Irri Massacre In Delta State-Viewer Discretion Is Seriously Advised

By SaharaReporters, New York

In Delta State, Irri community leader Chief Joshua Uturu has killed over fourteen persons in an effort to incorporate Agip oil under his own name through influence in government circles.  Back on December 29 2009, Uturu summoned a peace meeting, which the whole community turned up to.  Despite claims for peaceful intentions though, Chief Uturu and his collaborators, led by Simeon Otor, ended up killing a person by the name of Efe Ogbomudia (Eferare).

The cases were reported to Delta State police command, however, seemingly on account of the crooks’ wealth and power, the reports were largely ignored.  Uturu failed to be arrested by local police, and furthermore it is suspected that Uturu was informed of those who try to rat him out.

Chief Uturu was eventually arrested by Abuja police and charged with several counts of murder. Over 80% of the witnesses have already testified, but it now appears that the Attorney General of
Delta State has been muddying the efforts of the case and in so doing, exposing Irri indigenes to insecurity and threat to life.

As yet, petitions written to the Governor of Delta State, His Excellency Emmanuel.E. Uduaghan have not been considered and he has failed to publicly address the current plight of the Irri people.  Chief Uturu Joshua was granted three weeks medical bail.  However, instead of going for treatment, it appears the Chief visited the commander of an anti-terrorist group in Warri  to convince him to storm the community.  Over three consecutive nights, the militants arrested the community chairman and the Aid to the Monarch.

In response to intense pressure, the presiding Judge Justice Marshal Mukoro, who sits in High Court 1 Warri, has transferred the case to the chief Judge of Delta State, where it will likely be assigned to another judge more sympathetic towards Uturu.

Justice must be served in Delta State.  The Attorney General should be encouraged to return the case back to Justice Marshal Mukoro, where there is greater hope of due justice.  The Governor must address the Irri people, and where human rights violations continue, human rights organizations should step in.


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i love the post

the slow-minded people

popular for what i should knw u for, an educated fool or an ignorant of education, i wish to go by ur phrase i'll popularly knw u for. Borrowing a leave according to uq statement clear defines the kinda person u are. An illeterate without a nous. Well, no be ur fault, wit wetin u feel say u knw u suppose dey beta than dis common thing wey u be. Wit all ur sense wey u feel say u get u nor see ur classmates? Ekpa

Evil days are here

the worst is yet to come


It is painful and sad to hear that this case has been transferred to the Chief Judge of Delta State for re-assignment. This is a testimony of the rumor that has been going around: Delta State Governor His Excellency Dr. Emmanuel E. Oduagha is going to release Mr. Joshua Uturu in bid to support him for the April Poll. He actually planned to release him prior to the re-run. It took the intervention, of his advisers to place on hold the release of Mr. Joshua Uturu.

Before, we continue let it be put right that Joshua Uturu is not a chief; if this is not the case, can anyone give us his title and the monarch that conferred the title on him (traditionally a chief goes with a title, WHAT IS HIS TITLE?).

The Genesis: Irri crisis started around 1999 or there about, between one Mr Okeh and Irri town (The younger brother of this Okeh is the founder and General Oversee of the Flock of Christ Church Warri). Okeh killed about five persons in his effort to incorporate Agip oil under his name. Uturu was an apprentice under Okah, he later became the president of the community
Prior to this time Uturu has no knowledge of how oil activities were been run. Upon taking oat of office he took all powers from Okah and amended the community constitution to remain in office for life. He ruled over Irri as the president from 2003 to 2010, denying Irri people of their right in Agip oil. Persons in their numbers who have challenged his “Uturu” authority have been killed, we say killed. So many people have been driven out of the community. It is on record that Efe Ogbomudia (Eferare) has in different occasions confronted Uturu of his dictatorship.

WHAT is happening to the JUDICIARY.

The murder of Efe was reported to the divisional police officer (DPO), Oleh division, who was unable to act. The case was transferred to Asaba. The government and the police sat on the case until it was reported at Abuja. Abuja did their video investigation (all investigations were videoed). The report of the IPO prompted the charge of UTURU and his collaborators to court.

In the face of his (UTURU’s) trial at Oleh high court, the presiding Judge “Justice Marshall Mukoro” who is not unaware of what has been happening promised to bring justice to bear. After, the first and subsequent hearing; witnesses have testified, the presiding Judge was transferred from Oleh to Warri. (We do not mean to say that what happened is exactly the same with what happened between the president of appeal court and the chief Judge of the federation). The Judge applied to take the case along which was granted by the Anthony General of the State.

