Journalists Who Penned Story of 'JTF Atrocities' Are Thrown in Jail

Aliyu Saleh
Musa Muhammad Awwal
By SaharaReporters, New York

Two reporters from a Hausa-language newspaper were rounded up by armed security agents early Monday and are currently being held in detention. No reason was given for the arrest but sources say it is linked to the publication of a piece they co-wrote titled “Atrocities of JTF in Potiskum.”

Some 40 armed officers conducted the pre-dawn raid on the homes of Aliyu Saleh, a reporter with Al-Mizan, a weekly Hausa-language paper, and Musa Muhammad Awwal, the paper’s editor. The two live in Rigasa in Kaduna, news reports say.

The agents confiscated the writers’ cell phones and money and briefly detained the journalists’ wives, it was also reported.

The N.Y.-based Committee to Protect Journalists spoke with Yusuf Idris, Kaduna state chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists. Idris said the two reporters were being held at the headquarters of the State Security Service in Abuja.

CPJ attempted to verify the facts in the case but Marilyn Ogar, spokesman for the security service, did not immediately respond to CPJ's inquiries.

Later on Monday, security agents raided the home of Al-Mizan Editor-in-Chief Ibrahim Musa, who was not on the premises at the time, according to the online daily Premium Times. Musa has since fled into hiding, news reports said.

The published story claimed that the Nigerian federal government's Joint Task Force, the special unit combating the insurgency of militant Islamist sect Boko Haram, had allegedly abducted 84 individuals in the northern state of Yobe.

Local journalists told CPJ that the story included pictures of the abducted individuals, who were still missing, and accounts from their family members.

In October, both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accused the JTF of abusive detention practices, according to news reports. Nigerian security forces have denied the allegations.

CPJ’s Africa Advocacy Coordinator, Mohamed Keita, declared: "We condemn the arrests of Aliyu Saleh and Musa Muhammad Awwal, along with the raid at Ibrahim Musa's home, which appear designed to silence coverage of alleged abuses by Nigeria's security agencies... We demand the immediate release of these journalists and a halt to the security agencies' efforts to intimidate the press. National leaders must make it clear that security agents are not above the law."

The Nigeria Union of Journalists issued a statement declaring that the union views this clandestine operation as primitive and unwarranted. It added: “There are more civilised and acceptable standards of carrying out investigations. This method of attacking journalists and beating up their wives in their homes before they are taken away is unacceptable.”

The NUJ urged the security agencies “to produce the two journalists unharmed and adopt acceptable standards of investigating alleged crimes,” pointing out that “the right and proper thing to do is to take the matter to court for subsequent action.”

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Jonathan and can boys in Army Uniforms

I do not what kind of heart both Jonathan his so called CAN boys do in the North.and satisfy that they are quite satisfied with it killing Northerners and feining the so called Boko Haram. Who has the kind of arsenal and money to keep on spending and killing people if people with a sinister agender. Well we will pay back, never knew people can be so callouse as to allow themselves behave wildly even after stolen the power from Nigerians. God will expose them and we will pay them with their own coins..After all how many of them are in the whole of South South. They will see how futile their actions will be. In realities most Christians do not appreciates that you do not play with Allah and run away. Crazy brainless people.. Just wait you will see.

Is Islam under siege?

Every atrocity seems to pinned on Islam since the Bush era. But in Afghan, Iraq, Palestine and recently Mali, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Lybia muslims are being tactically killed. Even most comments being posted are not blaming a failure of Governance 4 the issues in Northern Nigeria but Islam. The pple behind this clearly have a mission and are using Islam as usual to achieve this

Who is behind this?

All the death and destruction is in the North, the economy has literaly been shut down, the youth been either killed or chased out of their homes, the lawlessness been made a way of life, women been made widows, children orphans. Today the JTF raid, rape and plunder b'cos the system permits it. Today the JTF are detaining & most likely torturing journalists b'cos they can. The Govt of 2day has more blood on it's hands than any in our history

U are a retarded uneducated

U are a retarded uneducated nincampoop. Thats nt hw thngs are done when u knw ur rght

The arrest of boko-haram spies

Weldone the JTF boys, that's a major break through! Those fake jurnalist are bh spies and the CPJ are their oversea sponsours. A note should be send to the interpol and cia to investigate their activities.

