I Won’t Speak On Single-Term Pact With PDP Governors – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan and first lady, Patience Jonathan in London recently
By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan has said he will not speak on whether he had a pact with governors of his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to rule for only four years.

The President’s position was clarified in a statement in Abuja today by his Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe.   The controversy was kicked off last Sunday by the Governor of Niger State, Dr. Babangia Aliyu.

“We wish to state categorically that this is neither the time nor the season to begin electioneering campaign or related discourse for the 2015 presidential elections and so President Goodluck Jonathan will not jump the gun,” Okupe said.

The governor had said that the President must honour a one-term agreement he made with the governors, and thus vacate office in 2015.
Okupe avoided commenting on whether such an agreement existed.  Instead, he listed five programme areas he said constituted the focus of his principal.  
“President Goodluck Jonathan will not for any reason abandon these laudable goals to engage in a distractive political debate with any individual or group of persons,” he said.

The full statement by Mr. Okupe:
Our attention has been drawn to issues raised by some political leaders to the effect that President Goodluck Jonathan signed an agreement with some Governors elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party prior to the Party’s presidential primaries in 2011.

From time immemorial, for every major event or contest in the world, there is always a time and a season apportioned.

We wish to state categorically that this is neither the time nor the season to begin electioneering campaign or related discourse for the 2015 presidential elections and so  President Goodluck Jonathan will not jump the gun.

Mr. President will therefore stoutly resist any disguised or open attempt to drag him into any debates, arguments or political discussions relating to a presidential election in 2015.

The president considers this as an invidious attempt to sway him from his chosen pursuit of the set out constituents of the transformation agenda which form the basis upon which Nigerians overwhelmingly elected him to steer the ship of the Nation in 2011.

For the purpose of emphasis,The present focus of President Jonathan include:

1 Completion of ongoing projects in the power sector to ensure that Nigerians enjoy steady power supply for domestic and industrial purposes.

2 Ensuring remarkable Improvement of infrastructure in Road,rail and air transportation in every part of Nigeria through speedy completion of major ongoing road projects, construction and rehabilitation of rail lines as well as rehabilitation and modernization of our airports.
3 Working towards providing Nigerian children and youths with good and functional education at all levels.

4 Ensuring that Nigerians have greater   access to improved and affordable health care facilities

4  Transform our Nations agricultural sector to guarantee food sufficiency, create wealth for Nigerians and become a net exporter of food and agro based raw materials within a very short time

5 Create new jobs for our youths through a systematic implementation of sound economic and fiscal policies and entrepreneurial development programmes.

6 Reform our oil and gas sector to increase efficiency, guarantee value for money and ensure greater local content participation in the industry.
President Goodluck Jonathan will not for any reason abandon these laudable goals to engage in a distractive political debate with any individual or group of persons.

However, we will not hold it against anyone who wishes to pursue such agenda because Nigeria is a free country and will continue to be so under this president.

For now, this is our position on this matter and we assure Nigerians of Mr. Presidents resolve to continue to devote his energy to a successful implementation of the transformation agenda, fix Nigeria and thereby justify the mandate freely given to him by the Nigerian people.

Thank You
Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs

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The President has neither denied or admitted the single term pact. Till date Gov. Aliyu has also not substantiated his claim with a signed document by Mr President. Why is the President being called a liar? Besides this is an internal PDP party squabble. The rest of the country should move on and concentrate on other things such as uninterrupted power.

Re: constitutional right

Yes he has the right, but calling people whom he (GEJ) betrayed as rascals is what i do not believe, you r the only rascal on dis page, i am sure you belong to the homo Habilis that existed millions of years ago because ur brain is dat of an ape! Useless person.

you are on your own

on which jonathan we stand! it's only you o. you are on your own.


Hahahahahahahaha............dunce Joe................thats right keep quiet....for some of us become very scared when u are not tutored b4 making a speech.............like a friend once said....he gets very uncomfortable when u decide to resort to ur brains (not much anyway despite the Phd.)in public as against reading a prepared speech...............stick ito ur safe house......

pls and pls Jonathan should leaves nothing to show to naija

pls and pls respect the agreement and leaves in peace pls...! you are lie to nigerian pls, nothing to show for the past three and the half years u are thinking of 2015, pls and pls just go pls.. thousands of nigerians dies..

