Governor Peter Obi Accused Of Wasting State Funds In Questionable Trip To US

Peter Obi
By SaharaReporters, New York

Numerous US-based indigenes of Anambra State are questioning the decision of Governor Peter Obi to make a trip to the US in what the governor described as an attempt to resolve disputes between some members of the Anambra State Association of USA (ASA-USA) and four officials of the association.

Aggrieved members have filed a lawsuit in a California court accusing the president of the association, Allison Anadi, and three other officials of conspiring to convert and misappropriate the association’s funds. The three other defendants are Jonathan Okafor, Victor Nwanso, and Olisa Oraelosi.
The plaintiffs, Chris Ikeanyi and Pius Okafor, allege in the lawsuit that Mr. Anadi, a former professor of criminal justice, and his fellow defendants conspired to convert various sums belonging to the association, including a $60,000 donation made to ASA-USA by Ifeanyi Uba, a controversial businessman who is one of many candidates aspiring to become the next governor of Anambra.   
In an email to 31 members of the association residing in different parts of the US, Governor Obi invited them to a peace meeting scheduled for 8:30 p.m. today, May 3, 2013 at the Hilton Newark Airport Hotel in Newark, New Jersey.
The governor’s letter, sent on his behalf by special assistant Valentine Obienyem, offered invitees $500 each to cover their flight tickets. In addition, the governor disclosed that the state government would cover hotel and feeding expenses for one night for each invited guest.
The full text of the governor’s email, obtained by SaharaReporters from several of the invited guests, read:


The above subject matter which has been brought to my attention refers.

As the Governor of Anambra State, I am saddened by the challenges in ASA-USA. ASA-USA is one of the progressive associations of Anambra people in the Diaspora. Over the years, your concern and readiness to partner with us in the development of our State has been applauded. Your yearly medical mission is an innovation other States are now emulating.

It is disheartening to learn of the division among you, which has led to what can be described as INTERNET war, as well as court actions.

As the Governor of Anambra State, who has been close to you, and bearing in mind that no meaningful development can take place in the atmosphere of disunity, I appeal to you that it is about time we sat together as brothers and sisters and discuss the problems facing ASA-USA and see ways to amicably resolve the misunderstanding.

Though this may be difficult for you and me, considering everybody’s tight
schedule, I plan to come to the USA on May 3rd, 2013 for this purpose and wish to  extend the invitation to you to be part of the meeting as follows:


Venue: Hilton Newark Airport Hotel, 1170 Spring Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey, Phone 908-351-3900
Time: 8:30pm


Date: Friday, 3rd May, 2013

Please note that there will be a flat rate of $500 refund for the local flights of all those invited. The one night room and board will also be covered.

Kindly accept assurances of my highest regards as we work together for peace and progress of our State.

Contacted by SaharaReporters, five of the invited members indicated their readiness to travel to New Jersey to meet with the governor, even though most of them questioned its wisdom. “I will go despite the short notice,” said one of them. Asked whether they would accept the $500.00, they all answered in the affirmative. One of them jokingly said the payment was “part of my national cake.”

Several of them agreed that Governor Obi’s visit and the expense of hosting the talks constitute wasteful expenditure of scarce public funds. “The matter should be left in the hands of the court in California that is handling it,” one said.
Another invited guest said, “Governor Obi has said this is a peace mission, but I think it is nothing more than a jamboree.” Even so, he said he decided to attend the meeting in order to “watch and see what the governor is up to and to be able to expose the way our funds are squandered.”
We also spoke to two invitees who said they have no plans to attend today’s meeting with Governor Obi. “The case in court is going well,” one said yesterday. He added, “Just today, the judge gave a temporary order restraining Dr. Anadi and his fellow defendants not to utilize the funds of ASA-USA in paying their attorneys and not to use our funds to travel again. I don’t think the governor’s intervention at this point will serve any purpose.”
Both sources opined that Governor Peter Obi should have used the money he voted for this trip to solve some of the serious problems facing the people of his state. “The governor spoke about our medical mission in his email. Why not save the money he is wasting and spend it on buying equipment for one or two hospitals in our state?” one source asked.
The source said it was likely the governor’s peace initiative would cost Anambra people more than $100,000 dollars. He said his calculation was based on the governor’s first class tickets as well as the flight tickets of his aides, their hotel and limousine expenses in addition to what the governor promised to offer to those who attend the meeting. “I know that peace is important. But in this day and age, there are other ways of achieving peace without the governor leaving important state matters to journey to America. And does it mean that the governor has solved all the quarrels at home in Anambra? If not, why is he coming here to address us on something that is already in court?” The source dismissed the possibility of the governor’s mediation resulting in the withdrawal of the lawsuit against Mr. Anadi. “It’s impossible to withdraw the lawsuit at this point,” said the source. “The case will go on until we get a full account of what happened to the association’s funds,” he added.
Yesterday, the California court ruled in favor of Chris Ikeanyi and Pius Okafor who are suing to prevent what they claim are further damages and injury to the association through stealing.

