Kaduna Battle: Self-Imposed Curfew Descends on Rigasa; Soldiers Recover Body Of Suspected Militant

Protesters on the street of Kaduna
By SaharaReporters, New York

Thousands of residents of Rigasa, Kaduna, where Nigerian soldiers battled some suspected militants for about two hours on Saturday night, have begun a self-imposed curfew for fear of the unknown.


Sources at the Nigerian Army Hospital confirmed that the soldiers recovered the corpse of one of the assailants, and have deposited it in the hospital. One of the sources said the corpse was discovered while the soldiers were combing the area in search of the militants, who gave them a tough fight. 


There are also indications that many residents of the area have fled with their families. It was also noted that as early as 6pm on Sunday evening, the streets were empty of people. There was no sign of cars plying the roads.  Even the bike riders, who are mostly suspected to be militants, had vanished from the area. 


A resident of the troubled suburb told SaharaReporters by telephone that residents of Rigasa have begun a self-imposed curfew.


The resident, who refused to give his name over the phone, told us the self-imposed curfew was necessary because nobody could predict what would happen next.  “The soldiers have been keeping vigil since yesterday,” he said.  “And the suspected gunmen surprised everyone, because nobody can say who they are and from where they came.” 


Saturday night’s gun battle was an indication that the militants do have a base in or near Rigasa.


“We are fearful and traumatized now and have resort to prayers only,” our source said.  “But the fact remains that there are hundreds of suspicious people who have been trooping into Rigasa of recent. Our concern is who is feeding them with information of police and traditional rulers in our community. There is a big danger if we allow these people to have a ground here.”   



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Buhari and His Arewa Buddies

Now I see why they GEJ and the Federal govt to negotiate with them...oops...hnmmm, Boko Haram (wink, wink).

Thank you for showing

Thank you for showing concern. You shouldn't have allowed sentiment to manifest, thou out of annoyance. After all Your assumption that these people are known is totally wrong, which carried you away to abuse us (the Northern Muslims)

We do not need peace in the north

The North do not need peace so we have no reason to pray for them, we only wish them evil they wishes themselves.

May God help them to destroy themselves completely, bastard people

They Know them

sad enough these Northerners know the BH members in their midst,but they'll rather see their innocent neighbors die instead pointing out the idiots to security forces. Northern Nigeria Muslims are evil.

We need peace in nigeria we

We need peace in nigeria we need peace in north

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