Kaduna Explosion: Police Dismiss Eyewitness Bomb Reports

Car parts thrown several metres from scene of explosion
By SaharaReporters, New York

Kaduna city was thrown into mourning and confusion earlier today, following a blast that jolted the city killing about 10 persons and injuring several others.

The police authorities said the explosion had resulted from a gas cylinder, but eyewitnesses categorically described the blast as a bomb explosion tossed into the area by two men riding on a motorbike.  No one has claimed responsibility for it.

The loud explosion occurred at No.32 Ogbomosho Street, off Katsina Road, Oria-Akpata, at about 9:30 a.m.  The spot is close to old Scala Cinema, Kaduna, which now houses spare part shops in the area

When the news flittered around Kaduna, many parents rushed to area schools to pick up their children and wards for fear of the unknown, as armed soldiers, police and plain clothed security agents cordoned off the area.  Fire fighters from the Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) tried to end the massive fire, which eviscerated many shops around the scene of the explosion.

Our reporters saw gory images of dead and injured persons, body parts and pools of blood, with one human head found lying separately.  Officials assembled and packaged the grisly mess in polythene bags.

The explosion was powerful enough to hurl heavy spare parts weighing more than 50 kilograms over 50 to 60 meters away.  Observers said that was immediate proof that the explosion couldn’t have come from a gas cylinder as was being claimed by police.  The explosion also forcefully dismantled and dispersed various components of car engines from the scene into an open field in front of the old cinema house.

It was unclear why the police were dismissing the explosion as a gas cylinder even before any meaningful investigation had been undertaken.  The Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Ballah Magaji Nasarawa, told newsmen at the scene, “It is a very sad incident and as at now we are still working and fire is raging, and if you observe this is where they sell batteries, acid and gas and we are suspecting it is within and not saboteurs.”

When he was asked about the two men who allegedly arrived on a motorcycle and hurled the explosives, he said, “That is not true.”

On casualties, Mr. Nassarrawa told SaharaReporters that he counted six bodies but cautioned that the final tally may be higher “until after investigations.”

SaharaReporters also spoke directly with the commander of the anti-bomb unit on the scene.  Asst. Superintendent of Police, Patrick David, told Saharareporters that the blast was a “mechanical explosion” from reactive chemicals he claimed were pressured in a can containing compressed acid used by battery sellers in the market.  This seems to contradict the Commissioner of police insitence that it was a gas cylinder explosion.

While not admitting that it was a bomb, ASP Patrick likened the explosion to a Boko Haram attack in Suleija which also  claimed several lives earlier this year.

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My hope is to live peace And

My hope is to live peace And harmony, because Nigerian has no any home better then Nigeria, pls our leaders turn your face and give great concern and full justice to the masses.

Major Gideon Okar - Why we struck

How many more lives have been lost to the Hausa-Fulani butchery since our execution in 1990? Obviously they run into their tens of thousands. We knew this would happen and that was what we wanted to prevent. Because of the possibility of failure we wanted to leave the message which some termed unacceptable and others, premature.

Nigerians can be forgiven for failure to understand the necessity of excising those states in 1990. But now, how many millions of lives, how much destruction of property, infrastructure and places of worship will it take to convince skeptics that excision is the only way to stop it.

We, that laid down our lives to save you:
Major Gideon Orkar, Captain Empere, Captain Dakolo, Capt Nonju, Lt. Akogun, Lt. CN Odey, Lt. Cyril Ozualor, Lt. NEO Deji, 2/Lt AB Umukoro, 2/Lt EJ Ejesuku, SSgt Julius Itua, Sgt Martins Ademokhai, Sgt. Pius Ilegar and over a hundred others

Kaduna Terror Attack December 7 2011 @09:30 am

Our condolences go to all the families of this senseless and coward act of terrorism. I will again call on the administration of Presiddnt Jonathan to do more to address this issue of bomb blasts in Nigeria. The elected leaders of the federal republic of Nigeria, hour fellow citizens are crying for adequate security measures. Put aside your party politics and address the issue of security this year and craft a sweeping bill to put this agony of our people to rest. Our people and our visitors deserve to go to bed at night and sleep through has night without fear. Nigeria is our country, let us protect our country and her citizens. Your prompt attention is appreciated.

re kaduna bumbing

whether the police allege it is gas explosion or not. security matters should be taken seriously by all. thorough investigation should be conducted to forestal escalation. Peace effort should be the general focus.

boko haram

my brothers and sisters nigerians,no religion of god endorses the killing of innocents people or worshiping ground of whatever reason,so any in
human acts should not be related to islam.


