Jonathan’s 2015 Re-election Posters Flood Abuja

By SaharaReporters, New York

Despite a directive to members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to desist from carrying out his 2015 campaign, second term posters of President Goodluck Jonathan emerged in strategic places in Abuja on Tuesday.

The posters, which are in State House, Asokoro District and other strategic places, say: “There is no vacancy in Aso Rock in 2015,” and “One good turn deserves another.”  They show the president in his traditional Ijaw attires.

Meanwhile, the President, confirming his official sluggishness, has vowed to improve, in 2013, the pace with which he attends to official matters.  He was speaking in Abuja at a Church Service he attended to mark the New Year celebration.

He defended his slow pace in the past, saying he would not focus on criticism by the opposition.

“Sometimes, people say this government is slow,” he said.  “Yes, by human thinking, we are slow, but I can say that we are not slow.
“Government must think things properly before it acts. When you don’t think through things properly, or when you rush, you will make mistakes.

It is more difficult to correct errors. You can ask those who build houses. Government will not, because of the perception, begin to rush.”

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Sectional comments

Talk about anti corruption, talk about good governance and development, talk about education and health. Certainly not ethnic diatribes. If you cause war again you will loose

Who else should rule this

Who else should rule this "multi-nation" country? True fiscal federalism seems to be the only solution. Pres Jonathan must contest and must win the 2015 elections or oil will stop to flow. The Northern thieves has so far impoverished their people and now blaming Jonathan. Let them give account of their stewardship? Someone should tell us who is better than Pres Jonathan? Mr president should even go for life presidency

@Tundemash & Co. The North Should Help Itself 6

They created BH, and now that the hen has come home to roost, they are crying that Borno, Bauchi and Yobe have become desolate and ghost towns, and that the Fed Govt has abandoned them as if they were not part of Naija. Did you people remember that you were part of Naija as a Secular Country with a Secular Constition when you introduced Sha'ria and emboldened BH? You people aint seen nothing yet. The calculation of the North is that winning the Presidency in 2015 can save them from extinction. You can see how shortsighted they are. They forget that even though the South had been out of power for 40yrs, the South was still more developed than the North in all indices. Let's wait and see.

@Tundemash & Co. The North Should Help Itself 5

The lazy man in Yobe or Bauchi or Borno or Zamfara wants to ride his donkey to the Creeks of the Niger-Delter to drink crude oil. Even the most essential but free commodity -immunization against polio and the other deadly infant diseases, the Northerner will reject it just as he rejected Western education; only to flood the streets in the South with blind, lame, leprous destitutes begging for alms. Dash them money one moment and the next moment they are the first to stab you with a knife shouting Allah Alkubar! You people should pray Naija survives 2015 otherwise, it's goodbye tomorrow for you and your Boko Haram.

@Tundemash & Co. The North Should Help Itself 4

In all the LGAs (Bama, Biu etc), from the Chairman to the clerk all live in Maiduguri until the last day of the month when they show up at the LGA Secretariat, share and collect allocations and then return to Maiduguri to cross their legs sitting on a mat under Dogonyaro tree, eating suya and drinking kunu and playing cards, waiting for the next month to end. His Southern counterpart closes from office work at 4pm, goes to join his wife and children at the family shop to help with buziness. Tell me why the South would not prosper even without oil. Why will the Southerner not send his kids to private schools if the govt cannot provide good schools.

@Tundemash & Co. The North Should Help Itself 3

When a guoro-eating Almajiri stumbles into money he marries ten additional infants, goes to mecca and returns with an AK-47! Now that nemesis has caught up with him he wants to continue to hide under 'One Nigeria', 'Federation Account', 'Fed Govt' to conceal his imbecility and mental backwardness. Just wait till 2015. The 2013 budget of Borno State is almost twice that of Ekiti State. Wait till the end of 2013 and visit both States you'd know why these uneducated, unprogressive and indolent Northerners are a liability to the Southerners.

@Tundemash & Co. The North Should Help Itself 2

These locust ruled this country for almost 40yrs and their people are 100yrs behind the marginalised South. The same layabouts turn around to blame their misfortune and incidence of BH on GEJ's govt of 2yrs! What is wrong with these people! Little wonder it was possible, as Rev Kukah said, for a few Ranka Dedes to manipulate religion to deprive them of education while they send their children to Christian Schools in Europe and the US. What a pathetic people! When a Southerner makes money, he builds an hospital, a hotel, a school, a media house, starts a transport Co., etc.

