INEC Rejects Jonathan's Anointed Candidate For Bayelsa Election

Henry Seriake-Dickson at the flawed primary on Saturday
By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan's plan to force a governorship candidate on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa State his facing fresh hurdles as the Independent National Electoral Commission, Nigeria's electoral body, said it would reject the winner of the fraudulent primary if presented to it as a candidate of the party.

The PDP went ahead with a seriously flawed primary election despite a high court injunction stopping the exercise. INEC officials also boycotted the primary last Saturday in view of the court order stopping the primary.

Jonathan's anointed candidate, Henry Seriake-Dickson, was declared the winner in the flawed primary. Saharareporters had revealed that Mr. Dickson was programmed to win. Some contestants, who felt cheated, walked out in protest.

But speaking to Saharareporters this morning, a top INEC official said the primary was a nullity as far as his commission was concerned, and that Dickson will not be an acceptable candidate for the PDP.

'As you know, we (INEC) stayed away from the congress" the official said. "The law expects us to observe party primaries. But we had to stay away so as not to be part of an illegality.

"The court issued an injunction and it is only reasonable that the law is respected. We cannot accept the outcome of such a process. Except the court rules otherwise, we cannot accept the winner of that election as a candidate," the official said.

The official spoke shortly before INEC spokesperson, Kayode Idowu, confirmed to us that his commission stayed away from the congress in compliance with the court injunction.

"We got an injunction, and we had to respect it," he said.

Meanwhile, Saharareporters has received reports that the PDP has filed an appeal against the injunction obtained by Governor Timipre Sylva against the primary.

Ironically, the party had claimed that it did not know of any court injunction against the party congress prior to the primary.

Our sources said the appeal is a desperate ploy by the party to vacate the injunction and acquire legitimacy for the sham primary conducted in flagrant disobedience of a federal high court order.

An Appeal notice filed by the party legal adviser, Olusoka Oke, asked the court of appeal to vacate the injunction of the lower court and a motion urging the court of appeal for a motion for the stay of execution. The chairman of the PDP Usman barrage is represented by Tayo oyetibo, SAN while Mr. Dickson the candidate who emerged from the defective primaries has asked to join the suit through Joe-Kyari Gadzama, SAN.

At today's resumed  hearing before a Federal High Court judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, Gov. Timipre Sylva's represented by Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN and Femi Falana, disclosed to the court that the PDP had served processes of appeal to them. After reviewing the pleadings by lawyers in the case, the judge adjourned the case "sine die". In his ruling giving a leeway to the court of appeal, Justice Kolawole stated that the integrity  and the sanctity of the processes of court must be preserved.

President Jonathan has reportedly given instructions to his aides to influence the Court of Appeal judges to allow the case receive favorable treatment as he flies to France for a summit.

If the Court of Appeal rules in favor of the illegal primaries, INEC would have no choice but to recognize Mr. Dickson as the authentic candidate for the PDP.

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sensational heading, rubbish content

the official is tellin u something that has not yet been announced as INEC's decision, yet u carry the story as if INEC made d announcement...

Once again, unprofessionalism at its peak!!!

jega is a law abiding nigerian.

in the eyes of the law,conscience and righteousness every well meaning nigerian knows that timi sylva is the candidate of the people democratic party governorship election in bayelsa state.nigeria has gone beyond the era of disobedience to due process and the rule of law.

What an illegality beget would amount to illegality behaviour...

Coming event they say, cast their shadow before they come....... Even the blinds, deaf and the dumb among us, knew PDP ( that constitute GEJ & cohorts) would never mean well nor respect our law.

There is a proverb in my mother tongue that" who you know very well, you dont need torch-light to look at his face at night.

OBJ is known never to have obey any court ruling that is unfavourable to him so, what do we expect from his puppet?

Let's nt be too quibk to

Let's nt be too quibk to always condemn pdp. Go round the whole federation & u'll find out dt all d political parties r d same. In fact, u'll even come to respect pdp for some of their internal democracies. After all, there r parties in Nigeria where annointin a candidate in favovr of a keenly contested primary is the norm.

There is no True Democracy in Nigeria

There is no true democracy in Nigeria. The very tenets of democracy is freedom of choice. But we know that there is no such thing. even the party primaries are per-determined by the incumbent or the party in power. Delegates are teleguided and cajoled to vote for a particular candidate. The State Governors now control the choice of candidates at every level, the constituents has been deprived of this choice. It is top-down system. Voters at ward levels now look up to the state capital to decide the candidate of choice


There is a clear cut difference between a motion on notice and a court order. A motion on notice informs and requires a corresponding response based on prayers made. A court order restrains and orders a stop to all related actions pending the determination of the issues raised. PDP was served with a motion on notice and not a court order. Saharareporters take note.


