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Nuhu Bajoga
By PM News

Nuhu Bajoga was sworn-in today as the new Deputy Governor of Kaduna State by the state Chief Judge, Justice Rahila Cudjoe, at Hassan Usman Katsina House, Kawo, Kaduna.

The swearing-in followed his confirmation by the state House of Assembly on Thursday.

The former Deputy Governor, Alhaji Mukhtar Yero, was sworn-in as the governor on 16 December, following the death of Governor Patrick Yakowa in a helicopter crash in Okoroba-Nembe, Bayelsa state.

Yero said at the swearing in ceremony that he was convinced that the ambassador’s patience, articulation and sensible leadership would help in moving the state forward.

According to him, the combination of the old and the young had also contributed immensely to his working relationship with the late Yakowa.

“Yakowa was older than I am by 20 years and I tried as much as possible to obey him and not to create problem for him.

“That gave me the idea that anybody that is going to be the deputy governor has to be somebody that is older than I am and has more experience than I have.

“This will benefit the good people of the state because they say age is an experience and I know that with the experience of Bajoga and his age, we will be able to work together and respect each other,’’ he said.

He reiterated his commitment towards peace, unity and development in the state, and urged the people to support them, as well as pray for them in order to enable the government to achieve its mandate.

Yero assured the people that he would have a cordial relationship with his deputy, understand each other, work together, and be patient with each other.

“I assure you that we will have a good working relationship. I as the head and he being my number one adviser, I will do as much as possible. I know what the office of the deputy governor is and will try as much as possible to improve from where I left it,’’ the governor said.

He said: “Anyone, who thinks he can come in between us, it is better for him to advise us to do the right thing, rather than seeking to divide us."

Bajoga pledged to discharge his duties to the state according to the 1999 Constitution, as he would be emulating the late Yakowa by fostering friendship and enhancing cooperation across the ethnic groups and religions.

“I intend to justify the confidence reposed in me as I will promote harmonious working relationship based on mutual cooperation.’’

He noted the expectations of the youths and women, and said he would endear himself to them by discharging his duties to the best of his abilities.

“I appreciate the series of views expressed by various strata of our society and interest groups in the course of filling the vacuum that was created in the office that I have now been called upon to occupy.

“I see this as a positive development, which will serve to enrich our democratic culture and ideals.

“And so rather than diminish my enthusiasm to serve our people, it has awakened me to the enormity of the challenges ahead of us and the need to give my best.

’’Bajoga appealed to the people to exercise more patience, eschew bitterness and promote issues that will unite them all.

“The security challenges that stare us in the face demand from us patience, sacrifice and tolerance,’’ he said.

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Otile; get a life

U seem like a soldier with a lost cause, ur a political, religious, ethnocentric bigot that is grabbing at straws to pls ur employer. Give up, we are one nation with "One Voice and if u can't hack that then move to where the sun don't shine. "I na egbu oge na ihe na enwe ihe owu. Ndu di ntakiri"

One Voice, Don't try to

One Voice,

Don't try to dazzle me with your Islamic rasmataz. Telling me that your hero Nuhu was once the Ambassador to poland and the PDP party chairman in Kaduna doesn't mean much. Not long ago the Nigerian ambassador to USA in Washington was an illiterate Northern man. He spoke or wrote no English. I mean, complete ba turenchi. Professor Nwanze of Howard University used to interpret for him when foreigners engaged him in talks. During the last presidential election, one Fulani illiterate man was running for vice president of Nigeria, again, mutum ba turenchi. If this man had succeeded as Federal character grants them, the whole presidency would be a debacle, and we all would be in deep doodoo now.

Otile: Ewu go and ta nkita

All the names you mentioned are accomplished in their own rights.What have u achieved besides hide behind a key board spewing filth. The young state called Bayelsa was created by Abatcha. The major road in Yenagoa is named after him. You're not even 4rm the north but passing comments bout Bajoga. You must be a product of that meeting that was held b4 the fraudulent elections or the one after Ojukwu's burial dat has lead to exactly what's happening in the North. The North you so fear and despise shall outlive you like it has Azazi, trust me u'll fail. Inge maginhe o! No take kain kain trowey hot. I'm beyond what you ignorantly think

moh, Hush! I did not call


Hush! I did not call your Nuhu a good or bad Muslem. The implication of my comment is that Nuhu of a man is selected to defend the Fulani Muslim interests, and you know it.