It was planned that during the last visit of the Anthony General of the State to prisons across the state Uturu will be released. The plan worked until his name was detected by a junior officer who raised an alarm of the inclusion of UTURU’s name on the list of prisoners to be pardon. That plan failed.

We hear pressure has mounted on the presiding Judge ‘Justice Marshal Mukoro’ who has finally transferred the case to the chief Judge of Delta State for re-assignment.


The heart of the Irri people ‘is’ bleeding, the people of Irri are weeping, they are crying day and night. The federal government should come to their aid. The ISOKO people are calling on the federal government to intervene in the crisis looming in Irri. LOE where are you; this is your constituency, you must represent your people. JAMES Manager where are you, are you representing the Irri people in the SENATE, do you know what is happening in Irri? WHAT have you done so far? Or are you supporting UTURU? to continue killing the Irri people?

The issue here is not just the death of Efe Ogbomudia but the death of so many law abiding citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria that have been killed and the pains the ordinary Irri indigenes and indeed the neighboring communities are passing through (we here that, one malam from the north has been killed, he is not from Irri but he dead in the crisis).

Irri is at the center of ISOKO, it is the only route that leads to many other communities. The federal government should come to their aid


We call on the state government, to come out and un-politically address the plight of ordinary indigenes of IRRI community.

We call on the state Judiciary to bring Justice to bear.

Buhari urged all to laynch them-and lynch us they will

Fear just mere fear-the fear of the south south seceding. They are yet to realise the level of hatred against them Druken sailor fisher men-in the south south---OMPADEC was IBBs baby. 99.9 percent of the contracts went to non-indigenes. Continue to play the blame game. One day we shall be gone. My prayer is for the American sponsored revolution to take place-bring it on. So that we shall go the way God destined us Deltans to go. Times for us to open our eyes--- shine them eyes-the game is up-dont u people see yoursleives as being part of Nigeria-its your oil nothing but your oil that they want--hence the revolution----

@robo: How about southsouth or others forming own countries?

@ robo,
Since you believe the southsouth people are naturally violent hence one of them must not be allowed to Preside over Nigeria, how about leavingg them or others form their own country or countries since you hate cohabiting with violent people in same country?
You people wish some groups in this country evil; and no country ever survives with this level of hatred amomng its peoples.

stop the bias

For all of you tribal chauvinists. Tell me
a tribe or region in nigeria that knows no
Violence and killings and I will tell you
the perfect person that should rule nigeria.

Are you educated at all?

Mr. Robo, Are you educated at all?


Mr Deri!!! Always the same myopic fool! Right from time you folks have been living in this way and so shall you remain till you perish. It was not Buhari that cursed you people. Please be educated that BUHARI never told electorates to take laws into their hands. But soon they (electorates) will massively protest without anybody telling them to do so. My candid advice for you n your folks is: open your senses of reasoning and know that you are enemies to yourselves not other tribes, religions etc.

I request you calculate the billions of dollars your (oil producing) states have been receiving as petroleum derivation right from time of OMPADEC till date and relate it to the development in the same states, then you would know exactly where the problem is. Good luck!

@ robo: I think you are very

@ robo: I think you are very stupid and senseless to be equating any issue on this forum to non-electing a person from a particular zone. What is your problem with South-South? If you don't want to vote GEJ, does that means that the entire zone should not command your respect? Tell me if what is happening in the S/S has not happend in the North, West and East before. If you want to attck Deri, pls face him/her squarely and stop insulting an entire zone.

Masscre In Irri

Saharareporters,you did not do justice to this report at all.Is this a new story or an old one? No background facts to allow for understanding the issues at stake.The pictures above what are they for.Where those people killed by Chief Uturu or someoneelse and what do you mean by "in an effort to incorporate Agip Oil under his own name..." This report leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. And for those above who are condemning all Niger Deltans because of this incident are just noise makers.People like Robo and Nasir Yakasai should hide their faces in shame because we know what would have happened to Nigeria if their area is the geese that lays the golden egg and are neglected the way the Niger Delta has been for decades.