In a decision that many aggrieved members regard as a “saver,” the court ordered Anadi, Jonathan Okafor, Victor Nwanso and Olisa Oraelosi never to use any money from the ASA-USA to pay for their attorney’s fees. The judge also ordered them never to use ASA-USA funds to travel again and not to destroy or attempt to destroy the association’s financial records in any cover-up scheme.

In a report that rankled many members. Mr. Anadi claimed that he spent $12,000 of the association’s funds on trips within a space of three months. Jonathan Okafor, the association’s secretary, published an ostensible “comprehensive financial statements” that was widely rejected by members who described it as a “panic” measure and inadequate. Another defendant, Victor Nwanso, who is the association’s financial secretary, then reportedly issued his own accounting records. Confused by the conflicting reports, many of the association’s branches began to distance themselves from the activities of the umbrella organization.

Prior to yesterday's court ruling against them, Mr. Anadi and other defendants had also lost a bid to stop the lawsuit against them. The judge insisted that on proceeding with their case, dismissing their plea to have the case thrown out on the grounds that they reside outside of California.
Some of the sources said they were wondering why Governor Obi decided to dabble into a case where people are accused of having stolen funds. “It’s poor judgment on the governor’s part,” said a member of the association, a lawyer.

Several sources are expected to provide SaharaReporters with updates about the outcome of Governor Obi’s meeting.

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Ignorant fools.

Without any court ruling, some of the writers on this page had found Anadi and his executives guilty. They have also concluded that Obi will spend one hundred thousand dollars without verification. What sort of people are making these comments?.


In the 11th Hour of his administration, why has Gov. Obi chosen to contaminate his good name with Swindler, Allison Anadi? The man is a con man. He duped his university in Louisana, he duped Buhari's daughter and he duped his town people and finally raping ASA-USA by taking numerous trips to Nigeria at ASA-USA expense to hunt for contracts and pimp lands in Abuja. Governor, you must choose your friends wisely. Anadi is a criminal.

This is bad and wrong

We have problkem in APGA Peter is funding the bad group led by Maxi Ukwu. The problem in APGA is on and he wants to jump into other people's court case.

Please Peter donot mess with them

Okwute must cancel this meeting now. This is a bad idea, no matter what he does or say, people will think that he is playing politics. The amount is not big, but it is a waste of our money too.

Peter Obi should go and solve problems he created in Anambra

Disgrace, all the poroblems Petrer Obi created in Anambra is still there and he is wasting money on foolishness. What a disgrace. Peter Obi go back and finish solving Anambra problems before coming to solve problems for Americans.

Anambra always produce conmen

Anambra always produce conmen as governors Obi cannot be different

Suffering and dying

Igbos are dying and this yeye governor is spending money on jamboree.

Bad idea and nonsense behaviour by governor

Why is the governor intrested in saving thieves, is it because he is a thief hiomself. Bad idea must be condemned, this is terrible and unbelieveable

Killing of Aguleri

As the president general of Aguleri USA, I want to tell governor Peter obi that it is very wrong for him to leave all the people in Aguleri Otu being killed by Kogi invanders and come to USA to wast money on stupid meetings.
Aguyleri people are not happy

SR, please leave man abegi. I

SR, please leave man abegi. I am from Anambra state and I can tell you with fear of any contradiction, that he's a good man and doing well for the state. Enough of your hatred for him!

Leave Gov. Obi alone, aware is anambra oil money not naijas...

Gov. Obi has the full mandate of we the anambarians to travel to the states and mediates on the said matter. He is the governor of anambra state and her ppeople irrespective of their based. SR should keep off anambra state affairs. Same SR would have still come here to accuse the governor if he didn't mediate on this matter.

Akpors1, I tire for SR oo. I don't know why its only the affairs of the people of the oily states of SE&SS they choosed to report on. Does it mean the Hausa-fulanis and Yorubas government officials are working in their full capacity. Guess their regions are haven then. Rubbish!

All this kind of one sided sentimental report boils down to one thing. That naija is not one and will never be. Naija is fraud and must be divided. The time for secession is Now. Let's split-biko.

my goodness what a waste

this is stupid and a waste of anmbra money. peter obi is a big dissapointment. he killed apga the party that helped him and even destroyed anambra. the same man that refused to conduct local government election and is pocketingh all locak government fund. now he has money to waste on stupidity.



Most of your comments here

Most of your comments here are not true. The truth is that Mr. Peter Obi is in Canada attending a Canada-Nigerian Trade conference with the Vice President of Nigeria and other government officials. Mr. Obi is probably trying to kill two birds with one stone by seizing the opportunity of this conference to fly to New Jersey, a 45 minutes flight of less than $300 to settle a brotherly quarrel. There is nothing wrong with this approach. He is not coming from Nigeria with a retinue of assistants. I saw him yesterday in the conference and from all indications he sat quietly and was alone. When you see a gentleman you will know and I think Mr. Obi is one. Allow him to be.