Goodluck Ebeble Jonathan that advising you on fuel subsidy removal are only digging your grave and the fly that does not hear will follow corpse to the grave. Jonathan, if you want to remove fuel subsidy then you must first build refineries in Nigeria and not Indonesia. Task the oil giants to build refineries in Nigeria within the next two years. Before YarAdua died (former President)there was over $20 billion in our foreign reserve(3.1trillion Naira), where has that $20 billion gone to? It would have been used to build refineries.I quiet agree with Former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s statement that, ‘there is the possibility of having the Arab Spring in Nigeria...Jonathan must be weary of people who want him dead, if he want to remain in office let him address the issue of security, economic growth and employment generation, else Nigeria will slide into Arab Spring come January 2012.

Re: Brace Up Nigerians for long Battle


The battle against Islamic fundamentalists can be won. I do agree that it would be a long and difficuult one, and in Nigeria it will definitely get worse before it can get better. It was won in Algeria, and like in Algeria, it will take the general populace, including the the moderate muslims (if we have any in Nigeria, especially in the North), plus a strong and determined govt / armed forces,to rise up against the fundamentalist. I am not under any illusion that that is easy in Nigeria considering our dip seated primordial divides.

Boko Haram

There should also go to their mosque and throw bombsso as we will understand that their target is not only churches.pls idiots shld stop killing innocent Nigerians.

Re-insatiable sexual desire



 Mr Auwal,

You obviously are entrenched in the bastion of ignorance and the citadel of insanity called Nigeria.

I say these because you cite vietnam & Somalia as places Nigeria should borrow a leaf from as those countries "chased out Americans".

Do you know the current state of Somalia & Vietnam- 2 countries that have one the highest number of Refugees in America & Europe (Ironical you might say)

May your Wishes never materialize & may Northern Nigeria never copy those 2 countries in anything.

Why are Igbos still residing in Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, etc .....?

Why are Igbos still residing in Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, Maiduguri, Mina etc .....? Are you Waiting to be killed there by Muslim Fundamentalists ?? For safety purposes, Igbo traders must move out of Northern Nigeria individually, seriously and voluntarily. An Igbo trader must think of his safety first before thinking of gains he makes, trading in Northern markets. What benefit is there, to gain the whole money in Northern Nigeria and lose your life to Islamic fundamentalists? An Igbo trader can set up a spare part store/shop anywhere in Igbo land , it mustn't be as costly. Xmas season is the best time to think of starting something anew or of relocating to S-East. Igbo traders can come together, establish huge supermarkets for motor spare parts in Owerri, Aba, Abakiliki, Awka, Nnewi, Umuahia, Onitsha, Orlu, Uzuakoli etc. Surely, customers will come from all states of the federation to buy these goods. Umu Oke - Abby Wood, UK

The uncertainty of kd bomb

Why will d police say its gas cylinda? We r not satified with that. More investigation should be carried out. Cos some muslim said we won't celebrate our xmas in peace, they ve stated.


We all know is Boko Haram dat threw the bomb dat exploded to kill innocent people and this time it is targeted at the Igbos I urge every Igbo man living in Kaduna to rise up and fight back they should go and bomb the mosques and every where the Hausas are doing business they should retaliate if not so this nonses will continue they should never allow this to be swept under the carpet with out taken action I rest my case

Sack the Police Commisioner

The Nigeria Police Force in the guise of damage control always stab the truth in the head.The massacre that eventually turned Damaturu into one huge necropolis was mismanaged.The police commissioner said only fifty-three lives were lost whereas all evidences pointed to the fact that almost three hundred people died.The area in Kaduna where the explosion took place is populated by southerners,and the attackers simply picked their targets.My relatives and friends in Kaduna where I myself spent seven years said it was a bomb explosion.
The police authorities are extremely impulsive,talking before thinking.Life is nasty,brutish and short in Nigeria.May the souls of the departed rest in peace,but the government if necessary should draft in security personnel from other climes in an admission of failure

i think you are very stupid,

i think you are very stupid, You dont even know your right from your left, How can you talk like this. Is that the issue on Ground? it is people like u that is causing problem in this country, MY FRIEND WAKE UP OOOOO, IF U DEY SLEEP.

Fools die

Its pathetic that you sound like you dont know history..those before you tried it were are they today?...u think the oil is the yardstic to mis yarn how you like about what u can never understand eeh.its a shame that you wish nigeria is divided..for your information investigation is still on on who the real boko haram is...is it niger delta militants that are well schoolled in the art of war or the mallams that are striving to survive...you make me laugh...read the history very well before you report...


