Inspector General of Police Admits Police Ran Away From UNIPORT 4 Lynching

IGP MD Abubakar
By SaharaReporters, New York

In a bizarre explanation of how four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were lynched in Omukiri-Aluu area in Rivers State recently, the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed D. Abubabar, today stated that when the armed policemen arrived at the active scene, they were prevented from saving the students by a mob which threw stones at them.

“Consequently, the Patrol Team called for reinforcements, but unfortunately, upon the arrival of the reinforcements, the alleged armed robbery suspects have been stoned and burnt to death, while the mob immediately took to their heels,” Mr. Abubakar said in a statement which he signed personally.

He said the police commenced an investigation in which they arrested the traditional ruler of Omukiri Community in Aluu, Alhaji Hassan Welewa, as he was found to have incited the mob to unleash terror on the victims.

“Findings have revealed that the victims had gone to the area where they met their unfortunate death earlier that morning to demand for money allegedly owed to them by Coxson Lelebori Lucky, alias ‘Bright’, who raised a false alarm that the victims were armed robbers.

Coxson has since gone underground, the IGP said, but detectives are looking for him. Mr. Abubakar also stated that 18 other people, most of them members of a local vigilante, have been arrested in connection with the murders. He specifically named Felemo Solomon; Cynthia Chinwo; Ozioma Abajuo and Chigozie Samuel Evans as having been “closely linked to this barbarous act.”

Mr. Abubakar did not explain how a heavily armed police patrol team was prevented from an active crime scene by people who only had stones.

In the incident on October 5, the four students of UNIPORT, aged 18-20, were lynched and their bodies set on fire.

The IGP gave their names as Ugunna Obuzor, 18, 200 Level Geology student; Lloyd Toku, 19, 200 Level Civil Engineering student; Tekena Elkanah, 20, a Diploma Technical student; and Chiadaka Odinga, 20, 200 Level Theatre Arts student.

Full text of the statement:


Rivers State: Murder of Four (4) Students of University of Port-Harcourt:

On 5th October, 2012 at about 0700Hrs, based on a distress call that some armed
robbers were arrested at Omukiri-Aluu area in Ikwerre LGA, a patrol team of four
Policemen from Isiokpo Divisional Police Headquarters was dispatched to the area, a
distance of about 10kms. The Police on getting to the scene met a mob attack on four
victims who were supposedly the suspected armed robbers. Attempt made by the
Police Patrol Team to take over the suspects were met with stiff opposition from the
mob who chased the team with stones.

Consequently, the Patrol Team called for reinforcements, but unfortunately, upon the
arrival of the reinforcements, the alleged armed robbery suspects have been stoned
and burnt to death, while the mob immediately took to their heels. The corpses were
recovered by the Police who by then have been joined by members of the Joint Task
Force (JTF). The victims were later identified to be students of University of Port

Harcourt. They are namely:

 (i)   Ugunna Obuzor- aged 18 Years; 200 Level
Geology student;
(ii) Lloyd Toku- aged 19 Years; 200 Level Civil
Engineering student;
(iii)Tekena Elkanah- aged 20 Years, a Diploma
Technical student
(iv)Chiadaka Odinga- aged 20 Years, 200 Level
Theatre Arts student.

The Police immediately launched an investigation leading to the arrest (based on
information) of Alhaji Hassan Welewa, the Traditional Ruler of Omukiri Community,
Aluu where the heinous incident took place and eighteen (18) others, some of who are
members of the vigilante group of the community.

Intelligence report implicated Alhaji Hassan Welewa, as being the person who incited
the mob to unleash terror on the victims. Further investigation conducted by the
police indicates that four (4) suspects, namely: Felemo Solomon; Cynthia Chinwo;
Ozioma Abajuo and Chigozie Samuel Evans have been closely linked to this barbarous

Findings have revealed that the victims had gone to the area where they met their
unfortunate death earlier that morning to demand for money allegedly owed to them
by Coxson Lelebori Lucky, alias ‘Bright’, who raised a false alarm that the victims were
armed robbers. Although, Coxson has gone underground, Detectives are on his trail.

