Governor Yero Silent On Embezzlement Of SURE-P’s N560m Fund

Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero
By SaharaReporters, New York

Several days after Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero of Kaduna State was reported to have embezzled 560 million naira from the state’s SURE-P funds, the governor has remained silent, leading several critics to conclude that something must be amiss.

A source who is a member of the Kaduna State House of Assembly confirmed to SaharaReporters that Mr. Yero had not offered any explanation or made a response about the report that accused him of embezzlement.

The source stated that the governor was instead using emissaries and other underground “diplomatic tactics” to get the scandal “swept under the carpet.” He added that some legislators were discussing ways of forcing the governor to give a full explanation for the missing funds and the bad image the issue has caused Kaduna State. The lawmaker disclosed, however, that some of his colleagues were unfortunately in Mr. Yero’s pocket.

Said the legislator, “Before the report was made public this week, [Governor Yero’s] godfather, Vice President Namadi Sambo, came to Kaduna last Saturday on a condolence visit, and held a secret meeting with the lawmakers, on the need to shelve aside their differences and support the governor. But the members still went ahead with their job to the chagrin and surprise of the Vice President.”

Another source within the Kaduna Government House also revealed that Mr. Yero was reluctant to issue a statement to the media. However, according to the source, “the governor has been working round the clock with some top aides and those concerned in his cabinet on how to contain the matter.”

The source stated that most of the Kaduna lawmakers were also not sincere, alleging that the hands of many of them were soiled by corruption. “Believe me, some of these honorable members making noise, they have dipped hands in the same SURE-P’s funds at the local government levels in the state. How can they stand up and harass His Excellency?” he said.

He added that residents of the state would be shocked if or when the corrupt embezzlement of the same funds at local government levels is revealed by the 23 local government chairmen.

In a report on how the funds were being implemented at the state level, the Kaduna State House of Assembly had indicted the state government on allegations of misappropriation of funds and the disregard of basic financial rules guiding the spending of public funds. The legislative report also alleged that John Ayuba, a former Kaduna State commissioner of finance (who now heads the Ministry of Water Resources) had procured cars at inflated figures different from agreed prices at committee level.

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kaito mallam.

shin kai, za ka mutu kuwa?


You challenge PDP people to say amin to Allahu Akbar. You know they will not because your Moslem Allahu Akbar is corrupt. After Jumat Moslems go on rampages burning churches, looting banks, carrying out massive rapes shouting Allahu Akbar. How do you expect a decent person to say amin to your Allahu Akbar?

Abdul, do your region a

Abdul, do your region a favor. Go to school and learn some English. Stop showing the world how backward northern Nigeria is by the way many of your write English. Stop believing that boko is haram.

Salih, see what I am taking

Salih, see what I am taking about. See how my oil money from SE SS is embezzled by corrupt northern Muslim leaders. You bet none of that money will reach the hungry northerners. It will all end up in Arab banks for the use of Carmel fucking arms merchants who will in turn use the money to buy arms for Buhari, while the hungry masses are still begging on the streets of Arewa.

God 4nish you, what about

God 4nish you, what about jonathan that takes away fuel subsity account? is he tought in jerussalam.


I dont think somebody like you knows even a little about your religion.

u,,sorry 4 ur lyf

U ar such an idiot 4 bringin religion into dis,,u wil eva live 2 see pain in ur lyf next tym u try dis,,my prophet is nt ur mate u psychopatic idiot,,u wana cus confussion abi u devil incarnet.

SURE-P Looted money

His Excellency the Governor must be careful how he reacts to this claims otherwise he may just play right into opposition hands, this is my candid advise.


Silence, they say, is the best answer to a fool. The House members aren't grateful, they needed more than N50m and the govt is unwilling to succumb. That's the genesis of the problem.

May the peace and love of

May the peace and love of Allah be with The Seal of The Prophets and calamity befall on those who hate and insults him, We Muslims believe in Jesus (peace be upon him) the son of merry and we can never insult him. your insults will not make us insult Jesus or Christianity. you have your religion and we have our, WE ARE MUSLIMS.
on the main issue, Yero is PDP and no PDP man or woman that can open his/her mouth when corruption is mentioned. They stole from us 'subsidy' in the name of 'SURE-P' to drain us dry but God is greater and I challenge any PDP man to say amin to this short prayer. May God handle your affairs the way PDP handled/handles Nigeria/Nigerians

ONE DAY.........

One day, just may be, the truth shall be revealed. Our leaders are not sincere

Shut ur Mouth

No Chongai wil govern Kaduna again. No b Ramalan kill Yakuwa Lol

Last warning

If u thr mention Prophet Mohammad again, u wil b trace n dealt with. Wait for wat ever u deserve

only God can save us in the

only God can save us in the hands of these corrupt politicians

and they trell me a fulani

and they trell me a fulani like him should be in aso rock again after wasting over 39 yrs for nothing

That is what mohammed teaches him .

That is what "prophet" Mohammed teaches him in Mecca. That is why Yaro has to go to Mecca at least once in a year.


How can he bite the fingers that feeds him. Remember, he became governor by unforeseen circumstances,was never elected as a governor.He has to either join the looting or keep mute,else he can tossed out,it's part of the PDP agreements for Gej to win in 2015 elections.

where is ICPC/EFCC

Following scandal the Kaduna state Local government workers faces very difficulties every month before they collect their salaries, more so, their annual leave allowances have not been paid because of the masive corruption among the 23 local government chairmen of Kaduna state.

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