Ijaw/Itsekiri Crisis: Police Recover Gory Corpses Of Slain Uduaghan Kinsmen

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Delta State Police Command has recovered corpses of Itsekiri youths alleged killed by the Egbema Ijaws last week during a bloody confrontation between the Ijaws and Itsekiri in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta state over political slots.

As we have previously reported, the crisis has arisen over which group next occupies the position of the council chairman, which has always been enjoyed by the Itsekiris, prompting the Egbema Ijaws to insist that it is their turn to produce the next occupant.

Impecable sources in the LGA disclosed that several Itsekiri villages, including Gbokoda, Udo, Ajamita, Obaghoro and Ayerode-Zion on the Benin river axis, were razed down while several Itsekiris lost their lives.

The Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC) had alleged that13 persons were killed by the irate Ijaw youths.  Our correspondent learnt that the corpses of the victims retrieved from the various communities that were attacked by the Ijaw youths were handed over to the police on Monday while others that were burnt and buried by the attackers were also exhumed.
Addressing his kinsmen who besieged his Warri residence, the chairman of the INYC, Hon David Tonwe, appealed for peace.

“We have lost 13 of our brothers and sisters; let's all ensure that it does not escalate,” he said.  “We have just come out from crisis (referring to the violence) and we are not prepared to take that road again. Nobody who witnessed that crisis would encourage what just happened. So, I want to appeal to everybody to remain calm and hope that the law will take its course."

Meanwhile, an Ijaw group under the auspices of the Ijaw people Development Initiative (IPDI), has called for a rotational arrangement to end the impasse over the chairmanship seat.
In a statement signed by its National President, Comrade Austin Ozobo, BoT Chairman, Cletus Itari and its Secretary, Mr. Peter Luke, the group urged Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan to adopt the arrangement in all political offices including State House Assembly and commissionership positions.  They pointed out that a similar arrangement obtains in the Warri South West and other places, as a way of ensuring lasting peace among Itsekiri and Ijaws in Warri and its environs.
Impeccable sources within the Delta State government have told our correspondent that Governor Uduaghan has slated a roundtable meeting with the two warring communities for tomorrow at the Government House annex, Warri, in an effort to find a lasting solution to the war.

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@Sanusi A Yaradua: This Communal clash is child's play

Mallam Sanusi A Yaradua, u of all ppl shud nt be commenting on communal clashes compared to the many lives lost and property destruction being executed by the Fulani Herdmen and Boko Haram up North.

I call this communal skirmish child's play when aligned with the havoc some of your kinsmen are unleashing on innocent Northerners (Christians &muslims). Focus on solidifying&quieting the North. SS will handle its own. Right now, one major budgetary leak is caused by the prolong activities of Boko Haram. national insecurity which is as a result of BH activities in the North is causing fed. Govt 2 empty out its coffer . Uniform men (army) are cleaning out our coffers. Army men r becoming millionaire under a democratic dispensation, All thanks goes to Boko Haramists

GO SENSITIZE&SANITIZE ur own house b4 poke nosing into SS "gbege"

Another State of Emergency

Another State of Emergency

na wao

where these counrty they go, human being are nothing to these nation

Stupid Nigerians!

Interestingly, the issue is not who among the contending persons would be a better chairman in terms of performance, but what tribe would produce the next chairman. Stupid Nigerians! Are these the people that a reasonable human being would stake his life for in the name of human rights?

NA boko haram ooooo!!!! NA

NA boko haram ooooo!!!! NA dem fight there.


Where is the diehard of SS (Southern Sudan) and SE (Southern Eratria) Republic, Mr. Akpos1 the dreamer? Now his dreamt formed republic is at war whereby innocent lives of Itsekiri people have been lost. Is this the republic you're calling the northern Christians (who you called middle Beltans) to join? Which class of citizen will they become then as you're killing those that are closer to you than the Middle Beltans? Hatred and envy can never make you superior.

It would have been better for

It would have been better for you to send the remains of all the people boko haram has been killing in the Fulani North to their traditional rulers. How can a media house which is not supposed to take sides in any conflict, allege that the decomposed bodies of Uduaghans tribes men, has been recovered by the security agents-is that not a way of instigating more killings in the zone? SR should be ashamed of itself-why have u refused to link those killed by boko haram in the fulani north to their tribe-in Plateau and Benue-animals

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