Kaduna Ministry Official Taken For Suicide Bomber Is Shot By Soldiers Guarding Government House

By SaharaReporters, New York

Saharareporters has learned that soldiers guarding the Kaduna government house fired at a director at the Kaduna state Ministry of Information after he failed to stop at checkpoints mounted by security agencies around the government house.

A police source told Saharareporters that the director, Isuwa Kiforo, a  director of Finance and Administration at the state's ministry in information was injured and is currently receiving medical care at an undisclosed hospital.

 "A combined team of security agencies fired upon a vehicle driven by a man suspected to be a suicide bomber after he manouvred past the first of the three checkpoints at the Kaduna government house… as he approached the second checkpoint he took to a wrong lane to avoid being checked, it was at this point that shots were fired on his vehicle by vigilant security agents on guard. He was injured and immediately rushed to the hospital", says the police source who did not want to be named.

 It could not be learned if the gunshot injuries were life threatening.

  Security Report:

“It was around 1:28 pm when the man forced his way in to the Government House, and our soldier colleagues started shooting. His tires were later flattened, instead of him to come out and raise hands up by surrendering. He then started coming towards us, other security fled those that were courageous continued firing until he felled down.

“The CSO to the governor, and our other top security officers also rushed and witnessed the whole thing happening like movie. From far he was throwing hands as if he was holding something. The more he was doing that the more the soldiers were scared that he is in possession of explosives in the car. Finally, when he was grounded some civil servants in the Governor’s Office identified him and also Alhaji Saidu Adamu, who is the Commissioner in the Ministry of Information identified him later."

“He was then rushed to 44 Military Hospital close to the Government House soaked in the pool of his blood. The Governor is in Abuja when the incident happened. Immediately the shooting were going on, people started running that Boko Haram had attacked Government House. This is what happened. From look of things the man would hardly survive, he bled for a while before he was taken away. Search was conducted on his car and nothing was found incriminating.”

 Similarly, Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Ballah Nasarawa addressed a press in regards of the matter.

The CP said “Today, 13th February, 2012, at about 1328 hours, a combined team of security personnel attached to Government House main gate, Kaduna, intercepted a Toyota Corrola Saloon car with Kaduna state official Reg. No. Kaduna KD-06-A 04. The driver drove dangerously in a suspicious manner towards the Government House gate. The security personnel stopped the lone occupant but instead of stopping, he forced himself through the exit gate and found his way into the Government House.

“The security agencies thereafter, opened fire and shot the suspect on the leg and the lower abdominal part of his body.The suspect was later identified as Pastor Isuwa Kiforo (M) of no. 7, Abba Rimi road, Narayi, Kaduna, who is the Director, Finance and Administration, Ministry of Information, Kaduna state.

“He was rushed to 44 Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna, for treatment, after he was given first aid by a team of medical personnel attached to the Government House. The vehicle was thoroughly searched in my presence by our anti-bomb disposal experts and nothing incriminating was recovered. In essence, neither weapon nor explosives were found in it. Investigation into the case has commenced.”

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Re- Shame

I agreed with seekergolden 100%. And I pitied those you are condeming the Pastor even when they have not heard his own part of the story. The fact remains that we do not have any security in Nigeria. Our security agencies are only after the innocent ones while they allow the actual criminal to go free.
And don't be surprise this may be an organised crime to eleminate the man, remember he is a director of Finance?????.


That is good for, other top men should learn from this.


What is wrong with our people. A director and so what!!! Are you above the law? In these perilious times when everyone is living on edge and even Soldiers barracks have come under attack; a man who is supposed to have by all standards attained the highest level in civil service and who should be an example to others suddenly starts feeling that he is above the law, above being subjected to searc at the established checkpoint to a Governors office. Good lord, he is just lucky. Those soldiers should have aimed at the head and not perhaps his feet. Be wise as serpents!! Thata what our bible tells us abi

Very very unfair pls.

My brother, in a matter like this, please say something better and constructive cos it has to do with human mistakes. I dnt know him eda.

Nigerian Big Man Syndrome - He should have

The Big Man Director Man of God, Pastor K should have been killed. I have neither empathy nor sympathy for him. The likes of him are the problem in our country. You rise to a certain position and you believe yourself to be above the law. The soldiers and security agents should do their duty. If the security agents had not acted, SR would be the first to lacerate them. What bundle of negativism towards Nigerian authorities this SR.

Nice talk brother...God bless

Nice talk brother...God bless U jare!

Sorry people, this is just

Sorry people, this is just the security agents' side of the story. Did you expect them to report that they fired in error, arrogance or out of frustration.

We often see in Nigeria that the police will hide when robbery is going on. But immediately they are SURE the robbers are gone, they'll come out and arrest whoever they see as SUSPECTS.

Odeeshi, the man wan try his bullet proof charm!

The "Director" deserved what he got! Infact, he should consider himself lucky, to be alive!!

Why would you not stop for a check, knowing the security situation on ground?
Why would you evade the checkpoints by passing one-way? (Like they do on our roads!)
Why would you not even raise your arms up and make it visible, when you stepped out of the car?

Those soldiers need to be commended for demonstrating courage and decorum, in teh face of provocation.

Whether he is a Pastor or Iman, bullet has no respect for any of the two!

God knows His own.

Do you know our problems? Those who surpose to lead by example are the one who are creating problems for us. You can imagine the kind of advice a so called pastor like this wil give to the governor. Security go ahead and bring more down if they think you are their pets.

I agree with you. However,

I agree with you. However, they are guards not "guides".

