Jonathan Will Run For President in 2015, Says PDP

PDP women leader, Kema Chikwe
By SaharaReporters, New York

Any lingering cobwebs as to whether President Goodluck Jonathan will seek to keep his job in 2015 were dispelled today when the National Women’s Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Kema Chikwe, asserted the President will return to office.

Chikwe, a former Minister, is a member of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party, which has 12 members.

She was speaking in Abuja at the presentation of the “PDP Women-In-Power 2013 Calendar” in the presence of the First Lady, Patience Jonathan, who was seen nodding in agreement with Chikwe's statement.

“We need to start moving fast to prepare women for future elections,” Chikwe said.  “Until we elect 35 per cent or more of women in the legislature, the impact of our progress will not be complete.

She said that the next “dispensation,” will possibly attract PDP female governors and more deputy governors, but was far more eloquent on the nation’s top political position.

“We are even more confident that when President Goodluck Jonathan returns in 2015, women would be talking about 50 per cent and not 35 per cent,” she said.  “As we give him unequivocal, undiluted, unresolved and unlimited support and as we march with him to 2015, PDP women will reach the promised land.”

In a speech dripping with sycophancy, she asked Mrs. Jonathan and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Anyim Pius Anyim, who represented the President at the occasion, “to convey our deep gratitude to the Father of the Day,” President Jonathan.
"Tell him that PDP women are chanting to Nigeria: 'All we are saying, give us Goodluck.'”

Mrs. Jonathan took the opportunity to appeal to the Senate to pass the controversial N4bn budget proposal of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Sen. Bala Mohammed, for the building of the controversial Africa First Ladies Mission building in Abuja.  Protesting Nigerians have argued that the funds will be looted, rather than used for such a project, and that they would in any event prefer that such funds were deployed into education, health or infrastructure.  

Mrs. Chikwe’s declaration concerning Jonathan’s 2015 political ambitions is in direct contradiction to what Mr. Jonathan himself said just 24 hours ago.  

Speaking through a Special Senior Assistant, Mr. Doyin Okupe, the president said, “From time immemorial, for every major event or contest in the world, there is always a time and a season apportioned.

“We wish to state categorically that this is neither the time nor the season to begin electioneering campaign or related discourse for the 2015 presidential elections and so President Goodluck Jonathan will not jump the gun.”

He added that Mr. Jonathan would therefore “stoutly resist any disguised or open attempt to drag him into any debates, arguments or political discussions relating to a presidential election in 2015.”

A political observer who heard Chikwe’s statement today told SaharaReporters that the PDP reality is a case of the-more-you-look-the-less-you-see.  
“Unless the PDP rigs the 2015 election, there is no way that Jonathan—on the basis of his performance so far--can win the presidential election,” he said. 

“So anyone singing ‘Give Us Goodluck,’ if indeed anyone has thought of such a song, is someone that is really campaigning for the opposition, who should be applauding Mrs. Chikwe and the PDP chaos at this point.”

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Treason Trial

Buhari needs to be tried for treasonable felony regarding his role in all those military coups against the fatherland. Buhari is a Boko Haram agent. It will be foolhardy for the south to give up this opportunity they have for correcting forty years of injustice. The West should join the East in the effort to reelect Jonathan otherwise we would live to regret the missed opportunity and blame Lord Luggard. Most of the best minds from the East and the West are on economic exile for failed economic policies of past 40 years of Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy. The West should have a reflection of what it would be like to a Boko Haram double Agent as a president.

Born to Rule Doctrine

2015 Election is a referendum on whether to continue Hausa/Fulani born to rule doctrine or to have a shift in Nigeria's political paradigm.

Franca French

Kema Chikwe, you have queries

Kema Chikwe, you have queries to answer in Dublin - Republic of Ireland. You were suppose to uphold the citizens honour and glory but yet it was the other way round. You conspired with the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform to deport so many Nigerian asylum seekers that have pending cases in the court and those that still in the process back to Nigeria with an excuse that the country is peaceful. Secondly, during your tenure in Ireland as an ambassador, the Epassport application / processing or renewal skyrocketed to an unimaginable rate until Nigerian citizens in Ireland staged a huge protest for their voices to be heard. Wannabe Noticed and a tart

Missing the point

I think people are missing the point here. Of course Jonathan has constitutional right to seek re-election but would he win? That is ten trillion Naira Q. No political party like to lose an election. When bill Clinton seek second term in office most of the republican who nurse presidential ambition diver for cover why b/c they knew with Bill performance it will be difficult to defeat him If things continue as it were in Nigeria Jonathan will not win the 2015 election and that is PDP dilemma. It is obvious the only way Jonathan will win is by rigging. Well we all know the consequences of that. Shagari tried it he was thrown out of power 3 months later. Well of course the so called APC could voluntarily threw the election by having hardcore muslim findamentalist like Buhari as it presidentail cadidate or worst still have musli/muslim ticket Buhari/Tinubu. A recipe for disaster.


