How Oshiomhole’s Aide Oyerinde Was Assassinated In Front Of Family Members- Edo State Gov't

Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde
By Tony Iyare

The Principal Private Secretary to Edo State Governor, Mr Olaitan Oyerinde was killed in the wee hours of this morning by unknown gunmen.

Oyerinde, 44, was shot dead by four gunmen who invaded his house located in Ugbor area, Benin City around 1 a.m.

Shortly after they stormed the compound, they bounded the security guard while two of them forced their way through the front door and made straight for his bedroom.

On recognizing that it was Mr. Oyerinde’s brother-in-law who was actually sleeping on the bed, they immediately left him and went for the wife, Funke, asking her to lead them to the husband who, unknown to them, was sleeping in the living room.

On sighting him, they instantly fired four shots, one to the head, chest, abdomen and hip, killing Oyerinde instantly. The gunmen later fled without taking anything from the house.

The killing of Mr. Oyerinde is coming exactly six days after Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s convoy was attacked along Warrake-Auchi road, by a truck that curiously veered off its track and headed straight for the staff car, missing it by the whiskers. Three journalists were killed while others including security details, sustained various degree of injuries.

Curiously, at about 2.45am the following day, the home of the Information Commissioner, Mr Louis Odion, was invaded by four gunmen who also missed him because he opted to pass the night in a friend’s house located in another part of the city. A member of the Edo State House of Assembly, Hon Johnson Oghuma was also similarly attacked by gunmen recently. Oghuma who represents Etsako Central had his car riddled with bullets as he was on his way to Fugar, his hometown.

Odion had at a press briefing last Sunday, raised fears that top government functionaries were being targeted for elimination.

Oyerinde who read Mass Communication at the University of Lagos, was seconded from the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to work for the comrade governor in November 2007. He is survived by his wife, Funke, four children and an aged mother.

This sequence of sordid events coming each time on the eve of the flag off of Governor Oshiomhole’s campaign, raises grave concern and therefore demands thorough investigation by the security forces.

Tony Iyare

Special Adviser

Media Affairs



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Put El- Rufai name on anything in Nigeria, the pcduort will be so popular. Why!Those who love him will buy and those who hate him will equally buy.Nigerians never respect or honor any leader until they are dead.Mallam El-Rufai has done his bit for Nigeria. What are the critics and arm chair analyst doing for Nigeria. The man bear fruit, what is your own fruit and what is my own fruit.What the man has achieved in his 50s is what many are trying to register for in their 70s.Let us minimize faults of leaders and magnify their virtues. The coming generation has a lot to learn from the virtues of leadership.


The Boko Haram People must be Checked. It looks like they are taking their satanic jihad to the south-south, having destroyed the entire Northern parts of Nigeria. This attack must be their handiwork.

The ota ape at work again.

The ota ape at work again. Everyone could see the hands of the chimpazee in this!

Bless You

Elmango Meat BLESS YOU for speaking with TRUTH and CLARITY.

Short of words

Am short of words and could not hold back tears when I heard the news.


Evil Cabal, PDP!

@ Deri : Shut up dia! This is why SR paints the face of evil Black, the PDP led by your blackened uncle is a cult of killers like I've always known. Why don't these ol' men simply retire? What legacy has the name "Anenih" left in the minds of Naijas, from the highway to Aso Rock thugs? First, it was "staged accident" now, this! Why the blood letting? It's ugly OBJ's legacy being perpetuated by his stooge Dumbo. PDP is Nigeria's curse and unless they're weeded out of our mist, Nothing, Nothing! Corruption, inefficiency, insecurity, banditry and in fact, under this leadership: 'Crime Pays' big! I know in Yoruba and Ibo cultures you can't kill your guest, offenders in Iboland are sent to serve the gods and are tagged 'osu', 'ohu' or 'ume' depending on the gravity of the offence. PDP grand-daddy, OBJ fully qualifies for raping his son's wife! Likewise Anenih if he's behind this hit. Anyway, my condolences to the bereaved family. Trust in God's Justice!

