How The First Lady's N1million Largesse Tore The Nigerian Law School, Bwari Campus Abuja Students Apart (PHOTOS)

By Soni Akoji

The Nigerian First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan was in Bwari yesterday for the convocation of graduands from her NGO, A. Arueba Foundation where the less priviledged in the society are taught various skills such as tailoring, catering, carpentry, auto mechanic, and other skills to empower them.

After the convocation, on her way out, she paid an unscheduled visit to the Bwari campus of the Nigerian Law school, Abuja to see two of her adopted daughters. The visit which was meant to be a private family affair eventually turned into a PR stunt and money sharing bazaar.

The first lady was ushered into the female block C hostel where her adopted daughters reside at about 6pm. She spent a considerable amount of time chatting with them and their flat mates. The room mate of the First Lady's adopted daughter Ine (a graduate of the University of Calabar) became richer by N300,000 which was doled to her by our generous First lady. Her other two flat mates  were not left out of the bazaar as they were made richer to the tune of N250,000 each by the First Lady, Dame Jonathan.

The chief porter of the female hostel was not left out of the naira rain as he went home richer by N100,000 from the first lady's bazaar as she was leaving the hostel.

The excited female students who could not contain their joy were seen clicking their cameras, blackberry, ipads in photoshots of the philantropist First Lady and giggling excitedly as she embarked upon an inspection tour of facilities around the Block C Female hostel.

The high point of her visit was the introduction of the Student Representative Council President, Mr Frank Urthur by the First Lady's adopted daughter. The benevolent first lady did not waste any time in doling out one million naira to the president to be shared amongst the students. The one million naira largesse is tearing the students apart as of the time of filing this report.

The President of the student body Mr Frank Urthur (a close confidant of Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue state) wanted to play a fast one on the students by informing them that the first lady gave them N500,000 and not N1 million.

This infuriated the students and they insisted that the money should be counted in their presence.   Before one could say Jack Robinson, two volunteers stepped out, took possession of the wads of naira and counted it in the presence of all. Lo and behold, the largesse was one million and not five hundred thousand as was declared earlier  Mr Frank.

At this juncture commotion and pandemonium broke out, with the aggrieved students running haywire in a bedlam of confusion. They booed Mr Frank Urthur. Derogatory songs like "Frank you are a thief! Frank Ole, rented the air. The students also descended on him and he was rescued by the timely intervention of the police men stationed within the school premises. The students thereafter had an impromptu meeting where it was agreed that a vote of no confidence should be passed on Mr Frank Urthur.

Students have also commenced moves for his impeachment.
This is the climax of the unscheduled visit of the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan to her adopted daughters at the Bwari Campus of the Nigeria Law School, Abuja. Her naira rain also exposes the pervasive corruption in the country and casts a doubt in our youths who happen to be the leaders of tomorrow with regards to their attitude towards corruption. The sordid episode goes to show that the Nigerian youths are only waiting for their turn to continue with business as usual when the mantle of leadership eventually falls into their hands.

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Posh has been spotted out and about with the bag, pictured here keeping it casual in LA, in a scoop neck jumper and flared jeans.


I find it ironic that with so much criticism of the poor corrupt student union president
No one seems to mind that our presidents wife has such much money she can afford to throw it around so casually. Last I heard lecturers wives are not that buoyant

Its a lovin Mother.....

Good talk from berebera...its people like you we are lookin for. The 1st lady is a mother indeed we have extreme rich people than her in the country, what have they done to help students? we student who cannot complete 3square meals daily strugglin to pay fees, and we have billionaires stealin our crude oil and lootin our treasuries heartlessl,y what have u stupid people or students done to correct this problems??? A kind hearted mother came for her children and took you too as her children by givin out that good are talkin on how she suppose not to give such money in this way or public, look no matter how small this money is going to be divided among students it will definitely solve some problem in their lives.... Dog heads stop talkin about her negatively on her generiousity,she felt helpin you that moment and your SU president was a thief sharing the cash into 2..abi, you DOG HEADs go and talk about that....fools.

bloody liars!!!

