Investigation: Vice President Sambo Chose Deputy Governor Few Hours After Yakowa Died In Plane Crash

By SaharaReporters, New York


SaharaReporters can authoritatively report that despite his denial, Vice President Namadi Sambo is the man that chose Ambassador Nuhu Audu Bajoga as the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State few hours after it was confirmed that Governor Patrick Yakowa died in the plane crash that occurred in Bayelsa State on 15th December, 2012.

The confirmation gotten from a credible source in Aso Rock, the seat of Nigerian Presidency in Abuja clearly proved that the choice of Ambassador Bajoga is not choice of new Kaduna State Governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, but that of the Vice President.

The source who confirmed the story added that even President Goodluck Jonathan was fully briefed of the development and got a real picture of how his Vice President is juggling the turbulent politics of Kaduna State to match his own unpublicized presidential ambition.

Investigations carried out by SaharaReporters also revealed that Sambo is unilaterally running the affairs of the state from Abuja and has been shuttling to Kaduna mobilizing support for his godson governor. He was in Kaduna on Monday where he met with all traditional rulers and elected public officials in which he pleaded for support to the new governor and distributed largesse to all attendees of his Kaduna meetings.

The source said, “The choice of who will be the next deputy governor of Kaduna State was taken here in Abuja, just few hours after it was confirmed that Governor Yakowa was dead. The Vice President took that position and quickly chose Bajoga who was in Kaduna.  Bajoga was told as well as all the key players in the Vice President’s camp. We were here in Abuja when the news of the crash occurred, and the President was greatly troubled because of his good relationship with Governor Yakowa of Kaduna State. And only later on, the President got wind of Sambo’s decision.

“The whole was done here; they called the man from here and told him their demands. While all the noise of the battling for deputy governor was going on in Kaduna, the search has already been concluded and that is why the President refused to dabble into the matter, knowing that Sambo has chosen deputy governor few hours after the crash.”

The source further said that, Sambo’s action to remove Bajoga, who was at the time chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state was Sambo's way to fix his own crony as chairman of the party.

Sambo, according to other sources in Kaduna and Zaria has a crack team of his pundits who are presently working with the governor on how to manage Kaduna's tense politics of religion and ethnicity.

The source concluded that close associates of President Jonathan are watching Kaduna politics with keen interests and have been meeting with a consistent group of Southern Kaduna youth that has been opposing the choice of Bajoga which they perceived as Sambo’s bidding.

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Who did you want to choose a dg 4kd?

What's the big deal about VP Sambo choosing a deputy governor for Kaduna State? You see where you go you would have preferred the President who hails from Bayelsa to choose a deputy governor for kaduna state and not the VP and immediate past governor of the state. You see, this is the way of people who reason with their noses! Every discerning mind can understand why you prefer the Pre to choose a DG for KD and not theVP. Foolish talk!

why the haste

the haste in jostling for who becomes what soon after the death of Yakowa is suspicious. it is like it was settled Yakowa would pass on. The VP and his cohorts should be investigated. inshort it is like the Deputy Gov. was chosen b/4 Yakowas' death. were are we going.

Or you & your geographical

Or you & your geographical land mass can be merged with Katsina not for fanaticism but because you have so much in common. Perhaps IBB didn't carve out right.

Burkutu babu kyau ama weewee

Burkutu babu kyau ama weewee da coke & dandaudu-ism na da kyau ko Dan Hausa! Hauka kawai. Wa ke zance annexing? See your mentality? You are thinking annexing,capturing,colonised so they are seen by you as subordinates who should be subserviant! Terrible. Do you honestly think they have to be annexed?! Kaima ka koyi hankali-we all need it. Do you think they should be with you who has no respect for them should this country break? If it will ever breaks, only God knows how many parts it will be broken into.

And so What?

And so what if the VP chose the new Kaduna state deputy gov? Was 'Yar'adua not imposed on Nigerians? Was GEJ not imposed on 'Yar'adua? Was Sambo himself not imposed on GEJ? So is the nature of Nigerian Politics and people should therefore accept faith as it comes and shut up! Deputy gov or not, Bajoga wouldn't have continued as PDP chairman considering the new political landscape and zoning arrangement. And as for "Southern Kaduna Professional Petitioners", let them allow elements from SS&SE instigate them and be causing trouble in Kaduna state. Do they think that SS&SE will annex them as a part should this country breaks? Kai jama'a, burkutu ba kyau! Allah wadaran babawan mutum, wayo ke gareshi kawai babu hankali!


Well spoken

Southern Zaria Professionals

Please let these noise makers migrate to Plateau State to continue with Christian fanaticism.

Deputy Governor

Is it the issue of the way forward for the state or who choose the deputy governor?Are you people trying to tell the world that Bajoga is not competent to hold that office???


The permutation by VP to appease his political machinariess or the people of southern kaduna is over. What is important as this time is the man in question. Whether he will make difference or not.


I implore all Nigerians to beware of the tactics of our greedy and corrupt politicians to destroy the unity of this country.

Why all the gimmricks?

Somebody should please explain to me why all these complaints?

