Governor Yakowa Of Kaduna, Former NSA Azazi Dead In Helicopter Crash

By SaharaReporters, New York

Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State and former National Security Adviser Andrew Owoye Azazi apparently died in a helicopter that crashed today in Bayelsa State, a reliable source has told SaharaReporters.

Governor Yakowa and Mr. Azazi, a retired military general who served as chief security adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, were among passengers in the ill-fated helicopter.

Nigeria's National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) had earlier indicated that the agency had activated a search for a crashed helicopter.

Our sources had earlier disclosed that the crashed chopper was carrying “some major political figures.” As at the time of going to press, Saharareporters was unable to confirm the identity of any other passengers in the ill-fated chopper.

Governor Yakowa and Mr. Azazi were among many political figures who reportedly attended the burial of the father of senior presidential aide Oronto Douglas. The funeral event took place in the Nembe area of Bayelsa State earlier today.  SaharaReporters learnt that the crashed helicopter was one of several helicopters that ferried some well-connected people to the funeral.

The crash comes on the heels of a plane crash on October 25, 2012 that has left Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State brain-damaged. Mr. Suntai was moved to a hospital in Germany where he remains in poor shape, unable to recognize his visitors or to speak.

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May ur soul rest in perfect

May ur soul rest in perfect peace oo

why people are lake dis

god is d best 4 your leaven 2day

Sambo Dasuki mourn too

National Security Adviser (NSA), Mr Sambo Dasuki, expressed his deep condolences to the family of his immediate predecessor, General Andrew Owoeye Azazi and that of the former governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa, who lost their lives with their aides, in a helicopter crash in Bayelsa State, last weekend.

A statement from the office of the NSA, said Dasuki had already called and spoken with Mrs Alero Azazi over the death of her husband and his friend/regular 12 course mate.

Alla yakawa Alla yadoka

Alla yakawa Alla yadoka


my brother, u just hit the nail on the head. God bless u.


Why will pple start to talk on issues that concern the whole nations as if it is a personal issue.why will muslims be happy over d death of a fellow human being like him..islam did not teaches us muslim we believe dat death is inevitable....and everybody will taste death one day,we are all going to die and go back to our it or not,its a no muslim should be happy over d death of another human being.we knw dat d way he come to office is very rough,but none theless we have to accept it bcos there is nothing we can do to d same time we are not happy about his we should try to watch our tongue in other not to cause a qiosk on the land,most expecially wen the land is facing many trouble.why will d christians say it is a plot frm d muslims,have we forgotten so soon?when the life of Dasuki and others were lost in plane crash as well....did d muslimss complain about it?so why are we so sentimental on issues like dis......may Allah help us in nigeria.

Rest in Peace

What's with all the insults? Why can't we do things like civilized people in this country? We lost two great leaders and people are busy raining abuses on each on the Internet.... Seriously!!!


Azazi has passed on b'cos it was his time just like all those b4 him. If ur alive 2day 2 witness dis then it's meant 2 tell u dat; we all shall meet our Maker. If u want 2 do dat as a supporter of hatred, champion liers and master division then be my guest. What the deceased need 4rm us now r prayers not obnoxious remarks. Behave urself or else i'll post ur address

is true but time is up

You are saying the truth but I belive what God has destiny no manon earth can flow itover man mi...let us do good cos no one nothe time isgoing to knock and open the door....always do. Goood

U are a brainless bigot. U

U are a brainless bigot. U shuldbt be talking here. Was buhari Eva a PM? What has Islam or Muslims got to do wit d death of yakowa and azazi in a crash dat happnd in bayelsa? This jst goes a long way to show your fear and hatred for Islam the religion of peace. May Allah hav mercy on u and bring u among the believers. This is an eye opener for our leaders.. Repair our roads so that we can all njoy accident free rides on our roads in order to make it easy for you to travel by road when d distance is less than 150km. RIP Murtala.

christ have mercy on you for

christ have mercy on you for u dont knw what u do garagasa

No Hiding Place For Bad Leaders!

After destroying the roads, they now use helicopters to fly to their destinations but thankgod they are now crashing and dying because there is no hiding place for wicked leaders who have chosen to deliberately impoverish and dehumanize their citizens.w


'Your written english'.... Those that have a space in english grammer . Stupid illerate .u coward christian.



if God were men

if God were men somebody like yarasua ans yakowa should live up to 1000yrs with their good work i am a very good muslem and may alah forgive us if pople were as to vote for who are to die in this country walahitalia someone like IBB maradona,OBJ monkey,,GMB ptf,O.I finance, MDA police some governor,senator,house of rep,minister and some Generals becos nigerins are hungry,no good road ,no good health services,no guality education and no security i.nigeria we aid and the familly of yakowa Alah we give them the fortitude to bear the loss

a muslim wit a difrnt

Musa sincerely speaking if all muslims are like u. I strongly believe Nigeria will d best country in d World. I rilly like ur coment truely u are a distinguishd muslim. May Allah (SAW) guide & protect u.Amin.

I can never rejoice over the

I can never rejoice over the death of anybody but let the truth be told. Why waste public funds to attend a funeral. Why do Nigerians waste resources for the dead why the living are in abject poverty. I am sorry for their death but the tears refused to flow. I shed my tears for the innocent 20 in Connecticut whose lives were cut short by a lunatic. I weep for them. May their souls rest in perfect peace Amen.

Jehovah is God any time every where

Some body said history has prepeated it self. I pray this is not a self made history forcefully made to repaet it self. I decrey in the name of in the name of Jesus, what ever is hidding concerning this death will be revealed and the God of all flesh will answer to all the maserminders of the bombed plane said to have crashed. Amen in Jesus name.

Dont get me wrong

They have started again.

They all know what they are doing and knows the cause as well.

The reason not for ordinary eye.

God save us.

good man

He wasn't selfish & partial, he was a gud servant, we'll surely miss u Late Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa.....(Nakowa)

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