International Flights Endangered As Power Gens Pack Up At Murtala Muhammed International Airport In Lagos-PM News, Nigeria

By Simon Ateba

Power cuts have caused series of near-tragic landings at the Lagos airport, in southwest Nigeria, over the past few days, passengers aboard the lucky planes have said. And the two electricity generators serving the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, MMIA, have broken down, thus compounding the situation.

On Monday night, as an Emirates Flight EK781 was about to land, a sudden power cut struck, forcing the pilot to divert the plane to Lome, capital of Togo, a neighbouring West .

The Emirates plane, an Airbus A340-500, had arrived from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and had already received clearance for landing from the traffic controllers when the near accident happened at about 7.44 pm, reports said.

The plane, it was learnt, returned to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, MMIA, several hours later and made a safe landing at about 11p.m.
A few minutes after, passengers said, there was another power outage at Nigeria’s gateway. The incident was almost a repeat of what happened to a Kenyan Airways flight on Saturday night.

The Kenyan Airways had come from Nairobi, Kenya, and had arrived the Lagos airport at about 9p.m. in complete darkness.

“The blackout was total,” said a passenger onboard the plane.

“The experience I had on Saturday was very difficult. The runway light at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos was switched off. The arrival hall was dark and the immigration officials were using torchlight to work. I even wanted to talk with the pilot but it was too dark and I couldn’t see her.”

The passenger, a frequent traveller, pledged anonymity but called on Nigerian authorities to come clean with the truth.

When contacted, the spokesperson of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Mr. Yakubu Datti, said that rain storms were to blame.
He also admitted that since the generator house was blown off last year, it had not been fixed and the water penetrated the panels.

As a result, he said, the panels were soaked and could not transmit power to the E-wing of the terminal building.

He said: “The heavy rain storm that occurred in Lagos yesterday, March 4, disrupted power supply to the Murtala Muhammed Airport for about six minutes due to a power surge from the two main PHCN power supply sources to the airport.”

The airport is connected to two main power sources from Ejigbo and Egbin power stations.

Datti said the storm initially knocked off the power supply from Ejigbo which led to a three-minute outage at the airport before FAAN engineers switched over to the alternate power supply source from Egbin.  “That supply line was later affected by the storm, leading to another three minute power outage,” he said.

“Our engineers then switched over to the airport’s standby generators, some panels of which were unfortunately soaked with water, due to the heavy flooding that resulted from the heavy rainfall.

“This resulted in a blackout at the ‘E’ wing of the airport, including the avio bridges. It was for this reason that arriving passengers on an international flight were processed through an alternative route at the terminal and in the process, were exposed momentarily to the rain,” he said.


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Disaster In Waiting

Until we resolve our power sector, there will be no significant stride in national development. Our failure to lighten Nigeria as a whole is just PDP's plan of keeping us in the dark. with over 12 years at the helm and we have nothing to show for it.

Power failure at our International Airport is just another disaster in waiting. The earlier we vote out PDP and elect a progressive government the better for us all. As a lot other contributors have stated, we should not complain come 2015 and the PDP is still there. That will be shame on US!!!


Opposite people

May God bless Fela Anikulapo. Fela said that Nigerians are opposite people. How can you continue to use power generating machine to run an airport that needs a lot of megawatts. My brothers and sisters,this power generating machine is meant only to be used for few minutes,10-25 minutes until the full power is restored. Nigerians are using power generating machine for hours. Where are the common sense in this "Giant of the fools". Likewise,these machines are running most of the high rise buildings in Lagos and Abuja and we don't see why people are dying like chicken from pollutions.If Nigerians do not vote PDP out of office at national level in 2015, please don't even start it (complaining).

Yes How did we get here?

The past failed generations got us here and if we dont make amends we will pass NOTHING but WASTELAND and EMPTINESS to the next generation is a few distance away

Amen...............may there

Amen...............may there not be peace in their tent Amen

Nigeria we hail thee!!!

The only reason that will never be accepted by the authorities is incompetence,elsewhere,when such happens people lose their jobs but never in Nigeria where the criteria for government appointments are based on ethnic lines but my question has always been,how far can we go before we realize that we have since deviated from the road that leads to development? somebody please help me with an answer


A nation of blood sucking vampires!!

Pilots Use Their Cell Phones.

This is no news. On several occasions Pilots resort to using their cell phones to talk to one another on who goes in first to land whenever communication with the tower fails due to power outages, especially our local flights. At least the international airlines are able to divert their flights to neighbouring countries until power at the international wing is restored, but local flights don't have that luxury, so they take the risk and use their personal cell phones to talk with other airlines in the air waiting to land.

Nigeria is a systemic failing nation.

