Gunmen Kill Family Of 7 In Southern Kaduna

By SaharaReporters, New York

Unidentified gunmen reported to be Fulani ranchers in Azansak village of  Zonkwa area of Zaongo Kataf local government in the Southern parts of Kaduna  state have struck and killed seven members of the same family and set their bodies on fire.

Eyewitnesses said  Yakubu Kayit and six members of his Christian family were attacked and killed  around midnight Nigerian time.

One Ishaku Yakubu told SaharaReporters over the phone that the corpses  of the dead are still smoldering in the house where they were killed  by assailants that have engaged in internecine war in the area.

Nigerian troops  have since blocked the Zonkwa-Kagoro   road to stop angry youths who are staging a protest against the latest killings.

Security agencies are currently at  the scene are still awaiting the arrival of fire fighters and emergency workers to help recover  the bodies of the deceased from the their burnt house.

Security sources said tension is mounting in the area.

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@Abubakhr bin Hamza

Are you suggesting that being an infidel is a sin ... even knowing what we all do now about the so called believers? If killing people of any religion as they worship is the hallmark of believers, if war and strife is the bedrock of believers and if blood lust is the craving of believers, then I wear being an INFIDEL as a badge of honour. This is because if the God you worship is real, which is doubtful, he would welcome me with open arms and cast you into the inferno of hell fire.

islam is evil

I am denouncing Islam cos I̲̅†'s a bad n evil religion. Muslims ® murderers

Self-defense and NOT revenge

Self-defense and NOT revenge is the word here. Foreign nationals are coming in the name of Fulani to wage war in Nigeria and the Presidents seeks to make them citizens of Nigeria by the Fulani bill. Does not this President wants to end Nigeria? I urge my fellow Christians to attack the attacker. Attack is the best form of defense-harbour not revenge for "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.... Attack the Attacker! Period!


when wil we stop killing one another in this country of ours. How long wil we continue to preach peace? And when wil the peace prevail? When!!!

bunch of liers and confusers

It is dishearten about how sahara use to report there news, hw did d know that d where hausa fulani where most of dat residential ar xtians 80percent? Hw did d know d number of casualties while waiting for fire service? Why was only one house attacked? But if it was a hausa family d only mension it as armrobbers, sr u ar responsible for all d mess in northern nigeria, bt yet fools like ur wil jst start commenting without evening thinking and reasoning , 'christian family' it is such a pity for a news station like to always use lies to attract reader.


Reading your take on the issue at hand, I wonder where you have been in the last few months. There is a war against Innocent, unarmed and peace loving Christians by the dastardly Islamic sect Boko Haram in the North. This has war has taken the lives many, whose only crime was to be in church praying.


Some people are trying so hard to goad war in Nigeria between the Christians and the Muslims.I am only confuse as to what they may stand to gain!Enlighten me pls somebody.Thanks

@Udam Ochiaghandigbo: SEEK GOD'S MERCY!!!!


Amnesty International

You can blame or insult amnesty all you want. The truth still remains that they atre not responsible for the killings. Africans are the ones pulling the trigger to kill thier so called brothers in a country called one Nigeria. I know - the answer acoording to your religious leader - let us pray!!.
The captcha is becoming annoying.

RE: @Amos

@Amos, its obvious dat ur an educated, privileged illiterate and a fool. I can nw clearly see dat 'common sense' isn't common!!
Τ̲̅Ђε̲̣̣ acts of killing is highly barbaric, unislamic and inhuman. May He straighten our path!!

Pigslam!!.... From Pakistan

Pigslam!!.... From Pakistan to Afghanistan. From Sudan to Egypt. From Myanmar to Iraq.... All bloody murderers....

Say good or remain siglent

Islam is a religious of peace.does not teache to kill.what prove do u have that u related it to islam.

If u think u'll kil al housa

If u think u'll kil al housa fulani muslim in southen kd,wat do u tink wil happen to southen kaduna christain living in oda part of kd. . .


