JAF Declares December 10 Action Against Lagos Road Traffic Law

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Joint Action Front (JAF), the pro-labour civil society component of the Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO), will on Monday at the Secretariat of the Nigeria Labour Congress in Lagos kick off a mass action against the new Lagos State Road Traffic Law.

In a statement in Lagos on Friday, JAF said the central issue of contention in the new law is the fraudulent listing of 475 inner roads in Schedule II which, while not originally presented as part of the Traffic Bill during the Public Hearing), was eventually signed into law by Governor Babatunde Fashola.

In flyers circulating statewide, JAF asks the following questions:

•    Why should a government that says it is ‘progressive’ make a Traffic law to jail offenders 3-years when those who daily loot our collective wealth (that should have been available to create jobs and provide social wealth), are walking the streets and using the looted fund to undermine the law?
•    Why is Lagos State Government (LASG) not interested in making laws for improvement in the social welfare of Lagosians?
•    Why is it not making laws to enhance job opportunities and wealth creation?
•    Why is Governor Fashola bent on laws that will further punish the poor masses?
•    Is it not true that the megacity project is not meant for the poor?
•    Is it good governance to use public office to get rid of the poor in a city of stark affluence of class allies of the government?

JAF further reminds the citizens of Lagos State that freedom is not given, but fought and won.  It calls on them to dare to struggle and dare to win.  

Monday’s mass action, which is expected to be a follow-up to January’s nationwide rallies against President Goodluck Jonathan’s arbitrary imposition of high fuel prices, will start at 8 o’clock in the morning at the NLC’s Yaba offices.

It will be recalled that in a statement on March 13, JAF declared that the unprecedented mass protests of January “cut across ethnic and religious boundaries, and put a lie to the use of religion and ethnicity by successive regimes and their cohorts to engender the perennial violence and insecurity in the country.”

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enough is enough

We dont want okada in lagos. These JAF idiots are PDP agents who think they can use armed robbers riding okada to win the next election in lagos. I want to assure you that we will also stage our NO OKADA rally to send a message to these bastards that lagos is not a dumping ground for garbage. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

all fingers are not equal

Lovely say from you.But there is one more thing you should know, all fingers are not equal because those good pple riding bike don't wish to have such Job @ hand too. I think Lagos State should provide Jobs opportunities for those lay off and cheap transportation system.

ur the most fool

Those country that don't use okada has a provision for alternative transportation. U are a fool cos u support someone that close an opportunity without creating another means, ur a fool cos ur one of the monster that I'll soon catch and crush, just wait and see. Idiot, magut, and devils incanate.

3 years for traffic offence ???

Three years for traffic offense ?? This is inhuman. One month or fine of 20k is OK for traffic offense. Oga Fash HABA.

JAF is a bunch of clowns!

Is this the type of matter this bunch of good-for-nothing JAF people fight for? This shows that the JAF is populated by folks who still live in the Eighteenth-century era! Why must Nigeria use okada and keke for public and commercial transportation? Other countries use taxicabs and buses as basic means of commercial transportation. But here is the JAF fighting for a continuation of okada! You JAF guys are a bunch of idiots that has lost touch with reality. If I were the Lagos governor I would ban completely the okada and keke concept in the whole state and introduce ONLY taxicabs and decent buses as a means of commercial transport. Anybody who has the money to float a taxi can do so. The state can float also state taxi services to run concurrently with private-owned taxis. Please, let us think of Nigeria as a country in the twenty-first century. Okada and keke napep are backward moves. The JAF must be stopped from this childish agitation.


let us view the road traffic law in the proper perspective and not as alleged to be anti people.
consider the no of road traffic accidents that involve okadas dly u will find that it is significant no govt will allow such to continue.go to Igbobi and see, visit LASUTH, GBAGADA GH.
many/significant no of these riders are thieves, my inlaw lost his laptop and bag to them broad daylighht in Ikeja early this year.this just cant continue.
consider that whenever accident involves them and a car they always destroy the car is it proper.
is okada a proffession? no so they should go and train to do something else bcos when old and cannot ride they become liability to the nation, thier families and themselves. the money they make daily ends up at the PARAGA shop. no investment. check it out


This my people is the system being told that the poor have had enough.
Yet again instead of ammending unwokable laws our leaders(?)are inventing new laws to fustrate our lives even more.
Well the upper/rich classes can see for themselves nigerians are not stupid,we just havnt formed into one force vocal and strong enough to stop this useless law making politicians.
While they live in a bubble protected from the harsh realities of nigerian suffering,people are just about surviving.
Now more rubbish laws to keep us down while their looting continues.
Well we have a voice that will be heard come what may.
How much can we take before something gives?

Okada Bikes - Page 2

Fashola should be aware that this is a source of livelihood for these poor people. Why not establish an agency to provide food for the needy and subsidize their rents as well as medical attention payments? An oil rich nation with nothing to show for it.

"You people dey steal big money and the rest dey hungry" as Fela puts it ...

Okada Bikes - Page 1

The so called politicians in Nigeria, who are actually a bunch of thugs and backward thinkers, still do not get it. Inasmuch as I do not like Okada bikes as a means of transportation in most major cities in Nigeria, I do feel the pains of the poor people in that country. The government need to create employment opportunities and stop looting the treasuries in billions of Naira everyday before getting rid of the menace of Okada motor cycle riders. It is a dangerous means of transportation, I see infants, toddlers and mothers on that ... it gives me a lot of concern and I always fear the worse in case of accident in a country where emergency vehicles are converted to personal use (errand for madam and oga).


This indicates that Nigerians does not like good things. We in Kano are praying and begging our governor to emulate the Lagos state governor and bring such Traffic Laws in to Kano. I sincerely believe the SAN means well for Lagosians. Pls JAF bear with this man.

IN IT together

Yes we are in it together and not going back!

Lagos mafias(Tinubu and Fashola

Tinubu and Fashola have put Lagos and Lagosians unseige.Come to think of it they not Lagosians so they have captured LAGOS.

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