Yakowa's Death and Kaduna Politics

May Yakowa's soul rest in perfect peace. An average watcher of events in Kaduna State will know that Yakowa did not die a natural death. He was ousted by the powers that be from the North - the likes of IBB, Atiku, Sambo himself who never wanted a Christian to govern Kaduna State, moreso, the Christian that they in their usual parochial thinking calls the minorities. Yakowa's death is not unconnected to his closeness to Goodluck. News has it that he was actually in Bayelsa State to represent the VP (representation by death!). Those killing in the name of politics will soon understand that ultimate power belongs to God. Very soon, innocent blood will begin to cry for vengeance

Honestly, I think this

Honestly, I think this article is a water of time. Nobody in right senses will be happy at death of a human, but Governance does not leave room for sentiments as such somebody must carry on the work immediately no matter how dear the departed may be. Let's set aside all this crap and focus on real issues of unemployment etc.


gradually we are getting to the truth of the whole matter

VP n politics of kd

Please try and be objective in passing judgement,cos its like u don't have the clue of the politics of kaduna state neither do u understand the geographical composition of the state,u can imagine yourself saying that th southern kd people are d minority,try as much as possible to do away with sentiment please that's wat differentiate u frm d man that has never seen d forewalls of any place called place of learning.

Every president in the world

Every president in the world including Obama have been known to have endorsed one candidate or the other as a mayor, governor or senator--Obama himself was endorsed by a former senator who took ill suddenly-so there is nothing wrong with Sambo attempting to influence the appointment of the deputy governor-only thing is that we have a fulani as governor in kaduna-niger state--attempting to hold brief for their fulani godfather--buhari-- which is what boko haram wanted all along-Sambo is not a fulani by birth-a Gwari--so boko haram will continue to do all in their power to cling to their move to have them plant their fulani hegemonic power in the 19 northern

Take a napp

Ethnocentric twat!!!! Go to bed and join disscussion boards when you have more than ethnic slurs to express.Abeg!!!

The VP is taking advantage of a clueless president!

Those who dont like what Sambo did need to reflect. This is time to understand the need for a smart president. Not long ago a son of the Niger Delta buried his father and the only way in or out of his village is by helicopter which led to the death of Yakowa, may God bless the soul of the departed, and unleash a chain of events that show the caliber of leaders from the south-south. The late Azazi had to be buried in Yenogoa not his ancestral village because his village is only accessible by helicopter and non of the important dignitaries including the president will muster the courage to board any helicopter again with the recent crash fresh in their minds. Now we learn that the mumu president had to give up the appointment of Kaduna state deputy governor to his VP. Why? Its clear GEJ should have the control of the treasury and the party machinery. If both could not empower him to select an insignificant deputy governor then who is to blame?

This country is a poultry.

This country is a poultry. Please my fellow brothers and sisters, prepare to leave this poultry called a country asap

VP and Politics of Kaduna State

Please Southern Kaduna Professionals & President Goodluck E. Jonathan should allow the VP to exercise his veto power in Kaduna State, because it is in the tradition of our party( PDP) that superior will answer most of the fundamentals questions I.e selection process etc . Majority of Kaduna state people are with VPs choice for Bajoga as Deputy Governor of Kaduna State. Honestly we experience this changes in the past where Yakowa RIP was elevated to the of Deputy Governor in the state then there was no this kind of disputes and it was the same process Bajoga come to power. Nigerians area aware that Southern Kaduna people are minorities but they are still given a due consideration. VP and Suleiman Hunkuyi all Muslim from the state help Yakowa in his 2011 election bid and I'm surprise that the same people are accusing the VP of politics of exclusion.

Hipocritic VP.

How demonic human beings are. Your brother died in a plane crash,just some few hours,the vice president canvassing for whom to be his choosen deputy govnr.we dont have human concience,the vice president,has no human concience,its as if he plan and executed the dead of the govnr.cos he was not a moslems. The most High God is watching us and documenting all our deeds all.

Dis is nt fair........vice

Dis is nt fair........vice president shld interfare with kaduna state politics if GEJ interfaces with bayelsa shld be of good interest dat his state shld hav a good governance....he once led the state so he shld be in a good position to knw what kaduna state need......

Unethical journalism

I'm an ardent vistor of this site,a sahara reporters'fan.But i'm very disappointed in this article,it does not only potray a weakness,bias and sentiment,it also reflects unethical,irresponsible,unfair and inbalaced journalism.

leave sambo alone

haba mama,leave sambo alone,is he not a PDP member? Is he the one that start these? Who chose bayelsa governor? Did you mean that kebbi,niger,sokoto,kogi,bayelsa and bauchi governors win there elections?

So what if V.P chose Kaduna's Deputy ?

This is non body business to ask or wonder who chose kaduna'a deputy governor in as much the Governor is okey with him. Some media reports are not helping matter at all


By the way, why does every Fulani fighter name his sons danfulani? Merely looking at you everybody knows that you all are Fulani tribesmen. I think the next step will be to tattoo your male offspring with (DANFOOLANI) to rub it in.


Mujahid LEKWOT DANFULANI, what is your evidence that SR is instigating anybody? SR is doing a heck of a job reporting news events as they happen. Too bad, no good news comes out from Northern Nigeria. Sorry, that is the way it is.

So, they should leave him

So, they should leave him alone because is the only good Muslim left in the north. For you it about religion? Not the people! I see your point.

They should leave Alhaji

They should leave Alhaji Ibrahim Namadi Sambo alone. He seems to be the only good Muslim leader we got in the North nowadays. Who wants to go back to Ciroma or Abu Salami?

They should leave Alhaji

They should leave Alhaji Ibrahim Namadi Sambo alone. He seems to be the only good Muslim leader we got in the North nowadays. Who wants to go back to Ciroma or Abu Salami?

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