James Ibori, Flamboyant Governor, Frontline Looter and Presidential Power-Broker, Gets 13 Years in UK Prison!

James Ibori drinking champagne in Abuja during his hey days

Pronouncing the sentence, Judge Anthony Pitts said, I recognizes that there is another side to the man James Ibori but I am not the proper person to judge your achievements and failings as a governor, that is up to the people of Delta state"
He described Ibori life of corruption,  “the history of dishonesty, corruption and theft in the first indictment would alone attract the maximum or close to the maximum sentence allowed by law, but there is another indictment of serious fraud which you have plead guilty to”. He said if Ibori had fought the case to the end without pleading guilty  he would be looking at 24 years but will get a discount for pleading guilty.
Judge Pitts then sentenced Ibori to 13 years in prison. He deducts 645 days already spent in jail, and says Ibori would serve the rest in British jail. That means Mr. Ibori will be in prison for at least 7 years.
Previous trials of Ibori’s money-laundering associates and facilitators in the same courts had also dispatched to prison in the United Kingdom for at least five years Theresa Nkoyo, the thieving governor’s wife and former First Lady of Delta State; Ibori's sister, Christine Ibori-Ibie; his mistress, Udoamaka Okoronkwo-Onuigbo; and one of his London lawyers, Mr. Bhadresh Gohil.  In his mitigation plea, defence lawyer Nicholas Purnell, yesterday and today emptied a lot of the blame for the former governor’s crimes against the people of Delta State upon Mr. Gohil.
Ibori had previously been “tried” in Nigeria, in a flawed and dangerous process in the Delta State capital, Asaba, in which he was practically allowed by the government of late President Umaru Yar’Adua, whom he had sponsored to the presidency, to choose his trial format and outcome.  He was acquitted of all of the 170 charges he faced, and Ibori flew out of Asaba to the University of Benin in nearby Edo State—where he graduated with a Third Class--to give a Founders’ Day lecture.  
The conviction of Ibori comes one day after Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, failed to win an effort to become President of the World Bank.  That returns her to Nigeria and turns the focus back on the chaos that continues to be inflicted on the cause of Nigeria’s development by corrupt forces such as Mr. Ibori, many of them within the ruling People’s Democratic Party.  
Before leaving for Washington to the World Bank interview, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala was a prominent face at the party’s national convention, where the party’s manipulation methods and refusal to stick to the rules were again fully on display in the selection of party chairman.   The former World Bank Managing Director speaks in generalizations about reform but has yet to address the deep malfeasance that is all around her within the government and the ruling party, and which remains at the heart of the country’s failure to develop.  Not only does today’s conviction of Ibori abroad constitute a major embarrassment to Nigeria, it draws attention to the many Iboris within the country’s economy, most of whom are untouchable.  
Even with the conclusion of the Ibori trial in the UK, there are still other people, Nigerians and foreigners, who have related legal matters, especially the laundering of proceeds of V-Mobile shares.  
They include the former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Victor Attah—who, like Ibori of old—has found a way to cocoon himself from the law.  Others are Love Ojakovo, a former commissioner of finance to Ibori; Henry Imashekka and David Edevbie, a former Political Secretary to late President Umaru Yar’Adua.  
All of those men are either on the run, although they are often hiding in the open in Nigeria, or untouchable.  
Ibori’s conviction is a major legal and public relations triumph for the British government, but the cost will be borne by the Nigeria, because it will be deducted from the funds that Ibori tried to launder in that country.  For the people of Delta State, it will be a second loss after what Ibori did to them in the first place.  
It is also important to remember that before leaving office, Ibori ensured that he was succeeded by a relative of his, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan. 

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James Ibori, Flamboyant Governor, Frontline Looter and

Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just
wanted to give a quick shout out and tell
you I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects?