I disagree with the governor on this

I am a big fan of Governor Perter Obi. On this travel to wine Iand dine with criminals like Allison Anadi, Jonathan Okafor, Victor Nwanso and Olisa Oraelosi, I disagree with him. The governor should not be seen near this criminals who areheading to jail

Peter Obi is the Most Frugal Governor & not Known for Waste

Mr. Obi was an astute banker before he became governor. He is not known for frivolous spending. It is said that Anambara has little or no debt because of Obi's frugal nature. While many governors borrow against future patrimony for today's jambore, Obi has mostly kept Anambara within her means. Fashola comes to the U.S. every week with a retinue of aides and hangers-on but no one has complained.


As long as Peter Obi does not give the whole Ndigbo answers as to how and why those dead bodies were found floating on Ezu River,the future for him in Igbo land is dicey.
Remember your tenure will soon be over,better provide answers because that issue will never be swept under the rug.
Peter was once a trader like us before he switched to looting ie Nigerian politics,He has not even built any big market in Anambra,he completely abandoned us.
Peter! Peter!Peter!,how many times did I call you,are you aware they are charging MASSOB for treason?What have you done?HMMMN,better make hay while the sun shines,we need answers,who killed those boys?

Dangote ,not Dankote

Get your spelling right, my friend. Anyhow, someone please tell Peter Obi to get a new "Cosmo" eye glasses. Get rid of that funky trader look. Doesn't he know he is representing more than Agulu ?

Peter Obi should please help

Peter Obi should please help OHANEZE NDI IGBO, they need help more than ASA-USA.

Bad example

I agree with those that Said the Governor should have not wasted the Anambra State's fund for such trips, calculating and converting the money he might have spent to Naira would give us nothing less than between 15 to 20 Million Naira, with this amount, three to four boreholes can be sunk in some villages and this would have bettered the lives of the ordinary people.

Not Peter Obi

I don't even need to read this long article but I can that I find it very difficult to believe such about Peter Obi.

The last time I was travelling I was travelling to the UK, Peter Obi was also on his way out of Nigeria via the Lagos Airport. I was very surprised to see him just with one aide - you will not even notice that it was him. He was not with the usual extravagance and show-off that many of the ignorant and useless governors (even ordinary LG chairmen) display around. He looked so humble and quite like a gentleman. They even paraded themselves around with a battalion of armed guards.

My brother and I stood by the side arguing whether it was him or not. I finally approached him to say hello and I confirmed that it was him.

Pure NONSENSE! ...another case of "junkurukuru" journalism

Nonsense. Why must it be the Governors of the United Republic of the SS&SE that Sahara Reporters always report on? Cant you report on the Bokostani states of the Arewa Republic? If you ask citizens of continent Nigeria to mention the name of the Govs of Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Nassarawa, Oyo, Kwara, Ogun etc they will not remember except they live in those states. But everyone knows the names of the Governors, commissioners, secretaries & even the security guards at government offices in the SS&SE states. Nonsense.

Obi went to London & so what? Is it not his oil money he is spending? When the Northern govs to to Saudi to waste money & invest their loot SR does not report it. Every month, the children of the Northern govenors ferry dollars to Saudi & dubai for their fathers. Will SR say it does not know? This is what I call "junkurukuru" journalism. Nonsense! Spiuuuuussssshhhhh....
Long live the United Rep of the SS&SE

The Silent Killer- Gov Obi

$100,000.00 is no money compared to what this embecile spends locally,I bet some people don't know about Dankote's recent comment about him. He said people always talk about him as the richest man in Africa, if you want meet a rich man go to Peter Obi in Anambra state. The Local govt fund he sidetracked for eight years is enough to stock his wallet everlastingly. Are you aware that for two years now there is also no Civil service in Anambra? He got them grounded and all the unemployed anambrarians who salivates to be employed in the civil service have waited for two years without a chance. Those who are due for employment and now years and months overdue and no one talks about them. A lot of problems he created in the states still lingering and he wants to fly to the US with the state fund to make peace with people who are favored to live in a country who have formidable and credible judicial system.
Ekelekwaa m Unu!

Peter Obi is an Aschloch who murdered MASSOB activists

Pretentious Peter Obi is a sadist, boi-boi clown to Dr. Dumbo, who ordered his police goons to mass murder MASSOB activists in custody and toss their carcasses into Ezu River. Has he solved that heinous crime before jetting off to Yankee to save his stooges from criminal prosecution in a functional Criminal Justice system? Misplacement of priorities is the hallmark of a fool's paradise. Peter boi-boi is living in a fool's world by wiping Dumbo shoes and expecting returns in 2019. I hate the bastard. He did not conduct LG elections throughout his criminal plunder of Anambra's treasury. Stingy like a fox (still lives in a house built by his mother) yet, deems it necessary to jet out to US to dabble into a case already in court. The 'Bandito' should be stoned if he shows his ugly face in Califa. He's only there to muddle-up a clear case of graft. The outcome is predictable, he's going to ask them not to wash their dirty laundry in public cover-up! Oloshi, Oko-oko!

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