All Is Fair in War

To call these accomplices to terrorism and propagandists "reporters" is the gratest misnormer ever. For Saharareporters to wage a campaign in support of those haters and the rag they published is unconscionable. And as for the Committee for the "Protection of Journalists," can they tell us how they would respond to a US government's clamp down on any American "reporter" who fights the corner of Osama bin Laden and Al qeda? My friend, there is a war between Boko Haram and the Nigerian people and government. All shades of members of those terrorists cannot sleep - be they in Maidugri, Kaduna, Kano or Jaji. Rag-tag propagandists and all.

Re: Get Rid of them (1)

For their small size they want to continue to dominate Nigeria.

They createed states the size of local governments in the south and for that get huge allocations.

They get special allocation for education, desertification, pilgrimage to Mecca etc

They children dont pay school fees, instead they are paid to go to school. In the south, parents starve to pay school fees.

They contribute nothing positive to Nigeria yet most of the revenue is spent appeasing them.

They occupy key positions at all government establish ments and whine terribly if any of the positions goes to another.

Re: Get Rid of them (2)

Let them have their Islamic Taliban republic and begin to work for and pay for those allocations, services and positions that are presently paid for by money from other parts of Nigeria.

Let them have their Islamic Taliban republic and with it the freedom to creat as many military generals or naval admirals as they want - regardless of the fact that they live in desert

Let them have their Islamic Taliban republic where they can practice their blood thirsty religion.

Let them have their Islamic Taliban republic where we can contain them as Irael contains the blood thirst Arab Mohammedans

Get rid of them

The only way Nigeria can make progress as a nation is to get rid of them as Major Gideon Okar and his colleagues wanted to do. India is a good historical example. In india too, the Muslims were also the problem. Discussion on the future of Nigeria should not be about whether it should be partitioned but when. As to when, it should be in a matter of weeks not months. This is the only way to avert further bloodshed and save millions of lives.

DISCUSSIONS SHOULD HENCEFORTH CENTER ON POST-PARTITION BOARDERS. If they succeed using Boko Haram, they may sieze territories that do not belong to them, territories like local governments in the North that are predominantly Christian. That should not be allowed to happen. They do not even deserve the territories covered by the present 12 Sharia states. They should be weeded out to the desert where they belong.

@Khumalo: B more mindful @Sanusi A. Yar'adua: Kill ur Noise

@Khumalo: B more mindful of your comments. Those are some Audacious Journalists. We need fearless writers like them in the Southern part of Nigeria. Not the likes of Nduka Obaigbena and Abatis & co

@Sanusi A. Yar'adua: "Khumalo, what Nigerian army are doing in the Northern part of Nigeria under the commands of Igbo COAS is an agenda of Jonathan and his party CAN".

Kill ur Noise. What has CAN and Igbo COAS got to do with it. Refrain from putting out baseless and unfounded comments out here. Truth be told, there are Boko Haram in every facet of our security outfits

taliban state?

it is unfortunate for a Nigerian to think of division of this great country. i don't think you said the same when the Niger delta militant are then B H. please think well.

There is nothing boko Haram

There is nothing boko Haram except the government of Nigeria. If smbd say there is who is their leader? Where did thier leader aquire his knowledge? Where is thier headquater? Where is their newspaper? And many questions are there. The old president adviser Gen. Azazi claimed that Goodluck is the head of Sect Boko- Haram and at the long last govt. Of Goodluck kill him.

Why is all hausa like this?

Why is all hausa like this? No honest person among them. This journalists have not report cases of open attack on churches nor taking statistics of number of believers who lost their lives, but they are moving from one boko haram members house to another to ascertain the number of innocent boko harams arrested. These men are agents of bh they should be destroyed. They are the ones that make bh seems invincibe.

We must stand for unity

I don't think that exchanging words will

help us as youths and future leaders. Let's

think of how to move the nation forward.

@sanusi ya radua

"we shall take action for that" yes like coming cap in hands, crawling on your knees and begging for more derivations. Mugu

Journalism is deception,it's

Journalism is deception,it's hard to find truth in the world of journalism,most of us are brainwashed individuals by what we and hear,because of this i find it difficult to believe anything in this heartless world,the world itself is a sham.In my opinion , live your life to the fullest..respect other people,never discriminate,segregate, feel you are superior to others and don't ever underrate anyone you until you know them better.As for Nigeria in general compared to Europe,i won't say we have a long way to go,i will say, we haven't started at all.

mumu wawa, what do u think if

mumu wawa, what do u think if this country divided?

