Gunmen On Motorbikes Strike Again, Killing One In Bauchi

By SaharaReporters, New York

Unknown gunmen struck again in Tafawa Balewa local government area of Bauchi, shooting a man returning from a village close to Kutaru where he had gone to see his relations. The man was walking near a public secondary school when he was targeted by the gunmen and killed. It was not known at presstime if there was a motive for the shooting.

Several bystanders were injured in the gunplay but managed to escape.
Bauchi has seen a high level of violence in recent weeks, including a bank robbery, a hotel bombing and an attack on a Divisional Police Headquarters. Earlier, Secretary of the Sayawa Elders Council, Barrister Bukata Zhadi appealed to the Federal Government and relevant authorities to come to the aid of his people over incessant attacks by gunmen.

There has been no comment from the Commissioner of Police.

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Know your bible before you display your illiteracy

@Stephen it means you don't know your bible, it is unfortunate for Christians that they don't know the bible but only what their pastors teach them from the bible. When you go to church on sunday please ask your pastor what is the punishment of adultery, theft, sodomy, prostitution and eating of pork meat.


enough of blood shed in the land, the ground seeks no more blood from u , God is angry with u who kills and destroying the image of God on earth. imagine the nemesis of the dead and the living upon u oh! Nigeria. Fear the lord your God in the land inwhich he has given u.

Nothern Sharia Police

Very likely Northern Sharia Police is a terrorist organisation since they share the same objectives with Boko Haram, cutting off hands, decapitation, stoning women to death n perpetuating acts of violence towards none muslims. They've not been active in d war against Islamic terrorist n could very well b a clone of BH. FG should look in their direction for a lasting solution towards this violent Islamic razzmatazz!


These killers are ignorant people(Jahiluun)! If they know it will be better to preach to people to convert them than war fare. No compulsion in religion! The right path is clear and wrong path is clear. Till we meet on judgement day for segregation. I pray they get knowledgeable and turn a new leaf.

Police make a big bust: As Briton 'murderers' nabbed

Police make a big bust: As Briton 'murderers' nabbed...

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3.VIDEO: Bimbo Oyewole, Nigerian Based In US Arrested For U…

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Security need aids

The scure of our environment is for all, let not espect more on security personnel, may his soul R.I.P

Jonathan's watch

"There are three times in a man's life when it's useless to hold him to anything: when he is madly in love, drunk or running for office."

Read at

1.2015: Alaafin warns Jonathan over...
2.My ordeal in the kidnappers' den
- Kidnapped a day to his wedding,...
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Are northern Sharia Police etc. not the shooting killer Boko?

In as much as northern politicians and elite giving indirect encouragement to Boko, their Sharia Police, Courts' clerks, Judges and enforcers who could store arms in the Mosque could be those that go about to shooting people at random by motor bikes etc. storming Police Stations, Prisons and robbing banks.

The shooting and others are not abating for nothing. Have the FG looked at this direction?


The Federal govt had never cared for its citizen's welfare & security other than itself.


Please starve these cowards the publicity they so much need. Rather report only when they have been captured, arrested or in extreme cases killed. These devi's children need to be snuffed into extinction by depriving them the oxygen of publicity


Recently, a lot of killings have been linked to murderers on Motor Bikes (Okada). What stops the government of those affected States from banning the use of Motor Bikes??? I am always baffled at our inability to profer simple solutions towards solvinging major problems!


This killings and bombings is all the handy work of GEJ, pdp nd ol the cahoorts surrounding the GEJ all in a desperete attempt to continue in 2015 nd beyond. But we can assure pdp that by the special grace of God her life span is lapsing by the 2015 and this reckless drunkered GEJ nd his minority will go back to whwere they belong

Why again?

Is it not yet time to stop this unwantom killing of our Dear people? Lets all reason like humans.

Blood suckers

U blood suckers,ant u tired of sucking human blood? Remember,indefinite madness wil soon com ur way. De blood of doz u ve killed wil surely hook u one day and soon is dat day.

Blood suckers

U blood suckers,ant u tired of sucking human blood? Remember,indefinite madness wil soon com ur way. De blood of doz u ve killed wil surely hook u one day and soon is dat day.

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