Jonathan's Handpicked Candidate Seriake Dickson Declared Winner Of Bayelsa Gubernatorial Poll

Jonathan and Seriake Dickson during a campaign event inYenegoa, Bayelsa state
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared Seriake Dickson, the handpicked Peoples Democratic Party candidate of President Goodluck Jonathan the winner in the gubernatorial election conducted yesterday in Bayelsa state.

The final results which were padded overnight reflected a whopping jump in the number of voters despite a extremely low turnout of voters in the state was declared byProfessor Joseph Atubokiki Ajienka the Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt.

According the INEC website, there are 591,870 registered voters in the Bayelsa state during the April 2011 but during yesterday's election INEC recorded 629,387 registered voters in the state.

In declaring Mr. Dickson the winner of today's election INEC claimed that he won the final votes in the state by 417,500 equaling 88.76% of total votes cast.

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PDP the way the opposition is

PDP the way the opposition is going, and most of u who make noise don't even vote I don't like PDP I have watch events in nigeria those sound rigging don't even vote and if they do vote they don't stay to see the counting they will just be post nonsense

@ Deri

I find it amusing that you have the time to comment on virtually every article. Undoubtedly, you're a PDP hatchet man. I find most of your comments completely out of context and irritating. Must you spend your entire energy on SaharaReporters? How about volunteering in your community/neighborhood some days?




Bahari and tinubu will always want to play on our sentiments

I will rather have PDP come to the aid of the masses as they did in Bayelas state, than have a clown who mortgaged the conscience of the people of the state to creditors for another 51yrs, stage a come back. While Sylva was spending money meant for the transformation of the state, to bribe lawmakers in the house, Dickson was one of the few vocal voices who stood behind the shield of truth to fight for the constitutional rights of the the then VP Jonathan. Against the cabal who entrenched themselves in Aso Rock with Turai. Its pay back time. If the people had said no to dickson, there is nothing jonathan could have done to change the situation-if Dickson was rigged inot power, then what was CPC and ACN doing? Did ACN also rig with their propaganda machines in the west-using Ribadu as a cover? Was CPC also sleeping in adamawa when Nyako won?

Congratulations PDP

PDP has won d elections in Bayelsa as i expected and d wide margin in d results shows dat Bayelsa is truly a PDP state.Now dat Dickson has won e should prepare 2 hit d ground runnin if not e will end up like Sylva.I wish Dickson d very best.

@Liberty A

I am very sure you are not a togolese but a full fledged Nigeria perhaps. So my humble question to your confused and aging thoughts is, was it Obasanjo and President Jonathan that conducted the June 12 elections which led to the death of MKO abiola and his wife Kudirat? This is how some you lie your way into the South South. Soon it would be the turn of your brothers who would again be pleading their way into the heart and mind of Dickson. Those who sacrificed all to cast their votes in that nascent state, will again be left in cold. My prayer is for dickson to tow the same line with sylva for us to see-then and only then will he know that (khaki no be leather). There is no point talking much-the person who destroyed that state was Sylva who was planted by OBJ. Why did he not go to OBJ for help-because of the stench he left behind in government house-so he cant.

The criminality we sentimentally endorsed in 2011!!!

In the governorship election conducted in Bayelsa State yesterday which The President himself admitted was marred by LOW TURN OUT, The PDP Candidate, Seriake Dickson polled a total of 417,500, CPC got 23,548 votes, CAP scored 22,534 votes while ACN polled 9,627 votes. Total valid votes = 459,613; Invalid votes = 10,753; Total votes cast = 470,366. In the presidential election, 506,008 Bayelsans voted where 504,811 voted for their son. So, where is the so much talked about low turn out? Just about 35000 voters?

He who pays the Professor, calls the Winner !

That's Nigerian Elites.
That's the effect of voting for Money or Reagional/Religious Sentiment !

Voodoo Result

All the egbesu of the Ijawland voted. Congrats Dr. GEJ on the birth of your own chosen godson governor!

Seriake Dickson the next big thief

Seriake looks like a criminal, talks like a criminal and bevahes like a criminal. Has an ex-con as godfather and a legendarily incompetent GEJ as associate. Bayelsa is programmed for serial rape.

johnatan handpick candidate wins

every body no he most win dat is d president job even dou pdp perform below in d state dey have to manipulate d fegure he really dont matter

I neva see

Where other presidents are driven by the LOVE they have for their ordinary citizens and show this in the various actions they take geared towards alleviating the suffering of their countrymen...this president takes a back seat; infact he seats in the boot when it comes to the ordinary, hungry, penniless citizen of Nigeria. Shame.

Dumbo don happiii

Dumbo don happiii

See what our senators doing to nigerians after fuel subsidy.

SENATORS may, this week, take delivery of their official Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps, The Nation on Sunday can reveal.

The cost per unit of the 2011 model of the jeep obtained from the manufacturer's website is $100,724 - about N16,115, 840.
The total cost of the vehicles for the 109 senators is put at over N1.7 billion.

A competent source in the National Assembly told our correspondents yesterday that the senators opted for the Land Cruiser jeep because of its unique features.


GEJ must be very proud of himself that he finally installed a governor in his home state! I bet, they will end up stoning themselves before out!

Nigeria Charm Election Figures

 We knew that result even before election. Nigeria figure for elections will never tally in as much as Obasanjo and his Clueless president Jona remain at centre of Nigeria's affairs. 

We r nt suprise.

That is the way pdp won their election, we really knw dat's serious rigging. God will save us. I am deeply symphatise the good people of bayelsa state, 4rm grave 2 grave. Pdp wahala!


gej has failed in his own way of effecting judicial matters in nigeria. Late president Yar'adua RIP would never do that. Gej is not a man with rule of law as he claimed, I have been following this beyelsa's guber race issue. fuck

Election Robbery Made Easy

The elections in Nigeria have become day light robbery made easy through the aid of Electoral Commissions.

Pay The Minimum Wage Jonathan Or Shame On You!

Whosoever diggeth a pit, shall fall in! Attahiru Jega, we hail thee!

One day, monkey go hang himself!



God punish all of them!

Corrupt men with no morals

Dickson won even before voting, pdp style not suprised.

Bayelsa's affair, more or less alameseigha is back in power its just to figure out where he and dickson will be moving their loot to next.

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