Jonathan Administration Governs by Deceit And Phantom Statistics, Says ACN

Pres. Goodluck Jonathan
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has accused the Jonathan Administration of engaging in governance by deceit, saying the Administration has been overstating its achievements and making fake promises to Nigerians.

In a statement issued in Lagos today by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party also slammed the President's Special Adviser on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, for making himself a purveyor of blatant lies and for having the temerity to denigrate the country's opposition for daring to criticize a non-performing government.

It said only a government that swims in corruption and lacks self-respect and decency can pick as its spokesperson a man who has been shown to be an epitome of corruption by collecting funds for contracts that were not executed.

ACN said the government's claim, through Dr. Okupe, that it will generate 780,000 jobs in 2013 through the 'Young Graduate Employment Scheme' and 5,000 jobs in each of the 36 states through SURE-P is the latest example of the administration's lies.

''Our advice to the teeming young graduates who have no jobs is that they should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by this promise. They should remember that this same Administration promised to create 10,000 jobs in each of the 36 states through SURE-P in 2012. The year is over, and all we have now are phantom jobs and more fake promises,'' the party said.

It also urged Nigerians to ensure that their generators are in good working condition, as the government's promise of stable electricity in 2013 is as unrealistic as it is deceitful.

It drew attention to the government’s claim that it has generated an all-time high 4,500 megawatts and will increase the level to 7,000MW in 2013.
“What a celebration of tokenism! In the first instance, the government should be ashamed to tell Nigerians it has been able to generate only 4,500MW from a huge expenditure of 16 billion dollars!

''Also, no one needs a rocket scientist to know that 4,500MW cannot ensure stable electricity supply in a country of 160 million people, when South Africa, with less than a third of Nigeria's population, generates over 40,000MW!!! There you have it, dear long-suffering Nigerians, don't throw away your generators yet just because of an imaginary power stability promised by a government spokesman who has nothing but disdain for the truth,'' ACN said.

The party also faulted the Administration's claim that the bombings and killings in the north have decreased from January to December, calling it fabricated cold comfort and a disservice to millions of our citizens who are daily being subjected to terror attacks, while President Jonathan, now a professional mourner, resorts to endless lamentation instead of decisive action.

''Well, we are not surprised at the claim of reduced terror attacks by the Jonathan Administration. After all, the same Administration claimed that global anti-corruption body Transparency International acknowledged Nigeria's progress in fighting corruption, when nothing like that ever happened.

''To set the record straight, 750 people have been killed in terror attacks in the north this year, a figure higher than about 570 who were killed in 2011, and not counting the latest killings in Borno and Adamawa states,'' it said.

ACN advised the Jonathan Administration “to level up with Nigerians by admitting its failings and rolling up its sleeves, so to say, to reverse the 'transmogrification' which the President's Transformation Agenda has become, instead of relying on a hypocritical spokesman to peddle lies to citizens who are already reeling under the failure of an impotent government.”

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an opposition cannot be accessed but has a track record and have proven irrelevant in the equation. that been the case, it does not have the moral fortitude to castigate a like administration. a kettle can not call a pot black because the pot is on the fire cooking. the kettle can not do anything new that the pot is doing because both are cut from the same cloth. simple as 'A', 'B' and please 'C' your way through the equation. don't have to wait till theiving opposition does it's own damage...dumb forever!!!

re: % Contribution to Productive Capacity-3

one more thing...your numbers are not itemized by region so we trylly know who is producing what. you are just assuming that the SS only produces oil and so seat on their asses. open up the seaports in the ss/se and get the true picture of who is doing what? while i respect your numbers, your interpretation is grossly unsubstantiated. i feel bamboozled without the spead of the numbers for my own consumption and analysis. thanks a whole lot for the numbers though.

re: % Contribution From Economic Sectors-2

even if production in the oil sector is only one percent but funds 90 percent of the country's projects, including our useless politicians embezzlement, is there any comparison? just much is forex earnings? who buys nigerian currencies in the market?...better question is who needs the naira? to do what? again, out of curiosity,...(and i am dying to know as you seem to have these data at your disposal)what is nigeria's forex earnings in comparison to the figures you just put up? are you saying forex earnings dominate oil revenue? a hell of a secret they have kept and chopping from alone. thanks for the info in advance...

re:% Contribution From Economic Sectors-1

@Anonymous...doff my hat off to you. all respect for one who presents facts in support of their assertions. my peeve in your analysis is your interpretation of the data. indeed, the figures for production and governmental revenue and spending as stated are Agriculture 40.84%, Wholesale and Retail 18.70% and Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas 15.85%. these numbers are production numbers and on the surface it appears retail and agriculture trump petroleum sector. now, drill down a little more and give us the numbers in relation to revenue generation. the okpurukpu ego, hard cash, lingua franca!!!


