Gunmen Free 35 Inmates In Adamawa

By SaharaReporters, New York

Adamawa state police command has confirmed that 35 prison inmates were set free by yet to be identified gunmen that struck in Maiha town early last Friday.

“At the prisons, 35 inmates were released, but 11 of them have been re-arrested,” he said. The Adamawa Police Command Public Relations Officer, DSP Mohammed Ibrahim, also confirmed the attack and the killing of two individuals.

“We lost one of our men and a civilian,” Ibrahim said.

Several vehicles and motorcycles parked at the affected areas, including those of customs and policemen, were burnt.

Also speaking,the Chairman of Maiha Local Government of Adamawa, Mallam Mohammed Jibrilla, said that the gunmen came on foot and motorcycles. Jibrilla told Saharareporters on the telephone that the gunmen divided themselves into groups before attacking their targets.

He listed the police station, prison, Presidential Lodge, Area Court, District Head’s office, Local Education Authority and the Nigeria Customs Service offices as some of the affected public places.

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There's no fool like uuu,

There's no fool like uuu, becoz u dnt even know what u ar saying foooool.

The more you look

The more you look, the less you see and the more you read the less you understand.

Not the solution

Fortifying the prisons is not the solution. Solution is in doing the right things - good governance.

Gunmen frees inmates

We re all talking rubbish. Nigeria is diagnonised as corrupt nation, until is treated fully before things go right.So army, police or arming the prison guards will not change any thing.

Gombe House of Reps Member Kidnapped

Hon. Jalo of Gombe, current member of Nigeria"s House of Reps, Kidnapped at gun-point by 3 terrorists on motorcycles this morning while he was going to the mosque for Subhi-Early morning prayers. May Allah free him safely

division now.

Does one still need a proof that all mallams are boko? Stories like this proves that different values structures prevail in Negeriah. Mallams want their sharia and at the same time pick the cherries out of a secular system. "one Nigeria" to the dogs!

More fire power my foot

They've attacked prisons, Force HQ, The UN building, and above all SARS which is a stone throw from the NIA HQ, someone even hacked into SS data base and made details public. The day b4 they attacked SARS; inmates had just been transferred there 4rm a prior area claiming it would be "renovated", only for them to be freed later that evening. Where is Kabiru Sokoto, Bama and the Madallah bomber? Who is fooling who. And some hypocrites want mislead us ptsseew!!!

Our govt. is hardly proactive.

Our govt is hardly proactive. Otherwise, this is not the first time our prisons have been attacked by these hoodloms. It is most unfortunate.

The police are culpable

The police authority in adamawa free the prisoners themselves.what are policemen securing prison doing whent BH struck?sleeping?

Are you sure it was the gunman who freed them?

And not the nigerian warrior chemists? lol

Wetin happen to our brave

Wetin happen to our brave illustrious fighting JTF/ARMY AND PLOICE?
Were they too busy extorting car drivers and puff puff sellers?


Many Prisons have been successfully stormed by terrorists,it is about time to fortify the Prisons with soldiers.
It is clear that these terrorist's aim is to release their mates in jail who will turn around to lunch future attacks on Nigerians.
It is a shame that our prisons can be over-run at will by the terrorists.

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