Again, see how ungrateful you are. You are blaming oil revenue for impoverishing your people. Nothing can be further from the truth. Everybody knows that without the oil revenue your people including the Sultan of Sokoto would have perished to the last man. You see, your leaders practice what they call trickle down economics. When they get the huge oil revenue they are surrounded by sycophants and lazy beggars who help them squander the money. These leaders revel in those minions addressing them as Rank ya dede, and you know it, too.

One Voice, You are the

One Voice,

You are the retarded, demented one. You cannot read between the lines. Calling Aboki Nuhu "Sheik Ibrahim Nuhu Bajoga" does not automatically make him a bad Muslim. You may chose to call him a Christian but he is selected to defend the interest of the Mohammedans. Do we not call David Mark "Dauada Mark"? What is the difference does it make whether a Norther leader is a Muslim or a bad Christian? Did Theophilus Danjuma, a supposed Christian not commit atrocities in Igbo land? Did Jack Gowon not commit genocide? What vice did Abacha, a good Muslim have that Danjuma and Jack do not have? When we write on this forum try to understand what we are saying before you jump to conclusions. Mutum shege banza.

Alh Ramalan and Mr Bajuga

My prayer to you, may Almighty Allah (SWA) assist you to develop peace and unity in our dear State Kaduna. Amin

hope the new Governor and

hope the new Governor and Deputy uses this opportunity to serve the people of the state diligently.
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Age; Obama and his VP

America is the alien democracy we try and replicate, but even there Obama (51) chose to pick a Vice 19yrs older than him b'cos of experience. Biden is 70yrs old giving a gap of 19yrs btw them, i think this objection to Bajoga goes beyond age or religion (since he is a xtian). Those protesting are behind the problems in that state

"Otile" are you 4rm this planet?

You just made a complete retard of yourself by implying Bajoga is a muslim. The man was once the Ambassador to poland and the PDP party chairman in Kaduna. What do u stand 2 gain by undermining him? I've always known the crises in the north is being fueled by some pple.


U are a sentimental fool .this is the time we need unity not division

Support of d opinion

Iam really in support if ur comment


You said that traitors are known not to have live vere long after starting their mischiveous businesses, alas! That's why your annointed agent and traitor (YAKOWA) perished after initializing his mischiveous busines against the muslim of kaduna state. I pray for god to let you live very very long to witness how muslims would continue to rule kaduna state.

Which Is Better?

Bajoga should tell us which is better, from being a kingmaker to becoming a 'spare tyre'. Whatever his answer, himself & the Governor must not become mere stooges to the VP. They should service the good people of Kaduna state.


otile , i believe this is a forum for people to state thier informed views. pls be informed that amb. nuhu nyam, is a xtain from jaba local govt. in southern kaduna. for your proposal on dividing nigeria we in d north do not have any problem with that bcose oip revenue has only help in improvise our people

Bajoga is an Islamic mole-- he will there

Bajoga has been paid to scuttle the political future of southern Kaduna people whom VP sambo and his northern retrogressive elements have been working to enslave. I wish Bajoga sudden death in that office. Traitors are not known to live very long after starting a treacherous business ----southern Kad professionals

Making peace with people

Bajoga is the right choosing deputy governos so that the chairmanship of party would go muslim and other important offices. Yero what remain now is commissioners, permsec, Directors, DG's and others principal offices hold by them it has lopsideness in those offices {majority most carry vote}

I support the split

Let Nigeria split and we shall see how the Ogonis, Itsekiris, Andonis, and the Ijaw sharks will live together. We shall witness the annexation of the Niger Delta by the Igbos. We shall see how Ife and Modakeke will live together. We shall see how....etc.

Fellow Nigerians.

Two wrongs can not make a right nd wht goes up must come down. The good Lord we serve, can not let us down to b pushed past our limit. He'll always be ther 4 us 2 pass thru it. So pls hold ur peace!

