Immigration Staff Oppose Plan to Impose Shady Boss Backed By Patience Jonathan

By SaharaReporters, New York

Some aggrieved staff of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) have condemned plans to appoint a candidate with a questionable record as the substantive Nigeria’s Comptroller-General of Immigration (CGI).

The “anointed” candidate, Aches Stephen Fimibama, is currently an Assistant Comptroller-General (ACG). Mr. Finibama is believed to enjoy the backing of Nigeria’s First Lady Patience Jonathan as well as a highly connected medical doctor who is his cousin and a member of President Goodluck Jonathan’s medical team.

The protesting workers, who call themselves “The Concerned Officers of the Service,” insisted that Mr. Finibama ought to have been compulsorily retired in 2011.

In a petition tilted “Deliver Us from This Leadership Crisis, Oh Lord,” the staff accused Mr. Fimibama of engaging in a deceptive maneuver in order to stay beyond his retirement period. They asserted that all his contemporaries in NIS had been retired since 2011.

The group described the controversial AGC as dubious, fraudulent and incompetent. They expressed shock that he had not only been allowed to stay beyond the mandated years of service but was being proposed to lead the Service at such a critical period.

The group’s statement disclosed that the immediate past controller general, Rose Chinyere Uzoma, had “virtually left the Service prostrate.” Ms. Uzoma was fired several months ago. Even so, the protesting workers noted that the search for “a suitable, credible and competent successor” to “tidy up the already bastardized service and justifiably correct the wrongs done by the immediate past administration” had left much to be desired.

“The scheming and underground maneuvers, which propped up three prospective candidates initially, is believed to be assuming a new dimension, dangerous enough to bring the Service to total collapse,” said the staff. They listed the shortlisted candidates as Rilwanu B. Musa, an Assistant CGIS, Ayo Oredipe (ACG) and Babandede Mohammed (ACG). Mr. Musa currently oversees the affairs of the Service in an acting capacity.

But the staff said they were worried by information that the Interior Minister, Abba Moro, had recently ordered that two other names be forwarded to his office for onward submission to the Presidency for consideration. They noted their embarrassment on learning that Mr. Finibama’s name was among the two recently added. According to the staff, Mr. Stephen is believed to enjoy the patronage of Mrs. Jonathan and a cousin of his who works on the president’s medical team.

The staff said they were “highly astonished by this late development,” adding that the choice of Mr. Finibama would be “another step taken towards the wrong direction.” They listed the reasons why the presumed frontrunner would not be “the redeemer of this Service.” For one, Mr. Fimibama, “ought to have proceeded on retirement from service since April, 2011 after putting in 35 years of service which included the actual working years he carried over from the Rivers State Government. Truly, he had been in the employment of Rivers State Government since April, 1976 before he voluntarily transferred to Nigeria Immigration Service as a deputy superintendent of Immigration on salary grade level 09.” The protesters disclosed that details of Mr. Finibama’s employment profile are contained in the Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (APER) forms he filled, signed and maintained for promotion purposes while in Service in 1987,1989,1990,1991 and 1992 in his own handwriting certifying that all information provided therein was correct and true.”

The petitioners added: “As [Mr. Finibama] progressed in the Service, however, the idea to criminally alter his records for self-fulfilling reasons occurred to him and [he] thus changed his date of first appointment from the original date of April, 1976 to 4th January, 1983. This matter was brought to light for immediate redress during the past regime of Mrs. Uzoma, but because he [is] believed to be enjoying the favor and protection of the First Lady of the Federation and because Mrs. Uzoma would not want to offend the First Lady who gave life to her dying regime, it was swept under the carpet.”

The protesting staff listed Willy Park, Umo J. Emmanuel, and Felicia Alasia (nee Nsiegbe) as some of Mr. Finibama’s contemporaries who were retired in compliance with Immigration and civil service rules. They declared that, rather than also retire Mr. Finibama, the Service under Mrs. Uzoma went ahead to promote him to the rank of Assistant Comptroller General.