The dearth of unbiased reportage.

Whatever happened to unbiased journalism? These charlatans who call themselves journalists are just bigots in disguise, why have they not reported the targeted killings of Christians currently going on in Zaria are those lives less precious? (A whole professor of medicine the head of department of surgery in ABUTH shot dead ).They sit on their so called high horse and try to play the victim of Igbo or American conspiracy, please wake up you're not that important for these people to channel all their energy towards you after all they know that destroying your neighbors furniture does not make yours better. The hausa Muslim leaders have robbed its people and they now try to blame it on America or Igbo COAS. Look your leaders in the face and ask what they did with all your resources and then maybe ull begin to get it right. SOMETIMES U WONDER WHAT THIS HAUSA MUSLIMS FEED THEIR MINDS AND BODY WITH, IT'S LIKE A DOUBLE DOSE OF STUPIDITY.

No matter your hate of HausaFulani...

No matter your hate of Hausa Fulani they are the ones to beat always. They are your bosses and you are the slaves. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It is God given powers. You will always waste your lives on ogogoro. You lazy nincompoops....


Khumalo, what Nigerian army are doing in the Northern part of Nigeria under the commands of Igbo COAS is an agenda of Jonathan and his party CAN. The innocent civilians killed and humiliated by the Nigerian army are more than those killed by Boko Haram. So Boko Haram is a pretext created to mime Northerners. We shall take action for that.


Boko Haram has many branches: Political BH who provide finance and operational bases, religious BH such as the Supreme Council for Isalam and propaganda BH such as the so called "journalists"

The only solution to this cat and mouse chase with Islamists and Terrorism in Nigeria is the division of the country into two. Give them their Taliban state and establish a secure border between them and Nigeria. Period !

Khomalo talk sense and not NONSENSE!

This Khumalo person (if that is your real name), wetin they do you? Oriye o kpe! Sheo gbo! (your head is not correct! You hear!). It is creatures like you that will 'spray petrol on flame' to watch destruction happen out of pleasure. Enemy of peace and progress! May God Almighty help you againt self destruction and damnation! Talk sense and not NONSENSE!!!

Guy you never enter Boko boys

Guy you never enter Boko boys hand once that's why you are saying what you like, this guy don't have identity and if the 8wetin youth wey dem arrest na innocent pple JTF go free them but I bet you not all of them are innocent,
as for the jonalists dem wan lie say dem
no know these animals called boko hara?
They shud show d SSS were these guy are
to regain their freedom if not na dem
b boko boys P.R.O.


Journalists in Kaduna writing about happenings in Yobe and Kaduna States, how did they gather their facts? Of course the pen is mightier than the gun so it is normal for the press to intimate the JTF. Even if the men are suspects they are covered by their profession and their sponsors.

The defenders of human rights were dead silent when some pressmen were arrested in Plateau State. Double standards is the worst form of intimidation and corruption.

them go lock u for months, call am investigation

just as the atrocities of american drones recruit more jihadis every day in countries like yemen and afghanistan, so too the JTF more "primitive" form of indiscriminate violence against "bloody civilians" is sending masses of young 9ja citizens straight into the arms of BH. these zombie terrorist in uniform with their red eye shining from smoking weewee and shacking ogogoro will never learn. OBJ send his troop to obliterate the town of Odi, but it did not end lawlessness in N-Delta, abi be.e. ko.? under democracy, police and army should be held accountable for their S-T-B regular trademark. who can do this job if not for journalist? so please allow these honest journalist do their work and tell us wetin dey happen true true, or else we can all forget about peace.

why hausa jurnalists?

why hausa jurnalist? what they published of JTF brutality was fact, many times other papers publications is against d govt¤ @ klhumalo i bliv u r a coward nd lack of training as ur mama is ASHAWO¤¤ born on d street.

The JTF haram that massacred

The JTF haram that massacred people in Maiduduri, Mubi and potiskum should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and human rights abuses. The arrested Boko haram commanders should be prosecuted in open court so that we could know their sponsors if the government is sincere.



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