Halliburton Bribery Scam: Million-Dollar Bribes Were Wired To Abdulsalami Abubakar, Julius Berger, And Obasanjo

Abdulsalami Abubakar
By SaharaReporters, New York

A report published today by Vanguard newspaper has uncovered a list of some of the foreign banks used to funnel close to $200 million in Halliburton bribes to Nigerian officials, including two former heads of states.

Under pressure from the United States, President Goodluck Jonathan recently directed that the files on the $180 million Halliburton bribery scam be reopened and the principal suspects re-arrested for prosecution.  
Even though the Vanguard report failed to mention the former Nigerian heads of state implicated in the scandal, SaharaReporters has learnt that the principal targets are former military ruler Abdulsalami Abubakar and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
Mr. Abubakar’s share of the illicit bribe funds, a total of $37.5 million, was wired to him through accounts in the American Express Bank Annex at the Towers World Financial Centre, New York, the Seaway National Bank, Chicago, and the Bank of New York.
Mr. Abubakar, who served as military ruler after the death of General Sani Abacha, operated several bank accounts that period included A/C No 187765 Chips VID 250517 (in the name of Maizubi Holdings, Minna), A/C No 0074952045, Routing Number 071001216, Foundation Inc., A/C No 9800263826 Swift/Sort Code GHBAGRAA001 and A/C No 0039342923-21 Routing Number 052001533.
The bribery deals were overseen by Jeffrey Tesler, a lawyer and dual citizen of the UK and Israel who served as a consultant to KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton that sought to secure construction contracts worth $6 billion. Mr. Tesler was arrested in the UK in 2009. In 2011, he struck a plea bargain with US authorities that sent him to jail for 21 months. In addition, he forfeited $150 million to the US government.
Mr. Tesler reportedly used several fronts, including former Air-Vice Marshal Abdul Dominic Bello, to distribute bribe sums. A source indicated that Air-Vice Marshal Bello played a role in funneling funds to several Nigerian government officials. Bribes of over $68 million were wired to him using accounts at several banks. These included Lloyds Bank of London, A/C No 736827, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, London, American Express Bank, A/C No 2101653, HSBC, A/C No 31505024, and Lloyds Bank, A/C No 0737041. All transactions were done using a company called Tri-Star.
Vanguard disclosed that the various bribe sums were shared with the active knowledge and connivance of Sena Anthony, the company secretary of the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG). Ms. Anthony’s role earned her an arrest, detention and prolonged interrogation during the first investigation. Subsequently, Nigerian investigators decided that she was key to unraveling the complete list of the bribery beneficiaries.
Vanguard learnt that Mr. Obasanjo used a variety of cronies to collect a total of about $39 million in bribe funds. Mr. Obasanjo reportedly used construction giant, Julius Berger, as a go-between. He purported that the huge sums of money were invested in the PDP, whereas only a minute fraction of the funds actually got to the party.  Mr. Obasanjo's assistant, Bodunde Adeyanju, was briefly arrested and detained by Nigerian law enforcement.
The source also disclosed that Malabo Oil, which is owned by former Minister of Petroleum Dan Etete, received some $2 million from the bribery scam. In addition, Nigeria’s former spy chief, Umaru Shinkafi, also received $1.65 million of the Halliburton bribe. The cash was wired to him through the American Express Bank in London and in a joint account he operated with Ashiru Bisiji Aliyu.
Another big-time beneficiary was Abdulkadir Abacha. A brother of former dictator Sani Abacha, he received various sums amounting to about $13 million. The funds were sent through account names Headway Eng. Ltd. (A/C No 68579222), Strategic Ind. Ltd. (A/c No 76434366), and Action Investment Intern Ltd.
Ibrahim Aliyu, a former federal permanent secretary, used Union Bank Plc London office at Copt Avenue with account No 02101/01/010 312/ Swift Address UBNIGB31A.
M.G. Bakari, owner of Sherwood, reportedly acted for himself and a former head of state. He received huge sums through various accounts including Bank HSBC, Euston Road, London, A/C No 39067293 Sort Code 40-04-07, Swift Code MIDOGB; A/C No 024002112100; Monument Trust, Channels Island, Sherwood A/C No 024002112001 through which the sum of Euro 664, 020. 83 was wired to Sherwood.
President Jonathan’s order to re-open the Halliburton bribery scandal involving prominent Nigerians followed subtle criticism by the US. US officials recently told Mr. Jonathan that the Barack Obama administration would not authorize release of about $130 million in the Halliburton case until Nigeria demonstrated seriousness in prosecuting Nigerian officials who accepted bribes from Halliburton.
A source at the Presidency said Mr. Jonathan is not interested in prosecuting the former heads of state involved in the scam, despite soured relations between him and former President Obasanjo. Mr. Jonathan recently heaped praise on the prime suspect, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, describing him as the person who stabilized Nigeria's democracy.
Our source said Mr. Jonathan was upset over Mr. Obasanjo’s increasingly biting criticism of his administration, but doubted that the current president could risk taking on his predecessor and benefactor. “Don’t forget that Chief Obasanjo put him where he is,” said the source.
There are unanswered questions about the whereabouts of the $26.5 million returned by construction giant, Julius Berger, in a plea bargain arrangement with Mohammed Bello Adoke, Nigeria’s current Attorney General. A top aide to Mr. Jonathan asserted that Mr. Adoke misappropriated the funds with the help of some lawyers who were also involved in the case. The source disclosed that the funds were then used to set up an airline known as “Izzy Air,” a private charter airliner.

