Jonathan Sends Troops To Somalia While Nigerians Battle Islamists At Home

AU troops
By SaharaReporters, New York

Amidst a widening outbreak of violence and assassinations attributed to the Islamist Boko Haram group, Nigerian soldiers are being diverted to war-torn Somalia under an agreement reached between Presidents Goodluck Jonathan and Barack Obama.

Aljazeera reports that about 120 Nigerian soldiers landed in Aden Ade International airport in Mogadishu last Wednesday.
Jonathan reportedly agreed to the deployment during his recent meeting with Obama at the White House.
 The soldiers are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Although, Jonathan secretly arranged the deployment, sources said he plans to contribute more soldiers to the proposed contingent of 8,000 from all of Africa assigned to combat Islamist insurgents in Somalia.
Evidence is mounting that the indigenous Islamist group is being trained in other conflict regions. According to the website Jihad Watch, the Islamist group has declared that: "Very soon, we will wage jihad...We want to make it known that our jihadists have arrived in Nigeria from Somalia where they received real training on warfare from our brethren who made that country ungovernable..."
 "This time round, our attacks will be fiercer and wider than they have been," it said, adding it will target all northern states and the country's capital Abuja.
The statement in Hausa, a widely spoken language in the north, was anonymously delivered to journalists in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, where the attacks are concentrated. The statement was attributed to the "Jama'atu Ahlis-sunnah lidda'ati wal Jihad", another name the sect calls itself.

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Is really!!

It is only God that can really save this nation of ours. Very true!


CM, why do you think this essay should be open to non-Nigerians? What I take ocenffe to in particular are your words "Whilst I understand this clause, it is a crying shame." Why really is it a crying shame? Interest in Nigeria (deep though it may be) surely is not enough to licence one to write the essay in question nor should the fact that 1 in 4 Africans is Nigerian give way to any and everyone that is interested in Nigerian affairs to write this essay. By definition, the Nigerian Leadership Initiative essay should only be opened to Nigerians, I would even go as far as saying that it should only be opened to Nigerians living in Nigeria, because they only can decide the values on which the society the live in should be based and they alone should be left to decide on the quality of the leadership that they choose to govern them. Without meaning to offend and knowing that neither did you, I find your attitude in this instance patronising.

Nigeria is 8th most populated

Nigeria is 8th most populated nation with 155 million people,they need more help to bridge the economic divides and other forms of social order setbacks. I read many things in the articles and books I came across on search of files and I came to the following conclusions. They should try to bid for future commonwealth games, future world cup or other international sport meets, like South Africa is doing. By the way, are there any current battles or wars going on that don't involve Islam??? What does that tell you??? Islam cries out the loudest when "civilians" are injured or killed, but they have no quams with injuring, killing, kidnapping, or rape of civilians themselves. They talk about hypocrites and infidels, they should take a good look in the mirror!

That's a bad statement you

That's a bad statement you made. we r suppose to correct each other not abuse others for saying something you feel is not right. that's not how to be a one Nigeria.

Big Brother

Big brother Africa!

Big Brother

Big Brother Africa!


I don't think that the problem is with the sending of soldiers to Sudan. Even if Nigeria sends 1,000 soldiers to Sudan, we'll still have enough to fight the Boko Haram at home. The big question is whether the President thinks some thing serious needs to be done. How can we handle Boko Haram when nothing has been put in place to check their activites? At this stage one would have expected that the nation's security would have being at alert. But was it not a surprise to hear that the police ran away from their home while Boko Haram carted away their armoury. Where in the world can the police force be easily overpowered by a small group. Despite this the IG is still in office enyoying our tax payers money. While he should have resigned by now.

Maybe the Nigerian soldiers

Maybe the Nigerian soldiers are in Somalia to understudy the antics of the Somalian insurgents and their kind of militancy with a view to coming to use them against the Boko Haram in Nigeria.

America's wishes Home? Who

America's wishes

Home? Who cares about home anyway?

We rigged election and you be killed by Boko Haram.

Foolish Nigerians!

Boko Haram, How it all started and Mission

Thanks for throwing in some enlightment on the origin of this impending Boko Haram crisis in the North. It is in my opinion that since the Northerners understand better the root cause of this whole hullabaloo, they too knows the best solution to it. Therefore, I suggest that The Sultan of Sokoto and Kanu be consulted.

However, it is a shame that we had allowed this political oppressive mechine to happen for such a long time unchecked by the southerners. If the Easterners (the Ibos)can not and will not be allowed to raise such a militant group, then same goes for any Tribal Group whether North or South, East or West. These section of Northerners should be ostracized and barred from any key socio-political positions in/out of the country. Same goes for those in the south. Just before that "bill of fact" is signed, we Must first find out the root cause. What is it that they want.

It is in my understanding that when the people make a request from the government, it is very often not addressed untill they take up arms. This only happened in a failed leadership.