I urge you my dear readers to stop pointing accusing fingers on anyone for all that is happening this days,simply becuse "THE DAY OF THE LORD IS AT HAND",and the Bible recorded it that all what we are witnessing now must surely come past.So If you are a "BORN AGAIN"you are safe & protected from all the calamities that will befall this wicked world. Most of us might not want to believe me but it is the truth.TAKE NOTE-FAKE PROPHET EVERYWHERE,EARTHQUAKES,MEN LOVER OF MEN,LOVE FOR MONEY ON THE INCREASE,BROTHERS AGAINST BROTHERS,COMMUNITIES AGAINST EACH OTHER,NATIONS AGAINST NATIONS,BOMBING EVERYWHERE,STRUGGLE FOR POWER.etc.I don't need to wait for anyone to tell me that the end is at hand.Therefore I urge those that do not know Christ to pls do surrender all to HIM to take charge.A word is enough for the wise.

delta state and their mess

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace. But this is hallmark of delta state very violent and highly irresponsible people. If its not john togo its another illitrate talking from the creeks, taking lives at a very slightest situation. From warri to ughelli to asaba is the same ugly story of fracas and under-development. I hope the state should borrow a leave from their immediate neighbours (Anambra and Edo) for a meaningful development to take place in that ill-state.

Massacre in Irri

Until Nigerians stand up in unism, March on to a peaceful protest, or even pick up arms where necessary and challenge those who denies us of our right to live, this country will never know peace. Dependant on Government? Where is the Government? Their is no Government in Nigeria. Their is class Elites protecting themselves as a team in the guise of Government. Nigerians should stop feeling pity for themselves, looking up to someone to fight the wars for us. Let's start the war from every hook and cranny of this country, because those criminals and looters abound across the country. Clan by clan, Community by community, Local Government to Local Government, State by State, we must march on until we reach Eagle square, ABUJA.

Our Problem is never Islams against Christians, Ibo, Yoruba or Hausa against each other other. Our problem is the ELITE. The Elites only whip up tribal or religious sentiment whenever and wherever they feel shortchanged -outmanipulated- by their fellow elites.

Freedom is not easy. Price is paid for freedom. Why exist when you can easily die a martyr for your children to live, and live abundantly? The choice is ours. Enough of this rubbish from the Elites!!!

No case.

The truth of the matter is No Case.
If such a horrible thing is happening there and the people didn't cry out loud before the Governor get re-elected some few months now, why are they so quite?
They should reach out to their sons and daughters outside to echo their crying.
Such a barbaric scene should not be swept under carpet. The governor should be investigated for his in-ability to take action based on the community drawing his attention without him taking action.

@Nasir Yakassai, Isokoman--Odi and gbaramatu and ogbe Ijaw nko

From terrorist attacks to the abduction of children in broad daylight, random acts of violence seem to fill the news reports day and night. Is anyone really safe anymore? Scripture reveals God to be concerned about and committed to our safety. But to more fully understand the concept of safety, we must recognize who we are—eternal beings wrapped in mortal bodies. While God is concerned about what happens to our body, he is much more concerned about what happens with our soul.

Once we have confessed faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, he is at work protecting our soul from beings snatched away by Satan. God is concerned about the safety of our physical body, and we probably experience his hand of protection more than we realize. But ultimately, physical protection will come only when we are given our new body in eternity.

From Borno to Bauchi, Plateau and Minna, the story of blood flowing freely on our streets is the same. It has not stopped since Dele Giwa. Abacha increased the tempo with bomings in Lagos state, Warri and Abuja. So it was between Ifes and the Modakekes. Then Fulanis and the natives of Plateau state. May the Lord help open our hearts to the truth this Sunday morning. While we pray for the repose of the souls of those Chief Uturu killed in cold blood, we must urge all those concerned that, this is the time for justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. The case has to be critically examined hourly if possible, against the backdrop of the interest shown by the media.

Taken over from where it stopped by the legal gurus in the country for free. It was pathetic issues like this, that brought fame to Gani in Plateau. Let us not put money above the sactity of human life. Government can only work with the aid of the press. There must be follow ups on these chilling and heart braking story. Aware it was not JONATHAN and Sambo who sent Chief Uturu to kill. The scene should remind us of the pleas by Buhari for humans to be lynched at polling stations on election day.

That they should take laws into their hand. That was Buharis message to the elctorates. Human Right bodies should act and leave Libya alone and face this this matter squarely. Dont forget, Chief Uturu murdered because of the refusal of the powers that be in Nigeria, to abrogate the (land use degree and petroleum acts) in the oil industry. I heard somebody here say murder is in the blood of the ppl of the south south. I laugh. Can you in your hearts of heart ask them to go away from Nigeria? If you have the courage, then kick them out of Nigeria.

Be man for once! If you have unfaithful wife hanging around you and sleeping with every Agberu she see in the motor park daily or anything in mens trousers wont you be bold enough to divorce her? Before she brings further shame to your ancestral home? Tell them to go period. Instead of alway playing the blame game and flogging a dead horse. Ask them to leave Nigeria for you. Shikena!

DERI where are you!!!