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sorry, sorry, sorry... i sorry for nigeria

FOOOLLLLLSSSS, You're all completely blinded by enthnicity and religion bigotry, hence the sole reason why the theiving con-men turn politician will never or ever get the judgement they deserved....
Just take a look at the responses on this thread, and you'll surely loathe everything.... what a pity

Enough is enough

It wants to make cry each time I see reports like this with the principal beneficiaries coming from the regions other than the Niger Delta. Others are stupendously rich at the expense of the poor people of the Niger Delta.

While the Jonathan administration is finding it difficult to fund infrastructural projects, people of carted away with monies that are money than enough to take care of the entire country.

God will punish anybody who says Jonathan should not come back, come 2015. God willing, we will ensure that they'll have no peace in the Niger Delta to siphon our oil wealth anymore, just as they've made northern Nigeria ungovernable for Nigeria.

GEJ, Prosecute Abdulsalam or you are ruling Animal Farm

GEJ, cowards do not rule any nation. It is either you pave way for the arrest and prosecution of the likes of Gen. Abdusalam Abubakar or you quit the scene.

Really? Aren't You Challenged?

Daniel and ilk, aren't you guys either mentally or intellectually challenged? Segun, Abubakar, Adoke and Sani stole public funds (and many are still stealing from the treasury at this moment) and all you could do is to expose your ignorant prejudice. Pity. Iberibe di egwu!!!

Please people from the

Please people from the South-east so stop associating themselves with the south-south, we would rather stay as Nigerian then form a country with the Igbo. I am happy the dream of a Biafra never manifested because it was a country built with a grand plan to dominate other ethnicity. The truth is Igbos are the most currupt and dubious Nigerian no wonder there more of them in jail abroad then the whole people of people of cape Verde

Sucking Nigeria Dry

What a wonderful country with wonderful people?


Excuse me if im mistaken,but isnt HALIBURTON one of the most corrupt blood sucking bunch of ex-covt officals owned corps on this planet we call earth.
If person offer you title inside hundreds of millions,u self go take.
These american capitalist blood suckers watch people all around the world starving to death on a daily basis,and still bribe and exploit.
How i wish humans were more like animals and ate only when hungry.

The Tiger's Regime

How long would these pains persist?A group of looters after another,a very shameful act!If a biscuit is stolen by a poor-confused Nigerian graduate,EFCC would apprehend and condemned the culprit. But, when a billion of naira is siphoned by the oligarchy-Aristotle,such overtures would be termed 'heroic act.'

Upon Nigeria place in the sun,(world's warehouse of both human and material resources),indicatively,on the average,we cannot afford basic necessities that can contribute to our happiness.Yet,Some rogues and enemies of the state still continually paraded themselves as 'King of the tiger's empire',to steal,kill and destroy!'

If Jonathan is truly a sample from this segregated and hopeless Nigerians,let him act on this point and fact,otherwise,posterity would not forgive him and his empire.

I am sad living in a nation without a place of justice!

