Jonathan's Budget Presentation: National Assembly In A Lockdown

National Assembly Workers
By SaharaReporters, New York

Workers at Nigeria's National Assembly today got more than what they bargain for as the combined team of  security agencies subjected them to rigorous screening as Jonathan submits 2012 budget.

A team of heavily armed anti riot mobile policemen and plain cloth operatives were stationed at the main gate. Also a mobile scanning vehicle was stationed at the main gate scanning all vehicles coming in and out of the National Assembly complex.  At the second gate where a dusty car park was located staff were asked to line up in a single file for check.

Soldiers were also stationed beside the gate brandishing with guns . But the entrance of the white House (main building) was a different ball game as  staff were asked to follow the Senate or House of Rep. wing entrance after a long walk from the main gate.                 

There was confusion at the lobby as all the doors were shut forcing people to follow underground tunnel.
All the offices such as banks at the basement were forced to a lock down.                           Members of the Strike Force, snippers and police detectives took over the entire building for the fear of attack by Boko Haram sect members who listed President Goodluck Jonathan as one of their main targets.                                           

National Assembly workers blamed the security for overzealousness in discharging their duty.
"These security men are not civilized in the manner they are conducting this check. We are not saying they should not search but the way and manner they are doing it is an eye service."  A staff said.                                             

President Jonathan later presented the budget proposal by noon before the joint session of both upper and lower House of the National Assembly.

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Goodluck god will help


Do u have religion at all?

pathetic fool. thanks 4

pathetic fool. thanks 4 exhibiting ur core ignorance. mind your language u little brat. Allah's apostle doesnt hv business in this so dnt bring him up. God is seeing you. i know if u know ur bible well u couldnt hv said dat. buh ignorance is a disease. and watch ur life if u dnt repent and take dem back u wil surely account for them sooner or later.


Continue the good work Nigeria police. Always doing what is not important.



the inmates

you are a big swine why would you attribute everything to islam or muhammad? this has nothing to do with islam what kind of hatrate did you have for islam and muhammad? we have never insulted jesus why? may Allah make you suffer a painful death you pathetic fool
you disgusting Animal. instead of you to use your brain to think you r using you Dick to think may you suffer from leprosy till eternity Amen

Lets support our president

Lets support our president and Pray to GOD to cut short those that loot public funds for the benefit of their immediate families. Its time we the youths stand up for what is rightfully ours.

Its only in this country that

Its only in this country that we don't respect the office of the President. Whosoever God Almighty wills that he leads this country should be given due respect. We need to encourage our President to do well. Only then will he do well.

The Inmates Are In-charge Of Govt.

The inmates are in charge of the Asylum. The Northern Nigerian musilm inmates are in-charge of the budgets. Alhaji Ali Ndume & co are in control while taking their orders from the Satan Of Sokoto Mallam alhaji Muhammad Saad Abubakar. The secretary of defence the gap tooth gen.ibb. The supreme spiritual leader is the person of prophet muhammad the child molester.


TO BE CANDID, I DONT THINK JONATHAN IS READY TO DELIVER THE DIVIDENDS OF DEMOCRACY. I AM NOT BIAS. THE MAN HAS BEEN THERE EVER SINCE THE DEMISE OF YAR'ADUA HIS BOSS. WHAT THING HAS DONE THAT PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE OF THE MASSES????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Nobody wan die

No body wan die but dey wan go heaven. Naija govt don av d interest of d downtrodden in their heart but wil do anytin to preserv their life. Wat a shame.


All I have to say is that, fuel subsidy should not be removed to promote sustainability in the nation.


The big question remains - Was the fuel subsidy included in the budget? The national assembly must send the whole thing back if this was not included. No government can operate without an approved budget by the legislature except in a military dictatorship. Jonathan and Okonjo Iweala have failed to understand this simple legal requirement. We live in a democracy. The national assembley have the final say on this issue of fuel subsidy and not the wishes of an individual. Going along that line will be illegal and an impeachable offence.


The president should just have couriered the budget doc to the NA OR  have his media aide hand out the papers to journalists.  Best of all, though, in this information age would be for the president's P.A. to email it to editors who would have downloaded it in a Budget Special Edition carrying only the Budget, no ads.  Of course govt would have to pay newspapers for loss of ad revenues.  Would have been another First in the World just as a budget presented while detachments of armed-to-the-teeth men rough-handle workers must be first of its kind.

We voted for PDP and not

We voted for PDP and not Goodluck Jonathan.
Nigerian need an emergency procedure to rewire their head hopefully they can start to think straight before 2015. Well before then enjoy the ride.

Please lets be careful

Please let us be careful on how we cast aspersion on our president.

i told ya

 Are we kind of nervous now?! Wait till the shit hit the fan. When push comes to shove all those mumu security muguns will scatter. A society without vision can only breed children and later Adults without perspectives.


The man has presented the "freshier or freshest" budget to us today.
But my fear is following this GEJ's goodluck or reverse, right fom his primary school to date where people will die and he then occupy that position, now he has occupied the number one position, then what next? Is like the rest Nigerians will die leaving only him alive,judging from his anti-people policies.

this is embarassing

This is an embarrassment. Though, i am not surprise, cos his antecedents spoke it all.

Where's The Text...Subsidy Nko?

"These security men are not civilized in the manner they are conducting this check...the way and manner they are doing it is an eye service."

They can deploy the entire Nigerian Armed Forces just to hop-over and present a budget, simple duty. The fact still remains that just this morning, three innocent children were murdered due to lack of security! Does the foundamental "Right To Life" provisions of the UN Charter which Nigeria is a signatory to not include theirs? With such an invasion force only to go to near-by NASS could mean just one thing, that our sadistic leaders also value life, only their lives!

January is upon us. Time to put an end to all of this!


Is Goodluck Jonathan's life more important than others'? For how long will he protect himself against Boko Haram at the expense of the rest of us. We must regretfully admit that this blockhead of a President, does not care about any of us, without exception. He is a confirmed failure as well as national embarrassment. What a shame!

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