Investigation is ongoing with efforts being intensified to track down others who are
involved in the incident. Those who are found culpable shall be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, massive deployment of Policemen has been made to the area, including
detectives to assist the State Police Command. Normalcy has been restored in the
area, while the situation in the area, especially in the University and other tertiary
institutions are being closely monitored with a view to forestalling any untoward

Efforts are being intensified to establish the motive(s) behind this crime, arrest all
who may be directly or indirectly connected with the crime and eventually bring all
indicted persons to book.

I wish to use this medium to advice and appeal to Nigerians to see it as their civic
obligation in the fight against crime and criminality, to assist security agencies in the
discharge of their responsibility. Security is everybody’s responsibility and so, should
not be abandoned in the hands of security agencies alone. The maximum cooperation
of the public is needed to ensure that Nigeria is safe for all.

Nigerians are further reminded to avoid taking laws into their hands, as two wrongs
can never make a right. More so, it is criminal and against the laws of the land and
those that do so will surely be made to face the full wrath of the law.

In addition, the IGP appeals to citizens who might have information torching on
this and other on-going Police investigation not to hesitate in turning over such
information to the Nigeria Police Force.

May I assure Nigerians that the Police Force will do everything legitimate, within its
capacity, to ensure that perpetrators of these dastardly acts at Aluu in Rivers State are
identified and made to face the law.




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Thanks alot and hope that you will post more site that are related to this site. Cheers.

I got somehow impressed after

I got somehow impressed after reading all of this because it has some quality work and insight. Conclusions you made on your own, so thats very valuable for readers like me.


I really feel sorry to know this but there is a question knocking in my mind.

Should we feel us safe?
I don't think so.
domestic violence attorney Reno


i got email that he says that he is( Mohammed D. Abubakar, NPM, mni, the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force.)
how can i find it out that he tells true?
please help me

charged with the regulation

charged with the regulation and
control of the affairs of a community, now chiefly the department established to maintain order, enforce the law, and prevent and detect crime. For more information
iphone 4 case


police is the governmental department charged with the regulation and
control of the affairs of a community, now chiefly the department established to maintain order, enforce the law, and prevent and detect crime. For more information see the link below.

police @

which could lead into

which could lead into unintended fracas and on the other hand damages the reputation of the media organisation.This is not sensationalism;it is Red-herring dressed up with stupilegal translation services

Is there any need of Nigeria Police in this country

this is too bad, our country has turned into something else, we don't have security anymore and when we talk about criminals, police are d criminals we have now d work hand to hand with d so call criminals too, no differnet with cops and d crimnals now, how i wish dat our Government will stop anything called Vigilante groud, let know d one we are suffering on d criminals so called polices, d don't do their job anymore instead d do contrary to d laws, it only God can save us in this country. As dis Aluu community caused pains to these family, friend, relation, sisters and brothers, so shall pains and sorrow be in their family, d can never see good in their life, only terrible things we d see and on seeing it till d generation are gone. Is there any need of Nigeria Police in our country. may God save us.

I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you. I am even more surprised that the presidency has not come out to condemn this calculated attempt by the IG to deceive Nigerians. This gives you the perspective of leadership in this country and why people don't care.Here are a few things to ponder:
First from the video of the crime scene, I can't seem to figure out what crowd the police said pelted stones at them and prevented them from helping these poor victims.When the police patrol was called, were they not told the nature of what was going on? How come they came unprepared?
If the police trully needed re-enforcement when 4 students' lives were in danger, does leaving the scene the best option to getting re-enforcement? there is no other way to communicate to their office they need more officers at the scene? Since senate and the house have not said anything about this lame excuse, I guess that means they agreed with the actions taken by the police. Human life is cheap in this country.


Its either the IG of Police is the dumbest Policeman alive or he thinks we are still stupid and gullible as yestayears. its preposterous and very insulting for the IG to look 160 million Nigerians in the face and tell them his men with guns were chased away by stones carrying mob. in a sane country the IG & CP Rivers state would have resigned for allowing such dastardly acts to be perpetrated under the vey watch of their men. Also, the preposterous statements he appended his signature to in the press release should be enough for the Police Service commission to send him packing. Am sorry for this Nigeria.