How do you go through life

How do you go through life knowing that everything you stand for and own is based on lies, financial shenanigans, politics of destruction, secret deals etc? When are these insufferable narcissists going to take their hands off the jugular of this country so we can see real peace and prosperity? Transparency is the solution to this cankerworm called corruption which any African will tell you kills more people than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.

O Lord, raise for us again, men like Great Ogboru, Orkar, Nzeogu

O Lord, raise for us again, men like Great Ogboru, Orkar, Nzeogu, Major Mukoro, Lt Nyiam, Ojokwu etc...

We need men in the mound of those above who will have the courage to arrest and kill all these vampire thieves like OBJ, IBB, abubakar, adenuga, Otedola, Gowon, etc. These men and their families don't deserve to live. This is the same thing that Ghadafi did in Lybia, Mubarrack in Egypt & assad in Syria...stealing the wealth of a people and telling them lies.

The SS owns the wealth of the continent. Therefore, it MUST determine who presides over & how that wealth will be spent & who gets what without any recourse to the views of anyone from any other country. Period.

If you don't like the statement, get sufficiently angry & get ur own country. Else, go to hell. Saraki says there is still space down there.

Long live the republic of the SS & SE


Soon and very soon,The usa will become the world laggest producer of oil thus leading to reduction in world oil demand and the trend will continue until oil prices drop significantly. over 90% of Nigeria`s money comes from oil sales.So here is the pertinent question,if this news becomes a reality which i am sure will,what are we going to fall back on? sofar all the revenue generated since we started oil production have been looted.I suppose by that time there will be soul serching for everybody.you can immagine the state of Niger delta where the oil is coming from.


I used to think beard symbolizes piety, but not for thieves. Please get sombody to save him clean. Tired of these masquerades called mallams. WHY WON'T THEY PROTECT FAROUK LAWAL?


The decree I made for President Johnathan to established A major Refinery, Petro Chemical Plant and Building of Oguta Lake Oil Terminal for Petroleum export carries death penalty. Any person from Presidency Aso Rock, NASS, Governors, Ministers, Judges, Army, Police, States,Unions, People and angels who will oppose this decree must pay the price with his or her own life both in Nigeria, Outside and International world. But blessings of Christ will abide with those who worked for success of these projects starting from SR and all their workers.


With all this the president is bent on pouring more hardship to the people by removing fuel subsidy and leting these robbers go.!!

Halliburton Bribery Scam

Glad to read this. the newspaper must have carried out further investigation. I gave them a copy of my book which contained Jeffrey Tesler's involvement in the $130 million bribes to Nigerians for the $6 billion gas plant in southern Nigeria. I hope my book will not be banned and therefore I will not mention its title here. Already I have been going through hell due the the "bitter truth" I told in that book implicating both Nigerians and the Western powers.

only rogues from the south

only rogues from the south sohth go to jail in Nigeria---ask ribadu and obj

Stupid SS/ND

The Yorubas and the Hausa/Fools-lanis have succeeded in brainwashing us the SS/ND about the Ibos and yet they are robbing us blind without doing anything tangible to show that the oil is coming from our land.

@ Akpos I am with you all the way, long live SS & SE. People like Deri and Deltaqueen, and other cool aids drinkers will be sacrificed for our goal to be realised. Ibori should be set free.

Long live SS/ND & SE

The proper and right thing

The proper and right thing for the US to do is to freeze the funds and hold them in trust until whenever there's a transparent and accountable govt in Nigeria.Nigerian govt officials have been known to loot even the looters like Abacha,Halliburton thieves etc.GEJ,Adoke and their band of thieves are probably Licking their Chops at the thought of getting their filthy fingers on the $130M loot.A better option would be for the US govt to set up a Diaspora Trust fund for victims of Corruption in Nigeria,that would be better,safer,more humane than the Flying Coffins and obsolete aircraft Adoke and his fronts purchased with the first tranche of returned loot.

OBJ appreciates the revolution that may come!

I have been seen the world and enjoyed the best and worst of Nigeria. Can Nigerians go any lower than our present state?
OBJ: “I’m afraid, and you know I am a General. When a General says he is afraid, that means the danger ahead is real and potent,”

OBJ had the best chance for a true revolution after Murtala died. Did he NOT BOTCH it up with 2/3 and 1/3 political quandary that brought in NPN?
IBB(another fake General) picked him up from the lowest point of his life, what did he do with the 8 YEARS? Why did he set up YarAdua and GEJ after his third term bid failed?