May Allah reconcile the

May Allah reconcile the hearts of the Berom, Katafs, Boko Haram and other deadly groups in the North so that peace, tranquility would return to allow development and progress.

What has age got to do with

What has age got to do with good governance? This is why Nigeria is backward now despite the abundant resources. Idiots always talking about age; you do not want to challenge an old fool stealing the commonwealth because of his age.

The old politicians are the problem in that country in case anyone is wondering.

What is Tony Anenih for example doing running a government establishment at his age? Talk about greed.

Bajoga and Yero

May Allah guide and protect the duo for their humility. The sublimity in their speech negated the toxic homily of Bishop Kukah which is full of hatred and hypocrisy.
Nuhu Bajoga has brought back the beauty of southern Kaduna known during Sardauna's time which was lost in 1987 due to toxic hatred prosetelyzed by some people based on a perverted ideology of dubious victimhood.Those hypocrites are so irrational that the prefer to suffer the inequity in resource allocation and other disadvantages to the North inorder to spite Hausa Fulani. Every protection if it means voluntary vigilantes should be formed to protect Muktar Yero and Nuhu Bajoga against the evil of so called southern kaduna professionals and othere deadly groups

The man is a traitor with no conscience

Moslem Moslem ticket-is what Boko haram has been killing people in the North for. The man is a traitor- how can u accept blood money-aware boko haram planted explosives in the chopper that killed Yakowa and Azazi

Power of God will be SUDDENLY visited on Nigeria in 2013 (5)

7 He raises the poor from the dust
and lifts the needy from the ash heap;
8 he seats them with princes,
with the princes of his people.

9 He settles the childless woman in her home
as a happy mother of children.

Whereas Psalm 112: 10 said:

10 The wicked will see and be vexed,
they will gnash their teeth and waste away; the longings of the wicked will come to nothing.

Praise the Lord.

Let those that have ears, let them hear!

Power of God will be SUDDENLY visited on Nigeria in 2013 (2)

Psalm 113
1 Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord, you his servants;
praise the name of the Lord.
2 Let the name of the Lord be praised,
both now and forevermore.
3 From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets,
the name of the Lord is to be praised.

4 The Lord is exalted over all the nations,
his glory above the heavens.
5 Who is like the Lord our God,
the One who sits enthroned on high,
6 who stoops down to look
on the heavens and the earth?

Power of God will be SUDDENLY visited on Nigeria in 2013 (1)

Psalm 113 is for year 2013. Psalm 112 was for 2012 where God said those that are righteous will be blessed for many generations. It is harvest time in 2013. Whatever you sowed in 2012, 2013 is the harvest time.

I implore Nigerians to closely watch 2013.

This is the year that the Power of God will be SUDDENLY visited on Nigeria. Take NOTE and ACKNOWLEDGE that YOU HEARD IT from FiReClOuD OfGoD in SR, FIRST . May Wada and all the others from Federal to State to Local Government going through health challenges recover enough to see the expression of his wrath on the wicked and his love for the trampled in Nigeria in 2013!

Patience is a different woman today. She should let her husband know that his message to the people is clearly embedded in Psalm 113 for 2013. For those that have ears let them hear!

if the fulani were to be

if the fulani were to be wicked like ur parents would have given birth to u...west Africa and be beyond would be in fulanis possetion. when people like u rule for only few years but c what Nigeria has turn to. in addition find out how fulanis ruled in various countries including Nigeria and how many u call a thief compared to ur brothers

if the fulani were to be

if the fulani were to be wicked like ur parents would have given birth to u...west Africa and be beyond would be in fulanis possetion. when people like u rule for only few years but c what Nigeria has turn to. in addition find out how fulanis ruled in various countries including Nigeria and how many u call a thief compared to ur brothers

nigerians suffering and smiling

Back to square one! What a pity... Hmmmmmm


Wow, Otile u are as bitter as bile! Where in the story did u see the name Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu Bajoga? You are one of those elements causing confusion in the country. I bet u r a boko haram kingpin sef.

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