I'm so disappointed about this report...y wud Ʊ̲̣̣ go ahead and publish stuffs d@ Ʊ̲̣̣ noe not the truth...I'm an NLS student I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Bwari Abuja...and I can boldly tell Ʊ̲̣̣ in2 ur damn ugly face d@ Ʊ̲̣̣ ‘rε a bloody liar...wif ŊO̶̷̩̥̊͡ reputation...publishing slanderous article I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ur page. Smh for Ʊ̲̣̣ . Ɣεαђ Ʊ̲̣̣ were rite she came and she gave the school money buh y escalate d amount. And y d lieing abt d amount and wot as d governor got to do I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ dis matter. Ʊ̲̣̣ guyz ‘rε juz asshole and if Ʊ̲̣̣ don't noe anytin abt d mata den just shut the fuck up!!!. Liars from d pit of hell.


The issue should not be generalised becouse it is a matter that concern an individual. The man have character issue

This rikoto guy is a fool!!!

This rikoto is a ram o,am sure u stole the phone u used to make such useless comments cos its obvious you are too illetrate to know anything.You stay there and criticize piple what has your father done for anyone before...oshisco

The truth cannot be hidden

Well done sahara reporters,well done soni akoji who took this bold step. No matter how long it takes,the truth cannot be hidden. Frank utoh is a rogue and criminal and for him to be elected as SRC president in the first place shows how debased and low we have fa allen

sahara welldone

I am a student of d Nigeria lawskool Abuja campus & also a witness 2 d incedent dat occured on d famous campus,Mr Frank is not 2 be trusted wit anytin,he deceived d students by trying 2 play Tbag but d lawstudent proof 2 be scolfield . Nigerians should be wary of dis kind of man.


Who is this rat talking about english am pretty sure you don't even know what learned means you lacquadicious serpent.You come here and write shambolic things about lawyers.See your head like frog...mschwww

Shameless First Lady

Shameless First Lady indeed.How I wished the students to have linched her.It was the greatest and stupid mistake this moron Woman must have made in her second life as she claimed that she died and came back after seven days.God continue to protect and save Nigeria from such useless first ladies.


Don't be stupid Ine is not from unical,Haba what's up with all this fake ass stories go and sit down jare,stupid blog I heard the owner of this blog is a FAGGOT.yuck!!!


Abeg make we hear word. Breeze don blow foul nyash don open, no be now we just dey hear say 80 percent of Oil block for South is owned by Northeners and some are even earning 4billion naira monthly??? And yet millions of youths in the North are complaining of pooverty? What have these men done for their communities? WHAT! Rather they use religion 2 decieve them and cool off with their families in the UK leaving their people in HOT SUN. Atleast she is reaching out to the poor the way her brain tells her to let these hausa people go and ask those in the list of those who own oil blocks what plans they have for them. NOOOONNNSSSENSSSE and mitcheeeeew


Ine's roomie is from Unical! read properly before commenting, moron!

What the first lady did is

What the first lady did is not bad at all, you are trying to bring out something out of nothing,MKO during his days will go to higher institution invited or uninvited he will give the SUG money we did not see anything wrong rather we sing his praises,why cant we keep quiet and thk her for the kindness she showed towards the student rather than blaming her.
The president of the SUG,that intend playing a fast run, is just the picture of the kind of youth the nation is bringing up, future lawyers,future youth that are ready to call black, white when everybody knows its black

Nobody is even talking about her NGO for the poor

I keep wondering why Sahara reporters does not see anything good in people in authority. How come they did not commend her for setting up a foundation that caters for the less privileged. I don't see anything wrong in a parent visiting her children in school and giving money to her children's school mates. When I was in school, whenever my mum visits me, she gives money to my friends. Then when my younger sister was in boarding secondary school, our mum even goes to the extent of cooking food and carrying a cooler of rice to her school on insisting days just to share to my sister's friends and hostel mates. There is nothing wrong in being selfless please. Assuming Dame Patience went there and didn't give one Naira to other people other than her children, Sahara reporters would have also carried a story and termed her a selfish mother.

A loving mother

A loving mother goes to visit her children in school,goes up to her daughters room is a true example of motherhood worth emulating,my advice to all d girls n women reading this is to take example from this and stop believing d unphantomable lie put forward by shr. Dey are useless people looking for whose image to destroy. This report should be closed from operating in this country

Wetin bring Reliigion come

Wetin bring Reliigion come inside this one nw Bros, U r a very stupid person, mstchewww

shame of a nation

madam lazarina has come bqck from the dead and is now gunning for an honourary law degree. watch this space. she will soon have a hostel or something named after her at the law school


Even if u comment from now till tommorrow"you do squat"all you can do is post fake stories about my school,well sorry lagbaja nothing for you.We will still enjoy ous school nls bwari.Am sure most of those commenting rubbish did not have admission lol too bad sit at home and wait jor...