Is anyone in any doubt WHY OBJ appreciates the ingredients of a revolution? In Nigeria, the ingredients are overflowing, but who will organize and sensitize the people? What will be the trigger?


Nigeria shall surely rise again. The days of doom is already named for the oppressors of this nation. You shall be utterly destroyed. No remnant of your generation shall be found in this country anymore. Its time to save the destiny of the future generation. Nigerians let's rise up. Let's pull down all these evil strongholds calling themselves authorities.


President Jonathan should avail himself and Nigerians the opportunity to give me the go ahead to personally arrest Abdulsalami Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo. Since he's afraid of allowing the EFCC to do its job, he can appoint private individuals like my humble self to get these rogues arrested .
There those of us that can go after them and bring them to justice one after the other . I believe there are lots of us out there .


Whether Obasanjo installed GEJ or not the President should carry out his duty to Nigeria.If he Fails to prosecute these thieves he will be guilty of dereliction of duty. Nemesis will catch up with them all. Nigerians should not wait for Obasanjo and co to pass on before ensuring justice is done. Let him spend the rest of his days in jail or even sent to the hangman.

Let we all stop talking like

Let we all stop talking like cowards, and let the NLC, Nigeria activists declare a day for total revolution and take Nigeria from the hands of these wick fools, thieves. Jonathan is a disgrace, a common lecturer few years ago that suppose to feel common people pain. Jonathan should take example from Edo state governor baba osho. Nigerians want good things to come to them easily without working for it,nobody want to die. America is less corrupt today because of people revolution and many people lost their lives

The Turbine Of Revolution, Students Unionism ...

In Nigeria, students unionism that is the turbine of revolution in any country was decimated into fragments of cultism, political thuggery, prostitution, armed rubbery, exam malpractices while the rest are just happy to be professional students (never wish to graduate)! All thanks to IBB and Obj regimes.

The school environment today is so shameful that any students organization would permanently be tormenting those in power which may eventually lead to total everything.

But the Nigerian students are even awarding "awards" to these criminals destroying their future!

OBJ .... His place in hell is assured

Reports from Abacha & Saraki has it that the devil has prepared a special place for OBJ. His "resting furnace" has been fortified & heated up in degrees equivalent to the Naira figures he has stolen.

OBJ is already aware and that is why he has refused to die. ... but he's got no choice. The hottest of the hottest part of hell awaits him & his entire family, except those who have no shared in the stolen wealth of the SS peoples.

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeriv is not country but a continent. Break up now to stop corruption.

Long live the republic of the South South & South East.

Israeli aircraft bombed Hamas government buildings in Gaza

Hear and Israeli Govt official..."This will last as long as is needed; we have not limited ourselves in means or in time," ---Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli aircraft bombed Hamas government buildings in Gaza on Saturday, including the prime minister's office, after Israel's cabinet authorized the mobilization of up to 75,000 reservists, preparing for a possible ground invasion.

It was in response to the Hamas terrorist air strike via rockets fired into 2 Israeli towns by the impoverished islamic militants fron Gaza. This Israeli response is what 'Nigeria' should have adopted long ago if it were a country. Has anyone heard of a single Israeli condemning the Isreli army?
This military style is what the SS & SE will adopt when we move out of Nigeria. We shall then confidently tell our Nigerian neighbours not to fly any airplane accross our skies.
Long live the blessed oil rich SS & SE.

Aso Rock is weighed...

Well aso rock is weighed and there is no Aso Rock. This will be the nature of God's judgment upon Nigeria. Thank God, that God cannot be bribed. It will touch every strata of governance in Nigeria.
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Ng Generals thieves

Ng Generals thieves. Let my people Biafra go, in peace. BH.

WHO will bail the cat?

Jonathan cant fight these 2 powerful general........... look at little Jonathan, Who Baba cunningly install against his own wish (Jonathan) Baba forced him and told him that nothing dey happen. so how do you think the poor boy will turn to fight a whole Baba? mek i tell una the moni don go period.


Nke bu eziokwu. www.radiobiafralondon.com