By now, president Jonathan has spent two years, all together so far, as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So, it does not take a sooth sayer or a rocket scientist to tell the kind of posterity he wants to leave behind,after office. Just as the morning shows the day, supressing opposition, manipulation of the justice system, insensitivity to the needs and aspirations of Nigerians in general, his availability for use as an instrument by foreign powers to further ruin Nigeria economically and socially, among others, has shown Jonathan's direction, where he is moving Nigeria towards. If Nigerians are so handicapped that they cannot stop him legally, can they intensify their prayers to God to intervene?

Sylva should stop fighting.

Nature they say does not cheat,same way Sylva used to claim the guber seat is been used against him. It is better he is inhaling his vomit.

He turned down the court ruling to reinstate Hon. Ebebi his former deputy and now he is glamouring for a court ruling to stop the PDP primary.God has delivered the poor Bayelsans out of his wicked hands.

His judgement has just begun.


Nigeria political turf is in real trouble and whoever steps on it is expected to put his integrity and pedigree behind.
What we see here as Nigerians is not what the Western DEMOCRACY portends.
Its really regretable that our current leaders cannot "SPELL" what is the truth about how Nigeria should be run. We the up-coming leaders of tomorrow have not learnt anything except falsehood. Our Heroes past did not do like this otherwise, we would not have come to meet Nigeria as a Nation today. My people, lets keep all these self egos aside else, we will wake up some day and see the country in flames.

Let somebody advise our leaders and politicians to stop politicizing everything, it not for our own good.

Sylva,PDP Primaries & Bayelsa State.

In my opinion,it is hightime we stopped bogging ourselves with Sylva's disqualification, Injunction & d PDP Primaries. This is bcos,after all,Sylva has never obeyed any court rulings except d ones in his favous:d High & Appeal Courts Rulings in favour of Diongoli & Ebebi re good examples whereas he enjoyed his tenure elongation ruling.Primaries in BYS re always seen to be intra-party affairs.After all,d national & state assemblies primaries were done in BYS Govt House. Why did Sylva seek a new mandate?

INEC & its bundle of contradictions.

I refer to paragraph 5 of this Report which is credited to a top INEC source to have said "We cant accept a candidate that emerged from a process of illegality" moreso bcos "we didnt observe d Primaries,as required by the Electoral Law". In d next Paragraph,d same INEC source is quoted to have claimed that "except the Court rules otherwise,we wont accept d candidate".My question to INEC is weda d eventual Court's ruling in favour of PDP automatically legitimizes d Primaries which it didnt observe.


Contrary to widespread speculation that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has resolved not to accept the outcome of recent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship primaries in Bayelsa State, the commission has denied taking a stand on the excercise.Speaking with Daily Sun yesterday, Chief Press Secretary to INEC chairman, Kayode Idowu, dismissed the rumour as the handiwork of political jobbers. Seriake Dickson emerged the candidate of PDP in the party’s November 19 controversial governorship primaries. An Abuja Federal High Court had earlier granted injunction sought by the state governor restraining the party from holding the primaries. The court order led to INEC staying away from the event.

Omoyele Sowere Wake & Sahara Repoter - Political jobbers

Bayelsa guber: INEC denies rejecting PDP primary
Local: 02:00am GMT:01:00am
Contrary to widespread speculation that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has resolved not to accept the outcome of recent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship primaries in Bayelsa State, the commission has denied taking a stand on the excercise. Speaking with Daily Sun yesterday, Chief Press Secretary to INEC chairman, Kayode Idowu, dismissed the rumour as the handiwork of political jobbers...Like Sahara Reporters and Omoyele Sowere. wake up man!


"President Jonathan has reportedly given instructions to his aides to influence the Court of Appeal judges to allow the case receive favorable treatment as he flies to France for a summi:". HABA!SAHARA, HABA!!WERE U THERE WHEN HE DID SO OR ARE U ONE OF THE AIDES? STOP SPECULATING AND STOP THIS DAMAGE AND PULL DOWN JOURNALISM.

GEJ, Nwoke Ebele

Bc he has d heart 4 d pple, he has vowed neva 2 allow d vampire 2 continue sucking d bld of his own. He is fighting d evil by becoming evil - d obj way. In d US, when a man threatens d president he has threatened d very foundation on which d country stands. GEJ is d president 4 God's sake & 4 a govno 2 threaten 2 kill him is a total disregard 4 Nigeria & Nigerians. Pls respect d office of d president even if u think Gej doesnt deserve ur respect as dat was Gov. Sylva's: looking at d president as a person instead of d exalted office he occupies. Bet me he's finished politically & dis should b a lesson

Pending their settlement.

Pending their settlement.

No way for Sylva, Dickson stays.

No way for Sylva, Dickson stays. Sylva is a bad dream and do not involve Mr. President in this please.


We have no court in Nigeria in the first instance. The money bags have bought them over. So it is justice for the reach. Is n t that Kangaroo?