@Tundemash & Co. The North Should Help Itself 1

I want Naija to become a united and prosperous country, th leader of the Black Race. But this is a daydream if there is no justice. The long years of struggle against military rule was led and dominated by Southerners for which some of them paid the supreme price. The North was comfortable in their ignorance as one Norther thief succeeded another (perhaps with due respect to Gen Murtala Muhammed and Buhari/Idiagbon). This was inspite of the fact that these looters did not even build schools or hospitals or irrigation for their Almajiri population and arid region. Then a minority takes over and in less than 3 yrs, he is expected to right all the years of plundering and neglect by Gowon, Shagari, IBB, Abacha, Abdulsalami, Yar'Ardua.


If there will be voting then who will elect him? Humans or animals? How can a human degrade himself by electing a candidate that is irresponsible and rules by the ideology of ethnicity and religious dogma? There must be change in Nigeria come 2015 and you will see that.


Can you people wait for 2015 to come to see whether your candidate can win a primary elections in his party or not. Are you sure 2015 is the same as 2011? Are you sure PDP of 2015 is the same as that of 2011? Are you sure the condemned people who you called Almajirai,Boko Harams, Kola eaters,etc, will queue up to elect your candidate?

@Oleku idiot: 2015 isback to the zoo for you smelly animals !

@Oleku idiot

Apparently you learnt nothing from the civil war hence you are beating the drums of war now. Ask those who are old enough in your pathetic family and they would let you know both sides suffer during war and it's not something for silly idiots like you to play with.
Those who are courageous do not make empty noise like you do. All the past Presidents you named got there by coup, where were your "courageous" SS & SE then ? Cowards die severally ! 4 years of your moron Jonathan will bring nothing to Nigeria hence you are all jittery now but guess what, come 2015, you animals would be sent back to the zoo where you escaped from !


After taking Nigeria to the brink in terms of our collective survival, this opportunist aka GEJ, thinks all Nigerians are fools. In the face of extreme corruption and non-performance, he wants to continue in the same office that he is unqualified to hold. He was Governor of Bayelsa State and had nothing to show for all the Billions he collected on behalf of his poverty stricken yet, gullible people. Now he wants to continue beyond 2015 as Nigeria's President, when it's clear that he is the worst thing ever to happen to Nigeria since the civil war.What a nerve!


You shouldn't be using Actors as your name and be behaving like Uche. From all your statements, I have come to realised that you're not Actors, its either you're: Emeka, Uche, Chemelu or any other of its kind.
So I now name you coward of SE.

@akpos1 O be real

O be real mungun o. No wonder thieves, rogues and robbers like Ibori, Alams & dumbo dey rule you. Nothing to show for all the money given to SS & SE from federation account. You should cover your face in SHAME.


Any time I visit this site, I try to read all the comments about any publications written about President goodluck Johnathan having to run again in 2015,but not any one has been able to outline the risk or danger inherent in such an adventure.

The northerners, from what we have seen of their leadership of that country from the period of Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, the hazy days of Alhaji Musa ya'adua and the period of Mr Olusegun obasanjo to the present day of Dr. Goodluck Johnathan as evidences, will make the country ungovernable for GEJ if he doesn't heed the voices of reason and convoke a Sovereign National Conference with plane Power.

If the Northerners, ever by any chance, laid their hands on the keys to Aso rock, the rest of the country would be consigned to perpetual slavery.

Please, president Johnathan, save Nigeria from the ethnic war that is imminent and convoke a Sovereign National Conference instead of going for reelections in 2015.

@ Oleku, denied what? Stay the course GEJ and don't die now

"GEJ has denied claims that he is behind the posters that is being posted around abuja"

Denied what? I say stay the course Mr. President. He MUST get his own 8 years in office like others before him. Also, don’t die now either. How will he get his 8 years if he leaves in 2015? That will give him a total of 2+4 = 6. You can’t short change only president GEJ in nigeria wulu-wulu politics.

Who Said it

If you think Goodluck Jonathan isn't good enough to be the next president of Nigeria,can you recommend anyone better? There's none.


arrant nonsense


Jonathan is only a puppet,but not again in 2015, GEJ must have boost his political format and he will sure turn things around positively in the next political dispensation. ONE NIGERIA!!!