Shame Shame Shame

The news seems unreal to me. In the first instance, how did he scale through the security. Was his car not searched and if the car was thoroughly searched then how did he encounter problem with the other security he meant ahead. Also, is there no way the security operatives could pass information across to others? If at all the man seems to be a terrorist he could have been denied access to the government house in the first place. Additionally, are there no protocols people follow in order for them to enter? I mean was he an invited guest or was he on the list as a guest? This shows how unintelligent security personals are in Nigeria. Also in a civil and democratic society it is not the duty of the soldiers to be guarding a government house this is not a military era.

Director beats a check-point

Thanks be to Allah, the man is not killed.
The story would have been different, however the director was not a terrorist but a "pastorist", may be on official duty or wishing to visit his kins man or their SON.
When next on such visit he (we) should also consider our sons, also on duty, and behave better, afterall, there is no more casual walk-in to the Govt House as to the church. They are now places that one can easily MEET God.

He Will Stop Next Time

Must be one of the idiots that go into government offices at odd hours to convey loots to their homes. He will stop next time. Arrogant ‘bigman'

Let's hear the Director's part of the Story First!

Security operatives in Nigeria lie too much. I'm sure they are telling a lie or two. No sane man would behave like that. But if on the other hand the story told by the soldiers is true, then the foolish Director deserves more than what he got.

comments not fair

something doesnt add up here folks....
i have known mr kiforo for over 10 yrs..
he worked with kaduna pensions office before.. he is humble and peace loving... he doesnt drive a ''big car ''.. always wears a seat belt.. and very cautious..
if he didnt stop for a search, then dat is wrong.. but that is very far from d man i know..

i pray with his family and plead with d Almighty to spare his life for their sakes..

Haha thank god this man no be

Haha thank god this man no be muhd or abdul,na pastor be dis man.now u must believe dat bokoharm is made by jerry gana and gej

ministry of finance or information

THANK GOD dis is a pastor and not malam or hausa fulani God wil surely take d north back to its peace status cos we all now know dat no other boko haram in d north except pro jerry Gana GEJ We will continue to fast and pray til God expose dem all

this pastor na wa

He think say kad govt. house na church? i beg take him to kabiru sokoto for identification whether he is one of them. These days anyone including pastors and pasters can be BH. yakowa should be careful with these so called pastors o.

Weather PAstor or Imam.no one

Weather PAstor or Imam.no one is above the Law.


I believe iresprtive of office or position .the man did not do the right thing.pls let's leave religion out of dis.weather a pastor or imam,no one is above the law.he got wot he asked for anyway would u want to jump protocol.wish him quick recovery though.


The government has to embark on a public enlightenment orientation of Nigerians,certain careless acts which meant nothing in the past can be very fatal as this Kaduna incident has proved.The security agencies have to adopt the Isreali system of mounting loudspeakers in forward checkpoints to warn drivers who are disobeying to stop before opening fire.
Suicide bombers are a difficult piece to police,normally prevention is better than cure,so Nigerians must be more security conscious and obey security men on the streets especially in the north.

Above the law

In Nigeria,laws are made for the poor and underpreviledged.Don't be shock if that poor soldier man is dismissed.The bottom line we are making mockery of democracy and we the common people praise the highly placed too much,cos of "sadaka".When nija man see a rich man,all he will be thinking is how can I make it like him/her,this then lead to 419, scam, yahooze.
Nigeria, can never be great.

Thisday Olusegun Adeniyi BOko Hara Created By Jerry GANA

Its been confirmed that the Boko Haram was created by Prof Jerry Gana see thisday column of adeniyi ...
the man responsible for always bailing out the late Yusuf is no other than Prof. Jerry Gana, a most recognised and highly respected Northern Christian!


He was the Architect of his travails. he should have been shot dead.he had no reason not to have stopped for check. He is a foolish director. Director my foot. He just missed death by the whiskers.


He was the Architect of his travails. he should have been shot dead.he had no reason not to have stopped for check. He is a foolish director. Director my foot. He just missed death by the whiskers.


He was the Architect of his travails. he should have been shot dead.he had no reason not to have stopped for check. He is a foolish director. Director my foot. He just missed death by the whiskers.

Mistaken suicide bomber

If that account is correct as stated in the report,then he must stop for a check. No body is above the law.

A pastor!

The pastors and so called rev. commit all d ugly atrocities including rapping of young girls and married women inside the church. I am not surprised to hear that such a pastor tried to commit a suicide in d name of boko haram as they do across d country. God will uncover u and what ur bad faith teaches.

The Excessive Use of Firepower in Nigeria

It is an unfortunate but certainly a foreseen development. This whole idea of adversorial approach to every problem and the subsequent attenpt to use force to solve issues is what lead to this. The military aare NOT the right people to handle an internal insuredtion, unfortunately this situation is getting out of hand as even the Police have far more guns than needed. The result? incidents like this; had Mr. Kisoro died, the military would claim that he was Boko Haram and being dead, there would be no one to really dispute that and his familty would have been put to necessary stress as it were trying to defend him.

Will others learn from his recklessness?

He gets what he deserves for 2 reasons. Firstly, he is supposed to be a man of God. That means he should obey the laws set down and he should set a good example by his behavior.

Secondly, as a government official, he has exposed what obtains on a day to day basis in Nigerian official circles. From Aso rock to the lowest government official, the laws are only meant for the common man. Nobody cares a hoot for these set directives. Everybody is a big man, bigger than the law!

Let him care for his wounds and learn from his misdemeanor. He is lucky he is still alive. Will others learn from his recklessness?

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