My brother God bless ur mouth

May d lord bless d mouth and hand u use to tell this Ogbia man some truth


I don't know why poor Nigerians are visited with the scourge of this yeye party. They just cannot get their acts together. Let the people vote out that thieving governor if they don't want him. Dis GEJ sef, if he can tackle Nigeria problem with this same energy, then things will be ok o...

My brother God bless ur mouth

May d lord bless d mouth and hand u use to tell this Ogbia man some truth

Illigality in its true sense

This is illigality n bad to no dat our most respected president's name is included even if our govt av not meant our expectation dat does not give PDP or any other person not to obey a direct court order, d PDP lawyers are just bent on making money for themselves not considering the legal implication of going ahead wit the primaries, pls pls and pls if dis is d way dickson is set to lead Bayelsa he should pls leave us alone let make do wit sylva hopefully things will get better with sylva


Mr Reporter, the issue here is not whether INEC has the write or not to accept the name of a candidate, but are obeying the court injunction which precludes PDP from conducting any primaries regarding the Governorship election. You may be misleading the public from whatever reporting you are feeding them with. You don't need to be a lawyer to know the meaning of injunction. You are ectually the FALSE REPORTER. Pls leave Sahara Reporters alone.

Which is true then

It is only when you are dissatisfied with a decision of a Court below then u can appeal,if u are challenging the jurisdiction of a Court,it is in that same Court that one can file a preliminary objection challenging its lack of jurisdiction,appeal'll only come when the same Court rules otherwise,don't mislead unsuspecting public,pls disregard his submission

Bayelsa, PDP & sylvia

Court injuction or motion of notice, the party would have its way. Timiprie sylva' time is up with PDP. It seems the bayesians too are tired and desperately need a change for transformation , infracstural development, improved health and job creation. The question is can PDP bring these changes?

Another "onfoloke President" Please stay home!!!

"President Jonathan has reportedly given instructions to his aides to influence the Court of Appeal judges to allow the case receive favorable treatment as he flies to France for a summit."

When will this man Jonathan stay home to tackle the problem in this country for God's sake? France today, Australia yesterday, and USA next week? What is wrong with our leaders? Why can't they stay home and solve the country's daunting problems? We thought Obasanjo's reign ended all this wasteful spending and what is so difficult in staying at home and focus on helping Nigerian people? You are elected to serve and improve lives at home and not this international junket all the time Jonathan!!! Listen up! Grow up!

Junk Journalism


This is the same Sylva who knelt down and apologized to the President after listening to his voice recorded threatening to kill the President and his family if he is denied PDP ticket. What does he hope to achieve by these face-saving fight? Rule the people of Bayelsa by force? Oh! how short our memories are. Sylva has forgotten in a hurry how he became the Governor of Bayelsa. Today he and his ilk like Omoyele claim PDP primary was a Sham because Timipre was not part of the “sham” this time, hahaha.

Sylva did nothing for Bayelsans and now as a drowning man, he is looking for people to go down with. He has bitten the hands that fed him, not only that, he is massively stepping on the very toes that made him what he is today.

Time will tell but sure his days as Governor of Bayelsa are numbered!

Junk Journalism


Have you asked Sylva your pay master why he is not denying ever threatening to kill the President and his family? Sylva is challenging PDP to tell the world his sin, wait until his secrets are revealed and he is thrown in jail, you Sowere will look for where to hide your head in shame. This is the same Sylva whom his party hierarchy invited and told the reason he is not a favorable candidate- Indicting security reports against him, corruption dossier, and his threat to kill the President and his family. At the same meeting, he never denied any of these allegations, so he was given soft landing options; he never said a word but walked out of the meeting sober only to head to court to want to stop the party Primary and to attract sympathy from Innocent masses.

This is junk Journalism

What will Omoyele Sowere not write from his hideout in New York? Jonathan this, Jonathan that….

It’s a shame that SR has condescend so low to become the mouth piece of corrupt Timipre Sylva. This is indeed junk Journalism of the highest order.

Investigative journalism will go all out to verify if indeed there was an Order stopping the Election for which PDP disobeyed or it was a mere notice. Come on Sowere, what do you represent now?


Sahara Reporters should be lauded for being a vanguard against many illegalities, and particularly, corruption.

However, it should also make it clear in an article such as this, that it considers all parties in the saga, corrupt.

There's a tendency to piece meal the condemnation. Sahara reporters appears to be supporting Timipre here, and condemning him in another piece, and yet even accusing INEC of worse in another.

It's obvious that INEC and Timipre are considered by Sahara Reporters as the "good" actors here, whilst President Jonathan is the villain.

I therefore, encourage Sahara reporters to state clearly in the same piece that it considers all actors corrupt.

Thank you.

(This is not necessarily my opinion, but an observation from dissecting various articles, and the aura projected by this publication. I don't necessarily disagree either).