Well said, we are beginning to understand the politcal game plan of the North. This is now a multi political chess board that can be played nationally and globally . Technology has enhanced the audio-visual communication, illegal acts of any politial or socio-religeous group can be reported before their illicit conception can be actualized but we all have to be vigillant and careful about this. There are southerners who out of ignorance are part of this Boko Haram sects and there are sleeping cells all over Nigeria.

Like I have said manytimes before, secession is NOT an option. Nigeria MUST remain as ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE before us all. The Boko Haram issue must be addressed now even though I do see this as an "unfinished matter" as it is tied to Islam. Until I am made to understand what these sects stand for, I may not be able to balance what took their reason prisoner as to tieing Islam with an unholy Jihad of wanton burning and killing of the innocents. Is that what Islam stand for?. This is only my opinion. Good luck to us all.

Somalia Troop

What kind of leaders do we have in this country?
The country is boiling everyday with blast. No solution in sight and you're sending troops to Somalia. What does that add to us as Nigerians??????

Nigeria at War.(2)

Things are changing though and so Arabs are pushing out their governments through a spring revolution. For anyone in doubt, Nigeria is at war. It probably does not need to be officially declared. For those saying how many troops does Jonathan need to put down Boko Haram, why don't you ask Gowon what he thought was going on in the East of Nigeria in 1967. They said a "police action" would get rid of the rebels. Nigeria needs all its troops now.

I predict Boko Haram will spread, inflicting terrifying damage beyond its current borders in North East Nigeria. Then the reality will dawn on those who want to treat these warriors with kid gloves

Nigeria at War.(1)

I have read some comments about the subtle islamisation of Nigeria. I agree. For any student of politics, like me who grew up in the late '70's and '80's, to understand Nigeria's politics, you had to understand Islam.

Matter of fact I had to do a study on the Jama'atu Nasril Islam (JNI) of Ibrahim Dasuki - in those days.Political Governance is a major tenet of Islam. And while Christian Fanatics know they cannot take over any Government (at least in developed, mature representative democracies), Islamic Theocracy is still at its teething stage. Example Iran.

And you think it's so easy

And you think it's so easy for a state of emergency to be declared in a state and the state takes it lightly. U need to reason before you talk

I love the simplicity in

I love the simplicity in Jonathan. I always congratulate him for the way fortune has beaconed unprecedented success in his endeavors. I marvel at the coincidence of his name and the fate befalling him.I would not have voted for him though.I had my mind on RIBADU.
Nigeria at this precarious junction needs a visioneer of a leader. The country needs someone who would need to call a state of emergency! That should be the first thing. Let us call all representative of the states to the table. Let us tabulate our priorities. Let us discuss with Religious leaders, Community leaders, kings and rulers which are the stronghold of our society. The next and very important dialogue must be with our scientists, Engineers and educational institutions. Then Bank and Entrepreneurs. All to strategize in order to tackle our problems. I forsee a situation which this man may be gagged to the point to capitulate and resign if not impeached!

Umu, you are highly clinical,

Umu, you are highly clinical, cerebral and luminous student of contemporary history.


From period of GEJ being VP to acting President to President, I have been monitoring this website called SaharaReporters and once accused them of being baised. It is now glaring that I'm right.
It is high time SR should let us know where it belongs and should not hide under OBJECTIVE JOURNALSIM. I'm very sure that SR is protecting the interest of enemies of Nigeria.
SR,If you wish to practice a Critics journalsim - let people know and then we'll know where you belong!
BH does not need the whole NA combatants b4 being dealt with, so be wise in your act of journalsim.
Make sure you allow this comment to come out!

Y practice negative

Y practice negative journalism? How many soldiers r required to contain BH? How many soldiers do we ve in d Nigerian Army? How many soldiers Ve bin deployed to the troubled areas? How many soldiers r going 2 Somalia? Y disparage GEJs Presidency just 4d fun of it? Make una go find anoda job do!!! Haba


Y practice negative journalism? How many soldiers r required to contain BH? How many soldiers do we ve in d Nigerian Army? How many soldiers Ve bin deployed to the troubled areas? How many soldiers r going 2 Somalia? Y disparage GEJs Presidency just 4d fun of it? Make una go find anoda job do!!! Haba

PDP's ties with Boko Haram

Ofcourse the thugs in PDP have a lot of dirty deals with boko haram. Reality check can show that we have more security personnel, police and military, than all the Boko haram members and their family put together. But the PDP does not want to stop its monster. Result=Nigerians killed and terrorized.

This report is highly

This report is highly unbalanced and poorly structured. It looks like it was written by a child. SR, can't u get seasoned reporters to manage ur write ups to improve ur credibility? This article shows that the editor may be the problem. Think guys.

you must be a complete idiot

you must be a complete idiot to post such a comment and moreover, you are a bloody northerner because no southerner will sound as stupid as you sound. yes, you guys go ahead and declare a war and your entire family up to the last generation will be the first to be wiped off the earth. Animal!