Asiwaju Bola Tinubu you killed FUNSHO WILLIAMS for obvious reasons.I will not say more than that but certainly you've incurred the WRATH of THE Almighty God.

what happen to the stolen money in foreign account

thank GOD for bringing Ibori to justice.13yrs imprisonment is just starting.please confiscate all his properties in aborad,sell them and give the money to the poor deltas.Pls return the S40b he stole back to the poor.they have right to it.Federal government should ensure that the money comes back to Nigerians. Mkpume


When he comes back, he (The thieving "Sheikh") should have a shot at Presidency. We will all vote or return him un-opposed, as the first duly elected President of NIGERIA'S EX-CONVICT ASSOCIATION! How about that? If he qualifies, as he may loot their treasury too. A complete thief. How come wife, girl-friends were incarcerated? It means his other associates on our streets are equally liable. Can two walk together except they agree? Birds of the same feather flock together. If you are not sure, then ask LUCKY IGBINEDION.

Tinubu is wanted both in USA & Britain

Tinubu travelled to these countries as a sitting governor and when the imnuty claus protects him. Has He travelled overseas except South Africa after his governorship tenure. The answer is NO!. Tinubu and other thiefing governors like Ibori must go to jail and their loots recovered.

U are a bigger fool for

U are a bigger fool for supporting a thief

Are u more intelligent than

Are u more intelligent than the British judicial system .Pls shut ur trap if u have nothing better 2 say

Many Difference

My position is very clear on this issue. I don't care what people say or think about me but what I care is doing the right thing and defending justice. This is not justice. I'm not defending Ibori, I'm not saying what he did is right, I'm not saying he did not steal moni. Why I fully disagree with this type of justice is that there are many of them out there. Those Nigirian judges who cleared him of corruption should be arrested immediately. Again, my position is very clear, no one would convience me to aclaim this type of justice when Obasanjo has not been brought to justice. Once Obasanjo has not been brought to justice whether international or national then there is no justice in Nigiria. Obasanjo & Babangida are the foundation of corruption in Nigiria. These people has many cases to answer but who will judge them??? And if there is no one to judge them then there should be no one to judge others.

WHO BE THIEF ???????????

Na the person weh dem catch na im be thief.

There are millions of IBORIs walking freely in our society.
But sha .. minus ONE, a big ONE at that, is not bad.

Fuck justice does the fact

Fuck justice does the fact dats others have not been convicted make Ibori a saint .u obviously as fucked up as Ibori.The court has proven and convicted him the sooner dats enters ur head the better.

Emeka ,u obviously don.t have

Emeka ,u obviously don.t have any shame dats why u can talk rubbish .Maybe its because the little kickbacks u get will stop thats what is paining .Pls keep quiet and go and sleep.


U must be daft for supporting a thief.Pls shut up.

Nigeria can do better

If the nation can prosecute corrupt officials who embezzle its treasury, more funds will be available to develop the society.

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Ibori: shame of a Governor

Ibori case is a shame on Nigeria Judiciary that cleared him of 170 allegations.There are still many more Iboris,Where did Tinubu get all the wealth to win all cases of Election litigations in Osun,Ekiti,etc with the helpof Salami? where is Kalu Uzor? the Igbinedions,The Yugudas,Ebe ino Gov,Odilis,Attahs ETC,and all other Govs indicted by Efcc under Ribadu?
As for Ibori,he turned Delta state to his own estate,the state Capital is a glorified Village,all the local Govt Headquarters are in shambles.No single company,power station,built by him...Let the frozen wealth of Ibori be put in an account pending when his Cousin leaves office,if not...the same story,IBOR:Shame of a nation

As Matter of Urgency

For those of you who do not know, had Ibori stay loyal to Obasanjo he will never receive this insult. He is being insulted not because he steals Nigiria money but because he disobey them. Again, believe me this guy is being persecuted because he disobeyed them not that he steal Nigiria monay. There is no justice here. This is the Game. Look at Bankole, Bode George, Obasanjo, Babangida, Efcc, Ptc, Qrt, Onu, Ctq Nnpc. Where is justice? How can some one spend 16 Billion dollars on electricity but no electricity and he is moving around & even dictating what happens in Nigiria and you tell me this is Justice. If this is Justice then Fuck Justice.