Mr. Deri this awful and evil scene is the more reason why Nigeria is scared to elect a South-South as the Chief executive of our dear country. They are inherently violent and irresponsible. what a shame from the clan clamoring to rule a country full of intellects.

The Irri people should rise

The Irri people should rise up to protect themselves against the forces of evil.

Nigerians are Wasting Time

It might take a long time but it appears the only solution might be to divide the country .

God is alive and is going to

God is alive and is going to purnish murder. Those who take away life just for riches and other meaningless things will face the wrath of God.

where is justice

this is pure inhumanity of man to man. the governor and the judiciary shouldnt pervert justice as this is against s 33 of 99 constitution.

What goes around comes around

What sentiments is this writer trying to whip up,Efe Ogbomudia who is a murderer and it is on record that he murdered Oteri`s son in december 2005,a lecturer in enugu this is to mention a few,but because his uncle who was the then chief of army staff was always there to let him off the hook along with his mother that is a native doctor.
He was caught with live ammunition and a pump action gun in Oleh after murdering Oteri`s son but he was he was left off the hook.He shot my cousin six times because she refused to have sex with him,then she was studying law with the delta state university oleh campus then,thank God she survived to tell the story,until now she still has some pellets in her body.
Efe drew the first blood in Irri by murdering people at random and since the police cannot do anything to him he had to be stopped and who ever killed him,may the PEACE OF THE LORD BE UNTO THAT PERSON.Efe Ogbomudia deserves to die.WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.THIS WRITER WILL NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING BY ALL THIS.NEED MORE INFO SEND ME AN EMAIL.


That is clearly the trademark of the South-South.GEJ is no exception.If it is others,they are simply religious fanatics.

Efe Ogbomudia deserves to die Law of retribution.

What sentiments is this writer trying to whip up,Efe Ogbomudia who is a murderer and it is on record that he murdered Oteri`s son in december 2005,a lecturer in enugu this is to mention a few,but because his uncle who was the then chief of army staff was always there to let him off the hook along with his mother that is a native doctor.
He was caught with live ammunition and a pump action gun in Oleh after murdering Oteri`s son but he was he was left off the hook.
Efe drew the first blood in Irri by murdering people at random and since the police cannot do anything to him he had to be stopped and who ever killed him,may the PEACE OF THE LORD BE UNTO THAT PERSON.Efe Ogbomudia deserves to die.WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.THIS WRITER WILL NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING BY ALL THIS.NEED MORE INFO SEND ME AN EMAIL.

that is delta for you

The irri crises have been going on for years and the government is busy looking the other way. There are arms everywhere. As a one time resident of the town, i saw the way our government are willing to accept any sh??t from anyone so long there are sure of your suppor and that of the thugs cum millitia you command. Uturu was elected prior to the coming of agip and has since clung to power an blood. A peaceful community has now become where you cannot attend a ceremony even in the day for dear of attack by these uturu men. The indigenous people have mostly relocated to neighbouring communities like oleh, uzere, emede, aviara, oyede and some to their village towns. The killing has to be stopped. Unconfirmed number of dead in the saga is about 200 people. Where is value of human life? The perpetrators are not faceless, let the government do something please. Saharareporters should he possible send a fact finding team to irri and you will be surprised at what you will find.

nothing will happen to that

nothing will happen to that ' ll see!


Let's hold the Federal Government responsible for the loss of these innocent lives. If we had a serious government in place who care for the welfare of the oil producing areas with a sound blue print for the way and manner oil companies operate in those areas, there would not be room for mercenaries and blood suckers like Chief Uturu and his likes that abound in the Niger-Delta region to operate. It is a pity that the people of Irri are always victims of such massacres. The first was in 1989/90 when the late Bishop Benson Idahosa unleashed mobile policemen on the town because his second in command and pastor of one of his lucrative parish, Bishop Apina who is an Irri indigene allegedly went away with some money and members of his church. The late Bishop Idahosa sent mobile policemen to Bishop Apina in Irri town to recover the money and other church properties said to be in his possesseion. In the process of this apparent self-help by Idahosa, one of the mobile policemen was killed. This set the stage for the massacre of innocent Irri indigenes by armed mobile policemen who were on a revenge mission. That was a mother of all massacres which would make this particular one by Chief Uturu look like a child play. I urge Saharareporters to investigate and bring out facts of that massacre. The Guardian and Vanguard newspapers have photographs that would be of assistance to them.


D PDP led govt.In Nig.Has made a human life 2 b cheaper than a keg of kerosene.D world's watching des lutas,kilas rulas!

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