dumb or no dumb, he's getting paid and you bad belle people are here griping and insulting the savior. some people are talking about corruption with impunity...before nko! for your information, he doesn't drink that waterside cheap stuff...he drinks henessey. how in the hell will he afford the good stuff? atleast he doesn't have a double barrell snuff nose like OBJ who sneezes and gets liguid snuff on all the papers on the table. you bad belle people better get used to your savior. you so called 'rightious-as-a-result-of-hunger people', you would do the same if given the chance. NO MORE CHANCES. THE FREE SOUP KITCHEN IS CLOSED, THE TITS ARE FLAT...THE BOBBY IS DRY...GO HOME! KAPISCHE!!!


Buhari is the only solution to our political,religious,economic and all the social problem of our dear nation.But our dear leaders from sourth east are using religion to distroy his image and personality. Shame 2 u. in Buhari ew stand.

GEJ will fail for 2015 Campainge

Hey, nobody is sayin hulabaloo here, we r all xpressing ourselves and we are all entitles to our opinions, okay? How can a reasonable person be campaigning for GEJ for a 2nd term wen GEJ has failed the whole Nigerians on power supply, water supply, employment, roads, education ect but rather encouraging corruption and dis is d worst regime so far in Nig wich we all have to come out to vote against in 2015 or else PDP will turn dis country upside down. Wen GEJ was asked abt electricity on CNN talk with Christaina Amapour, he lied dere is 100 percent electricity in Nig when dere are many villages and rural areas that av never seen electricity before. Its better for GEJ to step down so that credible and competent peol can work and also for peace to reign.

In Support

I agree with all you said, infact such people should be discarded from the society.

Ofcourse Jonathan is

Ofcourse Jonathan is constitutionally and legally qualified to run in 2015, as he is only doing his first term as an elected President. If he performs very well this time around, yes he can win the next election. I do not think that Jonathan should justify or even glorify those who say that, he is not qualify, to run in 2015 with a response. In law it says that, he who asserts must prove and as such those who say, that he is not qualify to run, must prove theri case. They should put up or shut up forever and allow Jonathan to do his job for which he is elected, without let or hindrance. I rest my case.

GEJ 2015 ?

first lady and her husband pls we dont need ur ugly faces in 2015 we don tire 4 u plssssssssssss bad luck carry ur badluck wit u and goooooo.

GEJ has constitutional right

GEJ has constitutional right to present himself for re-election. But PDP has to organize a free and fair primary and INEC should for once give us credible election. Should'nt NWC members be seen to be neutral in matters like this? I wonder

Goodluck Jonathan has the

Goodluck Jonathan has the right to run again. The constitution makes provision for this. In my opinion, he hasn't achieve anything so far. He is a paper weight president. Now it is over to the so-called opposition to get their acts together, put personal interests to one side, and field a credible candidate that we Nigerians could proud of. Whether this person is a Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo, or an Ibibio is irrelevant.
Since independence ALL our 'elected' leaders had been imposed on us either for sectional or personal interest. Enough is Enough!

Electoral manipulations and Gentlemens' Agreement in the PDP

It is time tis cynicalmajipulkation of poublic sentimets stops. There is no and has been noconstituitional impediment to any Nigerian wanting to contest fro any elective position. It is just this PDP hogwash on 'gentlemens' agreement'and all that facade. Allow Nigerians to votes and let the votes decide NOT your appointed 'Vote Counters!

The worst thing that can

The worst thing that can happen to any nation is to be saddled with a weak President. President Jonathan can be a good man but to all intents and purposes he does not have the capacity and the capability to run this vibrant but complex country. It is near impossible to expect anything new from this crop of leaders led by President Jonathan even in the next 20 years. They cannot give what they do not have( Nemo dat qui non habet)



Any time he declare everybody will fall in line

You guys have started again making mouth without doing anything. Some don't even belong to any party some can't even vote so for what use is your stupid comment? Rain all the abuses like you did before and go and sleep and expect your candidate to win.How I wish we can have a mock administration for 6 months and allow the opposition to rule Nigeria so that we can see how they will transform Nigeria. You guys better start your campaign and at least support one person. Quenching another person's candle can't make yours brighter. If he is clueless vote him out, if you can't then you are the one clueless.We were here before in 2011, when nobody gave him chance, so relax!


