Joint Task Force And Militants Gunfight Ongoing In Kano

A gunfight between the Joint Task Force and suspected islamist militants has left some five people dead according to security sources knowledgeable about the operation.

A prolonged shootout continued overnight along Ring road in the Hotoro area of Kano where the JTF had being carrying out a house to house raid since last night.

The fighting is still  going on as at the time of filing this report.

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May he who create us,guides us nd expose d truth 4 us

We all no dat our security re tryng,but dey need support 4rm d government nd d civilians,nd dey children's scul should be free

Wonder's shall never end

We all no dat our security re tryng,but dey need support 4rm d government nd d civilians,nd dey children's scul should be free

My fellow Nigerian, stop

My fellow Nigerian, stop criticising and lets encourage our leaders in prayers and in sincererity of minds to dip deeper to the root cause of these problems. I payer God to increase your strenght and boldness to address these situations.

Wahala de 4 kano

Wahala de 4 kano

animalistic urge to kill

The underlying factor for the rampant orgies of bloodletting in the north of Nigeria boils

down to a culture of violence made worse by mass illiterecy.I remember while growing up that

all Hausa-Fulani males had daggers and talismanic charms on them and would not hesitate to

stab at the slightest provocation.
If a child is raised not to respect the sanctity of life and if that child is exposed to a

religion which preaches retaliation and if that child is uneducated,what you get is a

sub-human with an animalistic urge to kill like a predator in the savannah.
The north have a lot of catching-up to do.many northern peasants are not mentally equipped

for civil-society,thier only education is on how to pray, resite the quaran and relate to

thier cattle.This is quite dangerous.

Very confused son of a

Very confused son of a terrosist that is fighting for virgins in hell fire with mohammed...that is way people don't take this half baked humans serious...evil sheik are u ashamed to own up on the activities of your boys? When your father was busy teaching them to kill infidels in your mist he never knew it will end up like this...this idiot just go near your fathers grave and urinate on it...keep up deceiving your fellow thing is for sure "no refuge camp for beggars in the south" keep on bombing empty brain


my country i luv thee

Inrespective of all the problems my naija has there is still no place like u. Until wen we individually love and genuinely love dis nation der will always be problems. Naija will be taken over for God and any1 standing or againt God' kingdom will be condemned. We re becoming aware and people are being raised all over naija n mother African to rule

Bye Bye Nigeria



I think there is nothing to loose,the government should go all out and fight a war,Good will triumph over evil.The security agencies are in a catch 22 situation ,if they dont act they will be accused of incompetence but when they act against armed terrorists,thwy are accused of heavy handedness.The bombs and bullets of the terrorists do kill and the security agencies cannot offer them chocolates and sweets in return,it should be a devastating and calculated form of violence against those who seek to kill us.The government has to meet violence with greater violence, it is all the fault of those who call themselves leaders who should have handed these zealots to the government security agencies when they started thier extremist agenda.

Gunfight in Kano

It beats me hollow how people risk their lives, hanging around, when there is a violent exchange between seciruty forces and armed terrorists. With bullets flying around and ordnance exploding within sight, any projective object can cause the dearth or serious injury of anyone within many hundreds of yards in the vicinity. Why people will risk their lives by milling around the relative area of such happening just is irresponsible and simply stupid. Besides their presence further makes the work of security forces double difficult, as it is hard to distinguise between innocent bye-standers and Boko Haram/armed robbers.


I marvel at how Christians continue to make it sound like Muslims are in support of Boko haram. Who suffers their attacks the most? MUSLIMS. Yes the bombing of churches are made high profile news but you forget so much more happens, villages are raided and all the shoot-outs that occur where market people are killed, Muslims suffer the most. PLEASE NO TRUE MUSLIM SUPPORTS THE KILLING OF PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY SHARE DIFFERENT RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. NIgeria must unite against this people rather than us beginning to fight ourselves just because we love to think the worst of the other peoples.

the most unfortunate thing i ever seen

Ȋ̝̊̅ think is an insene u're in d noth and tryin to kill dey north ur self is an unfurtunate if not Gov is behind dis

weldon jtf

weldon jtf

who are boko haram

How do you explain the facts that Boko harram called AIT and threatened to Bomb Lagos at the wake of preparations by civil society groups to protest the unimplemention of the subsidy probe in Lagos? How do you explain that a call cannot be traced to the caller in this era of technology? How do you explain that our president came to defend the finding by the security chief (AZAZII) that Boko harram is a result of the power game in PDP? Why do you think the government have refused to tell Nigerians what the Boko harram spokes person, Kabiru sokoto revealed to them? why is it that whenever there is massive looting and the people plant to protest, Boko harram will start bombing heavily? Mr. president have told Nigerians severally that he will name the Boko Harram sponsors at different occasions, why has he not named them yet? Boko Harram belongs to our government.

is a pity that the northern

is a pity that the northern elite have fold their hands and allow the state of northern Nigeria to drain into war zone all in the of name getting themselves into power shameless fool the wrath of god await u all

wat is d diffrnt btw militnt nd Terrorist?

@ Mathelis, D ar Hausa Fulani Terrorist, Thnk God d ar nt thieves and robber. Olodo!!!

give them jungle justice

Let all power be used on these group of nonentity.violence i̶̲̥̅̊$ against ISLAM religion to terrorised your fellow human regardless their faith. the bastards group do not value life henceforth they shld be treated like a dangerous animal.


BH have suceeded in making maiduguri, kano, yobe etal a truely failed states. Gudluck nigeria?

On this day in 1965 White

On this day in 1965 White christian KKK supremacists agree for american blacks to be given the right to vote . But they insist that they do not consider themselves equal but superior in pedigree and even before God. They said the blacks are closer to gorillas than to humans!!. They do not allow blacks to come near their churches and they burnt and bombed many blacks inside their black baptist places !!!

keep it up

JTF,keep up the good job or wiping out terrorists in the country

Equality Not Prejudice

What FG need to do in Nigeria and any country is to prohibit preaching of hate sermons by any religion and to uphold human right as far as possible. Violators should be promptly punished.
Financing one religion by building schools etc at the expense of others with state money is misappropriation and ll only lead to further problems.
Muslims donnot value life and can sacrifice lives to turn d table to their site.
They know how to utilize freedom of speech n human right laws to their favor but ll do anything if the table turns against them.

Northern leaders should b held responsible.

JTF shud invite northern leaders 4 questioning 4 d on-going insisant killing in d north.


They are niger delta militants

Terrorist Understands Fire

More power to JTF. Fight the pigs called Boko Haram to the end.

gov must tread carefully

Nja gov must be careful. Lethal force is required to deal with Boko Haram but if many innocent people are killed, people will support the terrorists.

government of Nja must tread carefully

Government must beat Boko Haram using any means neccessary. This will be hard to do without innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. The only solution as long as BH refuse to moderate their demands or negotiate is force.

Re: Terrorists

@Olusegun Olaleye: even though we all disagree with the terrorists in Kano, at least they are fighting for what they believe in. But what cause were the Yoruba robbers who attacked a bus full of teenage girls and raped almost all of them recently at Oke-Odo fighting for?

What is there problem?

boko haram activities is gradually slipping out of its measures if care is not taken might collapse on top of its builders. Lets watch and see how it will play out.

boko haram

I no this is boko haram

Fish them All out, jail them, Boko Bunkum. Boko Politics.

JTF, Fish them all the Boko bunkum out. Take their wives, they do not deserve their women. How can a tiny group of people think they can win a fight between them and one of the best organised armed forces in Africa? Madness, Boko Haram.

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