U r very stupid 4 supporting evil

It was a pity

Only fools will believe this cinema concert. I am not move by this film. Remember, this guy is being persecuted because he disobeyed them not that he realy steal nigiria money. Had this guy be obedient the way Obasanjo is obedient to his masters nothing will happen to him. There are Billions of Pounds stolen from nigiria by past & present government officials. This money is being kept in British banks. The british government knows the looters but ll never say a word until that looter will disobey them. I see this case as one of the court that is being use by the Occupying Powers (Colonial Masters) to try Africans.

Ibori Deserves It.

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This is Immorality

Thanks but No thank. This is all part of the game. I am not part of this & I will never be move because of this rubbish. There are many out there like him. If Britian thinks they want to give justice they should arrest & persecute Obasanjo, this guy said he spent 16 Billion dollars on electricity. If there is justice it should begin with Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida & Olusegun Obasanjo. These are the most currupt Nigirians. Infact these 2 Fools & their sponsors are the real evil representing nigiria. So, in my opinion any Justice must begin with these 2 Idiots.


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2. Cabal Moves Against Fuel Subsidy Report
3. Gov. Shettima blames past governments for Boko Haram insu…

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The western nations like UK & USA are not like Nigeria. If these countries have anything on Tinubu,its a matter of time b4 they bring him in for questions. But don't 4get unlike many others Bola Tinubu frequents these countries and its not dat he has them in his pockets maybe there is nothing against him or they still gathering their evidences.

I am so sad because worse

I am so sad because worse looters like Obasanjo & Iyabo, Ayim (who lost his neck in corruption, babangida, abdulsalami, tinubu, oyinlola , bankOLE,odili, anene, igbinidion,david mark,saraki, etc, etc..............etc.......etc (the list is just too long for this space)are still free men/women, getting thieftancy titles, tribune awards, etc all over the place

9ja I hail oooo

Finally,he got wat he derserve,I wish we can slam all this dirty politician in prison were they belong.it only a mumu that will say tinubu is not very corrupt,all this sudden millions, abeg were wa s he before 1994...thief no get another name, na ole

Uduaghan should organise

Uduaghan should organise another "thanksgiving" service.He is obviously another Ibori.

Isa Yuguda Next

The hon gov of bauchi state mistake isa yuguda d same awaits u one day

leader of our tym

Lion,Odidigboigbo,Akpamaku of Africa,d bridge builder.to mention but a few of ur heroic names, d lord is ur strenght even Jesus Christ was betrayed by d same pipple called his followers but at d end wat happens. My Amiable Governor am prayin 4 u and ur family, I will keep prayin until joy comes n d morning. Dose backbiters will surely smell d rod, u made dem dey who dey are 2day but dey stabbed u at d back. Ose minguo d Almighty God will Surely see u Tru. Luv u Bros

good rediance to bad rubbish!

its good redianc to bad rubbish. our judicial systems should cover their ugly heads in shame for setting free a criminal of magnified proportion. James Ibori conviction is an eye opener that our judicial system is a rot, as at today no past political office holder has been convicted, they have suddenly all becme innocent. let them keet stealling, every day for the looters, one day for the UK court!

We need more convictions!!!!!

Plenty looters are trotting our streets!
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I Understand your sentiments,but don't wait for the day the Drug Baron,Bola Tinubu would be arrested in London for Grand CORRUPTION or Money Laundering,he has Mr RIBADU who had accused him of monumental corruption of International Dimension in his pocket,he also the Wimps and Bigots @ Efcc in his Agbada....So Who is going to instigate INTERPOL or other western security agencies to issue an arrest warrant or viciously investigate Tinubu or other thieving Nigerian Politicians from all parties ,PDP,ACN,APGA ETC, Who rob the Nigerian people of Billions of Dollars daily and repatriate to Western Banks...? Definitely Not the Turn-coat Ribadu or his fellow wimps & thieves @ Efcc or the Bungling accomplice GEJ. So dont loose Sleep.!

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