None of the comment makers has indicated how Jonathan can come back. He has no support of his governors and the majority PDP members. He has no support of majority of Nigerians because he has not perform. His supporters have only thought of his victory based on ethnic and religious affiliation, whereby they always refer his emergence with the votes of SS,SE and NC. While dismissing the majority SW,NE, and NW. Due to the political miscalculation and lack of foresights and general will a good and national politician cannot risk loosing the majority's votes in favour of the minority. Therefore,for those whose wish him(Jonathan)well should advise him to return to his gentlemaness.


We don't need a Soothsayer 2let us know 'Goodie' (Baddie?) is goin 2run.. We also know that chikwe 4rm her position in d party is privy 2their Shenanigans.. We know she mustV spoken wot most of those sharing in d 'spoils' wit Bro Jona hav in mind.. BUT in as much as Most members of the Cult Called PDP r united by their 'KleptoCratic' Desires, we know there r some members STRONGLY opposed 2this 'project'.
SR r Unbeatable 4now in their Superb Investigative journalism nd Ability 2release Info as it Happens..But I Urge them 2Avoid the kind of SENSATIONALISM associated with Silly Soft Sell Magazines!!

Chief Kema Chikwe

Is Kema married or one of those free women who are never around whenever Jonathan is on top of the situation.


We are actually in support of u presnting jonah as a presidential candidate, if any u are presnting a weak candidate which the opposition will find easy to defeat. i dey
laf ghhhhhh.

Who stop him

I think there is no any problem about Jonathan to context in 2015 but the great question here is what concrete work will he going to shows to Nigerians. He really need to expel all his bad advisers that like that woman. He need to stick and work with his ideas as a man not the ideas of others. We as a nation we do not mind from wherever part of the country he came from; all what we want is delivering and good representation.

Jonathan to Run in 2015

This Ogogoro president (Jonathan) can never win in any free and fair elections with his clueless and incompetent leadership.

PDP would want him to run because it is only during his administration that looting of government funds have been going unabetted with impunity. Yes, they want the clueless dunce at the helm of Nigerian affairs so that the looting can continue.It is just so sad that Nigeria has come to this point!

Kema Chikwe is Useless

The old hag should go away and stay away. What has she ever achieved other than grinning like a useless donkey she is.

Dis one, Kema Chikwe, eh kwa!

Any time I come see di picture of dis woman I remember di tory wey Ojo, di okoro Minister, come knack for us for Washington, DC, USA. He tell us sey Aremu one day for FEC meeting come check di woman booty come speak for Yoruba, sey di yawa wey idey chop! Kai, if you know Ojo, you go no sey idey speak Yoruba pass Ogbeni Oja. That day, Ojo sey di FEC members wey bi abokis and okoros no understand di thing Aremu talk. He sey him come keep straight face though him dey laugh small inside bicos Aremu come look him for face how him go react. Hm, Aremu and yawa! Make we ask Gbenga, Aremu's son again, di thing Aremu do with di female FEC members including dis one, mouth no fit talk am! Aremu na agbanya, dey sey him dey like horse! Chei!

Na dis woman wey want tell us who go bi Naija's President for 2015? Nne, we go see but na how much Dame Patie and Ebele don give you already? Shameless booty!


We might differ in approaching issues but our land always grant our wishes. We came onto this land not on the root of tribes, religious and classes but as a vision and mission to hail our land. This land is being cultivated for years and it knows the burden onto it. On to this land our journey will end, we should hail the land with truth, fairness, justice, equity and peace.

'All we are saying, give us

'All we are saying, give us Goodluck.'

YUK! I feel sick! Really sick!

Yurs truly

please let the ss produce someone more reasonable, This guy is dumb. Or is this how everyone in SS is?


The only options left for people who want Jonathan to forgo his constitutional rights as a Nigerian is to hug the nearest transformer or go to Jankara market and buy a long rope for hanging.
The constitution is so clear about his eligibility so I fail to see why some Nigerians,especially from the north feel he should forgo his rights as a citizen of Nigeria.
Any attempt to stampede Jonathan from office will be met with stiff resistance from the SS and SE so let's give peace a chance.

My fear is Tinubu. This man

My fear is Tinubu. This man may still collect money from PDP and sabotage his party just like what I heard that he did in the last election and betrayed even his own party candidate Ribadu.

Kema is a disgrace.

Kema is a disgrace to woman hood. All she and Chris Anynwu is interested in, is power.
All of them have forgotten that GEJ is eating our share of Aso rock.
She is not even asking for a Igbo man or woman to have shot at that post of presidency.
She only wanted to be a minister again and she believe this is the time to start praise singing.
All these owerre women who wanted to control man by all means will meet there water loo very soon. What has your GEJ done to the entire Igbo race since he took over? Not minding that Igbos supported the bush man more than the South South.
We have lost confidence in that man so he should return to Utueke.

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