The statement added: “Again, even though [Finibama] was said to have argued that he had resigned his earlier employment that took effect from 1976 with Rivers State Government and was reabsorbed again in 1983, before joining Nigeria Immigration Service, that argument obviously is not tenable. There was no documentary evidence to back it up in his official records at his point of recruitment or entry into the Service and therefore must be viewed as a dubious afterthought. A person with this dirty pedigree is certainly not worthy of being bestowed a position of this magnitude.”

In addition, the petitioning staff accused Mr. Finibama of incompetence during his stint as the comptroller in charge of the Rivers State Command. In their statement, “the entire institutional and disciplinary structures which his predecessor labored assiduously to build shamefully collapsed like a pack of cards due to his administrative ineptitude.” They added: “We wonder what a person who could not run a State Command with all the attributes of a disciplined para-military outfit successfully would do if vested with a higher responsibility as huge as that of a Comptroller General of Immigration Service at such a time when the country is facing enormous security threats and challenges.”

The staff called on the Nigerian government to “take a firm stand” to either confirm Mr. Musa as the substantive Comptroller General or widen the selection process by screening all officers of the rank of Assistant Comptroller General and above. They argued that the latter option would “create room for credibility and merit” and avoid the pitfalls of making an appointment “based on entirely ethnic and geographical” considerations.

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Opportunities shall come looking for you...

From one steve to another, I say be cast away PHD syndrome around you Steve Finibama.
Opportunities shall come looking for you and not rest until they find you. Enemies within and without shall bow to you. You and your children shall inherit the good of Nigeria.
No weapons formed against you shall prosper.

I think with all fairness 2

I think with all fairness 2 ourselves since inception of the service (NIS)
A yoruba man or woman has never been the CGI..
Were is federal character.......let us tell ourselves the truth...


Are these immigration personnel really sure they want someone to restore discipline in the service? I seriously doubt it. Those guys don't care a hoot about the service or who heads it. They just want to be left alone to fleece the public on passports, extort money from illegal aliens, and do their expatriate quota deals. As for the campaign against the candidate for CGI from Rivers State, it is all choreographed, with the candidate inadvertently providing the firewood for his own roasting. 2nd base, o jare!

citizens that refuse to think wisely will always get bad leaders

President Johnathan is the most clueless president that ever govern nigeria by all standard.And to be honest, in a country of 160 million population, this man is not capable to govern this big nation this is too big for his capability.when are we' the nigerian people stop electing idiot/wicked people to govern us l think we deserve more that what we are getting so far since 1999.please igbo,yoruba,hausa let's stop fooling ourselves and we the 99% should come together and sincerely stop bigot attitude of dividing ourselves with ethnicity and religion bigotry which all these politicians are using to divide us which gives them the opportunity to concentrate on looting all our money

Nobody Is Going To Help Us Now

Bought PDP Primaries,

Malabu Oil,

I Don't Give A Damn,

Anamesenya-Pedophile-Pardon etc,

"No She No Sick - Yes I Nearly Die 99X For Germany",

Toronto-Certificate-Forger-Appointed-New-School-Principal, etc etc.

Noboy is going to helep us now.
Immigration as for una own, na ululu case.

good job who is paying the

good job who is paying the bills how come there wasnt any protest till this moment,who the cap fits should wear it, enough PHD sydrome


Let me state here, if Jonathan feel that Finibama will do a good job, he should go ahead and hire him as the new chief and ignore this fake 'Concerned officers of the service.' These fools knew that all they have to do is somehow tie the firstlady to Finibama, and that will arouse the sentiments of those that hate her against Finibama. So what, if Patience recommended him! Let me break it to these fools, that is a political appointment, and you usually get it based on who you know, and Nigeria is not unique in that aspect. They should suck it up and shut up. Jonathan shouldn't allow people to intimidate him with accusation of tribalism. Nigerians, how is Dasuki working out for you in place of azazi? Huh, I forget we have amnesty for Boko haram! By the way I hate compulsory retirement in most cases.


as usual deri dog is barking up the wrong tree..............................


Is this not the same immigration we were told that Rose Uzoma filled with Imo people? How come that not a single Igbo person is in contention for the top job?