They won't Rest in Peace Now

They can't rest in peace, until their blood that was spilled on the ground unjustly in that town called Aluu by the refuse dump will continue to cry and make sleep expensive for every inhabitant of Aluu community.They will see it and can't have it, they will smell progress and won't get it, they will see healing and won't have it, they will see breakthrough and it won't get to their hands(The partakers will no no sleep and peace from generation to generation). Those who live in the city and did not partake in it had better start moving out of there..cos the Battle(spiritual) has just started.
Can you imagine the war of stones against the police went there unharmed. they can't shoot in the air and let everyone disperse..Tekena's sister said the police told them to kill them if they wanted....and here they are fabricating lies

That Aluu Killings

It is quite heart rending to learn that the 4 boys were not armed robbers or theives after all, rather they were staged by a debtor! Lynchings and mob actions in the country have become a recurring decimal, occassioned by the society's mob mentality. Lynch mob mentality spurred on by so called radicals and "social crusaders" have been responsible to most of these mob actions. "Hold your community leaders responsible", "They are theives", "Burn their houses", "Protect your votes", "Defend your rights", and all such slogans have, over the years, been responsible for lynchings and destruction of properties, killing of God alone knows how many innocent victims down the line. Can this episode compel us into sober reflections on how not to react under future occureences of this nature?

the village chief is an

the village chief is an Alhaji. blood is their trademark, its all over the world.

Let us all be responsible to ensure that justice prevail.

Hmmmmmmmm what a systemic failure,a society devoid of common sense, a nation where majority pays a lips service and watch how young men were dehuminized and kill in a most brutal way. A nation that watch to see what will be the reaction of the parents of those young men, afterall is thier responsibility forgetting that an injustice to one is injustice to all. Hmm, I wept. Let me say this no sane person should further call for any strike, industrial action, street protest, demonstration, rally, warning sign or any ultimatum until we all take responsibility of ensuring that justice is done to this young men. I call on SNG, NLC, TUC, CLO, SU, NUJ, and all other responsible organisation and people to demonstrate a strong resolution against this babaric act. Let the religious bodies declare a solemn fast, let the authorities declare a national mourning and a rememberance day for this young men. Hmmm something has to be done and be done urgently.


The statement personally signed by the IG should be taken as a basis for the prosecution of the Rivers State Police Commissioner, the Area Commander, the DPO and particularly the 4 policemen detailed to the venue for culpable homicide.

At times like this, I badly miss the indefatigable Chief Gani Fawehinmi SAM, SAN. He would have taken up this case and ensured that these men are punished adequately.

Please and please where are our learned men and women out there, are we going to let these innocent boys die in vain? Remember that the death of one of us ultimately is the death of all us. Our children could have been among those four.

As for the IG, I expect the President to relieve him of his duties for this very stupid defence. It is an embarrassment to this country. By the way, I haven't heard Mr. President's voice on this atrocity. Is he still the President?



Finally, this IG guy need to

Finally, this IG guy need to be fired. But then the clueless Johnathan can't fire a clueless IG. Both are dumbazz.Just the other day, a lady was stripped naked for shoplifting at ShopRite and people were inserting foreign objects in her private part. Nobody is even talking about this like it was nothing. How did this country get this low? You've got to cry for this country.

The Police Farce That Time Forgot

I take no excuse from Mr. IGP, because the world has long left the whole NPF behind. The IGP/GEJ himself are sure to be the last in such posts for the entire contraption called Nigeria. This is what happens when a nation is held in reverse mode for decades. All the past IGPs have done zero to modernise the service. Mr. IGP could take his case to the National Assembly or even his boss and use the incident to warm them of serious consequences if they continue to ignore the senseless insecurity be-deviling the nation, Following that, the IGP should immediately initiate a 2-5year modernization effort for the entire police service (not force please). As a result of this devastating incident, I believe that many Nigerian leaders have forever tarnished their images within the international commmunity.

IGP statement on Aluu 4

Mr Abubakar IGP I see him as a smart, courageous, educated & competent police officer but his press release on Aluu 4 has given me cause for concern as to the competency of our Nigeria Police Force. In-fact its an eye opener why crime rate is ascending. If people with mere stones could chase away officers with AK 47, then I say nawa oh don't they drill their men on riot management. No wonder armed robbers & kidnappers are having a fields day. Anyway, to help the police fight crime ALL hands must be on deck. Give info to the police. Please Mr. IGP publish the photo of Coxson & others you are looking for. Back to Aluu 4 we are told for three hours those young lads were tortured & burnt alive to death. The DPO,DCO of that area should be retired with immediate effect without benefit & charged for dereliction of duty. To the parents of the lads may the Almighty God who knows the end of every matter from the beginning console you all in Jesus name.