SOni Akoli is jobless

This Soni Akoji is such a big moron.I heard the moron is gay self.Please go to an asyllum for help cos you need some meeds after writing such a fake story...oshi

dumb ass

If u we're a student n ur mum came 2 visit u n went back without givin u money hw would u feel? What d first lady did is exactly what d students expected. D fact u bought ur admission dsnt mean every other person did. Pls b reasonable

sahara is owned by ACN

The have been rumours that sahara is owned by ACN and I just confirmed it today.It is only aan opposition party that will see in every move made by a mother figure..ACN I can assure u u are going down to the ground I used to like ur party but naw I hate u cos you lied against my school.You deserve to be called BEASTS.Hungry reporters and I strongly support the crapping of this blog!!!!

Re: Am ashamed of this reporter

Mr Anonymous, are you sure you are a student of the NLS, Abuja?

Did the First Lady pay an unscheduled visit to the NLS, Abuja to see her adopted daughters?

While she was there, did she dole out money as if it was going out of fashion?

Did Mr Frank Utoh (sorry about the mistake Urthur) collect N1 million from the first lady and tried to corner N500,000 for himself?

Why was Mr Frank Utoh impeached as President of the SRC of the NLS, Abuja?

Your honest takes on this rejoinder will be highly appreciated or you forever remain silence; for it is said "no matter how far a line travels, it takes just a second for the truth to catch up with it."

it's shut down and not shot

it's shut down and not shot down... You claim to be LEARNED. LEARNED indeed. We Engineers can't make such stupid errors

How come you responded to the

How come you responded to the article. Did someone do the reading and typing for you? Because your response shows your lack of understanding of English as a language and means of communication. Next time get a tutor. And if you wish to send a rebuttal please save it for market leaders elections. People should also learn to read and understand before the write. :p

Alhaji Ibrahim Bala, you and

Alhaji Ibrahim Bala, you and I looked at the pictures above but saw different things. As a good Christian man I saw happy faces and grateful students, but as a true Muslim you saw gloom and doom and asked why they should not sequester the First Lady until she elucidates where she got the money to for her generosity. Haba, mallam, you are what they call a pessimist.

Alhaji Alfa Bamidele, which

Alhaji Alfa Bamidele, which side you dey? Wherein has the First Lady done wrong? Are the graduates not better off with her visit? Go and tell those happy grateful graduates that the First Lady offended them by being generous and made their day. All of you who hate this woman and her husband please hate their oil too.

Mallam Ibrahim Sanusi A.

Mallam Ibrahim Sanusi A. Yaradua, you and I are speaking the same language. All I am doing is comparing & contrasting the present First Lady and the immediate past, which is a fair comparison. You don't have to stoop so low as to insult me to defend your matron Hajiya Turai. Point out one good deed she did for Nigeria. Did she treat her mother-in-law well? Did she tell the Nigerian people the truth about the comatose nature of her husband in Arabia? Did she not tell us that Musa had gone to Lesser Hajj and that we should pray hard? As the devil would have it, some people almost prayed their heads off and fasted too, but those prayers and fasting did us no good. While we were praying and fasting Turai and the cabal looted our treasury. Gaskiya ne, fa?


It's too shameful that most of the commentators here are law students, yet they can't see anything wrong with what the first lady did.In my observation, most of these students bought their admission with money or by favour.They are all morons just like their senior colleagues.In the side of the first lady, yes, it's good to visit your children in school just like every other parents do. As the first lady of a country why should you share money to students as if you met beggars in the street? law students for that matter! Why can't you channel that money to a positive direction? something that the school should benefit from even in generations to come.There are so many things that would have make the visit a life time memorable,Like donate law books to the school or school bus or computer facilities or build more hostels. Clueless and corrupt leaders.


Frank himself has said that after collecting the 1million he put 500 k aside in the name of golden jubilee celebration and declared 500k only so what da fuck are you talking about? Are you one of his stoogees? To hell with all of u hungry fools, first lady did not need to come and oh well, she did come, she did not need to publicly dole out any cash whatsoever. In a country impoverished αήϑ groaning in the midst of plenty, a public display of disregard for public funds as witnessed in bwari can only fuel more anger αήϑ hatred. Fuck Frank αήϑ his beggarly existence, when are we going to regain our pride as a people?

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