@damboyi gumsuk: I wish commentators can perceive as you have done and then consider their comments before they post them. An opposition cannot be accessed as they are in opposition, NOT IN POWER! It beggars belief that people are making comments about the opposition's stand rather than analyse the performance of a sitting government. What do they expect of an opposition party? Commend those in government? Some people do displace crass ignorance on an incredible level. Instead of telling us why the opposition is wrong, if they are, you are criticising the opposition! To me, that is the height of stupidity and ignorance. Tell us why GEJ should be commended, not why the opposition cannot be better. Fools!


ACN you part of the probleM


Nigerians have not learnt any lessons about PDP government. The party has been in power since 1999 and there has not been any appreciable improvement in the lives of ordinary Nigerians and yet some people are still defending this administration. Shame on you, I should say. Unless Nigerians wake up from their political slumber, we will continue to be ruled by incompetent and selfish leaders. Their only interest is to accumulate illegal wealth mostly from our oil resources. To add insult to injury, they wouldn't pay tax on their ill-gotten wealth. I hope CPC, ACN, ANPP and other progressive parties will come together before 2015 and chase out PDP from government. The ball is in the court of Buhari, Tinubu, Akande and other progressive-minded and disciplined party leaders.

@Akpos & DERI - % Contribution to Productive Capacity-2

Source – National Bureau of Statistics

Oil and Gas dominates the latter 2 but not the first. This picture means 85% of Nigeria's production is consumed internally. The figure for the USA is 70%. This can be a good thing as the country is relatively protected from external shocks unlike largely export-dependent economies like Korea, Japan and China. However, the flip side is that there is less money to invest in dollar-denominated growth. This would not be necessarily if our industrial sectors could produce our requirements for cars, steel, technology etc. So Akpos & DERI, yes oil and gas are crucial for our forex earnings but no, other regions are not just sitting on their asses. Truth is, the SS sits more on its ass than others as almost all the oil and gas money comes from the foreign companies who make the money while we just stretch our hands out for royalties, taxes and dividends!

@ Akpos & DERI - % Contribution From Economic Sectors-1

Source – National Bureau of Statistics

1 Agriculture 40.84%
2 Wholesale and Retail 18.70%
3 Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas 15.85%
4 TeleComm/Postal Serv 4.56%
5 Manufacturing 4.16%
6 Finance & Insurance 3.57%
7 Building & Construc 2.00%
8 Real Estate 1.74%
9 Business & Other Ser 0.90%
10 Hotel and Restaurant 0.50%
11 Solid Minerals 0.34%
12 Others 6.83%

The numbers have not changed significantly for 2011 and Q1-Q3 2012. You should be able to figure out which regions of the country dominates in each of the sectors. Bottomline, oil and gas is ONLY 15% of the country's productive capacity. You and others need to be clear the difference between production, forex earnings and government revenues/spending. Oil and Gas dominates the latter 2 but not the first. This picture means 85% of Nigeria's production is consumed internally. The figure for the USA is 70%.

jona will be kicked out 2015

The yorubas and hausa fulanis will team together coming 2015 to kicked GEJ out of office.
GEJ hav failed nigerians.


Who is fooling who? Those that think things will change for the better if ACN come into power are the biggest fools of them all. We have heared these song and dance tales before and always end up with the same tragic result for Nigerians. ACN should clean house first, starting with the cerificate forgers in their mist. As for Okupe, notice I don't use the word 'DR.', he should never be a spokeperson for any responsible administration. That Jonanthan administration is responsible is open to debate, considering the numbers of bone headed appointments he had made recently. Okupe should have been gone yesterday, he brings nothing to table except grieve for Jonanthan. Mr president fire this pig. As for ACN, they can go to hell!