Kaduna State Police Commissioner Mr Bala Nasarawa should be removed from office. This police man has been misleading Nigerians since he resumed office. The issue in Jema'a LGA where fulanis killed innocent people is still fresh. This man should be removed. How can he denied eye witness who saw what happenes?


Kaduna State Police Commissioner Mr Bala Nasarawa should be removed for constantly misleading Nigerians on security activities in the state. If he is saying that the men who arrived on a motorcycle and hurled the explosives was not true then when is he going to tell the truth?


Can someone explain the motive behind this Bombers and their activities? Can someone explain why the south south/East/West Nigeria should waste an ample time residing in the same country with people whose ideology is to kill and maimed? Can someone explained to me why the Boko Harams should not be allowed to have full control of Boko Islamic Republic and leave the DEMOCRATIC REBUBLIC OF SOUTHERN NIGERIAN alone? The blood spilled is too much and this is not Goodluck Jonathan fault again.The truth must be told!

In 2012, all the Evildoers must get repayed.

May the soul of my departed fellow citizens rest in perfect peace.

I have my suspects sentimentally, but I wish not bring them to public dismay.

There's nothing hidden under the sun.
And I will advice you all, NOBODY SHOULD BLAME GOOLUCK JONATHAN for any lapses in security. He's God's choice, and with him, we must be lifted.

What happened was a bomb blast. The Police are just being unsensible, insignificant and pretencious.

re: KD Explosion

Common sense points to something more than a package. Not even a carton of TNT tossed from a moving moped can cause a car engine to be thrown fift yards, with such magnitude fire as described above. Whatever happened, I think both SR and the Police are wrong to "rush to conclusions" (as to what really happened) before a criminal investigation is commenced. Lives have again been lost at the hands of inept leadership, Dumbo has blood of the innocent departed in his cup!

May Those Who Died Repose in The Lord!

And those who cash "Security Vote" cheques suffocate in their sleep!

Shake head!!

Is there anybody out there still in the doubt and/or in dispute that what we have is a big mess country that is holy shit, divided. What really get me confuse is that a lot of people are in the denial about it. You know it, and I know it that you and I are firstly, permanently whatever our ethnic region is called and, then Nigeria, partially. It cannot work that way. It is going to be all one thing or all the other.

In my opinion, I think that this nonsense will not cease until Niger delta oil dries up, do us apart. And that is the ONLY TRUTH. And yes, this is my opinion, if you do not like it, respectfully move on and find an opinion you do like cheers.


To me all those bombs are from nothern christian through CAN becouse they want USA to come in to Nigeria especially muslim zone, we are waiting for USA at anytime the will run like how they run from SOMALIA and VIETNAM

There will be no investigation

Those of you calling for investigation are deluding yourselves because there would be none. If you think Mr Nassarawa is going to do an investigation to contradict his gas-cylinder theory, you must be a big joker.
The Police Boss dismissed an eye witness report as a lie. So between the man who saw the beginning of a matter and the one that saw the effect, who will know better? Tomorrow now they will start calling for persons with useful information should come forward. How would I when the one given is classed as fabricated?
We are in trouble in Naija. Here we make assumptions about a crime then start investigating, doctoring the report along the way to give us exactly what we want. No wonder we are where we are. God help us. Amen.

Police is suspect!

The police are clearly part of the Boko Haram. fabricating stories to absolve themselves! any policeman that mentions gas explosion should immediately be placed under surveillance. Naija stays fucked. Ojukwu told yall!!!

Onitire Okafor, You are an

Onitire Okafor,
You are an asshole. Are you so ignorant to know that Jack-ass Gowon is still hiding in Kaduna? Don't you know why he fled to Kaduna? Be told that the fool bought bombs to kill Igbo people and ever since that time bombs have been killing others too, including his tribesmen. Is it not the reason why he and his children can't live in his state of origin which he created with his own hands?

You must be an idiot to defend him. Shege.

How on earth will some persos

How on earth will some persos eliminate d lives of innocent citizen. d fact is that d perpetrators should remember that dey will give account on d last day.

Very sad event, from the

Very sad event, from the report, it seems it was a bomb attack, let us wait and see who will claim responsibility. We are not safe anymore.


The eye witnesses are right any police can say what they want, the truth will soon come out.The account of the witnesses have been confirmed, the accounts are very vivid.Most media organisations including NEXT,the government supporters, report this as a bomb.

I really dont think an

I really dont think an explosion of that magnitude could result from someone throwing a bomb on a motorcycle.

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