Gunmen Murder Anambra News Editor in Onitsha

From Odogwu Emeka Odogwu , Nnewi

Ikechukwu Udendu, editor of Anambra News, a monthly newspaper based in Onitsha, Anambra state, was slain over the weekend by gunmen believed to be hired assassins, it was learned today.

The deceased was returning from Onitsha to his country home, Ogidi in Idemili North Local Government Area Saturday night when the incident allegedly happened.

The state commissioner of police, Mr. Ballah Nasarawa while confirming the tragic act, said he would personally involve himself in investigating the matter with a view towards identifying the killers and their paymaster.

The State Chairman of the NUJ , Comrade Henry Nwasike and his Secretary, Comrade Ifeoma Anumba could not be reached at press time for reaction to the murder.

A family source said IK had left the family house on Saturday morning to a commercial printing house in Onitsha to check if his monthly paper was ready for distribution, but failed to return home.

IK's elder brother, Chukwulozie Udendu, also a journalist and publisher of the Anambra News, said the body of his slain younger brother had been deposited at Iyi-Enu Hospital Mortuary, Ogidi, for autopsy.

Chukwulozie said IK had no quarrel or disagreement with anybody that could warrant his gruesome murder, but disclosed that he received an anonymous phone call on Saturday night telling him to go and pick up his brother's corpse in front of the Okay Okay restaurant at Afor Nkpor where he found the lifeless body.

He said family members contacted the vigilante group who assisted in contacting the police from Ogidi police station who took the corpse to nearby Iyi-Enu Hospital Mortuary.

He disclosed that taking a glance at the corpse, it appeared that the gunmen had shot him in one of his hands which penetrated his ribs and lungs. He added that a close examination of the bullet-riddled part showed that he had been killed few hours ago at a place not where his body was found but his body brought to Afor Nkpor and dumped.

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When will this stop?

If pressmen should be subject to incessant killings, every now and then -- it means that the public doesn't value news. Tell me, will the society peddle fprward if the press does inform it of itself and make public things that should otherwise remain secret?

Thomas Jefferson once said,

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The only security of all is in a free press." The fact that the media is referred to as the 'Fourth Estate of the Realm' points towards its importance to society.
If people are to play an active role in the affairs of their nation,they must be adequately informed. And how can a country aspire to succeed if the repository of knowledge is silenced? The government has to do something about the welfare of journalist so that they can be encouraged to carry out their surveillance function without fear.
Rest in peace Mr. Udendu.

Osiobor Margaret
Caleb University, Imota, Lagos

editors murder

this is serious. security is becoming something else in this country. murder and kidnap has become the order of the day.
may his soul rest in peace. amen

murder of editor

security is a threat in this country that must be treated with all urgency. may his soul rest in peace.

May his soul rest in peace.

May his soul rest in peace. His murderers would always see his ghost in their sleep

editors murder

what a stupid way to talk. Now is the northerners that infiltrate Onitcha. People that are kidnapping out there decades ago are the the same northers ? MUMU with full of knowledge but not education!

The rogues in government are

The rogues in government are on top of the situation, Nigeria is working, all is well.
Investigation that will lead to nowhere will start with Mohammed Ballah involved deeply. Finally end of story another one down no answer, no arrest.


We are drifting into an abyss & the authorities should stop the ongoing impunity!

enough is enough

enough 4s enough. it's time for the masses to react and fight back, since the government cannot protect the lives of her citizens.
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re:Ibo kill Ibo. No trouble

Your are most likely a terrorist moslem. .

The rest of nigeria cannot wait for the barren backwards & murderous north to be cut free.

Too many Arewa mohammedans

Too many Arewa mohammedans have infilterated Osha. People have to be vigilant.

Seems like there are way too

Seems like there are way too many mallams in onitsha. Hope they are being put on check. Who never can tell with these mohammedans.

Ibo kill Ibo. No trouble

Ibo kill Ibo. No trouble

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