Gunmen On Boats Kill Four Policemen In Bayelsa-PM News, Lagos

Suspected pirates in speedboats killed four policemen on Thursday after opening fire on a marine police checkpoint in the creeks of Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta, police said.

Militant activity in the delta has dropped sharply since the main factions signed an amnesty with the government in 2009 but criminal gangs, pirates and oil thieves still roam its swamps and creeks.

“There was an attack on our formation and … four men from the marine police team were killed,” Eguavoen Emokpae, police spokesman for Bayelsa, one of Nigeria’s three main oil-producing states, told Reuters.

“The reason for the attack is still sketchy.”

Security in the delta has improved since militant activity shut down nearly half of Nigeria’s oil output around the middle of the last decade. But the situation remains volatile and inflamed by organised crime and local political rivalries.

Pirates opened fire on a Dutch cargo ship a few miles from Nigeria’s Port Harcourt on Wednesday, kidnapping the ship’s master and an engineer and stealing cash.

A Nigerian militant group based in the oil-producing Niger Delta said it attacked an oil pipeline owned by Italian firm Eni at the start of last month.

The recent uptick in violence in Bayelsa has coincided with a spat between President Goodluck Jonathan, who is from the state, and its powerful ex-governor Timipre Sylva, whom Nigerian authorities charged with money-laundering last week.


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When will the killings stop?

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Ikheigbe A.A, Go to your

Ikheigbe A.A,
Go to your psychiatrist and examine your head well. The terrorists are Sanusi, Aliyu, Ciroma, Lukman, Turai, Sultan of Sokoto, Imams and Northern emirs. They misruled this country for the past 50 years. Jonathan cannot wave a magic wand to clear all the mess made by the Northerners. The present MEND action was precipitated by the foolish demand of the Northern governors to get more oil money. We say no to them because we know they are going to use the extra money to get themselves more young wives. Why can't these men wait till they die to meet better virgins in paradise? We understand that Prophet Mohammed and his master Lucifer have abundance of seducing virgins to present them on arrival in hell which they think is their paradise. At least those virgins will make hell look not too bad for them.

AU Citizen(Arewa United

AU Citizen(Arewa United Citizen), what are the armed forces doing in the creeks in time of peace. Did they not go there to kill innocent citizens and protect the crude oil for the Hausa Fulani? I can tell you, they died for nothing. Boko Haram are dying for their Islamic Republic and for virgins but the armed forces are dying for the greed of their masters. Be honest.

The Jonathan's MEND are HERE AGAIN!

Sahara sorry you did not get your facts clear before going to the press.They are not gunmen these are MEND aka. Christian Crusading Army of Niger Delta.It is an offshoot of the core MEND.They are agitating for true Democracy and not Democracy of Ballot paper and Ballot box trafficking.Not the democracy of cook result.Yes that is why they killed Muslim officer along side with three JTF junior officers.After killing the police they exploded some dynamites along the streets.These are well known TERRORIST whose address President Goodluck Jonathan know very well.Let the president go after them immediately otherwise it will be difficult for us to continue stilling the nation wealth through illegal bunkring.

@deri your comment doesnt make sense apart from incitement

Lets talk about issue at hand or shut up, stop putting people against each other. otherwise God will destroy you and your work and after that he will take you away forever from our land and if you are already away you will never retun unless you change your unpatriotic ways, every enemy of nigeria will be cursed from now on i have the chams am using right now and psalms to rain curses on every enemies of my country be it hausa, fulani,ibo,yoruba,ijaw,itshekiri, whoever is not honest in their comments will be swore for, peace is what we need here.

John Smith, Don't talk

John Smith,
Don't talk nonsense. There is no such thing as Niger Delta terrorists. The Northern governors are provoking crisis again in the Niger Delta by their unreasonable demand. You talk about Henry Okah; don't you see the kind of injustice he is getting? He is languishing in apartheid prison for advocating the rightful control of resources in his father's backyard while Shekau, Qaqa, Dan Sokoto and other Northern terrorists are set free. What are the Nigerian armed forced doing in the creeks in time of peace? Can you compare Yenagoa to Abuja, yet the resources used to develop Abuja came from Yenagoa? No justice no peace.

Niger Delta terrorists again,

Niger Delta terrorists again, we still remember the 01st Oct 2010 Eagle Sqaure bamb attack by the same terrorists (Jonathan even said, he knows who, where behind it), where is Henry Okah. Terrorism is terrorism regardless of who and where the act of terrorism is committed.

Niger Delta terrorists again,

Niger Delta terrorists again, we still remember the 01st Oct 2010 Eagle Sqaure bamb attack by the same terrorists (Jonathan even said, he knows who, where behind it), where is Henry Okah. Terrorism is terrorism regardless of who and where the act of terrorism is committed.

They were terrorist

Militants are well know terrorist organization financing by james ibori, azazi and know their are former member is the so called president by pdp. Police known who are they and reason for the attack. They are terrorist, control by niger delta politians and they were doing this to survive used it drink beers and eat swine. And they could not able to killing people bcos history reveal that they can kill human and eats particulary ijaw or what it is?.

Deri the BIGOT

I just realized Deri isn't only a silly bigot, but a very dumb person also. How does your contribution relate to the news posted. Mumu man. Infact, it's this same militants that will kill you soon, stay there and be allowing your hatred for the North mess up your brain.

North wants more oil revenue from the south south

Once again, there is raging controversy on the formula for sharing of national revenue. This age-long controversy that had been rested for some years following the allocation of 13% derivation to oil producing states in 1999, is firmly back on the front burner of public discourse. And, we have none other than the Governor of the Central Bank, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, to thank for it.Sanusi, in a recent interview with Financial Times of London, kicked off the argument that Boko Haram, poverty and the general unrest in the Northern part of the country is a result of the lower sums they get from the Federation Account compared with the oil producing states. According to him, “there is clearly a direct link between the very uneven nature of distribution of resources and the rising level of violence


Any killing of members of security agencies must be conclusivly investigated.In most countries of the world,criminals who kill police and soldiers are rellentlessly hunted and captured.
The cowards may have be hired to cause anarchy,that region has not had violence in a while.

SR same certainty should be shown as when you report on BH

Reasons for attack are never sketchy when reporting on Boko Haram. These guys killed some soldiers as well including the commander of the unit.
Terrorism is terrorism regardless of the location of the activities.

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