Handicapped Lawyer Says He Was Beaten Up At Presidential Committee Hearing

By SaharaReporters, New York

A handicapped lawyer, Mr. Chinedu Anaje was yesterday beaten up and thrown out of the office of the Chairman of a Presidential Committee on Trade Malpractices.  Anaje, a Lagos-based legal practitioner was there to represent Hyundai Nigeria Limited on the invitation of the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

The Committee was looking into a petition brought by Primlacks Galvanizing Nigeria Limited against Hyundai Nigeria Ltd. Primlacks had alleged “forgery, betrayal of trust and other trade malpractices” against Hyundai. Mr. Anaje was invited to give his perspective on the allegation.

Saharareporters source said that trouble started when Anaje informed the committee chairman, Mallam Dahiru Ado-Kurawa that the matter under discussion was pending in a competent court of law, and as such it should not be deliberated upon pending court decision. Anaje’s counsel did not go well with the chairman of the committee. “They felt uncomfortable with that,” Mr. Anaje told Saharareporters. “The chairman asked me to leave his office. They wanted to kick me out and then detain my client of which they had no such powers.”

According to Anaje, before he could say jack, three lieutenants of the chairman pounced on him, pushed him down and dragged him out of the office. “One kicked me on the ass,” he said. “One had to hold me by the neck. They tore the button of my shirt. I was on the floor, and they were dragging me.”

Mr. Anaje sustained injuries on his bad leg. He said he would be going to an orthopedic hospital to see a doctor.

Speaking further to Saharareporters about his ordeal, Mr. Anaje said, “I’m actually taking legal action against them. It is uncalled for. It is the height of barbarism.”

Nigeria has a long history of poor treatment of disabled individuals. The Nigerian Disability Bill, an act to enhance the dignity of disabled individuals has been languishing in the National Assembly for years. Most public buildings in Nigeria do not have handicap access.

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Awesome you should think of soemhting like that


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Does legal system work

I have always being bogged down with this question. Does the legal system in Nigeria work? Because if it does that shouldn't have happened and what happened to the PHCN boss in Zamfara shouldn't have taken place.
As for as I am concerned the law is against the poor and for the rich period.

Independent Confirmation

I have made independent confirmation that Mr. Anaje was brutalised on the instructions of the Chairman of the Presidential Committee on Trade Malpractices. The petition that led to the investigation was at the behest of Anil Hemnani of Primlaks Group.

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Pat, i think it was quite

Pat, i think it was quite insensitive to have referred to mr anaje as 'handicapped', despite the fact that he is physically challenged. i believe the issue at hand is the maltreatment handed down to an individual and our focus should remain so. kindly let us all maintain some decorum when addressing each other on this forum.
....would also advise mr anaje to ensure that he petitions the police inspector general, in addiition to whhatever other legal options he is presently pursuing!

Test your knowledge of the Continent called Nigeria

Which continent Nigeria Pastor slaps his church members when they do not contribute enough money toward buying a private jet for him?
a)David Oduyemi
b) Pastor Bakare
c) Pastor Chris
d) Pastor Oritsejafor
e) Pastor adeboye

Which continent Nigeria Pastor has developed mouth cholera because he lost election to become vice president & therefore lost his ambition to ride on presidential private jet?
a)David Oduyemi
b) Pastor Bakare
c) Pastor Chris
d) Pastor Oritsejafor
e) Pastor adeboye

Which continent Nigerian country are very good at criticizing other people except their own, but whose perennial cowardice has no match, resulting in them having a history of Foreigners coming over to rule over them as Kings?
a) Biafra Republic b) Arewa Republic c) Oduduwa Republic
d) Republic of the SS & SE/Niger Delta Republic

Long live Isaac Adaka Boro
Long live Ken S. Wiwa
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Long live the SS & SE Republic


when? you and who?

So Sad!!!!!!!!!

Still such a pathetic and sad country where even a lawyer cannot present his/her case without fear of abuse.Only God knows where our own lawless law-makers are leading this country.



Ill treatment of handicapped lawyer

My brother disabled lawyer,please accept my sympathy.It is not because you are one.It is because anyone who was meant to be there had to concur with a yes voice.How else would you want the committee's chairman to account for the amount voted for the exercise which he had already retired as having been spent.Your observation meant he would refund the money as unspent.Kindly accept it as being a Nigerian.

Shame on Govt

Shame on the government staff that threw the gentleman lawyer out of their office. He should sue the daylight out of them individually, as well as sue the government they represent. It's high time people, no matter their disability/ability, be respected.

Well u went to your brothers

Well u went to your brothers office, Pius Ayim where the said incident took place-Nigeria is still struggling to improve on light, water, roads, and health--is it the disabled that the chairman of a boko haram out-fit would spare a thought for? Imagine what would have happened if Buhari was the president? Mallam Dahiru Ado-Kurawa, would have ordered members of his Boko haram task force, to cut off the other good leg-Go to court paddy man-sue them to the last naira and kobo-its our oil money

Just sue the shirt off this idiot's back!

Anaje, you must never take this matter lying down! I cannot understand why people in authority should become demons to others. Just as the NLC has taken up the case of the brutalized PHCN staff in Sokoto, the Nigeria Bar Association must consider this incident with the grave seriousness it deserves. It is something close to iconoclasm of justice for this director to do what he has done. He must be made to pay dearly for this!

Notorious gangster called leaders

Notorious gangster called leaders, very funny old fools leading more advanced Nigerians. We go soon crush them

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