Ibori Bribe: Chibuike Achibu Arrested, Then Released As EFCC Links Him With Another Money Laundering Scandal

Chibuike Achibu
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested and released Chibuike Achibu, the businessman who tried to claim a controversial $15 million bribe now with the Central Bank of Nigeria.  The money was allegedly given by James Ibori, a former Delta State governor who is currently serving a term of imprisonment in London for money laundering, to the then EFCC chairman, Nuhu Ribadu.

Mr. Achibu was arrested last Friday in Lagos and flown to the EFCC headquarters in Abuja when he was interrogated to determine his involvement with the bribe saga.

While with the EFCC in Abuja, Mr. Achibu reportedly listed his companies and one of them was found to have been used in another money laundering scheme by a former governor of Bayelsa State, Timipre Sylva. Mr. Sylva is also undergoing trial for money laundering before an Abuja high court.

Mr. Achibu was released by the EFCC yesterday on what was described as "administrative bail" after he reportedly gave a useful statement as to his motive for coming forward by means of a court affidavit that he owned the $15 million Ibori gave Ribadu at the home of a former domestic assistant to former President Obasanjo, and now Senator, Andy Uba.

Last week, an Abuja Magistrate court ordered the Inspector-General of Police to conduct a thorough criminal investigation of Senator Andy Uba, and Mr. Achigbu over the money.

The court order was as a result of a complaint filed by a lawyer, Festus Keyamo in which he accused the two men of conspiracy, abetment, and bribery in respect of the money.

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what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

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Igbo with fraud! Everyone

Igbo with fraud! Everyone uses igbo for this kind of dirty jobs. I wished like someone said BH could be the one managing EFCC, this bastard by now would have become history.

The said bribe money was

The said bribe money was handed over to ribadu when OBJ was president-why rope Jonathan into it? Now we know Sylva was working with Andy Uba and the said Achibu to steal Bayelsa state blind. The current governor is also using the same set of thieves for his deals! Achibu who was alleged to have claimed ownership of the 15m-was the man Friday for Sylva-Kensarowiwa did not steal state money from the SS, b4 he was hanged by abacha and shell-sha

Gang land

what a joke call Nigeria where well know criminals run things openly without qualms ,this one is already free and home dry,just the useaual run around of corrupt EFCC .

We have not heard the last of this $15M

Next Patience Jonathan will come forward to clain the $15M belongs to her and was mistakenly given to Ribadu by Ibori...


Hope the police make him explain why he attempted to claim the money.He will probably say he was pulling off a prank or he will claim insanity,yes he will claim he was joking because there will be no other explanation.This should be a straight-forward investigation,so the coppers should not disappoint Nigerians,this is an opportunity to crack the puzzle of the whole bribery saga.
Nigerians expect the usual invisible PDP hands to undermine the investigation and bring it to zero.

Jona owns bribe money

President Jonathan owns the $15 million bribe money

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