Things Could Be Better !!!

..... even where pictures are not readily available, Sketches of lucky's face would be quickly made by sketch artist by gathering description of lucky face from those who knew him and made available to the general public. Nigeria needs an active and people oriented state and local Gov't police force and an agile judiciary, not the over stretched federal police system. Until then, expect more of this occurrences. Pray all you want, things will not change until Nigerians in one unanimous voice demand for that change....

Aluu 4

Human sacrifice best describes the barbaric act meted out to those innocent 4. Burning human flesh takes its primordial roots from human cannibalism. That's not d kind of attitude to b portrayed by scientifically modern man. It wld have been appropriate if it had happened in prehistoric times when man had no consciousness of his humanity. The mob n d cops re all savages(defined).


Udam u can't cease to amaze me, just becos the chief and leader of that Godless, missionary xtian born Aluu community ironically bears a muslim name doesn't make hgim a muslim, and besides we heard d chief is a pure Xtian, pls apart from terror gangs muslim sect Boko haram, where hav u heard a muslim chief leading a gang to lynch innocent kidz. Y r u so shameless, always runnin away frm d truth. Pls try and watch d video clip again and u will see d guy carryin a plank while murderin d kids was wearin a cross round his neck, so tell me what else will u show that southern Xtians are not devils lyk u with a fish brain" stop being myopic and bias in ur judgement""!

What A Flimsy Excuse!

Mr. Abubakar, what a flimsy and childish excuse! This is not acceptable to any sane human being with conscience. Don't forget that the video of the dastardly act that went viral on the internet will remain indelible in the minds of decent law abiding people, talkless of the boys' parents. The law of the land clearly demanded the boys, inspite of their crimes, if any, to have been handed over to the appropriate authority, instead of brutally senselessly mudering them in broad day light thereby prematurely terminating their lives and potentials. All we want is justice!

the toothless bulldog police

Nigeria Police, see your life outside. The NPF goofed and has case to answer. The NPF witnessed and allowed the lynching to take place. That the NPF cannot quel the lynching scene in the video that we watched on the net is very unfortunate. What happened to their stone-repelling-gear and vehicles, tear-gas, rubber-pellets, shooting the sky and other mob dispersing strategies. Only a speeding car with loud siren could have dispersed the crowd that we saw. The total number of the active mob is below 30. THERE must be a reason for this kind of behaviour on the part of the police. Everybody is just doing what he likes. This is the Nigeria Police that GEJ want to scrap the EFCC for.

No distinction btwn the terrorists and their hosts

In the evening of 9-11-2001 the then US president specified the ways he wanted to fight terrorism when he said "We wiill not rest until we smoke them out of their holes and bring them to open justice" he also said "We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them'. All theses were exactly what happened. Here in Nigeria, the Presidency has its constraints and the JTF must use all professional and world class best warfare tactics to identify true terrorists and true hosts.


Thank you for your wonderful comment.We really need Jesus more!


RIP-Ugunna Obuzor A.K.A Tipsy,Lloyd Toku A.K.A Big L, Tekena lkanah,Chiadaka Odinga.... You guyz r in heaven already.

This could be untrue

This could be untrue, because some witnesses say the police could be sighted when they were being lynched. The patrol team could have shot guns in the air if they wanted to disperse the mob. I invite eye witnesses to report the true stories of what they saw at ... You're the voice of the people at

This is 2012

in 2012, the IG of police tells nigerians that his may were scarred away by a mob armed by stones. Even if that is the truth it is better he did not reveal this. This makes it more painful for the family and friends of these young nigerians. on the other hand, not even a mention of this dehumanizing tragedy from the President. Like Sonny Okosuns said many years ago "which way nigeria?"

Too Too Bad! These Handsome

Too Too Bad! These Handsome Angels were innocent after all! God is watching. Mr. IG no excuses for this obvious lapse. Put your self in the shoes of the parents to those boys. The Police men on duty in that community for that day should all be tried with the pepetrators of the wicked acts. To the families, Take heart. To every Nigerian, JESUS NOW MORE THAN EVER.

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