When will we stop all dis argument & face our fate as Nigerians? No amount of blablabla dat can resolve d present condition of Nigeria rather we need prayers & God's intervention for d betterment of our country.

If I Understand The Argument Well

The argument seems not to be about where the guy comes from but his record & dubious character. If all the allegations are true, it will be unfair to impose an incompetent person on a sensitive service as the immigration just cos he is well-connected!

Uzoma was sacked coz she's Igbo. Biafra must go abi!

@Innua Dangash

Thank you for such an incisive comment.
Like you said this is nothing but a calculated motive to install an Hausa-fulani as the head of NIS. Just imagine the names of the shortlisted candidates, all are mohammedans. They conspired among themselves with the support of the sokoto caliphate and Buhari to sack Uzoma so they can install Mullah Babadede Mohammed. She wasn't sack coz of incompetence or for not being credible, NO. She was oozed just coz she's Igbo-The 4th class citizens of naija. We wonder how boko imports weapons through Niger and Chad yet we hand the affairs of our border to mohammedans. Na them get naija abi

I have said it times without number that naija is not one and can never be. Best thing is to split. There's no oneness in us except the SE/SS oil wells. Let's go our separate ways-biko!

Dame Patience Must Be Checked By Jonathan.

How can Nigeria descend so low to the level whereby Patience Jonathan is the one picking and chosing ministers,head of Immigration and Custom?
Nigeria is deeply suffering from corrupt characters in the position of power.Very unfortunate!

In the name of the SS - The Ijaw hegemony continues

The hegemony of the Ijaw. DERI and his co-travelers are usually quick to call the SS when thieving GEJ and his clueless friend are imposing incompetent IJAWS on Nigerians. Pray, since when did Ijaw become synonymous with SS. Na wa oh.


I think you lack your full senses for bringing Fulani, Buhari or Tinubu in this matter, if you actually have father ask him who is actually this man Buhari? You don 't seems to know what actually this people are saying because you ought to have gone to school and be educated for you to have been comprehending whatever you read but due to the corruption you are supporting you are in the jungle drinking and kidnapping innocent people.

Better Candidates......

....from the South-South exist! What about Mr. Mologe??? He is at the top of the ranks and has worked his entire career in the service while criss-crossing Nigeria. He is known to the diplomatic community who believe he is the best choice for the position!

Why is the Dame weighing in on this decision?

give him d job and let the heavens fall-this is pure blackmail

Is he not from Rivers state or the South South? I dey laugh! Same as they framed up Alams and dumped him in their national jail-hanged Ken and imprisoned David West-For a Rivers man to lord it over Fulanis, Ibos and Yorubas again after Jonathan? No way! The question to be asked is-has any Rivers or ijaw man ever headed the Immigration department since its creation in 1960? Tribalism abi? The entire article is so watery, regionally inclined one would ask why we are together as a nation-As for me I have never believed in this one 9ja rubbish! Go to Ghana if u desire to see patriotic citizens in Africa-we are just wasting time pretending to love one another-because of the oil revenue! While d fulanis think they can use boko haram to install buhari-ati tinubu -with their hanger-ons from the core South--what after the murder of abiola-and d death of late Gani-they dashed us Obj. That is 9ja of d wazobians 4 u-animals

Immigration staff oppose plans to impose shady staff

This is arguably an ordinary barking of dogs because GEJ and his South-South co-travellers are the proverbial deaf, dumb, drunk and blind drivers driving the Nigerian train. They are bent on imposing the greatest atrocities imaginable on the Nigerian psyche. Therefore, as usual, this plea would fall on deaf ears. Even, Pontius Pilate would sit at the right hand of God and would be considered a saint on the stage that is Jona Theatre. Remember Alams,Salisu Buhari, Ibori, Halliburton, Farouk/Otedola etc.

This is another agitation by

This is another agitation by the Hausa-Fulani establishment to always have all the important positions. "....they listed the shortlisted candidates as Rilwanu B. Musa, an Assistant CGIS, Ayo Oredipe (ACG) and Babandede Mohammed (ACG). Mr. Musa currently oversees the affairs of the Service in an acting capacity."

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