Dumb Deri

Deri aren't you the dumb one...someone was assassinated in Edo State and you are here speaking of separation plus BH. What's your problem sef? Must you turn every issue to an issue to suit your paid job? You're such a silly man honestly. We have been paying the evil pepertrators be exposed and it's happening...even your GEJ is one of them. Wrry not, you people will kill yourselves finally honestly. RIP comrade Olaitan.

Want to defend pdp?

You may not know the makeup of pdp. It has a nest of killers and have never stopped killing themselves or the opposition. Let's start with Bola Ige, Harry Marshall, Dikibo, OGB for Orlu senatorial seat in Imo, a host of aspirants in Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Osun, Rivers, Benue, Oyo etc that were down cut in their prime. Only few survived by abandoning their ambition. You want to defend pdp? You will rot in hell.

The real Issues but no dwell on ibo hate

Many issues many events call for Nigerians to be serious to be intelligent and to come with courage to fight .... But nope you lack the courage you lack the leadership you even lack the intelligence to identify what the real issues are.
Tony Annenih has inflicted more damage on this nation more than any single person or event yet no one ever takes fight to him ......... but check the hate, go through you bloggs and see how often and the venorm with which all thess tribals hates attack any single item from any ibo official(messengers) not actual policy makers yet their tribal war lords that bring real darkness they extol daily.
Bola Ige was eliminated yet our security agencies till date cant trace anyone ........ how many pages of protest did it generate?...... yet an ibo name calls a meeting to explain govt position as a messenger, nigerians would come up in anger and violence.The old hatred would strired them up.


FELLOW NIGERIANS...........................!!!

An en Nih must Go

or must die or must rot in hell.
With the number of police checkpoints all around Benin City. Four gun totting assassins can only move around at the time of night with high level clearance from An en ih of the state. After the elections come see how the thugs armed with guns will now turn to kidnappers and terrorists, and PDP gov't will wonder.

shot up u tribalist bastard

u fool i wont wast time trading words with u fucking tribalist bastard instead of condoling with the family of d decease stupid UNA boy



Nigeria failed its youth.

Any society where there is no longer morality, where injustice prevails and the worship of money and power,raison detre, what invariably happens is that the society becomes dysfunctional; rapidly descending into chaos with evil reigning supreme.

In such a scenario, ALL of us end up paying the full price, whatever your station in life.

Who has confidence in our Justice system?
Can you trust your Politician to represent your interest?
Is there integrity in the Police?
Do we tolerate each other?

Not only has Nigeria failed its youth and guaranteed the demise of a tangible and vibrant society; despite all the resources God has blessed us with, we have failed the black world.

This is another loss of life that need not be!

Tony Anineh's handwork

Let the Nigerian police go after Tony Anineh, alias Mr. Fix It. He is responsible for this heinous act and he will never go unpunished. There is no doubt that his days are numbered because those that killed by sword, died by the sword. God will cause those errand boys he sent to assassinate Olaitan to go after his life and he will never escape it.

Honestly, the worst mistake that I have ever made in my life is voting for GEJ as Nigerian president. I now realized that he has no vision for Nigeria and Nigerians and he has no POLITICAL WILL to address certain anomalies in the Nigerian system.

Yes, I foresee danger ahead of Governor Oshiomhole’s re-election bid because the PDP under the strong hold of Mr. Anineh want to re-capture Edo state by fire, by killing. So, let Gov. Oshiomhole watch his back and submit himself totally into the hands of God because whom God has elevated, no man can do otherwise, I rest my case.

How Oshiomhole's Aide was assassinated in front of family memebe

Mr "Fix it" is doing what he knows best in Edo state. May his soul rest in peace

Politics of Bittreness

Politics of Bittreness


It is only hypocrites that would feign ignorance of whom the culprits are. PDP has their finger prints all over the killing spree that had begun since last weekend and we all know it.
Oshiomhole called for it since the day he started fraternizing with the old ape from Ota, knowing fully well that whatever he touches, gets cursed and dies eventually. May he survive their onslaughts against him.


Edo state is not the whole country. For the PDP 2 be accused means that there is a reason 4 dat. If u are conversant with the politics of Edo state even @ students level then you know that all fingers are pointing at the likely smoking gun.

