JTF Arrests Police ASP For Illegal “Bunkering”, Destroys 10,000 Drums In Calabar

By African Spotlight

Joint Task Force (JTF), Operation Pulo Shield, Sector 3 of the 13 Brigade Nigerian Army, on Wednesday destroyed 10,000 drums used for lifting illegal diesel product in Cross River.

Capt. James Joseph, the Public Relations Officer of the 13 Brigade Nigerian Army told newsmen in Calabar, that five people were arrested including a serving Assistant Superintendent of Police.

NAN reports that the drums containing the illegal diesel was destroyed at Nigerian Army burning site at Ikang in Bakassi Local Government Area of the state.

He said that the JTF arrested the illegal `bunkerers’ at Mesembe Avenue at Anatigha in Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River through an intelligent report.

Joseph said that the oil thieves were arrested on Christmas eve at 7 p.m, noting that the area was one of the hideout in Calabar South.

“We got an intelligent reports about this hideout, you can see in their hideaway, there are over 10,000 drums of diesel products and when we came, we raided the place,’’ he said.

He said that Nigerian Army was determined to curb the activities of oil theft in Cross River in particular and Nigeria in general.

NAN reports that the oil thieves dredged carnal in Calabar South to enable their boats convey the illegal diesel through water channel.

“Our soldiers have been combing Calabar South to make sure that illegal bunkering does not make headway in Cross River,’’ Joseph said.

Joseph said that Nigerian Army was working in collaboration with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), to check the activities of oil thieves in the state.

He advised the perpetrators of the act to desist from the illegal bunkering or the long arm of the law would catch up with them.

The Army spokesperson said that the six people arrested had been handed over to Civil Defence for further investigations.

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Ole Ayo(Ayodele), See how

Ole Ayo(Ayodele),

See how unjust you are. Why should there be scarcity of oil in SS not in SW at this Christmas time? Where does the oil come from, SS or SW? Omoburuku, Ole.

Why destroy the seized oil?

Just a thought! Should provision not be made for seizure and forfeiture of 10,000 drums of oil by returning them to some depot for further use of the government and then destroying the empty drums? If only JTF could be trusted to do that though.

Lets start being Realsitic

Apparently the police ASP does not have a name that is why it was never mentioned, ofcause we already know the end of the story, the case will be dismissed and the ASP would stay on his job so long he settles veryone that matters.. the ASP could even be representing a senior offier in the police or someone with a political office - who knows. for incidences like this to really stop there has to be an incentive that makes people not want to commite such acts anymore irrespective of the poistion or title you posess. no one is above the law.

Technology advantage

I will advise Nigerian Government to please allow and help these improve on the local methods of refining the products. We do not have well functioning refineries in the country. Let our government give them moral supports and all it requires to expand. This is another avenue for employment.

Police ASP?

The corruption runs through the nation. Police ASP? arrested for Ilegal bunkering?
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Otile families Oil thieves

This is not surprise as most SS people are Oil thieves and kidnappers.

Why don't they arrest Babangida

Why ddon't they arrest Babangida who steals over 12 billion dollars of oil.They are arresting the owners of the oil, but hausa and fulanis who are parasites and oil thieves are not touched.

If this people were members

If this people were members of Boko Haram JTF would not touch them. The arrest of Boko Haram will always draw the ire of Sultan of Sokoto.

Well done.

WWell done well done well done.

It shows d technological advancement and ingenuity of the SS&SE

It shows the technological advancement and ingenuity of the SS&SE peoples. Did u expect them to sit nd watch stupid Otedola & farook sharing the oil money? Idiots. We in the Delta have our own local technology for refining crude oil but the thieving continent of Nigeria depends on imperial US & stupid British.

This is only a sign for the deep thinking, of how the SS&SE will cope and refine its vast oil reserves without having to depend on external support when the war of secession begins.

The SS&SE have considerable littoral cities & ports from which to receive weapons and ammunition from any part of the world. Better still, we have the money to pay for any kind of weapons including chemical & atomic bombs. Clearly, Nigerian West & North will have no option when we begin.

Long live the United States of the SS&SE

Re - Who be oil thief?

You are not far from the truth. The chief thieves are those sitting in Abuja and spraying themselves with mouth gawking allowances and contracts which are not delivered upon. Although big thief or small thief. tief nah tief.

Who be oil thief?

If you research well, you will know the real oil thieves. These small fries are the unfortunate victims of a corrupt system!

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