Deri and akpos 1 dont fool yourself.Dont accused ACN or any opposition party on the tue and fact they have mention against your DONKEY GOOD FATHER'S Administration.Is better for you as supporters to mention the areas were your boss perform any good attempt not even finish.What he is trying to achieve could not be achieve by him since his father fail he also must fail.ONLY GOD CAN DESTROY THE NORTH BUT NO A SLAUTHER LIKE HIM.HE FAIL AND HE WILL CONTINUE FAILLING FOR EVER.RATS THAT WERE BORN ON THE STREET.


all i hear about buhari is that he is incorruptible. incorruptible cannot run a country. we need people that are knowledgable in atleast the science of economics and leadership...not military leadership where one resorts to abacha-style, deer in the headlights - shoot at anything that moves diplomacy. besides the top, what about the competency/qualifications of the cabinet? have them put their creds on the table and verify every single year of experience. NOW WE ARE TALKING...especially for one who has such difficulty making a complete sentence, hence half the country has a difficult time understanding him...or the other who we know is involved in the biggest tax scheme in nigeria, not to mention purjury and fraud. such a leader soils the presidency. THE WHOLE DAMN BIN IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE...ALL OF THEM. don't believe the HYPE!!!


funny thing...only when it is about jonathan do we have bakare and buhari piss and shit carriers aka tundefuck and wahala present. calling GEJ all sorts of vile and despicable names and yet some idiot moron @NICK hangs a post about civility in this forum. these two faggoty clowns can make their points without the insults. they act like past nigerian leaders have been something to write home about. we know the truth...THEY ARE ALL ROTTEN...EVEN THE CORE IS ROTTEN AND NOTHING TO SAVE. ALL THE APPLES IN THE BIN ARE ROTTEN. THE HOUSE IS ROTTEN, THE SHOOLS ARE ROTTEN AND SO ARE THE CHURCHES. we need a complete paradigm shift in everything we know to turn this ship tundefuck and wahala should just stop the insults and come up with better solutions because ACN and other presupposed leaders ARE part of the rotten apples in the bin. they are not any better.

Jonathan and his government are bad dream!

I would not like to speculate on what the ACN would do if it came to power. However, it is very clear that all the ACN said of President Jonathan and his government are, I'm afraid, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! So castigating the ACN is just being irrelevant. The subject matter is Jonathan and his maladministration. Firstly, Jonathan has shown by his conduct that he lacks leadership qualities when he said that he was being slow because he feared making mistakes! What nonsense! Then why is he the president? So he is just sitting there and basking in the title,'President'. Secondly, he said that good roads caused accidents also! Meaning: no need to fix our roads! Finally, Jonathan has never accomplished anything for now! Nigerians must be stupid if they allowed him a second term! He is an embodiment of incompetence and mental lethargy.

The only set of people who

The only set of people who will be happy & contented with GEJ in power must be those who are directly or indirectly benefitting from his mis-rule. That much is clear. Definitely not majority of Nigerians. With his antecedents, GEJ can never fit into the mode of radical, 'world-changer' leaders. He simply does not have what it takes. People who change the course of history just don't get there, fold their arms and allow events to 'take their place'. They take the bulls by the horns and fight the good fight. GEJ and his cronies have neither the necessary skills, abilities, know-how nor the zeal to perform. Don't blame the man. He never asked to be President, never thought he could be President. Very sad!


All I know is that millions of Nigerians in the diaspora cannot objectively analyse the socio-economic situation back home and feel that they are missing out on contributing to the development of their fatherland or that they are wasting their skills and talents abroad. Until Nigerians at home start to regard those of us abroad as fools, anyone can say whatever they like about what is happening over there. One day, blatant truth will confront those who had the opportunity to create history, but messed it up.

It is true

It is true. Apart from ACN's possible political oppossition against Pdp, it is the fact. It is such a directionless government.
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It's a shame!

Shame to this administration! Corruption and lies are the admistration's stock-in-trade.......too bad

Jonathan has failed

That man Jonathan is a big disapointment. He has failed everyone of us. May be because he now has many shoes!


MUSA USMAN: iam disappointed by your assertion. i dont know how old are you, but which ever age bracket you fall in you are an automatic disgrace to humanity. You dont see what Nigeria is turning into. insecurity,nepotism,regionalism,tribalism,religiouism and above all dehumanisation. GEJ is not even making any attempt to treat anything, he doesnt care how many lifes are lost accept the lifes of governors and so called VIPs. Even Asari Dokubo who has benefited more than you is now blaming GEJ of his enaptitute and yet you are insulting the only honourable men left in Nigeria. You are really unpatriotic and a disgrace to the nation. By your reservation you are doing a disservice to GEJ himself by not telling him the truth.


