Kidnappers Kill Two Soldiers Near Kokori Township In Delta State

By SaharaReporters, New York

A kidnapping ring notorious for carrying out high profile kidnappings and assassinations in Ethiope East LGA of Delta State ambushed and killed two soldiers near Kokori township early today.

The bodies of the soldiers who are members of the Joint Task Force in the state still lay on the scene as at the time of publishing this report.

Eyewitnesses told SaharaReporters that the kingpin of the group is well known to the police in the state and has turned Kokori area into the detention center for victims of kidnapping across the state and sometimes several kidnapped persons are brought and kept in forests around the area until large ransoms are paid to secure their release.

Several residents live in fear in the area after the gang killed a coffin maker in Kokori for attending a safety and security conference called by the Delta State government where he named a well known kidnapping kingpin in the area.

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You are the biggest fool ever for this comment u hv just made. It is ur poverty family that is related to the wanted guy. Idiot like u. May God punish u for this terrible lies u hv just told.

My brothers, lets call a

My brothers, lets call a spade a spade, in the north soldiers are killed by the so called BH, guess what? The soldiers have never laid siege on any they have laid siege in the Agbon Clan.....let them go to the north and demand for the BH members that have killed countless soldiers.......

ur assertion is vry wrong am

ur assertion is vry wrong am an indigene of kokori, i can confirm to u dat there is no blood relationship btw the mention name and the ovie of Agbon kingdom and his selection was a consensus arrangement no body fought for him to come in as king. i also advice u dat u desist frm give wrong information to the public.


Can u see the reason y people are affraid of cooperating with the govt and police to fight crime? While security agencies are wailling for lack of information from the public to fight crime, the courageous one who decided to give out infomation to them, they will go and inform the criminal,the person who gave them the information. This indicates that there are collaborators right from the govt to the security agencies. After the death of the informat, who's next? The security agents themselves, and it will soon be followed by the collaborators or their relations. Watch out.

Another GEJ/PDP Achievement

Kidnapping, Boko Haram, 419, Violent Armed Robbery etc are the major landmark GEJ/PDP acheivements since they tookover the mantle of leadership in 1999. Any plan to rescue Nigeria from their hands in 2015 before they finally finish the country ? hope the coalation will work. The north is battling boko haram, the east kidnapping and armed robbery, Niger delta with militancy/piracy and the south west 419/subsidy fraud, What is GEJ doing ?


SR please publish my post even though it is not in agreement with your ideology. This is an era of amnesty, so we have to kill the soldiers to attract ARMnesty. Please publish the piece I posted earlier. I am the king of my area, ok?


So crimes in Nigeria has been ethnicized, and religionized based on which part of Nigeria the crimes take place. In the South any crime no matter how,when,where and on whom it is committed it is either kidnapping or robbery. It is so even without further confirmation. But if it is in the North no matter how it looks like other crimes, even without further confirmation it is terrorism. A country where education has no effect on those that obtained it.


SR please publish my post even though it is not in agreement with your ideology. This is an era of amnesty, so we have to kill the soldiers to attract ARMnesty. Please publish the piece I posted earlier. I am the king of my area, ok?

Trouble dey sleep

Trouble dey sleep, iyanga go wake am!Let the villagers provide information to security agencies to track those killers so that the innocent will not suffer for the sins of these murderers. No difference between kidnappers and armed robbers.


Prominent Kokori Sons and daughters indeed. His excellency Gov Uduaghan should ask PDP politicians from that community including those that hold political offfice in his cabinet to go and fish out Kevin and his criminal gang. The likes of Faith Majemite, Mike Omeru and SoSo Enakarakpo from Kokori can not claim ignorance. They used this group during Political Campaigns. The Okaorho in Council of Kokori Council of Chiefs can also not claim ignorance.


Nonsense comments by all of you. Only two soldiers wen we kill by mistake na him una dey yawa so? How many Southern soldiers Boko Haram don kill for North? This one na rehearsal. By the time we finish coordinating Ughelli/Agbarho axis, Abraka/Eku group and Oghara/Sapele/Gana area the number of JTF in the area would have depleted to a level that JTF and GEJ will virtually beg us to accept ARMNESTY. The deaf and dumb Foolanis will not be reminded that Market don scatter.

The Soldiers deserve to die. Pure & Simple!

What were d soldiers doing there? Have u confirmed frm continent Nigerian army that they are soldiers?. In any case why is JTF in Delta state? Is there war there? are Xtains, muslims or juju worshippers bombing each other? D2 soldiers wud hav been more useful in Kano/Maiduguri...and if d soldiers were in Ethiope to protect Shell,Chevron, Texaco & agip companies who hav killed all d fish in my river Ethiope & render my people jobless & cancer prone,then they deserve d bullets they recieved. Soldiers have d right 2refuse 2go2 the N.Delta 2protect oil companies who continue 2decimate d ecology of d natives. They can resign in protest. This is a civilized thin 2do. But when they agree wit d exploitative govt & oil companies, then dey shud gladly recieve d bullets/rockets when they come. Nonsense! (Note: D oil companies pays d soldiers huge sums of Dollars & d soldiers even pray 2b posted to the ND). D exploitation of d resources of a people without consent can only be ephemeral.

JERRY, where do you get such

JERRY, where do you get such spurious information, The Ovie is not a relation of a Kidnap Kingpin, they are not even from the same quarter, or were you 'an intimidated' contestant and have a stone to grind.
We have a serious problem here and you mix it with your personal problem of a contest that has been lost and won


May the soul of the slain soldiers rest in peace. It is sad that Kokori Prominent Sons and Daughters have allowed their community to detoriate to such an insecured den and threat to the whole of Delta State. We gather from a reliable source that the so called KEVIN wanted by the State Police is the first cousin of the Ovie Elect of Agbon Kingdom (Chief Mike Omeru) and that his services was used to intimidate other contestants for the stool. It is therefore obvious that the King and the Chiefs know his whereabout.

The Blood will hunt Them

God will definitely punish them. The blood of the man they killed will hunt them until the idiots will be caught. Useless people. This is what we are talking about. The man feels, he's doing his state good, but can not be protected by the police.

What a big mistake

This is a big mistake by killing two army officials. The idiots must be caught. They will have no hiding place. Foolish idiots.