Islam is Satan's religion no doubt. The sultan of Sokoto, emiers,JNI and Muslim politicians and indeed the entire Muslims in Nigeria are behind this. It is a world wide islamic agenda funded by saudi Arabia , Iran and others . Nigerian Christians must rise up now .Christians in northern Nigeria were used to fight there fellow Christians during the civil war as willing tools . Now is their turn . Christians have been attacked in benue , plateau , damaturu , maiduguri and others kaduna and their blood used to worship Satan . We should not wait until it is too late . Our so called leaders are weak and helpless . We serve the true and living God . After their turn hajj where satan releases his plans against Israel and the church , thekillingshave not stopped . Shame to our leaders !

I agree with you whole

I agree with you whole heartedly.

@Amos, you will perish for

@Amos, you will perish for your ignorance@Udam, you are welcome to undertake youtr devilish idea. Remember their tr also christians in muslim areas, but we will not touch them. We will find you n ur type.

Sahara Reporters You are Just taking side!!

sahara reporters u are nonsense at all, if it happens to muslims you wouldnt have mentioned mention the name as you did here "his christian family" You are just wasting you time, at the end of the day you will all go to the hill!


Less these brain washed commentators know that this World is beyond their thougth! People are reading, making findings & lots more to know their right hand from d left. How could a Muslem enter this our area 4 such evil doing. These killers comparising up of Muslems & Non Muslems in d name of BH. Let U know that they are d International agents & its new wolrd order they want t create WAR amongs U.... Any way go back & make enquiries!


Its people like u that start things that u cant finish. Now: hat there r no more moslems in that area i think u better advice the so called HIV manifested area of kaduna state and its people to do somthing else. U r forgetting that there r innocent Christians in other part of the north. If at all it was the fulanis who told u they r moslems. Big fool.

Where are the idiots in Amnesty International?

The bloody idiots in Amnesty International will not comment on this type of incident. They will only rise to say the JTF are committing human rights abuses! What a warped and jaundiced way of reasoning by these people at Amnesty International! I am waiting for what you will say about this, you armchair judges that scarcely know your left from your right.

Those Who Kill In The Name Of God

When will these animals who practice Islam learn that even without being religious, it goes against the grain to kill in cold blood. But to wipe out a family? What could have been going through the minds of these animals? Religion is supposed to give us peace and serenity; did Jesus not preach that you should love your neighbour? Did a commandment of God not say, 'You must not kill?'

I am minded to believe that Islam is no religion but a beastly cult. Is it not better to sit at home and socialise, than to be a part of this evil? These people of Boko Haram will surely perish in the consuming fire that is the rage of God. They will know no peace because they have murdered it. Any time they close their murderous eyes, the sponsors and the foot-soldiers alike, they will be tormented by the faces of the innocents they have slain.



Soul of murdered 2 million children still on rampage. Repent Nig

May the souls of the dead rest in peace. Nigeria must repent, first by asking how it deliberately used famine to kill its two million children, in of all wars - a civil war. Let those that were directly involved in planning the 1967 -1970 genocide surrender themselves to The Hague for justice. They could be set free or be jailed; at least justice can be seen to have been delivered.
Hausa/Fulani Christians had lived with their brethren Hausa/Fulani Muslims all the years, Fulanis had lived in peace with the Berom all the years, until about a few years ago, the gates of Hell were let open. Why?

Christians Arise, Revenge!

First, May The Souls Of The Departed Rest In Peace, Amen. All Christians in any part of Nigeria, particularly Southern Kaduna should, as a matter of urgency, KILL ALL HAUSA/FOOLANI MOSLEMS around them. This will send a powerful message to the idiots that Christians will not be a sitting duck for them to be killing each time they feel like satisfying their religious urge to kill "infidels." So much so for a "religion of peace." Isn'nt it the same religion of "peace" that prompted the Iranians to name their scud missile "prophet 7" missile? Again, isn't it the same "peaceful" religion that is prompting Boko Haram to murder in cold blood innocent Christian worshippers in their Churches? Revange should be in order here.