusive governor was their guest.

As frustrated reporters were about to leave the hotel, they spotted the convoy of Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State entering the premises of the hotel. One reporter told SaharaReporters, “Once we saw Governor Obi there, we felt that he had come to greet Governor Sullivan Chime.” Even so, the reporter added that their efforts to find out from Mr. Obi’s security detail if their hunch was correct proved futile.

As at the time of this report, there was no official statement to confirm Mr. Chime’s whereabouts in Abuja. Even so, some photojournalists decided to stand by Protea Hotel in order to get the ailing governor’s photograph in case he left the hotel.

A source at the Presidency told SaharaReporters that he met with members of Enugu  state's house of assembly around 9:00 PM , also the deputy senate president,  Senator Ike Ekweremadu and some members of the Nigerian national assembly were sighted going into the Penthouse of  Protea hotel in Asokoro area. The source added that Mr. Chime was expected to leave Abuja today for Enugu, the capital of his state on chartered private jet. Some officials of Enugu State continue to maintain the charade that Mr. Chime had been on vacation abroad, insisting that his prolonged disappearance from public view was not health-related.

But several reliable sources told SaharaReporters that Mr. Chime was in the UK to receive treatment for serious medical problems that include cancer. Governor Chime is well known in Enugu for excessive drinking and womanizing, including the scandal of impregnating his sister-in-law. Loved by many in his state for his efforts to beautify the capital city, he has also been criticized for using state funds to offer gifts of cars to his numerous girlfriends.

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Our dear Govnor

Uhm uhm uhm, the baby that says his mother will not sleep will not sleep too! Who will save us? Where are the men of honour? Where are they? What is being debated in the Enugu state house of assembly regarding this issue? Those who doubt if Nigeria is a failed state can now see it's a stark reality. What a shame!

Thank you SR

If not for SR, we would have had no alternative but the constant barefaced, idiotic lies of Nigerian politicians. To the Kool-Aid drinking commentators mouthing what they call "privacy" and "sympathy"; elected official has no right to privacy, when it comes to abandoning their state for many months ostensibly on vacation. How many months has this fellow been in office that he could have accumulated these many months of leave? And who paid for all his expenses in England? The idiot ought to have fully disclosed the reason for, and duration of, his trip to the people of Enugu. This is just a part of the corruption enterprise they call democracy in Nigeria.

Useless governor

Hiding for 140 days in some foreign jungle isn't befitting a serious dignified and responsible leader of appropraite parental lineage. This is a governor who isn't even qualified to lead a troop of pre-schoolers on any mission, talkless of a diverse entity. My only solace is that nemesis would do justice to him in accordance as he has discharged his duties catering for or duping the masses of his state.

@ Emeka O, Batuta, Tabugbo, puhleezz take your business to

@ Emeka O, Batuta, Tabugbo, puhleezz take your business to some where else abegi.

In case you do not know, please be informed that SR is in the business of POSTING NEWS and WATCH how many people are clicking on the news stories. You guys just clicked thus, you have no room to complain.

Thanks SR and Save Enugu Group

Thanks SR and Save Enugu Group for smoking out the bastart Chime.

I never knew that when someone comes back from a vacation,a drumming, dancing and singing party will be held in their honor, except for Mrs Jonathan and now Chime.

What is Chime hiding and why?

What is Chime hiding and why is he hiding from those who elected him and pay for his lifestyle? Some of these Governors are supposed to upkeep the law and show good example, instead, they flout the constitutional requirements with impunity, and get away with it.

Recently, the Minister of Finance in Canada Jim Flaherty had a skin illness called Pemphigoid. He came out to announce not only the disease he is suffering from but also to assure the country and the external world and investors that his steriod treatment would have no impact on his decision taking!

Our "leaders" are eons away from this level of responsibility; once the precedent had been set by YarAdua. Don't we all get sick?

SR is always right

Unless you are a beneficiary to the charade which the current climate in Nigeria provides, you shouldn't be bothered about minor error by SR.  However in this case SR has been so informative and have kept true indigenes of Enugu informed about their Governor's "Holiday". 

Any system which makes it difficult to get information will have rumour,half truth and gossips to contend with because nature abhors vacuum even of information.


Uninformed populace mixed with greedy elite is a big recipe for total failure. Who are we fooling here? Everybody in Nigeria and Enugu State in particular looks dumb. You can take this to the bank.


@Tabugbo, you are just right...Sahara reporter is now turning out rubbish in the name of news! These guys should close shop if they have run-out of ideas! Sahara reporter has joined Ibori, present and past Governors of Cross River State, past Governor of Anambra State etc in embarrassing Nigerians in Diaspora! Is it a must to post something on the net?

Desperate journalism at its best

For sahara, it's damn empathy, damn respect for privacy, damn human feelings. For them it's get the news first at all cost and every other tin may follow


Tabugbo, your critism of SR is absolutly baseless.They claim the man is back and yet no official confirmation or sightings.Where in a sane clime would you find such nonsence?.Of course, only in Nigeria and its because of Ignorant people like you who prefer to suffer and smile. But again, maybe your one of those gaining from all this lies and charade by the Enugu state govt.


It is easy for anybody to set up a news website but it takes brains and good judgement to practice journalism. Herbert S.H. Macaulay, the Jackson brothers, Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe, fathers of Nigerian journalism would weep over the sheer lack of brains and judgement by SR over the so called Chime saga. Scribling that a man who SR reported as suffering from cancer was merely "out of circulation" beats stupidity.