Boko Haram, how it all sarted and its Umu Oke

It began in 1960s with Mohammadu Marwa; he was succeeded in 1980s, by Maitatsine, both Muslim fanatics were foreigners, we were told. Each of them lived in Kano, raised over 10,000 private Muslim army in the North, trained and equipped by foreign Muslim nations to protect Islam from encroaching Igbo Culture and Christianity . For these reasons, Jihadists from Cameroun, Chad and Niger repl. poured in, as helpers protecting Islamic culture against eastern Nigerian infidelism. Because religion and politics are inseparable in the North, the Northern politicians used Mohammadu Marwa's and Maitatsine's private army for their polito-religious missions in Nigeria. 1966-1983 was a remarkable period of Muslims heading almost every important office in Nigeria. That period was favoured Islamization of entire Nigeria. A famous Nigerian Islamic scholar and jurist, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, came on board, seized the opportunity, advocated Islamic State for Nigeria. His listeners and admirers were then northern elites and University students. Gumi enjoyed overwhelming supports in Nigeria, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Gumi's contribution to Sharia inspired northern students at ABU-Zaria, BUK-Kano, in 1980s to form militant Islamic movement(Izala, MSS),- to actualize Islamic state based on sharia laws and to purify Islam by killing Infidels and Muslims who do not practice Islamic beliefs. Mohammed Yusuf inherited Maitatsine's Muslim army in Northern Nigeria for the same purpose of 1960s-1987- establishing Nineteen Islamic States in Nigeria, polito-religious problem that needs a democratic solution thru a Sovereign National Conference. Because some states in the North have Christian minorities. Umu Oke

Re: Jonathan Sends Troops To Somalia

I wish the Boko Haram were fighting a just cause, otherwise our govt simply takes us for granted, and treats us all with total disregard. The Boko Haram should target govt agencies alone. They're the ones spending all our money, so let them bear the heat. All of the expected revenue this year is budgeted to take care of them alone per their salaries, alowances, and all. What about us the ordinary folks that don't get our living from the govt? Nothing for us?

Boko Haram should turn away from shariah and focus on economic rights, electoral rights, and all the other freedoms that make life worth living. That way, we would all applaud them.

Guys, Now i know those that

Guys, Now i know those that love Nigeria and they hope to derive so much on its disintergration. This same reporters are the ones disguising as civil rights to discredit the soldiers activities to wipe out Boko Haram. The same set of people are shouting when the soldiers are sent out on international assignments.
If you do not want the unity of this country, you can please hide your face in hell.

@ Usiomame, examine urself: Jonah's priority in somalia misplace

Usiomame, SR published news and added extra-information just like everyother news publisher does.
For years, the West's only credit to Nigeria has been mostly on peacekeeping around Africa. President Jonathan is only courting the West's credit by sending troops to Somalia while an Islamic sect as deadly as those in Somalia is wrecking havoc in Nigeria.
Nigeria is keeping peace in other places while our country witnesses daily fights. We cannot sit together (unless through a lopsided parliament) and discuss the troubling areas in Nigeria's union, troubling areas that may eventually undermine Nigeria's unity, yet we are sending troops to other countries to make peace. That's hypocrisy of the highest order.

Troop Deployment

Did anyone read here that some of the Boko Haram killers are trained in Somalia? If then Mr. President sends troops to Somalia to assist in defeating the terrorists there, shouldn't that be a good thing for Nigeria in the sense we would have helped weed out any bad influence from Somalia? We need to be objective in our critisms. I ask our muslim brothers not to allow these terrorist deceive them into destroying our country. People should be free to practice their religion.

Tony u need to cross-check

Tony u need to cross-check the figures u wrote, coz even the population of the whole world is not up to that figure, it is good for u to know how write millions, billions, trillion, before starting commenting.

You are ignorant!

You are ignorant!

Boko Haram people want pay back !

The North totally miscalculated this time. They used the middlebelters to fight the civil war and then dumped them, calling themselves core Northerners.

From Maitatsine to the present, they burnt churches all over the North, mercilessly massacred Christians in their midst even if previously of the same Geographical North. They dominated Northern politics and went on to dominate Federal politics and agencies as well, meantime they gave out doles and 'sadaka' to the poor in their midst.

The middle belters wizened up, voted this time by supporting a Southerner, never mind that he does not know his right from his left.

Boko Haram (BH)had to rise from the ashes of Sharia, an unjust system propagated by the Northern elite to the detriment of the Talakawas. They stole billions and perpetrated gay lifestyles whilst cutting off the hands of hungry ones that steal a goat stoning those said to be adulterous!

For BH, Religion is their main thrust, I can assure you that social inequity and economics plays a significant part of their fight against the oligarchs and their surrogates in the center.

The center in Abuja is no longer holding.

50 years of penury and subjugation has come to an end and the people want pay back from those who held them in Bondage all these years.

The sad thing is that it will spill across the country. With our troops going to Somalia, are we leaving our 'Rome to burn?'