President Jonathan and 2015

President Jonathan has the constitutional right and privilege to run for a second term. No purported pact with any individual or group of individuals can prevent him. I urge Mr. President not to be distracted by this bunch of rascals.


Jonathan must present himself to his party for 2015 primary. If he wins, he must contest for general election. If as his critics want us to believe that Jonathan is so terrible, then the man must be disgraced out of office, period! Some foolish governor from a barren state does not determine who runs for office, nor do any governor for that matter.My only irritation with Pdp governors is that the only reason they want Jonathan not to contest is so that a Notherner can become president. Not what is good for Nigeria. And there lies my problem. Jonathan must contest, and if he doesn't win, then he must take PDP down with him.

one thug/mafia is giving another thug/mafia a bloody nose, who

Nigerian peoples self! We said that PDP means people deceiving people. We called them thugs, thieves, mafia party, liars etc. and, I quite agree with you guys. However, the only problem I have with you guys is why are you guys all over yourselves here because one thug/mafia is giving another thug/mafia a bloody nose? I think it should be A –None– Of –My– Business kind of attitude to this PDP contract talk. I ask you…..Wetin concerned you with a mafian gang member “allegedly, breaking” his mafia party secret contract that will harm lots of good, hardworking people of Nigeria unless you yourself is as freaky if not worst as them. This to me is like a case of gang related murder which nobody should care. The more gang members shoot at each other, the masses are the winners.

Yes I do believe what you

Yes I do believe what you said. I think Jonathan did sign the agreement with PDP governos. I see Jonathan as a lier right from start. I remember before the election 2011, he said it that, hes going todo only one term.


Jonathan is a coward. These governors are challenging him but he remains adamant. Only his noise makers in the Aso kitchen lobby and on the internet can be heard singing useless melody. Whether he signed or not, whether he wants to contest or not he has to understand that if his supporters are savages other Nigerians are not. This time he and his partners in looting governors must know that votes must be counted otherwise Boko Haram is only a child at play.

Mr. n Mrs. Jonathan, Nigerians known you as LIARS

Jonathan, you expect Nigerians to believe what comes out of your mouth anymore? You and your wife are CERTIFIED LIARS.

We can not trust you on important matters when you lie like a kid on trivia ones

Time is running out on Jona,

Time is running out on Jona, the weakling. Because Jona did not perform, I will see who will rise up to his defence in 2015. The "owners" of Aso Rock, the Northerners, are about to strike. Jona is about to go back to the creek in Bayelsa. Bye!!!

Be a gentle man

I will advice the president that if he ever enter into such agreement, he should honor it and vacate the seat come 2015 although GEJ to me seems to be an opportunist who will not keep to his words,
Listing programs to be completed is an old story. We don dey hear this for a loooong time, just to buy time. The next chapter will be continuity to conclude all the program listed.
One thing is certain, when death wanted to kill a dog, his nose will never smell shit again.
We are watching. My verdict for journey so far for GEJ is F9, There are still time to turn the table. The choice is yours.

Makes No Difference

Whatever was agreed to by the PDP cabalists is their business. In 2015, the singular task that must be accomplished is: Dump Dr. Dumbo! Judging the dispute for its worth, it is rather curious that such a burning question (given the Ciroma-led controversy at the time) would be met by dead silence from the respondant. Since Dumbo would be ultra-stupid to sign any document (thereby handing the Governors balckmail document), my guess is there was an 'Oral Agreement' which is as valid as written agreement in civilized climes. That was why Dumbo never refuted the communique trumpeting he only wanted to complete UMYA's term. By refusing to speculate on 2015 is proof the morom wants to continue drooling beyond acceptable limits. And that's where I take umbrage. Dumbo must be packaged back to his natural habitat in Utuoke enclave A.S.A.P. "Animals cannot continue to rule over humans" - cr. @ tundemash

Pressident & 2015

Even if he made that promise. We are asking him to come out and run regardless. Did Buhari not promise to stay out of Politics? Has his supporters not called him out of retirement? Whether you ppl like it or not Jonathan will run in 2015, even if he decides not to we will beg, cajole, plead, appeal and even force him to conrinue because HE WHOM GOD ORDAINED/ANNOINTED CANNOT BE PULED DOWN BY MERE MORTALS. God bless Nigeria. ON Jonathan we STAND.

if u ask me, i believe he

if u ask me, i believe he made such a promise. nothing in his personality, character 'nd mien leads me to think otherwise.

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