Gunmen Storm Adamawa Villages, Three Persons Killed

Militants ransacked a police station in Adamawa recently
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Adamawa State Police Command has confirmed the death of three persons in Lamorde Local Government area at the hands of unknown gunmen.

They said the attacks occurred in the villages of Bulkutu, Walkata, Jakuti and Sowa.  The assailants also burnt down many houses.

Our source said the assailants arrived without warning and began shooting indiscriminately.  Soldiers have been drafted to the villages to prevent further attacks.

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Stupid comment

@muktar, you are a fool to think that the president is paying for anything. The people being killed by BH are innocent northerners who have no relationship with the president. Furthermore is every Nigerian not entitle to the presidency of Nigeria? by the way GEJ is from the south,the Southerners are the ones who feeds the whole nation,so what's wrong with having one of them as the president? You need to advice your self and come to your senses.

Christian Villages

I hope the individuals killed are not Christians, and the villages razed are not Christian Villages. If not fine, but if so, Christians retaliate in a big way inside their mosques on Friday. Tit for Tat.

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Animals, really

They are not fighting for Allah at all. It is only a pretext. It is what my dear Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters should know. Allah says that 'There is no compulsion in religion...'. Allah also says that killing one life is as good as killing the entire humanity. So there is no justification whatsoever in taking an innocent life. For the modern education they were accusing, tell them they are all illiterates as Allah says that 'You seek for what your Lord offers you in the hereafter, and don't forget your worldly share, and you do good (to others) as your Lord does good to you, and you should not engage in mischief on earth, Allah does not like who does mischievious acts'. So it is not prohibited to Muslims to acquire modern education, science, technology...

May Allah curse and destroy all the evil doers. If they have any backing from the authority as i start to believe, Allah knows and can adequately deal with them all.

which Ruben Abati is this?

Is this the very presidential spokesman? Pls tell your principal that Nigeria is at a cross road! The earlier he sees himself as the C in C and stamp his authority the better for us as a people, rather than you coming online to give us false hope...


"Those who makes peaceful change impossible wil make voilent one enevitable" ponder and think. PDP has stolen our mandate nd I believe this is one of the price GEJ is paying

just listen to urself, ur

just listen to urself, ur heart is so consumed by hatred that u can even wait to know to the people behind this despicable act. dont be in a hurry to assume things.

tough danny boy


As usual

The President condemns the attacks, condoles with the families of the victims and vows to rein in the perpetrators


All these heinous attacks are coming from no other people than the mad, foolish, stupid and idiotic BOKO HARAM blood thirsty and animalistic morons.they ae the animals killing and maiming people senslessly claiming to be fighting for Allah. he who kills by the sword shall die by the sword.their days are numbered. the end of madness is death.they will all die one day and the vultures will feed on their carcasses.