GEJ has denied claims that he

GEJ has denied claims that he is behind the posters that is being posted around abuja. I'm sure this is the handiwork of some disgruntled elements. The born to rule Hausa-fulanis are already panicking for they think power will return to them come 2015. Day dreamers.

I'm not a GEJ apologist but just don't like the idea where some misled naijas criticise him without being objective. Probably because he's a minority leader and they the born to rule mentality has eaten deep into their dumbheads. They have all suddenly forgotten how much IBB and the ota baboon stole from naija's vault. Not minding the fact that the money was derived from the SE and SS oil wealth, which happens to be GEJ's region.




Jonathan is only a puppet,but not again in 2015, GEJ must have boost his political format and he will sure turn things around positively in the next political dispensation. ONE NIGERIA!!!

I've run out of nasty things

I've run out of nasty things to say about this ugly man call GJE. Give me some time to think on it

If it's not GEJ then it's an

If it's not GEJ then it's an Igbo president comes 2015. Never will we allow the Yorubas and Hausa-fulanis rule us and steal the oil resources of the SE and SS people. If that not be the case then it's either we go our separate ways or heads will roll. The hausa-fulanis islamic faithfuls may think they are experts in the making of local IED's but we the true sons of Biafra will make them look like apprentice in bomb making if there's any attempt on them to impose their kinsman on us. There are massive modernised dynamites and rocket launchers factories in the pipeline and we're combat ready come 2015. No stone will be left unturned this time around. The party is over. Dare us at your peril. QED

I don't think that security

I don't think that security is our main problem in Arochukwu or my bros place at Ife nor my sis at Onna but rather better life and job, good Edu,water, elec, cheap accom, road or rail to lessen acci and higway robbery so its not only Abj security

wisdom is fool

GEJ did not deserve to be a counselor but people voted for him with a stupid slogan "i vote for GEJ not PDP"

The North MUST wait for 39yrs & the West for 8.3yrs

The cowardly West must wait for 10 years of OBJ (that is 77-79) and (99-2007) plus 3months of traitor Shonekan. That is a total of 10yrs, 3 months.

The North must wait for 39yrs for the time spent by
1. Tafawa Balewa,
2. Gowon
3. Murtala Mohammed,
4. Buhari
5. Babangida
6. Abdulsalami
7. Yar Adua

The Yorubas must be Idiots really. How can they support the North with 7 useless Hausa Fulanis when the whole North contribute 0% to the treasury. The SS&SE is not the Yoruba Illorin.

After Jona leaves, an Ibo goes there. That is the ideal. However, the United SS&SE is not even willing to pay the bills of the laggards or sluggards anymore.

Long live the United SS&SE

Great Jona for life!!!

Great Jona MUST run. If not, who should? Is is the prostrating, fraudulent and unproductive Tinubu's West or the beggarly, vampire and barren Buhari's North?
The only option acceptable to the SS would have been some1 frm d Ibo nation. However, they are together with us as United SS&SE. An Ibo shud be in Aso rock in the event that Great Jona decides not to run. Period. This is so bcos the SS&SE are d engine room of continent Nigeria. Should they withdraw their Oil&gas money, sports men&women,comdeians,nollywood stars & producers, musicians,academics, inventors etc what will remain?

Can "Nigeria" survive without the SS&SE? The cowardly West allowed their slave masters to run frm Lagos for 39 yrs, so the North has d effrontery to detonate cheap bombs to bully their way to Power. Impossible. We will give then tutorials on bombing 101 in 2015. If u dnt like my comments go to hell or hug a transformer.All the best!
Long live United SS&SE

Run Run Run

That's all u r good at! Think of the way out
Tribalistic fool,don't you know tha, Nigeria has gone above
That level?do you think south east/south/west can make Any president smell Aso Rock? Pray to God to give him the wisdom to get Nigeria to the promise LAND Period!!!

I don't knw x'actly Watz rng

I don't knw x'actly Watz rng wit dis south south taughtless fools when eva smtn lyk dis come up they begin 2 become sentimental about evrtin, it is perfectly clear dat GEJ is leading our b'luvd country into anarchy nd wretchedness 4rm day 1 of his tenure nd nw he wants 2 come in guise of slow strategy 2 deceive us all 4 a 2nd term well, Its all abt hw well he ends if there is any sign of remose in his final judgment he can continue all we hope is a peaceful, perfect nd corruption free country

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