Power failure@ Lagos Airport

It seem we dont understand how democracy funtion. In countries we copy the system from it worked because ruling party is blamed. It enable citizens excercise their power to change the govetnment. Assuming we said PDP cant run airport folks know next election Pdp is out. Dont respond by saying alternate pary is currupt because we have to create competition to get result. The more they are recycle the better because to win performance has to be better than incumbent.

RE: Power Failure

The leaders of Nigeria have failed us in all aspects of life. As they have caused us to be object of laughter, may their generation fail them! So shall it be in Jesus Name

Power outrage at the international airport Lagos

Believe me or not, God will definately wipe out all these corrupt leaders starting from IBB, OBJ, Jonathan, Shagari,Abdusalam, Bankole etc who make that country hard for ordinary citizens to live in. Waite and see their ends

Another committee

They are only good in setting up committees after a major disaster........... UNSERIOUS BEINGS


With the heavy tax been paid by every passenger, its a disgrace, NO STAND-BY PLANT, air-condition is non-existent. NO GOOD TOILET. The toilets are unfit for dogs to use. Passengers are likely to contact disease, personally I've stopped using these so-called toilets, I think Police guru (EFCC) should be called in to investigate the HEAVY-WEIGHT CORRUPTION going on, inside the top management.
Heads should roll/prosecuted.

Too bad

It is indeed sad to find our beloved country still struggling with generator and PHCN issues at this stage of our development. That an airport does not have a protected covering for its generator house is just foolishness and total incompetence on the part of Administrators. Is there anyone left to bring sanity to our system?


I wonder how Govt. paid labourers could do such a thing. As we accuse the govt. we also accuse ourselves because we made, we constifute, we are the govt. Investors kindly come and take over to prevent the govt. control mess us up pls.


When 20 years ago, we warned Nigeria's heading towards being a failed state, many didn't believe. I don't think we need say a word further.
Am afraid, the only way out of these national shame and embarassment is to choose good leaders and continue to fight for our votes to count. No good leaders, no good government and efficient public and private sector services. And poor public/private sector economy will always breed mentally weak, poor and corrupt people.
This lacklustre and jejune presidency, that cannot place a simple demand for efficiency and quality service delivery from its ministers and senior employees must be voted out come year 2015.
And to our community leaders, the lesson is clear, don't be hasty to 'anoint' or propose leaders, but let the people choose proven and patriotic men amongst themselves. Think! Nigerians, Think!!

Up Nigeria.

The Nigerians at it again, nothing works and this is supposed to be in the city of Lagos with the so called economic/financial ratings far better than that of the united kingdom.Anything goes as far Nigeria is concerned, i won't be surprised one day to wake up and find out that the entire country has been sold off, with the people living in it.


What is rain storm , that is what others serious nations deal with every day to day in every seasons what if hurricane or earthquake even tornadoes took place at the airport '??? this are all serious than rain storm which the Nigerian airport authority could not deal with. I wonder when Nigeria will ever be serious as nation . until a disaster happen again at the airport before the Mr President and the minister of aviation and the senators will start crying and making noise. now some body has failed in his duty to do his job by making sure that the stand generator if fix nobody has don nothing about it.

God has turned his back on Nigeria and Things Fall Apart

The scourge of a country called Nigeria - An endless Nightmare.
Very Basic necessity called Electricity that is critical for business and development has been absent since Independence and worsening daily.
Similarly, Lack of chlorinated water with fluoride and Alum is nonexistent since independence.
A sorry nation that its priorities are backward and regression is growing every day. Other nations have infrastructure to show for their development, but Nigeria has stolen and illegally amassed wealth is all the country has to show and a system with the highest level of moral decadence, ineptitude and disgrace.

SHAME ON YOU NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Blessed Country With Complete Fools Ruling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a big SHAME and Embarrassment. So now, we have resorted to blaming RAIN for the lack of fore sight; proper contingency planning; fools manning all areas of government, wrong people heading departments they have no knowledge about; acute CORRUPTION and complete laziness. What else is new in Nigeria?????? Thank God for the Pilot averting the deaths of lives at MMA.



How did we get here?

Some angry people will be annoyed that Jonathan is mentioned here. If he is up and doing, the minister in charge should be out of job by now. Or at least the minister should have sacked several high level people and there will be sanity.
God .... how did we get to this level? An international airport that was repaired with billions of naira is affected by rainstorm? Well we have 'dealers' as leaders and they will tell us tomorrow when they are out of office what should have been done like OBJ of recent talking irrationally!
God is not going to do anything about this and nobody should call HIM to do this. Somebody is already paid to do it so let that person be sacked and get somebody else to do the job.

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