I prayer to God to deliver Nigerians from from the hands of self centered people.I known and believed that one day He will sent a saviour to Nigerian. The person will be more powerful than them. Person who will be untorch by the devil

Public fool

US secretary of state Hilary Clinton has indicated her unwillingness to continue in public office as of now. So has the US secretary of defence Panetta. But Nigeria's mecurial idiot called Anini (Anenih) wants to die in public office.

Nigeria voted for incompetence; enjoy it !

In a decent climate, the Jonathan moron would not even be a local government chairman but this is Nigeria where stupidity is a virtue or how do you explain the rationale of thinking you can vote in a man but not the party he represents.

Nigerians want same man with no evidence of achievement as a governor is a small state to perform as President of Nigeria; IMPOSSIBLE !

The pot calling the kettle black

ACN and lie lie mohammed is a pot calling the kettle black.The only different between ACN,PDP and others are the name of the party.They are all decampees with nothing to offer.when investors relocated from lagos state to ghana because of brf's desperation to make excessive money from them in a harsh environment why did lie not complain?As BRF is imposing his draconian policy on the people why did he not call his son to order if he truly love the people?They embrace is anti-people's policy because the cash is circulating.However,for all the better policy in america and london it is only BRT lane and traffic law brf went to copy?what about the welfare of the people.With the excessive taxes,levies and allocation from FG ACN has no excuse not to create enough infrastructure and there will even be enough balance to refund to the coffers of the state.but let keep our fingers cross to see what the omniscient SAN is up to.

My honest tears for Nigerians

Nigerians have been lied to, cheated on,stolen from, crapped on, by this administration. I gave $100 to the HUHU RIBADU campaign hoping that he would be overwhelmingly elected to clear the rotten stables and messes left by the previous administration.
When PDP won I said at the time Nigeria has got the Government it deserves, Government that will not only break their promises to Nigerians, it will break their hearts.
Look at the people of AKWA IBOM They have been double crossed as usual by Akpabio who forced them to accept paltry food parcels. Obama got from BP $3 billion for the pollution of Louisiana.He sold his people short agin and will pocket the corrupt proceeds.

ACN should zip their mouths joor.

The ACN should just sharrap there. Blind party trying to direct another blind party. ''Our advice to the teeming young graduates who have no jobs is that they should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by this promise.", So in other words they should take up arms right? "dear long-suffering Nigerians, don't throw away your generators yet just because of an imaginary power stability promised by a government spokesman who has nothing but disdain for the truth,'' ACN businessmen, with all the money they have stolen from Nigeria cannot pioneer alternate means of generating power like windmills or electricity or draw up a plan for us to have artificial waterfalls that can quadrupule what the kainji dam MWage...right? All this balderdash by a party which if passed the torch of leadership will even do worse. Hissing. PDP nonsense party, ACN nonsense party...Abeg let Ghanaian government govern Nigeria on contract joor. These Nigerian parties don't know what they are doing.

Dr. Dumbo is "lies Unlimited" - 2

"Blessed are those who have no expectations, for they shall not be disappointed" - Yoruba Sage!

Advises :
A) "dear long suffering Nigerians, don't throw away your generators yet just because of an imaginary power stability promised by a Spokeman who has nothing but disdain for the truth", in reference to yet another lie ahead for 2013! No one needs a "rocket scientist" to know that 4500MW is failure, Dumbo & Doyin think it's a milestone! The Lies Unlimited!!!
B) Says, "Our advise to the teeming young graduates wh have no jobs is that they should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by this fake promise (of job creation) ... all we have now are phantom jobs and more fake promises." That, Dumbo's "Administration Governs by Deceit And Phantom Statistics." Gospel !

This is good ol' Knuckle Throwing to round-off the year from amigo Mohammed. He captured my mood alright.

@ Alhahi Lai Mohammed : RESPECT !

what has changed in 9ja since buhari 83

ACN talking about corruption via Tinubu? Buhari said in 83 that “The last general election was anything but free and fair. The only political parties that could complain of election rigging are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties. This conclusively proved to us that the parties have not developed confidence in the presidential system of government on which the nation invested so much material and human resources. While corruption and indiscipline have been associated with our state of underdevelopment, these two evils in our body politic have attained unprecedented height in the past few years. The corrupt, inept and insensitive leadership in the last four years has been the source of immorality and impropriety in our society.” ACN what has changed in 9ja since Buhari 83?

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