Adieu my comrade and brother

Adieu comrade Olaitan
A comrade of many battles. Rugged, Intrepid and a noble protagonist of the down trodden(Engels- paraphrased in his tribute to Karl Max upon hearing the news of his passing)
I was planning to come visit you soon in Benin and wanted to know if you will able to offer me a stick of Benson and Hedges or perhaps if we could shear one stick as usual to help calm the nerves not unless you are now born again. Please note that I no longer wear beards neither do I have heirs on my head and was wondering if you will be able to recognize me when you see me. It is been a long time since we have not seen now.
I was lucky to have met Comrade Chima Ubani.
I have nothing to say but utter contempt for those charlatans to use our common comradely phrase.
I will still come to visit you in Benin when I come because I know you incapable of dying. We will go together to confront those barbarians
Che Guavera


This is no joke every home has a voodoo pot in the entrance,they are viciously mean,once they spot progress that person or family will have all sorts of evil forces directed towards them.Most young people from this axis who are abroad are involved in pimping and prostitution and they do it without any remorse,they are really heartless,they sell thier sisters and cousins to brothels in Italy and Belgium after forcing them through rituals.It is hard to see any young person from this area who does not believe in witch craft or voodoo.
They need to change,the wickedness has made a lot of young people from this part of our country decide to live abroad permanently,they say they will not survive if they should attempt to reach home,infact I know one of them who stops at Lagos but will never reach home out of fear of juju,what a life.

He knows

God sees all.May the soul of oyerinde rest in peace and may God strengthen his family.
However, I believe God knows all that's happening in Nigeria and He shall raise an army to fight this evil in Nigeria.I a willing to be enrolled in His army.

How sad!!!Another young life

How sad!!!Another young life cut short by the bullets of insane marauders.
Weep not my dear Comrades for those who kill the flesh only secure a temporary victory that will surely and definitely be eroded by karma.
Comrade Oyerinde lived for the struggle and was faithful to the end,that should be our consolation.
My condolence to his immediate and extended family,may God grant them the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss.
As for our Comrade Governor,march on gallant fighter until we conquer the forces of retrogression in Edo State come July 12Th.

separation is the only solution to this BH led murder

I dont understand why every miscarriage should be blamed on PDP and Jonathan. Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, Kensarowiwa, Marshal Harry, Dikibo, and so on. All were killed by Jonathan. So what would the socalled PDP gain by killing a man who is not even from EDO state? What would be the benefit of such an evil act by the PDP? Would it attract more voters to them from Ogun state to edo to enable them vote for Adams? The murder of this promising man was never aimed at making people decamp to PDP. Never. Rather it was initiated to force people to distance themselves from PDP. So how could the PDP plan an act which would reduce their chances of winning the state to nothing? The only solution to this (oil dependant do or die politcs) is for us to talk and go our separate ways. Instead of having an election that will lead us to another boko haram disaster. Allow the 6 zones go!

Dont be disappointed, it is true, This is PDP way

You must be one of the assasins. Even a blind man can see the handwriting on the wall. People Destructive Party wants to do all they can to take over Edo state. Their leaders have killed before so killing for poer is synonymous with PDP. If you are not in the country try and read old newspapers for update and dont allow your mediocrity lead you into something else

P-D-P !

P-D-P !

An irreparable loss

Nigeria is a country where anarchy is the order of the day. It's institutionalised.I don't want to point accusing fingers at anyone, but the perpetrators should realise that they will be eliminated the same way to cover up for this dastardly act. May his gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

Thank you father God

Father we thank you because nothing is hidden from you and everything is bare before you. Our father and our God we ask for mercy in this land Nigeria . Father you are the one who sees in secret and you have said you will reward openly, let the reward of those that have done this dastardly act on mr oyerinde be brought to judgement by you alone and made open to the whole world . You have said that our enemies will drink their own blood and eat their own flesh , let this be the portion of the enemies of this land both within and outside. Father do not spare anyone of them linked to this heinous act because vengeance is yours. Father it is righteousness with you o God to recompense evil with those that trouble us in this land. Let the whole world know that thou o God is above all and the God of justice and that they may fear you and revere you in all ways. Thank you our father and our God. Amen

Shut up

If you have got nothing to say just SHUT UP.


He who kills a fellow being also assassinates his own peaceful end- quoted from “Echoes of Success”

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