JTF Claims Sweeping Victory Against Boko Haram

Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, JTF Spokesman, Maiduguri
By SaharaReporters, New York

A gun battle between the Joint Task Force and Islamist fighters with the group Boko Haram was claimed as a victory by the JTF which counted 13 Boko Haram members dead and only one death among their own forces.

The fighting took place in Maiduguri, stronghold of the Islamists.

Sagir Musa, spokesman for the JTF, told the press that: "One soldier was killed by Boko Haram while the JTF killed 13 Boko Haram."

The military in the northeast have in the past played down their own casualties in fighting with Boko Haram.

Musa said members of the sect had detonated a bomb at a JTF checkpoint in Maiduguri, and that all the deaths had occurred in the ensuing gun battle.

Also on the first day of the new year, 30 inmates of Maiduguri Maximum Prison were released by order of Borno State Gov. Kashim Shettima who said the gesture was based on the recommendations of the State Advisory Committee on Prerogative of Mercy.

He said some of the beneficiaries were those who had stayed for long periods awaiting trial and others serving jail terms for minor offenses. Shettima also promised to train those who regained their freedom in different skills and provide capital for them to start businesses.

According to local media reports, Shettima also presented N1 million cash to the prison authorities for the provision of transport and upkeep allowances for the freed inmates. The governor called on the remaining inmates to help pray for the return of peace in the state. Shettima also presented 100 bags of rice and two cows to the inmates to enable them to celebrate the New Year.

Responding, the Deputy Comptroller of Prison in-charge of the prison, Alhaji Mohammed Bello thanked the governor for the gesture. Bello also appealed to Shettima to help the prison repair the broken down borehole, which provides water to the prison.

Boko Haram's insurgency intensified after Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, was elected president in April 2011.

Jonathan has been unable to stop the rebellion despite waves of military offensives in the northeast and other parts of northern and central Nigeria

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Very good information!


Good job, guys.Collateral damage? Yes! You cannot fight an assymetric warefare without incuring collateral damage. Media war? Yes! It is part of d strategy. The public must kno wats going on in order for them to ve confidenc. Easy battle? No! But must be done on a broad base. Again, good jjob. Victory will be urs soon!

We all know boko haram is a

We all know boko haram is a product of some northern politicians yet the two senators arrested in connection to boko haram are all PDP senators and so far we've not had any of them locked up or convicted. The only way to cub this problem is to topple the government of PDP...we really need a revolution in this country.

Sagir, you are normally very cautious. Please resist

The temptation of others pushing you to say things that you are not convinced of in your professional and moral capacity.

May God continue to protect you and your colleagues.

@elder cutemark. Is their any

@elder cutemark. Is their any other failed reliogion other than the one that has gays and lasbians as clergies?


I am baffles by your very defective mindset. Bank of the North, owned by 19 Norther states died in their hands, they could not recapitalize it with N25 Billion Naira. What happened to the 35 years Northern elements were in power? I am even glad you understood that OBJ did something. Liar, how long will people like you refuse to learn and say the TRUTH. Let me tell what OBJ did, he liberated the South and Middle belt from your so called domination. and that is the reason for BOKO HARAM. You suddenly woke up to find out that Nigeria was no longer in your hands, military, economy and politics is gone from you. First time to find these 'Northern Oppressors', who used the name NORTH for their own selfish ends are in OPPOSITION. That's how good it feels. the day has broken.

Speak on

Speak on sagir
for all i know jtf is in a media safari in borno and not for a combat. U are only winning this insurgency on the pages of newspaper and on television screens. Stop talking go to the street and do real battle, you are military less u forget.

Gov Thinks we are Mugus

The Governor released 30 criminals and gives them N1m and 2 cows. Smoke screen.... fowl... red card. I am sure the real news goes somewhat like this..... The Governor of Maiduguri after his life was threatened, released 30 captured boko haram fighters and gave them N1m to buy more bombs and ammunitions to counter attack the JTF advances, plus some bags of rice and 2 cows to feed the BH and its faithfuls. The N1m should have been better spent fixing the borehole as recommended by the prison manager, rather than use it to reward criminals. If indeed these were petty criminals, gaining back their independence was sufficient as it were.

You see What?

Please try to speak matured and reasonable, Who told you that Boko Haram suspects are kept/detained in Borno prison? Peoples of your attitude are agents of devil because you based judgements that leads to rumour.

You see, imam Kashim Shettima

You see, imam Kashim Shettima released 30 Boko Haram terrorists captured by JTF. Imam Shettima is in effect undermining the JTF. While members of JTF are giving up their lives to capture and stop Boko Haram terrorist activities, the imam is busy releasing the most notorious ones under detention. What kind of goodwill gesture is this? When these terrorists get together with their members again the last condition of the state will be worse than the first.

Kudos to JTF

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May be you should lead the

May be you should lead the delegation for the investigation in order for you to get the truth.

boko haram

I wonder whay these people want i just wonder why killing innocent lives...islam is indeed a failed religion


See what these mallams are doing with our money?! Giving terrorist cows and starting them up again with IEDS factories?! Is this why the JTF gallant men die? Animals that should be left to die and rot in prison shouldn't be given royal welcomings. Tick Tack 2015

We pray to God for peace to

We pray to God for peace to reign in all parts of Nigeria.
Hope those killed are not ordinary civilians caught in a crossfire.


Boko haram intensified its attacks not because Jonathan a christian worn election. Today saharareporter lied.Boko haram intensified its attacks because the political and socioeconomic environment was conducive. Politically, Opposition supporters were massacred in Southern Kaduna and Plateau sending large number of refugees in neighbouring states and also the criminals are still holding some children and widows captives.Socio economically, the escalated megacorruption in Nigeri, destruction of northen economy during OBJ s regime and inequity in distribuition of resources has worsened poverty and security problems in Nigeria but worse in the North. It is intresting to note that the MEND bombing of Abuja on 1st October 2010 was swept under the carpet. who masterminded it?

Sagir Musa is bloody liar!

Sagir Musa is bloody liar! those claims should be investigated thoroughly.

dey shuld please give peace a

dey shuld please give peace a chance so we can allow live in harmony,only God knw who re d boko haram,nd i knw d time has come soon dey will b expose.God is not silent bcos innocent pple re been killed witout mercy

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